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Anti Hero (pt. 8)

Part 7

It’s a dream or maybe some sick ploy by the Author. Whatever it is, it can’t be real. This can’t be Oliver, not his Oliver. But Anti doesn’t care. He throws his arms around Ollie’s torso and buries his face in the crook of his neck, squeezing him tight even as he feels like he might pass out. After a moment, Oliver hugs him back, supporting Anti’s weight as the glitch sags into him, completely spent.

“Yer alive… yer alive…” Anti cries into Ollie’s neck over and over as if they’re magic words that can make it true.

“Yeah, buddy. I’m alright,” Oliver whispers reassuringly as he brushes a hand over Anti’s hair. “I’m here now, and everything is going to be alright. I promise.”

Anti shakes his head without moving from Ollie’s embrace. “But how? The Author made me stab your core. It… it should’ve killed you.”

Ollie grins and tugs down the collar of Red’s t-shirt, revealing the wound on his chest. “You missed, you little devil, by a whole two millimeters.” Oliver chuckles nervously. “Try not to cut it quite so close next time, just for my sake.”

Anti stares at the wound. He was too close, far too close to Oliver to have missed on accident. Which means that even under the Author’s influence, Anti had been able to make the choice to save his friend despite thinking that he had failed. Oliver puts his shirt back into place and smiles, but Anti is still confused. “But how are you here?”

“The Host, once he saw that you missed my core on purpose, he was sure the Author was controlling you, so after my brothers finished my repairs, he convinced everyone that you really had killed me.” Ollie looks off into the corner of the attic with a sigh. “He had to make sure that the Author wouldn’t suspect anything when the Host sent me here to save you.”

Anti takes a step back away from Oliver. “Your brothers think you’re dead?”

Ollie looks back at Anti and nods sadly before his face quickly changes to a smile. “B-but once we make sure that everyone is safe, Host will put things right again.” He frowns again. “I hope they’ll be alright…”

Anti shakes his head. “You shouldn’t have done this. The Author could come back at any moment and find you here, and if he does…” Anti flinches when Oliver reaches for him and places a hand on his arm.

“Host has it taken care of. All we have to do is warn the other Septic Egos and get you home.” Oliver stresses the last word, hoping that it’ll spark a little of the old light in Anti’s eyes, but there’s none of that there now. Anti looks wounded still, hollowed out, and at the mention of speaking to the other Septic Egos, he seems to retreat even further into himself.

“You go talk to them. I-I can’t.” He pulls himself out of Oliver’s grasp again and goes to sit on his old bed. “They won’t want to talk to me.”

“But they’re like your family, and you’ve just been through something traumatic. Don’t you want to see them?” Oliver is already walking towards the door to the rest of the house when Anti shakes his head slowly.

“You don’t get it, Ollie. It’s not the same here. I hurt them.” Anti’s voice breaks. He hurts everyone, even when he tries not to. “You go talk to them. I’ll-I’ll wait here.”

Oliver hesitates a moment longer before nodding. “Alright, Anti. Whatever you say.” He offers Anti another small smile. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”

Anti doesn’t smile. He just curls up and listens to the door swing open and then closed.

“Anime is for kids.”

“Girls are just there to be sexualized.”

“The main characters always end up together.”

“Its too serious.”

“The characters are all the same.”

“There’s no surprises.”

“There’s no good back stories.”

“There’s always a happy ending.”

“All the characters are happy-go-lucky.”

“The main character is too good.”


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anime summaries

haikyuu!!: thighs, thighs, thighs

attack on titan: half jokes, horses, eyebrows, cleaning supplies, cRying


tokyo ghoul: cinnamon roll sinnamon roll what’s the difference lolple ase help

the devil is a part timer!: satan makes good burgers ???

black butler: im one hELL of a butler (;


free: strip strip fall in love

ouran high school host club: fuck u im fabulous

deathnote: give me the fucking strawberry cake

parasyte: for fucks sake when i need you the most you fall asleep fuck you fucking hand and oH SHIT A PARASYTE FUFUCKFUCKFUCKCUFKCK

noragami: fuck you i will get a temple bitch

hetalia: everyone is so gay holy shit

fairy tail: friendship power bitch *building collapses*


Ouran Highschool Host Club AU Part 1

I’m going to do more parts in the future with more scenes that I love and yeah.


Anti Hero (pt. 7)

Part 6

“Wait here,” Author says even as he pens the words. “We can take care of the Septic Egos another time after you’ve rested properly. Won’t that be fun?” Author walks over and ruffles Anti’s hair where he’s still doubled over on the floor. “Don’t want to wear out my little puppet, though.”

