The Boy Next Door (14)

Summary: You didn’t used to hate the boy next door.

Word Count: 1051

Warnings:  Angst (is there angst in this part? idk), swearing

A/N: i honestly have no idea how much longer this is gonna last. also if you’re interested i have a writing challenge i’m doing you can join if you wanna

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Save Me (12 Final)

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Chapter1: Second Time? - Chapter 2: Awake - Chapter 3: First Love - Chapter 4: Mama - Chapter 5: Reflection - Chapter 6: Lie - Chapter 7: Stigma - Chapter 8: Begin - Chapter 9: Taken - Chapter 10: Torture  - Chapter 11: The Plan - Chapter 12: The Escape

Jungkook x Reader

Mental Hostpital AU


A/N: YAY FINALLY THE LAST CHAPTER! We wanted to thank all of you for reading this story. It hits close to home for us and we put it all out on our sleeves, so we are glad to get great feedback. If you haven’t hit that follow button, please do so. Our next story will be a Monsta X!Vampire au. This is our longest chapter for this story, so enjoy!

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. We did take their personalities and match as best we can with illnesses, however we do not claim that the boys from BTS have these mental illnesses! Also, we did as much research as we can on each disorder. We are not meaning to offend anyone who has these illnesses at all. ALSO, WE DO KNOW BTS CHANGED THEIR ENGLISH NAME TO BEYOND THE SCENE BUT WE’RE USING BULLETPROOF BOYSCOUTS CAUSE IT FITS THE STORY BETTER.
Trigger warning: Mentions of mental illness, hospitals, self harm, suicide attempt and abuse. Both Gaisho and I recommend, if you feel like you need to go to the hospital for ANY reason, please don’t be afraid to do so. It can help. If you EVER feel like you need to talk to anyone, vent, or need advice on anything, please do not hesitate to msg us! We’ve been through it all.

Character Descriptions:
Reader- Chronic Depression, Derealization Disorder and Dissociative Amnesia
Jin - Narcissistic Personality Disorder (With homicidal tendencies)
Suga- Narcolepsy and Chronic Depression
J-Hope- Bipolar II Disorder
Rap Monster- OCD and Paranoia
Jimin- Explosive Anger Disorder
V- Schizoaffective Disorder
Jungkook- Agoraphobia

        You smile with tears in your eyes and so does Jungkook. You both hug each other tightly, neither letting up. 

        “We’re all so happy you’re back, Y/N, but we don’t have another moment to waste. We have to get the hell out of here,” says Rap Monster with a smile, but with a hint of concern.

        You look around to all the other boys who are happy to see you’re back as well. All of a sudden you had a great idea. 

        “Alright, I know this deviates from the original plan. But, it’s a guarantee we don’t bump into anyone and get out of here safely…” you say before you became hesitant. 

        “Please, tell us, Y/N. Anything to get us all out of here safely,” Rap Monster insists.

        “W-well, there’s a unit on the first floor that is connected to the stairwell we’re right next to. This unit has been shut down for years apparently, I overheard it from another nurse…” you start to trail off again.

        “Y/N, please, go on,” Jungkook puts a hand on your back to reassure you.

        “Okay, well, the reason it’s been shut down was because people were mysteriously dying left and right and they thought it was haunted by past patients that used to be here. When they shut it down they had set up a series of traps because they were scared ghosts would haunt other units and they thought they could catch them…”

        “I don’t know, this sounds like a lot of work… Not to mention actually more dangerous than our other plan,” Suga says as he yawns.

        “No, no, no! Just hear me out. I went there one day out of curiosity. This was like the second day after being admitted. I almost got to the door that lead outside, but I set off the alarm and the nurses came and got me. But, now that I know what set it off, we’re pretty much golden! No one goes there because they’re scared, they don’t actively monitor it, and I still remember where all the traps are,” you say with confidence hoping it sells to the others.

        The group looks to their leader. Rap Monster sighs, “well, we’re about to be caught if we don’t head out. We trust you, Y/N. Just lead the way.”

        You smile with excitement, “I won’t let you guys down!” 

        You lead them to the stairwell and quickly rush down the stairs to the first floor. Before you all was a long and dark hallway that lead to several doors. After passing a few you finally stop to the right door.

        “T-THE CRIMINALLY INSANE UNIT!?” Jin shouts and backs up a few steps.

        “Seriously, Jin? Didn’t you try to kill your girlfriend?” J-hope asks, annoyed.

        Jin chuckles awkwardly, “oh yeah.”

        “Uh, yeah did I forget to mention that? Heh… Well, it’s empty, and it’s our only way out now. So, the badge?” You eye Jin to swipe the badge.

        “You’re lucky you’re cute. But, not as cute as me,” Jin pokes his cheek and winks. He swipes the badge and motions for the rest of you to enter.

        “It’s very dark in here, so it’s important we all stay together. It’s time to buddy up. I’ll be with Jin, Suga with J-Hope, Jungkook with Y/N, and Jimin with V,” Rap Monster orders.

        Everyone links arms with their respective buddy and starts to walk forward with you and Jungkook in the front of the group. 

        The unit was very old and eerie sending shivers down your spine. You squeeze Jungkook’s arm and he brings you in closer, “don’t worry, sweetheart. I got you.” He kisses your forehead making you smile.

