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Okay, rereading the scene where Bim's got Dark wrapped around his finger, I can only imagine how that would be if Dark actually had feelings for someone that way. Do you think that any of the egos stand a chance to crack the kinder egg mess that is Darkiplier, or is someone who you think would never desire love in a romantic sense?

A lot of people have written Dark in a romantic sense, all with different characterizations! I have him as someone who loves to take control, of course. So the way he treats Bim is very possessive, willing to do almost anything. 

I don’t know if anyone caught it, but the kisses throughout the story were indicative of who has the power in that situation. Bim has the influence in every scene, and the upper hand, but not the power with Dark. Bim kisses both the Host and Dr. Iplier, but Dark kisses him, and so does Wilford. It’s a simple metaphor for their relationships, I think. 

As for Dark actually ever falling in love– I would think he’s definitely capable of it, but whatever heart he has is buried under layer after layer of distrust and hate. If any Ego could crack that, given enough time and dedication, I’d have to say the Author, but not so much the Host. I’d also like to think that he’d fall in love with Peevils, though I’ve never written her. 

Dark would go into any relationship with the intent of getting as much as he could out of it, and not really trusting or loving the other person. For him to pursue a genuine relationship isn’t in his current character. 

The only way it would work, I think, is a relationship in which the other person breaks through Dark’s shell so effectively that Dark’s normal power dynamic doesn’t work. Instead of him being the one in charge, they have a kind of partnership. The Author or, actually, Wilford, would be ideal for this. In the early days, at least, where KYFCAYEC is set, in 2012. 

Thank you for the question and Ideas, omg <3

Hey so I wrote a song

( ´ ▽ ` ): During the time I was gone, I went to a songwriting class because songwriting is a passion of mine that I never expected to have but here I am now. I wrote a song about the Host (or rather, the Host talking to Dark) and I wanted to share the lyrics. I don’t know if you guys will care or not, but here we are. It’s called ‘Idol Coward’

Idle Coward

(Verse 1.1)

Once an idol, now a coward

I don’t talk to you anymore

I once held power, but strongly, swiftly

Pain brought me to the floor

You walk ‘round me, talking sweetly

Your words are nothing more (than lies)

I can’t help it, I must listen

Though this may have made me blind

(Verse 2.1)

Because in the end I realize, it’s not me who’s wrong; it’s you

‘Cause every time I hear you I feel paralyzed

Your words sweep through me soundly and I quickly change my mind

And though I want to speak it seems that I’ve lost the key

(Pre-Chorus 1)

And the world slows down

All eyes on me

As time stands still

I feel the words rise up in me

(Chorus 1)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear you venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my hands are tied

I will strongly defy

The way your words twist through my head and up to the sky

(Verse 1.2)

Once your idol, now your coward

I can’t talk to them anymore

You control me, restless, angry

Your fury is your core

I’m your shadow, humming softly

My mind is nothing more (than truth)

You take my hand now, and lead me slowly

And I let you without a word

(Verse 2.2)

Because in the end I realize, it’s not me who’s blind; it’s you

‘Cause no matter what I say to you, you chastise

Your words sweep through me cruelly and I fall onto my knees

And though I want to scream it seems that I’ve lost the key

(Pre-Chorus 2)

And the world slows down

Your eyes burn into me

And I shout your name

These words won’t stay inside of me

(Chorus 2)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear you venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my hands are tied

I still strongly defy

The way your words twist through my head and out to the sky


All the words I want to say to you

All the people that you’ve made me hurt

The sound grows louder every single day

I try to talk but you don’t hear

You always try to be someone to fear

But I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it anymore!

(Chorus 3)

Because yes, I may be blind

But I’m not to your lies

I can hear your venom dripping, spilling out on the tiles

And though my tongue is tied

I will always defy

The way your words cut through my throat, and up to my eyes!

Because you and I both know

That you’re running out of time

You’re fate is slipping through your hands like it’s made out of ice

And in the end, you’ll know

That I was never tied

Your head is spinning, I am grinning, your words cast aside

So yeah, that’s Idol Coward. If you guys are actually interested I could record myself singing it, but I don’t think I’m very good at singing so…. Anyway. I’m super nervous about sharing things so I hope you all like this.

Dark's Heart (part 8)

Mark holds his head in his hands. He doesn’t know what to say or what to do. Amy sits next to him rubbing his back. Tyler is walking around the waiting room trying to not fall in a slump. Kathryn fiddles with the hem of her shirt looking down. Ethan is the first one to say something, “Mark it wasn’t his fault…”

Mark looks at Ethan. “But he made (Y/N) walk out and clearly hurt their feelings. If he didn’t they wouldn’t have left and this wouldn’t have happened…” Mark doesn’t know what to think of Dark right now.

