Tamaki: (regarding coins) What are these curious circles?
Kaoru: They have little faces on them, how quaint.
Hikaru: Poor people eat these?
Tamaki: *bites a coin* Disgusting! Jeeves, take it away!



These are the adult images of the four babies that I designed for Sekkai’s most recent Tainted hatching. Left to right, top to bottom (owner username - idk if Tumblr): Ruin Wakhan (GothicThylacine), Air Alba (Dragon), Influenza Ambylomma (Boospookum), and Forest Scabia (Kat). I wasn’t able to do shaded pictures this year due to time constraints, so everyone got flats. ;o;

Wakhan is a thunderbirb, Alba is based loosely off of the Greek eagle Aethos (he’s also leucistic), Amb is an engineered Influ with Bulkhead and tick (Ambylomma variegatum specifically) influences, and Scabia was inspired by giant hogweed. C: 

Scabia’s anatomy referenced from this lovely image.

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Keep rambling, we crave that info.


*crack knuckles*

If you know or suspect sex is going to happen, first of all, make your bed.  It’s just sexy.  But also, have condoms (if it’s a m/f relationship) and TWO kinds of lube ready.  There are water based and petroleum based lubes.  Some people are sensitive, I think water based is better for sensitive skin, and in case it burns, you want to have a backup ready so it doesn’t kill the night.  Same with condoms.  Until the couple has found one they like, it took me and my husband several boxes to find THE ONE, think about getting a varity pack or a few small packs of various brands.  They all feel different.  Take them for a test drive. Have food in your fridge.  You want to be a good host and have some snacks to offer.  Snacks are great because, like I said, you don’t want to feel full.  Things you can feed each other are a bonus.  Going back to having your place smell good, I highly recommend three wick candles from bath and body works.  Worth every penny.  Get one that reflects your style.  There’s lots to choose from.  Wear clean clothes (this goes for everyone).  You will not only smell good but your partner will notice if you’re not clean and that’s not sexy.  LATER in the relationship, it’s totally fine to wear what you want but still, a nice rule to live up to.  Have lighting options.  Some people like the lights on, some people like the lights off.  And some people like just a little light (like Goldie Locks, has to be just right).  If you don’t have more than one setting on your lamp, candles are great for this.  They’re very romantic, smell good, and provided plenty of light to see what you’re doing.  Did I ramble enough?  This is really just my two cents.

every time Paul suggest we have a party I get this horrible dreadful feeling deep in my stomach bc I feel like I have to be a good host and then I don’t know how to have fun bc I feel like everyone is just having a bad time and I can’t entertain people so I just end up getting completely wasted and running away from everything like hiding on the front porch fuck now I have to get a porch swing where is everyone going to sit it’s going to be raining just get it over with already


Audition day.

Sticking with tradition, it was full of inappropriate jokes from the hosts, some really good singers, and of course, some really bad ones. But unusually, nobody had caught Chloe’s eye yet. She had one every year, somebody that really stood out to her, someone she formed a fast but firm friendship with. 

It wasn’t until the last auditionee walked onto the stage that the redhead leaned forward in her chair. She was the one. “Well, hi there.” She grinned. “Name?”

Best Of Graham Norton 2015
  • The theme tonight is ‘building bridges’. I’m mentioning it now because the hosts will so it’s better you’re prepared.
  • Conchita incoming!
  • A fun drinking game, take a drink every time the hosts say “good morning Australia”. They say it a lot.
  • "Host- Ive been learning Chinese." Oh please don’t.
  • I don’t know what the headphones are for. I don’t know what they’re listening to. I hope it’s not this.
  • This next song is called ‘Don’t Forget’. Hopefully we will.
  • If that didn’t put a smile on your face you aRE DEAD INSIDE.
  • I blame Game of Thrones for this staging. Enjoy.
  • OOOH that was worse than I remembered. I should’ve warned you!
  • This is one of the worst song titles ever. Its called “Love Injected”. Grim.
  • I think the smoke-machine man nodded off during the beginning of that performance.
  • She entered an Albanian singing competition and now she’s driving a snow-plough. Dreams do come true!
  • A lot of ballads. Obviously.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, this will be the longest minute of your lives.
  • Now that awkward chat is over, let’s start another. In Italian.
  • Great voice and not a filling in those teeth.
  • "Host - What are you doing, Arabella?" Arabella is clearly not doing anything.
  • "Greek host talking too long." OK give us the 8. Say the words ‘8’.
  • This is Andrei, dressed as a children’s entertainer.
  • "Host screen goes blank" The year is 2015 and it’s as if there are 2 cans and a piece of string connecting these countries.
  • Obviously dress-down Saturday in Denmark.
  • Estonia who? Oh, yes. The necklace.
  • 5 points for the UK? Still, its not bottom.
  • Armenia got 12. And we didn't.
Summary of Eurovision 2015
  • Host 1:Good evening Europe
  • Host 2:and good morning Australia!
  • Host 1:Europe start voting
  • Host 2:and Australia start voting
  • Host 1:Countries all over Europe
  • Host 2:plus Australia

3 hosts: “Good evening, Europe.”

Swedish commentator: “They have practised a whole year for that.”


Book Recommendation

Underrated books, which could need some more love from this community;

White Space by Ilsa J. Bick

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The Singer of All Songs by Kate Constable (this is a Danish edition on the picture)

The School for Good & Evil by Soman Chainani (a friend is borrowing the first book, this is the second in the trilogy)