        Behind you two were Jin and Rap Monster.

        “Oooo Rap Monie, you got some nice arms,” Jin squeezes Rap Monster’s biceps.

        “Please, just focus,” Rap Monster begs.

        Behind them were Suga and J-Hope.

        “Hey, Suga, when we get out of here I was wondering if you wanted to help me with something I’m working on. It’s my Hixtape. Maybe we can do a collab?” J-Hope asks.

        “Yeah, man! Maybe we can get some churros while we’re at it,” Suga says excitedly.

        The last two following were Jimin and V.

        “When we get out of here we should go to an amusement park and ride rollercoasters!” V exclaims.

        “Yeah uh, remember the last time we went? Hobi and I didn’t do so well…” Jimin starts to feel queasy.

        You stop. “Alright guys, this is one of the first traps, now all we need to do is -”

        Suddenly a stray chair moves towards you. 

        “D-did that just…” Jungkook’s voice shakes.

        The chair falls over and all of you hear ominous sounds from all different directions. Windows were breaking and lights were flickering on and off. 

        All of you scream in terror and unlink to run off to various doors to hide except for you and Jungkook who stayed together.

        You and Jungkook went into an old patient room and hid under the desk. The both of you clung onto each other so tight you felt each other’s heartbeat. 

        Finally the noises stopped and the lights were back off. “You okay? You’re not hurt are you?” Jungkook asks anxiously.

        “I’m fine, just a little shook is all. We should try to find the others.”

        He grabs your hand to get you up on your feet and you two head back into the hallway. 

        “Hey, glad you two are alright. I just found Jimin. However, we’re missing a big chunk of the group,” Rap Monster says with worry.

        “I think it’s best we stick together while we go find the others,” you say to the boys whom all agreed with you.

        You all head door to door trying to find the others. Upon entering one of the rooms you hear some clanking. In the corner was a dark body crouching. 

        You gulp, “V-V? P-please tell me that’s you…”

        V turns on a flashlight illuminating his face, “MUAHAHA!”

        You and the rest of the boys sigh in relief.

        “I also found a crowbar. You know… Just in case one of the ghosts try to pull a fast one on us.”

        “I don’t think you can knock out a ghost, V,” Jimin laughs.

        Continuing your search you guys start to hear sounds of ruffling. V gets in front of the group and starts to wave his crowbar at random. “Feel the wrath of Tae!”

        J-Hope pops out from the darkness, “It’s just me! And look, look! I found a shark hat! It must of been a patient’s belongings at one point. Hehe, it looks like it’s eating my head. Ahhhh!” He dances around.

        The group giggles. “Okay, two more to go.” Rap Monster says.

        You all continue to go through each room hoping to find the rest. You lost track of how far you all advanced through the hallway and just realized one of the traps was near.

        “W-wait, I know one of the traps is near here… b-but I just can’t remember where and which one it is. My memory is kind of fuzzy right now. So, just be-”

        J-Hope’s foot sets off a tripwire and the alarms start blaring. 

        “We have exactly two minutes before they’ll reach us here. We need to find them now and fast!” You say to the others. The alarm is giving you a headache and your vision is starting to blur. You shake your head trying to get rid of the sensation.

        “God damnit, where are those other two!?” Rap Monster grinds his teeth. “Alright. I’m going to find them, you all get to the exit safely and wait for us there.”

        You, Jungkook, Jimin and V nod in agreement and head for the exit. 

        Rap Monster runs door to door screaming for Jin and Suga. Out of breath he finally reaches a room where one of the boys were in.

        “Mirror, mirror on the wall… Who’s the finest of them all? Me? Well, I can agree with you there, Mr. Mirror,” Jin says completely infatuated with himself.

        “Are you freaking serious right now!? Again?! Do you not hear the alarms!?” Rap Monster says trying to catch his breath.

        “What’s alarming is how dashingly handsome I am!” Jin blows a kiss to a reflection of himself.

        Rap Monster grabs Jin’s wrist and pulls him to run. “Look, Suga is still out here somewhere. We don’t have time, we need to find him quick.”

        A couple rooms further down the hall was an infirmary. Jin was struck with an idea, “I know exactly where he would be. Follow me.”

        They run into the infirmary and there were several beds, which one of them so happens to have a soundly sleeping Suga. 

        “How is he sleeping through these ridiculously loud alarms???” Rap Monster was perplexed. 

        “I don’t know, but I’m not waking up the beast… I found him, now you wake him,” Jin pushes Rap Monster forward.

        Sighing Rap Monster shakes Suga awake. “Yoongi, you need to wake up! We’re going to get caught if you don’t get up!”

        Suga yawns and rubs his eyes, “remind me when we get out of here to lock the doors to my room so none of you can wake me.” He glares right at Rap Monster making him scared for his life.

        The three finally catch up to you guys at the exit. “We literally have seconds left before this unit is on lockdown. Jin, the badge.” You motion for him to swipe it, holding your head in one hand.

        “Yes, ah… They’re right… Um…” He pats down his shirt and pants.

        “JIN!!!!” Rap Monster screams.

        “I’m kidding, it was in my back pocket,” he sticks out his tongue and swipes the badge. 