The officers called him and told him that Dark said if they had to call someone for hi it was Mark. They told him there was a little fight and that you were shoved away but because you were so close to the street you fell into the street as a car was going by. The injures were not life threatening but you still had to have surgery for some broken ribs, an arm, and leg then you were hit bad on the head and had a concussion.

“Mark you were there. You saw the look on his face…” Amy said softly.

Once Mark got the call he drove to the scene fast to find a huge black void around the area. Everyone looked knocked out and like time has stopped in that area. Mark saw a single dark area that was swirling in mist and sparks or red and blue coming off everywhere. The closer he got to it the more he felt the aura get to him, it was the feeling of complete dread. “Dark its me… you need to stop this…” Mark slowly stepped to the dark area shrouded in a black mist. Finally the mist subsided to reveal Dark on his knees clutching you to his chest. Mark goes wide eyed, you are covered in bruises and your outfit had ribs in it. Dark holds your head to his chest and he has some blood on his hand. You have a tear still on your cheek and a drop of blood from your lip going down your chin. 

Mark kneels infront of Dark slowly. “Dark… You need to let (Y/N) go. They need to see a doctor now…" 

Dark is so still. "Then have doc come here…” His voice sounds empty.

“(Y/N) needs more than Doc to help them. You need to give then to the ambulance and release everyone here.” Mark takes as calmly as possible but even he is terrified. He has never seen Dark like this.

“No… I need to hold them… If I keep this state then they will still be here with me…” Dark holds you tighter. He is actually shaking.

“Dark the officer said that they will be fine and the hit was not that bad to be life threatening. Please…” Mark puts his hand on Dark’s shoulder. “(Y/N) need to go to the hospital now and you know that. For (Y/N).”

Dark doesn’t look up at Mark but slowly stands up and carries you to the stretcher. He places you so gently on it afraid to hurt you even more. He lingers over you and he grips the sides of the stretcher. He then leans in and kisses you. He knows you cant feel it and he will not feel you kiss back but he still needed to do it. Mark watches this in awe never realizing that he would ever see Dark like this. And when Dark stops kissing you and backs away he stops beside Mark. “I did this… I did this…” He finally looks up. Dark has actual tears streaming down his face. He was breathing hard and couldn’t stop. He walks away and once he is gone everyone starts moving and the ambulance takes you to the hospital.

“Mark I know Dark isn’t the best person in the world but he is hurting bad. can you give him that.” Tyler stops walking around and looks at Mark.

“He’s right. Dark actually cares about someone other than himself. He needs some help.” Kathryn saids.

“You guys don’t know… He already told me he knows what he has to do.” Mark sits up and looks at everyone. “Im upset (Y/N) got hurt.. but im also upset at what Dark thinks what he has to do it the right thing. And it is only right for him…”

“What is he going to do?” Amy looks at Mark worried.

Dark is in your room. He listens to the heart monitor beep. You have a cast on your leg arm and on your right leg. You have a bandage on your head and an I.V drop in your arm and one for blood. He created another void around the hospital only everyone else in the hospital but you and Mark with the team. Dark runs his hand through your hair softly. It has been three days since the accident and you haven’t woken up yet. Dark never left your side and when other people came to visit he hid on the shadows. This was the last time he told himself. He kisses your head and presses his head to yours.

Then he hears a sound from you and leans back. Your hand is moving and your eyes flitter open. “… Dark…” You try to move up but get gently pushed back down.

“Don’t move… you need to rest.” Dark’s hands are gentle on you.

You look up at him and a smile plays on your lips. “Rest? Isnt that what I have been getting since I knocked out? I think I slept enough.” You chuckle softly but it hurts and you wince.

“What hurts? How bad is it? Do you need more medicine?” Dark is already cupping your face looking at you worried.

“Im fine. Just a bit sore that’s all.” You sigh. “What happened while I was out?”

“The police took in those people who were bothering you. They will get charged but I wanted to do so much more to them…” Dark was getting mad just thinking about it.

“Hey don’t get any ideas… I don’t think you will look good in an orange jumpsuit.” You smile at him, that’s your Dark.

“Who said I will get caught?” Dark smirks at you. He looks at you seriously. “I thought I lost you… I saw you fall… and that car hit the brakes to late and the sound…”

You move your good hand and take his. “It’s not your fault. It just happened.”

“No. It was my fault. If I dint snap at you. You would have never left and still be ok.” Dark takes your hand and rubs his thumb over it. “I did this to you.”

“Wow. I’m witnessing history. Darkiplier apologizing…” You tilt your head. “But you didn’t do anything wrong. I shouldn’t have said those things at you to make you mad.”