With that, he writes himself back at Ego Inc. where someone is banging on the door of his cabin quite loudly, and when the Author opens the door, he’s not shocked to find the Host on the other side. “Where have you been?”

Author smiles and opens the door wider for the Host to enter. “Why don’t you come in, Host? You look awfully tired.”

The Host is tired, ever since seeing what Anti did to poor Oliver, he hasn’t stopped moving, his mind hasn’t stopped working. He’s had to work fast to keep everyone in order, and while it pains him to use his abilities in such a way, he was forced to go behind his friends’ backs to ensure everyone’s safety. He can’t take much more right now. “The Googles are in a frenzy over Oliver, of course. They’re all ready to hunt Anti down and roast him over a spit.”

“A rather primitive means of torture for our android friends,” Author comments as he pours himself and the Host some tea. “But I’m sure that Dark won’t let his remaining three androids go on a glitch hunt.”

The Host takes the tea gratefully and shakes his head. “This issue with Anti has everyone in an uproar. Dark has no idea how he was so completely fooled himself, and the others are afraid of what this means for the future. Except Wilford, of course.” Host takes a sip. “As usual, he’s very happy to have an opportunity to shoot something.”

Author can’t help his frown. He can’t have that candy-brained maniac putting bullet holes in his new subject, not when he has such a perfect one now. “But you won’t let him do that, right?”

The Host sighs and drops his head a little. “At this point, the Host is not sure what the correct course of action is. He merely hopes that his faith has not been misplaced.” Host turns his face up to the Author.

Author smiles and takes a sip of his tea, assured that his plan is working perfectly. “Don’t worry, friend, your good faith has not been misplaced.”


Anti sleeps because he was told to, but nightmares claw at him all through the night until he drags himself awake and out of bed. He’s in the attic again, cold and drafty and smelling of mold. Already he misses the warm nest of his pillow fort. Already he misses…

Anti shakes that thought from his head.

There’s a rustle in the corner of the attic, and Anti draws his knife, ready to fight. “C̩̙o̴̭̙̻̳̼͉m͍̩è̳̮̦̥̩̣ ̻͘o͍̝̜u̜̲̯̰̖̟͡t̞̗͚̳͍,͓̫̥͎̰̬̱͠ ̱͔̟c͏̣̤o͈͙͇̙͞m͕̼̭͞ẹ͔͖̩̭ ̨̳̳̱͕̹̩͕ou̗͈͕̥͎ͅt̖̲̀,” he growls, and Google Red steps into the light coming in through the single, round window.

“Glitch,” the droid says in mock-greeting, an edge in his voice like the serrated length of Anti’s blade.

The glitch is frozen, unsure of what he should do, whether he should fight or run or… just accept whatever fate he deserves at this point. Red grips his hands into fists. “You put a knife in my little brother’s core. He trusted you,” Red seethes, barely containing the full force of his rage. “He trusted you, and you killed him!”

Anti gasps. So the Author lied to him again. He couldn’t save Oliver, just another trick to get Anti to obey him. And now his only friend is dead.

In Anti’s shock, Red is on him in a moment, knocking the knife from his hand and pinning Anti to the wall of the attic. Anti shakes his head, tears in the corners of his eyes as he squeezes them shut, not from fear but from the crushing thought that the last time he saw his friend’s face… the last time…

“I didn’t want to. I couldn’t stop the Author. I-I tried.” Anti has to force each word, but it doesn’t matter. He can’t hurt Ollie any more at this point. “I didn’t want to hurt him.”

“Look at me,” Red growls, and when Anti doesn’t open his eyes, Red shakes him. “Look at me!” Anti turns his hollow gaze to Red’s face, at the anger and hatred there. Then Red’s eyes flash yellow, and he smirks.


Anti Hero (pt. 6)

Part 5

Anti’s back hits the wall, and that wild spark inside of him flares up in fear at being cornered. At being alone. And whose fault is that?

He throws a knife at Google’s shoulder and misses by inches, ducks Dark’s punch, and glitches behind them. Another knife in hand, he slashes at Dark’s back, but Dark’s aura twists the blade from Anti’s fingers and shoves him to the floor. Google slams the heel of his foot into Anti’s sternum, knocking the breath from the glitch’s lungs. Anti blinks tears from his eyes and glitches out of the way of another attack, but he can only manage a few inches.

And then he’s back in Dark’s clutches. His aura surrounds Anti’s head, filling his mind with poisonous thoughts, but Anti escapes again. His back is against the door when it suddenly slides open, and Anti falls backwards and out.

He’s so stunned that it takes him a moment to glitch to his feet, and he comes face to face with the person who let him out.