        You push open the doors and you all run into the cold night air. Running into the nearby forest and never looking back.

        “Hold on, I need a second,” you slow down and hold your head with both hands. Your breathing becomes heavy and your vision is getting worse.

        “Baby, are you okay?” Jungkook scans you over, trying to hold you steady.

        You shake your head. “I-I don’t know what’s wrong. My head’s killing me.” You go to take a step but your legs give out.

        “Y/N!” Jungkook catches you and sits you down gently.

        “Y/N, are you okay?” V asks, worried.

        You raise your head and look straight forward. Your vision fades in and out.

        “Y-Y/N?” Jungkook squeaks out, panic setting in.

        You don’t answer. Suddenly your mind is blank, there are no thoughts or recollection about what’s going on.

        “Earth to Y/N,” J-hope waves a hand in front of your face.

        “W-Why isn’t she answering?” Jungkook asks, his voice shaking.

        Rap Monster looks at you worried. “I wonder…” he nudges Jungkook out of the way so he’s right in front of you. He snaps his fingers in your face.

        You blink from the action and look around. Suddenly you see yourself in…a forest? “W-What’s going on? Where am I?”

        Jungkook’s eyes widen, “Y-Y/N? Are you okay?”

        You tilt your head in confusion as you stare at the strange boy. “Who’s Y/N? And who are you?”

        Jungkook falls back on his butt in shock. His anxiety shoots through the roof. ‘She forgot me again?’ Jungkook stands up and walks a little ways away, his whole body trembling.

        Jin notices Jungkook walking away from the group. He makes sure the rest of the boys watch you before going after the youngest.

        “Jungkook, where are you going? Y/N’s over here.”

        Jungkook turns to Jin, his eyes wide with fear. “S-She forgot me again.” He covers his ears with his hands and shakes his head. “I c-cant do this again.”

        Jin narrows his eyes, “what are you talking about Jungkook? You better not be saying what I think you’re saying.”

        The only thing Jungkook wants to do right now is scream. The air around him feels thick. He can hardly breathe. He keeps shaking his head as a panic attack officially sets in.

        “She forgot about me. For the third time in less than 48 hours. I can’t keep doing it. I can’t keep being forgotten!” Jungkook let’s go of his head and turns to walk away.

        Jin growls and grabs his arm, “so that’s it, huh? There are a few bumps and suddenly you’re done?”

        Jungkook tried to yank his arm away but Jin held tight. “ I don’t want to be, but it’s not fair! Why does this keep happening to me?!”

        Jin raises an eyebrow, his temper rising. “Are you serious right now? 'Why does this keep happening to you?'” Jin pulls Jungkook harshly. “What about her, huh? Everything that she’s been through in the last two days? She’s the one who had EST twice in one day! How the HELL does this affect you more than her! She’s scared out of her fucking mind!”

        Jungkook shakes his head, his eyes closed. “I can’t stay to see her like this. It hurts too much. I’m sorry.”

        Jin let’s go of Jungkook, his arms dropping to his sides. “I can’t believe you, Kook. After everything she’s done for us? Every single one of us, you just want to leave her? You want to abandon her just like everyone else has? You promised her you wouldn’t leave her!”

        “N-No, I-”

        “Stop,” Jin interrupts. “Just stop. I can’t believe you right now. She’s been there for all of us when we needed it. She didn’t judge me about my past. She was patient with Yoongi when he would fall asleep randomly and Namjoon when he would go through his OCD habits and his clumsiness. She understood Jimin and J-hope when they were having their episodes, Jimin even assaulted her twice. She listened to V when he just needed to vent about the voices during his breakdown.” He glares at his friend. “She let you in to her heart, she took her walls down for you. After everything she’s fucking been through, I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want to let anyone in. But she let you in, Kook! She trusted you enough to let you into her life and now you’re about to walk away?!”

        Jungkook stands there, his mouth open, speechless. Jin takes this as an invitation to continue.

        “You know,” Jin’s voice gets quieter. “When you find that one person who you care about the most, you cherish them. You make it so they never want to leave. You show them how much you love them and how much you want to be with them.” Jin gets a faraway look in his eyes, like he’s somewhere else. “It is so painful when you lose that person. That one person you cared about more than anything, maybe even at times you care about them more than yourself. But once you screw that up, once you make them lose their trust in you, it’s all over. It’s all over and it’ll never be the same again.” Jin blinks back tears and comes back to reality.

        He pulls Jungkook closer to him and points to you. “Look.” Jungkook looks over at where you’re sitting. Rap Monster and Suga are crouched done in front of you, trying to get you to remember. “Do you really want Yoongi and Namjoon to be the first two she sees when she wakes up from her episode? What is she going to think when her boyfriend, the one that she loves, the one person she wanted to see more than anything, is gone? Do you really want that?”

        “Love…”Jungkook breathes to himself, taking in everything Jin has said. He watches you, your eyes wide as you’re looking around frantic. He sees how terrified you are and it hurts him. He looks back at Jin. The look on Jin’s face pleads for him not to leave you, not to give up. Jin knows if Jungkook doesn’t, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

        Jungkook takes a deep breath in, trying to calm his anxiety. He clenches his shaking fists and turns towards you, walking over slowly.