“You had every right to think that way. It is me. I don’t blame you.” Dark saids softly.

“No. Dark i mean it. Im sorry i hurt your feelings.” You take a deep breath. “I was just scared of giving in to someone again… But this time it was different because i really wanted to make it work. I didn’t want to lose what we had going on.” You have a tear coming down. “But i messed up… and i hurt you. And im lying here still hurting you.” You look into Dark’s eyes. “I like you Dark… Im so sorry i hurt you… I-”

Dark cuts you off by crushing his lips to yours. He doesn’t give you time to think. He kisses you deeply and tries his best to still gentle in your state. His lips are cold but then feel hot against yours. They feel soft and your heart skips a beat when he pulls back only to tug your bottom lip with his teeth softly. He looks up at you, both of you trying to catch your breath. Then he comes back again only more softer. He stops and leans his head with yours, “Im sorry…”

Dark kisses you again slowly but it feels different somehow. You feel your head is getting heavy. Then you see it, a memory of Dark being torn up. You move away from Dark. “What are you doing?” But he only pleans in again to kiss you and another memory snaps away. “No.. Dark stop!” He comes back again crushing his lips to your again but his hand holds your head in place so you wouldn’t move.

Snap* another memory gets cut off.

Snap Snap* when you are watching him play piano.

Snap Snap* when you text him silly things and he replies with a “why”

Snap Snap Snap* when he was in your room

Snap Snap Snap* The day you first met him

The last memory was of his smile on your date and it slowly cracks like glass then shatters. Dark stops kissing you and you are knocked out. you have a tear in your eye and he wipes it off. He turns off the void and leaves your room not looking back. A nurse watches him leave and walks into your room where you wake up again.

“O my your awake. Do you want me to get your boyfriend to come back?” The nurse saids.

“Boyfriend?” You look confused.

“Yes. The young man that has been seeing you since you got here. He is very handsome but he has this dark feeling about him i cant shake off. He always has on a suit.” The nurse tells you softly.

You look at the nurse puzzled. “I don’t know anyone like that…”

Dark walks past the waiting room. Mark gets up and runs to him. “Dark… did you…”

“It was for the best.” Dark saids professionally with his hands behind his back.

“For them or for you…” Mark saids.

“They would have only suffered being with me. It would have never worked out. Im sparing them pain.” Dark saids and he starts walking away.

“Dark! (Y/N) loves you!!” Mark yells at Dark.

Dark doesn’t look back at him. “That was their mistake..” And with that he was gone. Dark goes to his office and locks himself in. He stands there now feeling everything come down on him. He lets out a painful yell. He throws everything off his desk and throws over his bookshelf. His shell is broken and he begins glitching madly red and blue. He completely looses it and he stops when he sees the piano. He isn’t calm but sits on the bench and looks at the sheet music on display.

 He picks it up and his hand shakes. It is the song he wrote when you left the house. He looks at it and puts his head in his hand. “You should name your songs” he remembers you telling him. He looks at the name he wrote on the top of the sheet. He goes back to when he talked to the waiter when you were eating.

“Play this for us over the sound system for the room please.” Dark hands over a disc.

“Of course sir. Might i ask what this is?” The waiter looks at the disc curiously.

“It is a song i wrote for my darling there.” He takes a peek at you happily eating. “It is our song. And i want to dance to it with them.”

“O how lovely sir what is it called?” The waiter asks.

Dark looks at the sheet music. The song title is your name. Dark plays once key of the song. “I love you…”

Dark stares at the photo of you from his computer. There is a new picture of you in your room titled getting ready for the wedding. He lingers at it looking at your smile. “You don’t smile the same. I made you smile better.”

He leans in his chair and closes his eyes. He thinks for a while and then takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes and stands up. “Fuck it.”

Dark leaves his office and storms off to the garage. “Ummm Dark what are you doing?” Dark turns to see all the egos looking at him. Willford was the one who spoke up.

“Why do you care? Cant you all mind your own business.” Dark is irritated.

“Its just that i noticed you just searched up a chapel and i know that your not a religious one so…” Google hesitates.

“What kind of business do you of all people have at a chapel?” Ed saids straight out.

“If your trying to confess or something i suggest getting the pope for help.” Silver saids.

“Host also recommends to make many appointments because Dark has many confessions to make…” Host saids carefully.

“I don’t know maybe he finally lost it? Dark do you need me to write you to a psychiatrist you may need professional help for your sudden change of character.” Dr. Iplier questions Darks sanity.

“Ummm guys maybe we shouldn’t overstep..” Bim saids softly.

Dark’s shell is cracking and he is very annoyed. Everyone braces for what is to come then it subsides instantly. He takes a deep breath. “I need to do something now. Don’t wait up.” He leaves. The egos hear his car speed off. 