Anti jumps back, but Oliver hardly reacts. He just stares at him, at the knife in Anti’s hand. Sudden dread nearly takes Anti’s sanity from him as he sees what Oliver expects him to do, what Oliver is daring him to do. If you don’t care about me, prove it.

“Oliver!” Google moves quickly, but Oliver moves faster to shut his brother and Dark inside the containment field of Anti’s cell. Google slams his fists against the door, screaming something, but Oliver has muted them as well. He’s waiting.

“Well, go ahead,” Oliver says softly. “Here’s your chance.” His eyes flash yellow. “Rid the world of a useless piece of equipment.”

Anti grips the knife, dumbfounded. The Author’s influence reaches for him again, and this time, Anti is unable to shrug it off. This time the Author is pulling the strings. The message is clear: they can’t suspect anything.

So Anti darts forward, the knife flashing through the air like lightning. Google splits his skin open smashing his fists into the door. Dark’s aura floods the cell with shadow, and Anti sinks the blade into the center of Oliver’s chest just as the Host bursts into the room.

Anti feels a jerk on his strings, and suddenly the room around him melts away. He’s in his attic space again as the glitches fade from his vision. Anti stands there a moment, frozen, grease on his fingers and ringing in his ears. Did he really do what he thinks he just did? No, no—not to Ollie. Not his friend.

Anti glitches again, trying to go back, but he’s dragged back to his attic by the Author’s words. He cannot leave.

“Y̨̳͇̰o̵̜̹̙͙͙̪̞u̡̫̥͉͚̰̬̙ ̟p͇̝̯̙̼̣r̥̫̱o͉̥͓m̤̼͉͍̘̲͎i̷̤͈̖̗s̤̗̬͓e̥̪͡d̨͙̠̣̭!͕͔̞̞ ͠Y̷̥ou̡͓͍̰̤̣̯ ̙̦̲͕͜p̬̬̘r͖̰͔̠͢ͅǫ͖̙m̘̱̟͇͉̹į͙̠̹̟̺̜͓s̺̘̘͡ẹ̦͎̣͇̩͠d ̛͈̣̳m̜̼̘̲̤ͅe͏͇̺̝̫ͅ ̤͎ͅt̨̗̯̯͍̜h͚a͎̞̣͎t ̩̞y̝̼͇o̧̺͇͇̯̺̻u̵̝͈͓ͅ ̗̖͔̠͚̯̺w̶͓̦o͇̫̹͖u̶͓̥̳̮̱̠̫l̺̱̞̭̫͈d̴̮̪̮n͓̭̻̝͘'t͖̳̟̮ ̵h̞̭̥̣͉̕ur̞̤̙͇̠̙͇̕ṭ̳ ͇͚̪̱̣̫̲h̘̫̬͞i̷m̪͈!̶͎̘ͅ” Anti screams at the dusty air.

“And Hitler promised that he wouldn’t invade Czechoslovakia, but we see how that turned out,” Author says coolly, leaning against the wall like nothing has happened, like Anti’s world hasn’t just crashed down around him. “You should be thanking me. There’s nothing left there for you now, and you have the future to look forward to.”

Anti manifests another knife in his hands and glitches chest to chest with the Author before growling, “You’ve forgotten one thing in all of this, though, Author. With Ollie gone, y̯͔͕̱̝o̖̖̱͕̤͕͘u͏̱͎̮͉̭̮̦'̞̠v̢͇̯è̖͎͎͖ ̙̣̮lo̭̹̘͙͍̳s̷͈̯̱̭̦̠t̩͉͚ͅ ̳̲̲̬ỳ̬̞̳̬͕͓̩o̸̫͈̝̱͎ur ͈͕̝̘͙͍̕c̟͓o̗͓͞n̬̲̣̯͍t̝̩̗͔̳̫͕r̰͡o͍̗̖̖l o͏͚͔̝̳̳v̗̻͞e͈̹̤̣͎r͟ͅ ̣m̥̩͕̬̤͕̣e͟.”

The Author smiles and leans just an inch closer so that Anti is forced to move back. “But he’s not gone, not yet. Not as long as I say he’s not.”

Anti’s heart twists up inside of his chest to the point that he glitches uncontrollably, until he’s on his hands and knees and staring at the floor blankly. The Author steps away from him to admire some of his carved wooden figures all lined up on a bookshelf. “We’ve still got work to do, Anti, and until the time comes that you can no longer be of use to me, the little yellow bot stays.” Author smirks and inspects a little wooden otter fondly.

“After all, Anti, I’m a man of my word.”

Part 7