        “Y/N, please try to calm down. We aren’t going to hurt you,” J-hope tries to reassure you. You shake your head, eyes shut tight.

        “I d-don’t know who you are or w-where I am, just please, take me home.” You sound like you’re about to cry.

        Jungkook pushes his way past the boys and squats down in front of you. He gently reaches over to grab one of your hands. The sudden touch of someone else jolts your eyes open, you stare wide eyed at the man in front of you.

        “Y/N, please, you need to trust us.” Jungkook tries to smile. It’s hard to pretend to be calm when the women he loves is terrified out of her mind right in front of him.

        You freeze when you see the unknown boy right before you eyes. Suddenly, your body becomes calmer and you’re breathing starts returning to normal. Something about this boy is taming your anxiety.

        You reach out to gently touch his face. He turns his head slightly to let you. “Wow, you’re really cute.”

        Jungkook’s face turns red as the other boys chuckle at the comment. Jungkook smiles shyly at you. “T-Thank you.”

        “What’s your name?”

        His smile disappears when you ask that question, but he answers it anyway. “My name is Jungkook. But you usually call me Kookie.”

        You tilt your head at his words. “Kookie? I like cookies…” You furrow your eyebrows. “Kookie…” You repeat. Jungkook looks at you with a mixture of confusion and concern. “Kookie… That sounds familiar…” You trail off, your eyes becoming unfocused.

        V nudges Jungkook. “She’s remembering but I think there needs to be something to push her over the edge.”

        Jungkook immediately knows what he has to do. He reaches up to grab your cheeks, caressing them with his thumbs. Without hesitation, he brings his face to yours and gently kisses your lips. After a few seconds, he pulls back and stares at you.

        You blink, your vision coming into focus. You shake your head to try to rid yourself of the headache. Opening your eyes, you look around to all the boys staring at you with anticipation. You quirk your brow.

        “What are you all staring at? Do I have something on my face?”

        All the boys sigh with relief when they hear your humor once again. You look around with confusion but eventually shrug it off. Lastly, your eyes fall on Jungkook who is staring at you wide eyed.

        “Kookie, are you okay?” You tilt your head.

        Jungkook lets a few tears fall before tackling you with a hug. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m right here.” You rub his back and hug him tightly as he cries.

        “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’ll never leave you again. Please forgive me.”

        “Leave me again? What do you mean?” you look around for help. Your eyes fall on Jin and he mouths ‘I’ll tell you later’. You nod in understanding, you just hug Jungkook tighter.

        Rap Monster clears his throat, catching everyone’s attention. “Now that we’re all finally calmed down, it’s time to really get out of here. We need to move further away. Much further.”

        “But where are we supposed to go? We don’t even know where we are,” Jimin asks, worried.

        “Well, I’ve taken care of that situation already,” he grins, proud of himself. There’s a moment of silence, waiting for Rap Monster to continue. He doesn’t.

        “And what would that be?” Suga asks impatiently.

        “Oh right. Well, yesterday during free time, I kind of snuck into the office and made a phone call to a friend. He says we can stay with him and his family as long as we would like.”

        J-hope scoffs, “who is this person that would be willing to take in eight mentally ill patients from a fucking mental hospital?”

        Rap Monster chuckles. “Well, his name is Jackson Wang and it just so happens that he pretty much has six practically insane brothers as it is.”

        Your mouth drops open, “you mean THE Jackson Wang? One of the assassins of the gang Got7? Are you crazy?”

        “Don’t worry, Y/N. They’re all amazingly nice people and would do anything to help friends in need.”

        Suga gets a thoughtful look on his face. “I remember someone who used to be in this hospital with us. His name was Bambam. I think that’s the gang that took him in. If that’s the case, then I have no doubt we will be fine.”

        The rest of the group nods in agreement, not really having much of a choice. They all stand up and follow Rap Monster out of the forest. You grab Jungkook’s hand and stand him up as well.

        “Kookie, thank you for everything. I wouldn’t have made it through this place if it weren’t for you or the rest of Bangtan. I really hope we can be together for as long as I live.”

        Jungkook smiles and kisses your lips gently. “Me too, Y/N. I’ll always be here, no matter what. I promise.”


Dutch City Vocabulary

Are you going to a big city?

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  • The city - De stad
  • The town - De stad, het stadje. (’Stadje’ is the diminutive of ‘Stad’. There is no actual word to describe something between a city and a village)
  • The villiage - Het dorp
  • The monument - Het monument
  • The tourists - De toeristen
  • The skyscraper - De wolkenkrabber
  • The building - Het gebouw
  • The house - Het huis
  • The garden - De tuin
  • The shop - De winkel
  • The gas station - Het tankstation
  • The supermarket - De supermarkt
  • The school - De school
  • The bank - De bank
  • The restaurant - Het restaurant
  • The hostpital - Het ziekenhuis
  • The airport - Het vliegveld
  • The town hall - Het gemeentehuis
  • The library - De bibliotheek
  • The museum - Het museum
  • The art - De kunst
  • The art gallery - De kunstgallerij
  • The church - De kerk 
  • The mosque - De moskee
  • The park - Het park
  • The town hall - Het gemeentehuis
  • The police station - Het politiebureau
  • The doctor’s office - De dokterspraktijk
  • The street - De straat
  • The sidewalk - Het voetpad
  • The bike path - Het fietspad
  • The car - De auto
  • The taxi, cab - De taxi
  • The bus - De bus
  • The bus stop - De bushalte
  • A busdriver - Een busschauffeur
  • The train - De trein
  • The trainstation - Het treinstation
  • The train conductor - De treinconducteur
  • The metro - De metro
  • The metrostation - Het metrostation
  • The truck - De vrachtwagen
  • The truckdriver - De vrachtwagenchauffeur
  • The traffic - Het verkeer
  • The blockage - De blokkade
  • The traffic jam - De file
  • The traffic light - Het stoplicht
  • The road sign - Het verkeersbord
  • The pollution - De vervuiling