“You guys are dumb.” The egos turn to see Bim’s date looking at them.

“Do you know whats going on flower?” Bimg goes to his date and holds their hands.

“Isnt it obvious?” The date looks at everyone who shakes their head. “Someone is going to crash a wedding.”

Guys I know we’re all excited about Mark bringing back the egos but pause for a minute and think about how Chica must be feeling.

She has like 10 dads now she must be so excited.



I know I’m super late jumping on this bandwagon and I’m sorry, I had finals all week last week and then moving back home was a hassle. But now I’m back and settled in so I had time to fulfill these requests.

I’m going to try to do these more frequently, but I’m working like three jobs this summer so I make no promises. But anyway, I hope this one will make you guys happy!

Full archive here!

Amy and the Egos...

Mark made sure to let the Egos know that Amy was absolutely off limits. She is free to roam their building (Ego Inc. as they’ve begun to refer to it) because even Mark would never try to tell Amy where she could and couldn’t go, but if they so much as touch a single golden hair on her perfect head, Mark would definitely put them in the ground.

Amy actively avoids Dark. His parasitic gray aura and snide remarks turn her stomach. It bothers her how much he looks like Mark—those same brown eyes that are full of deceit and hatred for her. But she prefers that hatred to the times when he tries to seduce her, using Mark’s own voice and mannerisms against her.

She goes to the Googles whenever she’s having trouble with her computer, and Yellow practically falls over himself at any chance to help her. Amy pretends not to notice the way his synthetic skin blushes deeply whenever she enters the room. The others, however, oblige because it’s in their programming and give Yellow sideways glares when they think Amy isn’t looking.

Dr. Iplier, at first, insists on giving Amy check-ups whenever he catches her in the hallway. Amy obliges because the Doctor is one of the easier Egos to talk to, but after a while, he becomes jealous of how much attention she gets from the others.

Wilford is Amy’s favorite, and while he tries to pretend that he doesn’t care for her company, he can’t resist an audience. He’s always making flippant threats, but Amy knows he’d never hurt her. In fact, there have been times when Dark has gotten Amy cornered, and Wilford Warfstache swoops in, candy-coated charisma practically lighting up the room, to drive Dark away, back to his office.

Bim Trimmer is Amy Nelson fan #1. She’s pretty sure he has a t-shirt with her face on it, not that he would admit it. He shows her his collection of tiny plants that he keeps in his changing room (a modified broom closet, but it’s still something). Amy secretly talks to Will about giving him a better space, and when Warfstache shows Bim his new room, he may or may not have dropped a few hints that it was Amy’s idea.

At first, Amy is scared stiff of the Host, but after a while, her curiosity wins out. She’s seen the videos of him as the Author, but the man that she finds hunched over his desk in the dark is not the Author. The Host is impressed that she isn’t fazed by the bandages, and when he finds out that she’s read his books, he becomes Amy Nelson fan #2. Together, they discuss the Host’s podcasts (which Amy listens to while she’s on her adventures) and his story ideas.

On rare occasions, Amy will spot the King of the Squirrels scampering through the halls with peanut butter all over his face, screaming something about his beautiful, fluffy subjects. She once tried to make a PB&J in the building’s kitchen when the King walked in on her. She forgot how high-pitched Mark’s screams could be…

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The Host, Dark, and Google all have their hands on the table.

At this moment, they’re taking what Wilford is saying MUCH more seriously than the others.

The Host is literary keeping to himself with closed arms (though they’re not on his lap), and he listens and talks.

Google gestures once or twice, but also keeps them together like Dark, and still has them in front of him.

Dark… His hands are clenched the entire time. But you know what else happens?

His shell is cracking. Something we’ve seen in ADWM, and Mark himself said it was because Dark’s image was shattering. Spurts of rage breaking his usual calm nature.

In this group shot, it’s the FIRST time we see Dark, and to see the ‘cracked shell’ again is not a “hey, we know this character because he did the same thing the last time we saw him!”

No. I think he’s furious at Wilford’s little ‘idea’.

But he needs to hide it- and being a manipulator, he does. Stating he appreciates Wilford’s efforts, and even says he respects him, but they need to get back to the task at hand; their ‘endeavor’.

To take back control.


Just a little thing I feel like Dark would do when he’s not getting his way. When things don’t go as planned he resorts to being physical, hurting the one he doesn’t listen. Sometimes, with the Host, he let’s it slide. This wasn’t one of those times and it ended with the Host getting a hard knock to the face, so he panicked and used his ability to stop from being furtherly attacked. Sometimes his ability doesn’t work on the others, but for this is a moment where it did.