whomst wants to come to my house on switch launch day and play mine

we can play uh, *looks at launch titles written on my palm* uh, not 1-2 switch, i’m not getting that. uh. snipperclips? sure, it’s 15 bucks. bomberman r? no, waiting on a review for that, wanna make sure it has no microtransactions. uh. Fast RMX has split-screen, i guess we can do that. We can’t do Zelda. I’m buying that, but it’s singleplayer and i’ll be damned if anybody plays my copy of zelda before I do. um. what else. is Ultra Street Fighter 2 a launch title? I don’t think it is. oh! shovel knight is on launch now! that has co-op. but… we’d have to use sideways joy-cons. that’s okay, i guess. i’ll take the shitty one with the thumbstick in the middle since i’m a good host. 

um, okay, so i think the list is snipperclips, fast rmx, and shovel knight. maybe i’ll let you play zelda. i might do that. MAYBE. once i play it for a bit. you can watch me play it. if you come to my house. if my switch arrives on time. i got the one with the grey joy-cons. i kinda wish i got the one with the red and blue ones, it’s really cute, but i guess the grey ones are okay. i promise i wont bring up the fact that it looks like a dog. no promises that i won’t pull up fanart of the switch dog, the one with the fat ass. if my friend billy comes over then i’m definitely going to do that to see his reaction to it. unless billy brings his brother. his brother is only 17 so i can’t let him see fat dog asses or he’ll die. i have psvr and resident evil 7 also if you get tired of the nintendo. 


Bloodborne fanart, Bloodborne Tarot Cards - Part 1.

  • 0 - The Fool - The Good Hunter
  • I - The Magician - Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  • II - The High Priestess - Vicar Amelia
  • III - The Empress - Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods
  • IV - The Emperor - Martyr Logarius
  • V - The Hierophant - Laurence, the First Vicar
  • VI - The Lovers - Father Gascoigne & Viola
  • VII - The Chariot - Cainhurst Carriage
  • VIII - Strength - Eileen the Crow
  • IX - The Hermit - Provost Willem
  • X - The Wheel of Fortune - Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower

  < Part 1 | Part 2 >

I don’t know what holiday your country celebrates today, but we come together for the good ol St Micolash running up to your house, howling and then stuffing your stockings full of unbearable eldritch truths 

Micolash is the anglicised version of the slavic name for st Nicholas and it cracks me up

Alternate anime titles:

Assassination Classroom: Day Of The Tentacle (Alternate: That girl was a guy all along?!)


Super Lovers: What if my brother consents tho?

Love Stage: How to come to terms that you’re gay. (Alternate: THAT GIRL WAS A GUY ALL ALONG?!)

Noragami: Wow what a useless god


Ouran High School Host Club: THAT GUY WAS A GIRL ALL ALONG?! (Ft. Gay twins and a shota)

i don’t have time for people whose response to other fans criticizing the content they’re watching is “go watch another show”

especially when fans are rightly commenting on the quality of the writing, animation, pacing, and execution of a show. no show is exempt for criticism, not even if it’s your favorite


“I’ve got a new business…”

David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the “I’ve got a new business…” game on the set of Nan’s Christmas Carol.

A simple candle spell for those whom wish to invite friendly spirits into their home’s this Halloween/Samhain.

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  • Black Candle (For banishing negative spirits )
  • Frankincense Oil (Let higher realm/angelic energy come through)
  • Myrrh Oil (Protection)
  • Lavender Oil (Love and peace)

“I welcome spirits on this darkened night, to fill this home with thy voice and sight.”

Add a drop of both Frankincense and Myrrh oil to the candle and rub all over/annoint (Try to avoid the wick as it might be hard to light when wet)

” Let this Frankincense & myrrh hinder malicious spirits or those with intentions blurred.”

Do the same with the lavender oil.

“Let this lavender relax, make tranquil and bring spirits a sense of calm.”

Finally light the candle.

“Then let you be on your way by the crack of dawn or when the flame of this candle is put out and gone.”

Burn the candle all night or as long as you wish for the spirits to be at your home. Be a good host, be polite, have offerings of red wine or candy for those that may come.

starlumen  asked:

What's Kazoo Fresh traits ? Because I wanted to know about your Kazoo Fresh, since his also a parasite like Fresh Sans, are they almost alike or different traits as a host to their victim?

Each parasite has a different trait that makes them unique – and their traits are heavily built on their first host. A good example of this is if you had two kids that acted the same, but were raised by different families. You’re going to have different ideals and reactions, due to not having the same host. Everyone is different, after all.