  • To drive - Rijden
  • To stop - Stopping
  • To work - Werken
  • To make money - Geld verdienen
  • To buy - Kopen
  • To shop - Winkelen, inkopen doen, shoppen
  • To eat - Eten
  • To fly - Vliegen
  • To live - Leven, wonen
  • To learn - Leren
  • To read - Lezen
  • To pray - Bidden
  • To take the bus - De bus nemen
  • To    “     “   train - De trein nemen
  • To    “     “   metro - De metro nemen
  • To    “     “   plane - Het vliegtuig nemen
  • To    “     “   cab - De taxi nemen


  • This is a small village - Dit is een klein dorpje
  • This is my house - Dit is mijn huis
  • I’m going to the library - Ik ga naar de bibliotheek
  • Do you want to go to a restaurant - Wil je naar een restaurant gaan?
  • I’ll drive - Ik zal rijden
  • Can you go to the store? - Kan je naar de winkel gaan?
  • I’m taking the bus - Ik neem de bus
  • I need to go to the bank - Ik moet naar de bank gaan
  • Working here is fun! - Hier werken is fijn!, Werken hier is fijn!
  • There’s the church - Daar is de kerk
  • My daughter goes to school here - Mijn dochter gaat hier naar school
  • We flew from Australia to Belgium - We zijn van Australië naar België gevlogen

Experience the city life in Amsterdam or Brussels!






JDox headcanon cause I ship it so much.

Okay imagine: JD and Perry getting married and hyphenating their last names, so when new interns start at the hospital they have no idea, and half of them are convinced Dr. Dorian-Cox is the nicest man they’ve ever met and half of them think he’s just the biggest jerk in the hostpital.

All the older staff love backing up different sides when the newbies ask them what they think of Dr. Dorian-Cox, and faking arguing with each other to back up the newbies and then laughing their asses off when both JD and Perry finally show up in the same room, and just watching realization dawn on their faces.

I think I’m going to start (very rarely) posting some of my own writing and maybe non-whumpy gifsets (everything will be tagged ‘off topic’ if it’s not whump).

So here’s a little thing I wrote for @the-wandering-whumper a month or so ago. It’s an extension of the scene at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier where Steve wakes up in the hostpital and then it immediately skips to the montage and there’s no more whump >:(

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anonymous asked:

Your blog is literally life... Seriously haha. How about starish being overprotective of their so :-))

Otoya: You two are feeding the birds with some old bread, you two have fun in the park as you walked hand in hand with him “___-san, did you have fun today?” he asked as you nodded “A lot of fun..” you said, you tow had a date today since you two have 5 months together, otoya might be protective one but today would be more, you two crossed the street as you noticed you lost something, your earring, you looked around as you see your earring blinging on the street were you two did cross over “Wait otoya i lost something” you said and run to the place to catch your earring when sudden the lights turn red, otoya is panicking as he runs to you and grab at your arm and wrapped his arms around you as you both stand safely next the street, his body shuddered softly, you were also in shock as you glanced at him. “O- Otoya… I’m fine..” you said as he looked at you “Thank god, never do that again!” he said bit loudly and worried “Its dangerous you know!” he said as you looked at him “O- Otoya.. I’m sorry.. I just lost my earring and-” – “But still, It might have something happened to you!” he cut you off from your words “”Otoya…” you whispered and wrapped your arms around his waist “I’m so sorry… I will never do that again…” you said, you realized it is was dangerous “I don’t want to lost you…” he whispered and kisses your cheek.

Tokiya: Tokiya and you are shopping a bit at the market as you two had to choice food. “Tokiya, how about this” you said as tokiya glanced “Its fine to me” he said as he walked little farther away, you didn’t look out as you bumped at someone, a guy as he slipped his stuffs on the ground and he glanced unfriendly at you “Look what you have done!” he said as you swallowed “I-I- I’m sorry, i didn’t saw you” you apologies to him, tokiya saw that happening as he stands front you and close. “My apologies what happened, but don’t yell at ___-san like that!” Said tokiya as he looked cold at the guy, the guy took it back as he took his stuffs and walked away, tokiya sighs as he glanced at you “Next time, walk next to me, OK?”

