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Hello! Welcome to the B.A.P ‘Be Happy’ Project, a project organised by the B.A.P member networks that will span over the next seven months. This project is open to any B.A.P fan, regardless of whether they are a part of any of the networks hosting this project! If you want to become a member of the networks, applications are open for some of them so it wouldn’t hurt to check them out!

On the 27th day of the months from March until September, we have organised days to show our love and appreciation for each member of B.A.P by showcasing what it is about them that makes us smile. Basically, what it is about B.A.P that helps us to 'Be Happy’. After all, you can’t spell ‘Be Happy’ without B.A.P.

On each of these days, you can post any original content that you create in order to show off what it is that you love about B.A.P. The specific dates for this project as well as the tags to use are the following: 

27th March - Yongguk (#behappywithyongguk)
27th April - Himchan (#behappywithhimchan)
27th May - Daehyun (#behappywithdaehyun)
27th June - Youngjae (#behappywithyoungjae)
27th July - Jongup (#behappywithjongup)
27th August - Junhong (#behappywithjunhong)
27th September - OT6 (#behappywithbap

Keep in mind that each day is for each specific member, except for OT6 which is for B.A.P as a whole. 

We hope you will take part in the project and help show what it is about B.A.P that makes you happy! You can create any kind of content you wish to: gifs, graphics, fan art, videos, writing and anything else you can think of to help be supportive of B.A.P in any way that you can! You don’t have to be an experienced creator; first timers are more than welcome!

If you have any questions, you can ask any of the following networks: @yongguk-net​, @kimhimnet​, @daenet​, @yjaynet​, @mjupnet​, @zelo-net

Welcome to the Football Blogs Directory!

Hello! Our goal here is to unite the football community on tumblr through a directory of all the blogs on the site. In the directory, you can filter through the blogs by the football clubs they support.
This blog will host a plethora of events to hopefully bring people together through our love for the beautiful game.

The directory currently has the clubs of the top 5 leagues in Europe listed, (Serie A and Ligue 1 incomplete) but as the directory grows, more leagues, and maybe even national teams will be added.

It’s going to be really fun – contests will be held, live chats will be hosted, and networks might be created (all optional).

>> join here

Please reblog this post so everyone can join!
P.S. I spent hours coding the directory theme so please please join!

i would watch the fuck out of a benjamin sisko cooking show

Food Network
  • Host: The challenge today is chicken parm
  • Chef: I immediately calm down after hearing that we are making an italian dish-
  • me: hoe don't do it
  • Chef: After all, my family IS italian *pans over a shot of the blondest, palest blue eyed family*
  • me: oh my god

**Please do not alter/delete or self-promote or you will be automatically disqualified**

Hello, so the dazzling Hayley (@survivhal) and I, Liz (@captivahted), wanted to do a collaboration with each other. Not for any reason in particular, other than just the excuse to have fun by hosting our first network together! So with that in mind, Hayley and I present to you, a showcase revealing Tumblr’s Hidden Gems :) 

  R U L E S :   

💎   Must be following Hayley on her blog here, and Me, here.  PLEASE don’t lie or unfollow because we will know.

💎   Likes will not be counted and will only be used as bookmarks. Must reblog once, in order to be considered.

💎   We will be choosing 12 Gemstones (as they are hard to find) 

P E R K S :

💎   New friends (us of course:))

💎   Be featured on a cute page (that’s currently under construction)

💎   Promos of your choice, once a week

💎   Queues upon request 

💎   More followers :)

H I G H E R C H A N C E S :

💎   Reblog this post more than once

💎   Talk to Hayley and I, here or here, we won’t bite and we’d love to make a new friend.

💎   Reblog a lot from us, so that your url will stand out

💎   Send us a message on why you feel like you should be chosen

C A T E G O R I E S :

💎    Sapphire x1  //   Best Icon

💎    Diamond x1  //   Newest Discovery

💎    Lapis x1  //   Best Add Ons + Blog Features

💎    Moldavite x1  //   Best Colour Scheme

💎    Kuznite x1  //   Loveliest Blogger

💎    Rutile Quartz x1  //   Best Posts

💎    Opal x1   //   Most Unique Blog

💎   Citrine x1  //  Best Icon

💎   Andalusite x1  //  Best Url

💎   Garnet x1    //   Best Overall

💎   Rose Quartz x1 // Hayley’s favorite

💎   Morganite x1 // Elizabeth’s favorite

O T H E R S :

💎   Photo found on Google

💎   Banner made by our friend, and the lovely Kealani and her blog can be found here

Here at Cartoon Network, they hosted a Mighty Magiswords gallery in the main lobby.  It was a great means for the Magiswords crew to introduce themselves, their skills, and the show to the rest of the studio!  It was great fun and there were many fantastic pieces, all wildly different from each other!

This was my contribution, inspired by classic movie posters (specifically, the original poster for Star Wars).



anonymous asked:

I just died seeing your DLxFFXV!!! CHO(f) IS SO GREAT AS IGNIS!! Though it doesn't look like she'll be coming up with new recipes anytime soon...

though if we’re talking about canon cooking prowess, the ranking would be something like:

  • jae - why cook when you can have others do it for you
  • cho (f) - just add microwave
  • minhee - decent housewaifu
  • cho (m) - high level housewaifu
  • palo - Food Network host (fam is in the restaurant business after all)

*Deleting caption/self promoting on this post disqualifies you*

hiiii! Siets (ehsprit) and I (refuseh) hosted the all around network together and we thought it was so much fun so we decided to make our own queue group! Our queue is running low so fast and this is a cool way to fix that problem!