The thing with Kazoo is that he was born a runt, and about 1/3rd the size of the other parasites. Runts are not very large – I drew up a size comparison for you so you could see!

Most runts don’t have powers of their own that overrides their host.

So the runts, not having powers of their own, are the only ones that get their host’s power.

With Kazoo, he got the power of healing.

Fresh, of course, found him more useful alive, than dead. And thus, he was the first parasite to survive, which changed the game for future parasites…

k I’m sorry, I’m just watching Ouran and I just love this part so much

it’s from the twin’s episode. 

I just love Tamaki and Kyoya having a casual little conversation where they’re both friends now and neither of them are acting at all and theY’RE JUST TALKING.

Tamaki is complaining about Kyoya not helping him out on forming the club and they just- I DON’T KNOW THIS IS A REALLY DIFFERENT MOMENT. It’s not like the other times they talk, because usually you see how they act with everyone else around.

But when it’s just them hanging out… it’s atmospherically different. It’s cool.

Tamaki: (sigh) Are you even listening to me?

Kyoya: Well. I hear you talking.

Tamaki: Hmph. -_-

If Seventeen must do a drama/anime parody, it should be Ouran HS’ Host Club


[Well, I’m doing this with visual-priority, just imagine they can act so good to be in the role that is given)

Haruhi: Seungkwan

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(c’mon 👆this is so haruhi, lowkey seungkwan but still take no shts)

Tamaki: Vernon Hansol

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(the half-Caucasian one, but of course we need to bring back his cuter and clingier side of hansol out of vernon first tho)

Kyoya: (on stage) Wonwoo

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(looks very emo, read books, good with suit and glasses, voice is as deep as pasific ocean, cold first impression but actual wifey)

Hitachiin Twins: Jihan (Jisoo-Jeonghan)

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(prettiest boys, great with any hairstyles, devious as hell, …and their “forbidden brotherly love”)

Honey: Woozi

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(…need more explanations? child of cutesy and savagery)

Mori: Mingyu

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(tol mingyu is tol, also… jigyu is happening)

Renge: Hoshi

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(imaginative, loud, melodramatic. these screams hoshi more than anyone else)

Nekozawa: i need someone with darker aura than wonwoo, (darker) DK

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(ironically, he’s actual sunshine, but yeah i need this 👆 dokyeom, about to switch his part with wonwoo but dk with glasses is too cute to be kyoya)

Kasanoda: Jun

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(instead of yakuza successor, we bring you an ip man)

Yuzuro Suoh: Seungcheol

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(in case you forgot, he is Tamaki’s dad. His character? The gif above represents him already *insert single rose*)

Yasuchika Hani & Satoshi Mori: Dino & The8

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(Younger brother of Honey & Mori with same visual clues but different aura)

The MBTI Types as Buildings

ISTJ: The Courthouse ~ organized, decisive, strong, prominent influence from past designs, detail oriented

ISFJ: The Welcoming Inn ~ caring, attentive, provides comfort and familiarity, inviting

ESTJ: The Fortress ~ strong, powerful, commanding, in tune with sensory environment, hosts power

ESFJ: The Suburban Family Home ~ welcoming of guests, good host, attentive to all needs of family members and friends 

ISTP: The Houseboat ~ experimental, adventurous, functional, aware of and works with physical environment

ISFP: The Mountain Cabin ~ solitary, peaceful, surrounded by inspiring physical environment

ESTP: The International Airport ~ bustling, full of diversity and many people, the starting place for countless adventures 

ESFP: The Expansive Mall ~ endless possibilities for sensory excitement, great for social fun, inviting

INTP: The House on Wheels ~ creative, experimental, open for endless changes and search for a perfect spot

INTJ: The Castle ~ commanding, solitary, full of endless interesting corridors, decisive

ENTP: The World Trade Center ~ a place of debate and diverse possibilities, many varying people, and a big picture, global view

ENTJ: The Skyscraper ~ high reaching, central in bustling and thriving cities, pushes limits of building technology

INFP: The Extensive Library ~ holds intricate maze of knowledge and imagination, many cozy and unique areas, endless exploration

INFJ: The Old Mansion ~ mysterious and hard to see behind gates, caring and protective of few residents, deep concern for quality, creative grounds

ENFP: The Expansive Museum ~ wide variety, invites discovery and thought, offers glimpses into many different times and cultures

ENFJ: The University Building ~ brings people together, inspires, teaches, pushes conventional limits, creative environment