Ren: You both are at school, once you were busy on your work as ren did leave you alone for a bit as he understood you were busy, as he walked though the hall way when he sudden saw you with with two guys “Hey hey, Do you have time for us, we have also had to do our work, wanna help?” said another guy as you shook your head “I’m sorry, i’m petty busy with mine” you said as the other guy raised his eye brown “come on, together it will finished faster” said another guy as one guy took your hand, in time ren slapped the hand of the guy away from you and wrap one arm around you. “My apologies gentleman’s ~ little lamb is working with me” said ren as you blinked twice “Ren…” you said you were relieved he is here with you, when the guy took your hand again “no this person is already working wi-” sudden ren took the hand of the guy away from you and stands front you “You two should move” said ren as he didn’t sound friendly as before when finally the two guys walked away “Little lamb, are you OK?” asked ren as he looked at you and you nod “Geez.. They never leave me alone are they” you said as ren looked bit up “Then i stay with you until your work is done, so they stay away from you”

Masato: “Have you seen ___-san?” the blue haired asked natsuki “I have seen her on the hall way” answer natsuki, Masato was looking for you today and he walked though the hall way were you did walked, as he finally found you but ren is also with you, masato’s expression changed as he always saw ren, but with you is is for him troubled, looks like the ginger is try hitting on you with his flirty tricks, masato steps forward and pull the ginger away from you “Jinguji, what do you think you were doing?” masato frowned at ren as you blinked twice as he stands a little front of you “Also hello to you too Hiji” said ren as he glanced at you “I was just talking to ___-san” said ren, masato didn’t like it “Well what I saw was a bit too far by talking” said masato, ren chuckled and took your hand and kisses on the top of your hand when masato slammed his hand away from you “Don’t touch ___-san..” said masato cold and held your hand when ren snickered “Don’t be like that Hiji” said ren and he winked at you as masato frowned more “It doesn’t matter, ___-san belongs to me” said masato as ren chuckled again and raised his shoulders and walked back as he waved a little “Masato.. He didn’t meant to” you said as masato sighs “___-san, I respect you whole of my heart, but I don’t trust jinguji too well if he’s with you” he said and you looked up  and smiled a little as he glanced at you back and also a little smile “I just want to protect you”

Natsuki: You laying in the hostpital, you are very sick and your whole body hurts, natsuki is with you “Na-chan… It hurts… It hurts everywhere….” you whispered in pain, natsuki shouldn’t answer her as he fell very sad to see you in pain like this “Shh shhh don’t move ____-chan” he said, a doctor is looking at you what it meant, you were just sick, a fever, a high one, when sudden the doctor wants to touch you for checking you suddenly make sound of the pain, natsuki shouldn’t handle it to see you like this “Don’t hurt ___-san please…”he said as he fell very sad “But sir, I have to check” said the doctor as you looked at natsuki “Na-chan, I will be fine…” you whispered as the doctor continue checking on you, your body hurts as the doctor checks on you, one nurse is also with the doctor when the pain was high for you and the tears rolled from your cheeks as natsuki widded his eyes and he should not bear it anymore as he stood up and stands front the doctor “Please, I begging you, no more” said natsuki, you grab natsuki shirt “Na-chan….. Let do the doctors their work…” you whispered as natsuki stared at you “B- But ___-chan… You are in hurt…” he said as you smiled a little at him “That’s why… Let do the doctors their work… I will be fine..” you whispered as natsuki took your hand and kisses on the palm of your hand. “Sorry ____-chan… I shouldn’t handle it to see you in pain like this…”

Syo: You walked with syo though the park, its a wonderful weather as you sit together under a tree as you looked up “Hey, it looks like yoi can climb easy on this tree” you said and smiled as syo looked also up “You think so?” he said as you nod “oh then you can see the city maybe!” you said as you stood up “I wanna try” you said as syo stood quickly up “No you don’t!” he said as you looked at him “Ehh? Why not?” you asked as syo raised his eye brown “Why you asked why, Its dangerous to climb” he said, as you also raised an eye brown “Nah, of course not!” you said and snickered as you didn’t listen to him and start climbing in the tree “O- Oi! Don’t!” he shouted as he looked up “come on syo, this is fun” you said as syo shook his head “Of course I won’t! You now damn well why!” he said as you continue climbing, you climb pretty high, but not the highest as you almost see the city “Syo! This is awesome! You can see the city from here!” you said as syo bit his lower “Get down, NOW!” he shout once, he is worried “Ok ok fine” you said, as you climb off from the tree and you make a step on a branch but sudden it breaks as you gasped “Ah!!” You held one big branch “___-SAN!!!” shouted syo in panick as he didn’t think and he start to climb up “I wil be there, no move over there!” He said as you shuddered of fair “S- Syo… Help… I’m scared” you said, syo try to climb to you and finally gets you “Here, I’m here, hold me”  he said as he try to held you and climb with you together down as you two finally reach the ground as syo pinched your cheek “you idiot, you big idiot” he said as you pouted “I’m sorry….” you whispered looking at the ground as syo wrapped his arms around you “Don’t do this again.. Its dangerous, you might fall..” he whispered as you blushed softly and nod softly “you were a real hero” you whispered as syo also blushed “O-Of course I am!”