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  • a spot on a cute queue page (still under construction)
  • a constant stream of queues from me and others
  • new blogs to follow and queue from
  • New friends :)


  • reblog this more than once
  • Talk to us! Don’t be shy :)
  • have a similar blog style


  • banner made by me (refuseh), photo from trumblr (credits to the owner!)
  • we will pick when we are happy with the notes!

please don’t let this flop…

We wish you all the best of luck!

xx Siets & Mimi



(also known as “the weirdest post I’ve made in a long, long time)

So now that I’ve started doing nostalgia posts, I might as well do a collection post of all the “hosts” children’s networks tend to have. People often remember these, but don’t know the source–partially because they don’t really HAVE a “show” that they’re from. So here’s a quick rundown.

CLAY: This guy hosted Playhouse Disney for a while. He was literally, as you can imagine, Clay. He was voiced by Debbi Derryberry, who also played Jimmy Neutron and Zatch from Zatch Bell.

CHICA: This is…way past my time, but I’m pretty sure this one’s been around for a long time. Chica debuted in 2007, and people who were little then are turning into teens now, so maybe some of you will remember this one. She’s part of segments/a show on the Sprout network. She squeaked. It’s kind of hilarious. Side note: don’t let any toddlers in your care google “chica” without including phrases like “sunny side up show.” Unless you like dealing with toddler nightmares for the next month.

PIPER O’POSSUM: Piper was a host for Nick Jr., starting in 2004. She replaced the ever-popular Face (who we’ll get to). She only lasted about three years, though. She was played by Ali Brustofski, a singer with over 500k subscribers on youtube. She’s only 22, meaning she was only around 11-14 when she did the part.

MOOSE A. MOOSE AND ZEE: These two became emblematic of the preschool block/network Noggin. They lasted from 2003 to 2012, which means that kids who are currently 18 and 8 can both be nostalgic for these characters simultaneously. Zee didn’t speak, but Moose was played by Paul Christie, who played Stick Stickly. They’re both still in use, on Nickelodeon’s Noggin app.

FACE: Face was the Nick Jr. host. He’s beloved by many a 90s kid. He was literally just a face on different colored backgrounds, known for his “hi there, face here! line, and his weird “slide whistle and triangle only” band sound effects. In retrospect, his animations seemed to take about 5 frames and a lot of tweening, but you needed to make a lot of these. Face was played by voice actor Chris Phillips, who’s been an announcer for both Cartoon Network and Nick for a long time. He’s also done voices for Jumbo Studios, playing Roger in the Disney version of Doug, as well as characters in the original Nick version, and father Ernest Otter in PB&J Otter. He’s reprised his role as face for The Splat–check out this interview with him, you’ll definitely recognize his voice from other things.

FEETFACE: Nice name. Feetface was the first host for Noggin, later being replaced by Moose and Zee (they had an actual bumper where he passed torch to them). It’s EXTREMELY hard to find pictures of this dude, probably because he was only around for a year. But I remember him. I still have that song he sung stuck in my head. Playing Feetface was one of the earliest major voice acting roles for Ashleigh Ball, now famous for playing Applejack and Rainbow Dash in MLP: Friendship is Magic.

  • Ancoms: *distribute .mp3s of L'Internationale thru a decentralized peer-to-peer network*
  • MLs: *host an .mp3 of L'Internationale on The Peoples Media Server*

it’s finally october and you know what that means…



the moment the clock strikes twelve all the pumpkins and skeletons disappear, as if they were never there in the first place


post selfies/pictures of your costumes, art, edits, and fics under the tag for the meetup! meet new people, make new friends, reblog others’ posts, and have fun!
we look forward to seeing all of your amazing faces and posts!


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questions can go to @tinyspaceplants and we hope to see you there!

With all of this reshuffling of mainstream late-night hosts, one thing’s certain: It’s time for a female host, one who will have more female guests and discuss more issues that directly impact women. Because although over half the population is female, there are still no female hosts on network late night television.

It’s almost one year since the US release of Kingsman: The Secret Service and to celebrate Kingsman-Network is hosting a Kingsmanniversary party! It will take place from Feb. 7th-Feb. 13th, a week to show our love for the film.

In order to participate in our week-long celebration all you have to do is create edits, gifs, fan art, videos, fanfiction, cosplay, or any other media, based on the week’s prompts to be shared with the rest of the fandom. Below are the prompts for each day, but all Kingsman-related posts are welcomed!

Days and tags:

  • Feb. 7: Kingsman Candidacy: Who is your favorite Kingsman knight/character? [tag km: character]
  • Feb. 8: From Wardrobe to Weapons: What is your favorite piece from the Kingsman arsenal? [tag km: arsenal]
  • Feb. 9: Feed My Lines: What is your favorite quote? [tag km: quote]
  • Feb. 10: Showstopper: What is your favorite scene? [tag km: scene]
  • Feb. 11: This Ain’t That Kind of Movie: What did you enjoy the most about the movie and/or What drew you to watching it? [tag km: fan]
  • Feb. 12: Reconnaisance Mission: What you would like to see in the sequel? [tag km: sequel]
  • Feb. 13: Happy Anniversary Kingsman! [tag km: anniversary]

Tagging them with the prompts allows us to find your posts and reblog it for that specific day. The main tag for the entire event is ‘kingsmanniversary’ so be sure to tag your posts with the main tag as well as the prompt tag before any other tags.


  • Absolutely no reposting or art theft of any kind.
  • With the exception of fanfiction, no NSFW entries. Any posts that show graphic images will not be reblogged.
  • If your entry has sensitive topics, please tag them (i.e. blood, suicide, etc.)
  • No hateful entries. We’re here to show our love for Kingsman!

If you’d like to submit your posts directly to us, please do it here.

If you have any other questions concerning the event, ask us here.

Please be respectful and courteous to others and don’t spread hate. Let’s have a great Kingsmannniversary week!