Cecil: “L-Look out its a fish!”” said cecil as he spread his arms and you blinked twice and you start laughing “Cecil, fishes do nothing” you said as cecil looked at you “They do! They are scary!” he said, you both are in the zoo together, his worst part is the aquarium part “look they are behind in glasses” you said as cecil swallowed. “My goodness.. There are also big ones…” he said as you both continue walking to some aquarium part were you can touch them “oooh look cecil, you can pet them!” you said, cecil didn’t like it “No, I won’t you allow to touch these monsters!” said cecil as you looked up. “Aah come on, these aren’t dangerous” you said as you walked forward and looked at these innocent fishes “See at the sign, you can pet them” you said as you start petting them, cecil has a fear feeling seeing you petting them, of course he won’t petting them, when sudden one fishes shock something and swimming stressing as cecil quickly took you away from the fishes and held you “Cecil…. ? They were just shocking from something…” you said as cecil shook his head “I just don’t trust it…” he said as he looked at you “” they might bite!” he said as you smiled at him “Oh cecil, You are stressing for nothing ~” you said as cecil blush a little.

i just thought of mako carrying a pachimari on a keychain around, that he got from a fan at the children’s hostpital who didn’t make it,

hog carrying on the fight against the omnics against incredible odds because he thinks of all the kids who look up to him and he just

he rips that gun off the vishkar truck and it burns all the way up his arms and it hurts, but he thinks of all the kids he’s met, and all the pain they’ve gone through, and he shrugs it off like it’s nothing because he knows he can be brave for them, they’ve been so brave for everyone

i’m crying also


December 8th 1941: Battle of Hong Kong begins

On this day in 1941, during the Second World War, the Battle of Hong Kong began. The attack on the then British colony of Hong Kong began just hours after the Japanese attacked the American base of Pearl Harbor, marking the beginning of Japan’s quest for domination in Asia. The British government was sceptical of their chances of defending the outpost, but in September 1941 drafted Canadian troops to Hong Kong. The Battle of Hong Kong lasted 17 days, seeing heavy bombardment and fierce fighting, including a massacre at an Allied hostpital. The 12,000 Allied troops - comprising Canadians, Britons, Indians, and locals - were vastly outnumbered by the 50,000 Japanese. Ultimately, over 2,000 Allied troops died trying to defend Hong Kong, and the British governor surrendered on December 25th. The Japanese occupied Hong Kong until August 1945; after the war, the Japanese governor was executed for war crimes. The battle of Hong Kong remains an important moment in Canadian and Commonwealth history, for, despite overwhelming odds and little military training, the Allied forces refused to surrender, and many subsequently endured brutal conditions as prisoners of war.

75 years ago today

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When reader-chan breaks their leg and Starish and Quartet Night need to take care of them. Or reader-chan waking up to their bed-head, your choice!! ^^

Hi dear, 

What a lovely idea is that! 

Otoya: “Aah are you alright!?” He said, You have been fall off from the stairs and he was in a huge shock “I see, Your leg hurts now, Gladly it didn’t happend worse on you” he said and take you care about your leg “Does it still hurts?”He asked while he care your leg, You nod a little, He smiled at you “ Ah, Don’t worry, It will heal!” he said grinned and petted your head gently “Be careful next time, You gave me serious a heart attack”

Tokiya: He gasped when you spil hot tea over yourself on your arm and quikly he take care of you with water on your burned arm “Are you ok?” He asked he looked really worried at you, You held your shoulders a little up, He sighs deep “Its really dangerous, Be careful” He said as he was taking care of your arm and put some ointment “Held this on your arm” as he put some  cold clothe on your burned arm “the ointment heal your burning arm” he said as he take care of the drink and gave you water instead the tea “I don’t want you to get burn again..”

Ren: He is holding you in a bride style, You broke your leg and he is walking while holding you to the hostpital. “Don’t worry, Its not far away from here” he said while he arrive at the hostpital when the docters taking care of you, He waited at the hall when you came back in the wheelchair he looked up at you “How do you feel?” he aksed, You smiled  a little at him let him know you’re alright “I see, Well then” He said as the docters gave you advice to rest cuz of your broken leg, He helped you pushing the wheel chair “Shall we drink somewhere?”

Masato: You are in the library searching for a good book, When you saw the perfect book but its bit high for you, You try to catch it but you won’t make it, Sudden the blue haired took the book for you and gave it to you “Is this what you want?” he asked as you suprised and blushed a little and nod, As you took the book and thanked him, He smiled a little as he shook his head a little “Don’t thank me.. “ he said as he looked bit shy and he continue walking though the library.

Syo: A big dog is barking at you unfriendly, The dog is also not small so you got little scared, When sudden a blonde shorty standing front of you and try to get the dog away from you “Get out you! Come one!” he said at the dog “Shhu shuu!” he said as the dog finally walked away as he got boring, You looked bit amazed at him as he turned around at you “Are you ok?” He asked as he scratch on his headback “Ahaha, Do i look cool while scaring the dog away?” he asked as you laughed softly and frowned “O- Oi, Whats so funny about?” He said as you shook your head quikly and you thanked him and let him know he is pretty cool as he smiled at you.

Natsuki: You are skating and sudden you fell as in time a tall blonde guy has catch you “Aah, Thats so close” he said chuckled as you looked up at him “Are you ok?” he asked as he cocked his head, He has a sweet expression even he’s tall and you thanked him “Ah, Its ok, Its ok, Be careful” he said as he smiled at you “You are skating? Isn’t bit dangerous?” he asked as you blinked twice and looked at the skaters “I think you will fall easliy again, I won’t you to get hurt” he said, You chuckled as you find him cute as you told him you will be careful.

Cecil: You walking though the city and you lost your wallet as you start slowly panciking sudden a brown haired guy poked you and you turned around as you saw he has the wallet and he smiled at you “My princess, I think you have lost this” he said and gave it to you, You took the wallet and thanked him many times as he laughed softly “Its ok, Take good care of your wallet so you won’t lost it again” He said as he smiled at you.

Reiji: You walking though the park cuz the weather is beautifull, You walking near the water as sudden you slipped and fell in the water, You can’t swim! You try to catch breath to call someone out as help but you can’t as you slowly falls below the water, Sudden someone jumps in the water and saved you as you finally woked up as you catched the breath, You opened your eyes and a light browned haired guy is looked at you “Aaah…. Thank god, Are you ok?” He asked as you slowly sat straight and looked at him “I saw you in the water and jumped in to save you” he said and smiled at you “We’re both wet now!” he said laughed softly as you slowly smiled too and thanked him “I’m glad you are ok, It was a big shock”

Ranmaru: You just walking home from school/work, But sudden few boys are bothering you, Try to flirt you as you say no and continue walking, when sudden one of the boys grab your arm and once you say no again, but they won’t let you go, He squeezed your arm hard as you got scared and start to cry a little, Sudden a grey haired dude punced one of the guys away and also the guy who was hurt your arm, The grey haired guy stands front you “What the fuck are you bastards try to do on a girl!?” he shouted at them and is very angry, One of the guys try to punch him as the grey haired was faster and punced back as he looked very cold at them “I hate guys.. Who try to make a girl cry!” he said, Finally the bad guys running away as the grey haired turned around at you, You had still tears in your eyes as you got shocked, He wiped your tears away “Hey.. Its over, They’re gone” he said, You nod softly and you thanked him “Your arm is pretty injured..” He said as you looked at your arm and said you will be alright but he shook his head “If you want… I can take care of your injured arm..”

Ai: You sit in an Internet cafe, You don’t know much about the computer self, You were working on your homework cuz you don’t have a computer at home, Sudden the computer chrashed as you stared at the screen and slowly you are panicking cuz all your work is gone now, You try to fix it but nothing works when a sudden a boy is walking forward you “Do you have a problem?” he asked as you nodded and explained, He glanced at the computer “Let me fix this” he said and try to fix the computer, Than god the computer is working now and all your work wasn’t gone at all, You bowed at him as you thanked him “Don’t thank me, Its ok” he said as he cocked his head “Ask me whne you have another problem”

Camus: you sitting in a cafe, You order a coffee as you looked around  a bit, But the waiter gave you tea instead of the coffee, You want to say you did order a coffee but the waiter was busy so he didn’t hear you, You looked at the tea, As you dislike tea, Sudden a gentleman is giving you the coffee as he sits with you “I don’t mind having the tea then” he said as you blinked twice an gave the tea to him and thanked him, You aksed if he doesn’t really mind and he glanced at you “Ofcourse i don’t mind, Tea is my favourite” he said, He sound little cold but he was helpful He putting alot of sugar in his tea and you looked confused as he did, But you thanked him again and smiled , And also a little smile he has on his face “Its my pleasure” he said and sipped on his tea.

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Name: Elven Age: 24 Meaning behind tumblr url: it was a nickname given to me by a friend that then turned into a name for an OC Hobbies/Interests: art, video games, music, animals, browsing wikipedia in search of knowledge when I can't sleep xD Why you follow me: your art is super pretty and you seem like a super nice and lovely person too :D Random fact about yourself: I've never been admitted to the hostpital for anything before. Question for me: What do you like drawing the most/ the least?

Yay hi! <3 Aw thank you so much! I also have never been in hospital, I guess we’re both doing alright! *high five*

What I like drawing the most is probably expressions/emotions. My proudest work is when I manage to convey an emotion not only in the face but with the entire body language. But it’s still a work in progress ofc. As for my least favourite thing, probably still feet. I’ve been working on them and while I don’t mind drawing hands so much anymore, feet still elude me. I need to do more studies!

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Are you sure? Promise Michael wouldn't hurt him?

J: Honestly, I doubt Michael could really do any damage to the-

S: /Jeremy, are you really saying you don’t think Michael is strong/

J: I don’t think he’s strong enough to hurt you as bad as you keep thinking!

S: Jere, please… You’ve known Michael for /13 yea r s/. You know as much as I do that Michael could very easily knock me out if he was mad enough…

J: Okay yeah but-

S: AND I nearly ruined your friendship, if he learns that he can /finally/ let out that pent up anger on the one who caused all those problems… Well I’d probably end up in the hostpital-

J: *sigh* Squee- Calm down… Uhg- /fine/ I won’t tell Michael yet… Though I’m sure you could hold your own against him-

S: /I am not fighting anyone. Under any circumstance/… Unless youre in danger-

J: … Seriously?

S: Well duh, you’re my host Jeremy… Your life and general happines comes before mine… Thought that was obvious…