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Confessions of a food service employee

Ok, I’ve been meaning to say these thing for a while now, and I finally have time to do so. I am only a hostess at a bar/restaurant, but let me tell you, it’s really fucking hard and tiring to deal with countless rude and obnoxious people almost every day. So let me give you some tips as to how to treat us workers like real people instead of robots and slaves.

•Our restaurant has multiple entrances, but we have one host stand up at the front. If you seat yourself without telling one of the hosts, we don’t know which server has been sat or not. If you didn’t know, that’s perfectly ok, just come up to the front and we will seat you. Don’t be rude to us if we ask you to move tho, we are just following rules.

•Please do not ask to sit at a specific seating section. You are here to eat food, not to sightsee. We also have to be fair to all of our servers and make sure they all have the same chance to make money. If we sit multiple tables with the same server, they will be overwhelmed and your service will not be good. Please let us sit you where we need you.

•If you have bigger parties, you might not be seated right away. We only have a limited number of 8 top tables and one 12 top table. If you cannot be seated immediately, do not ask us to move chairs or tables together. It is a fire hazard and we are not allowed to do so. Just wait patiently.

•Please tip your servers well. Seriously, they don’t make a whole lot hourly and the only real money they make is the tips they receive. They’re all very tired and are forced to put on a smile everyday for very ungrateful and grumpy customers. They’ve been running around all day in a hot restaurant and kitchen to make sure you’re happy, please treat them with respect.

•If there is a wait, we cannot make people leave their seats for you, nor do we control where your name is on the list. Yelling at the hosts will not make you be seated any faster. If anything, it will have you kicked out.

•If it’s a hot day, we understand if you want to come inside to cool down. But you aren’t gonna be the only one with that idea. The more people inside of the restaurant, the hotter it’s gonna be. Please don’t just sit at a table to cool off, you will have to stand in a designated area. Tables are for people who want to order food. And please don’t give us a hard time for it either, again, we are just doing what we’re told.

•Please drink responsibly. I know this one should be obvious, but some people can’t handle their alcohol. People become belligerent and obnoxious, and sometimes even violent. No one wants to deal with a drunk.

•Lastly, and maybe most important, please do not act like you are God’s gift to this earth! Your business is very important to us, but so is everyone else’s. You aren’t the end all, be all when it comes to a restaurant. We have to take care of everybody who walks in, not just you. Please be respectful and patient when you eat out, it just makes life easier.

If anybody else had anything to add, please do so. This is all I can think to say for now. But please, be a decent human being to people in the restaurant industry, it’s a medial and frustrating job and most people working only have this job. They need the money badly and will put up with almost anything to make it. Everyone would just be happier if we gave workers in the food industry the respect they deserve. This has been a PSA. Thank you.

Imagine 1: Sidney Crosby  Stood Up

Shit! Shit! Shit!
Sid was running late for his date with the love of his life.  He felt like shit.  He wasn’t winning games.  Things always got tense with his girlfriend towards the end of the season.  He had insisted on the date because he had forced her to go to a couple of things alone, even though he said he’d be there.  He hated feeling guilty.
35 minutes.  He was 35 fucking minutes late for their date.
He pulled into her favorite restaurant.  
“Mr. Crosby, you must be here for your order.”
“Order?” he asked.
“Your date left about ten minutes ago.  She paid for your food.”
“My food?”
The hostess rattled off his favorites.  She even included his favorite maple glazed angel food cake.
“There’s a note.”
Sid - Go home.  Watch some hockey and relax.  Be safe tomorrow. — Love you.
She followed it with her loopy initial.  It was the way she would sign little notes  she’d leave him when she had to be to the office really early and he’d wake up to find her gone or when he’d leave her in his house, asking her to lock up, when he had practice or a meeting early.  She always left a little note.  
He went home.
I am so, so sorry.  You are too good for me. He texted her as he sat down to eat the food.  He keyed up some hockey to watch of the teams that the team would need to beat to make the playoffs.
U owe me. :(
Name it.
Nova Scotia, this summer?
she responded.  She had asked to go to his house in Nova Scotia every year.  He never let her, knowing he could easily find himself so wrapped up in her, he might slack off on his off season work out to bulk up for the upcoming season.
Haha. You would be a distraction.  Off season is to get ready for the upcoming season.

You going to have extra time this summer? Maybe I could stop down here for a visit half way through, like two or three days before the kids camp.

She was a workaholic like him.  It didn’t surprise him she had the extra time, but she always went places with the college buddies.
What about your crew? he responded, using her word for her close knit group of friends.
Are you not doing anything with them?
I just don’t want to feel guilty when I can’t spend every minute with you because I have to train.

Sid felt his frustration bubbling up.  He called her.  She answered on the second ring.
“Hi,” she sighed, her frustration evident.
“Hi. I just…you know my life is hockey.  My team needs me to focus.  As much as I get paid, I have to be focused on hockey 365,” he said.
“Sid, it’s fine.  I get it.  I knew you were hockey going in.  I am not mad,” she sighed.
Sid listened to her waited for the more that was coming because every girl had a but that trailed that sentence.  After a long silence, Sidney couldn’t handle it any more.
“And?” he asked, angry he wasn’t focused on the hockey play he was supposed to be going over.
“You are the one that decided on the date.  You planned it.  You made the reservations, and, for someone who is supposedly so courteous, you stood me up.  Any woman would be disappointed and upset if they were stood up.  Rightly so.”
“I went to the restaurant.”
“I left after 25 minutes of waiting on you.  Sidney, you stood me up.”
“Listen, my life is hockey.  If you can’t handle that, then I can’t be with you,” he said, silently blaming her for the distraction on the ice, though knowing deep down it wasn’t fair to her.
“Sid, if you don’t want me to be your girlfriend, then tell me.  Right now, it feels like you want me to leave you.  I feel like I was understanding and made sure you got food, and you are trying to pick a fight.”  She sighed.  This one sounded tired, weary.  
“Don’t be ridiculous.  I don’t want to fight with you.”  His mind flew.  She didn’t have a point.  She couldn’t.  Hockey was his life, and she was the distraction.  She was silent for a moment, before cutting through the silence.
“Ridiculous?  No, ridiculous is my boyfriend still lets everyone think he is single.  Ridiculous is every other great hockey player out there makes time for their girlfriends.”
“Great but not the best.  I have to be the best,” he interrupted, his anger spiking, “they are paying me to be the best.”
“They are paying you to play hockey.  There are several players out there, who make more than you, who somehow find time for their girlfriends. You know nearly every player in the league trains in the summer while spending time with their girlfriends, right?  It’s been 3 years, Sidney.  We haven’t spent one entire summer together in the 3 years we have dated.”
“Yeah, and you have been a distraction from the beginning.”  The second it was out of his mouth, he wanted to call it back.
“I’m sorry.  I don’t want to be a distraction.  I love you, Sidney.  I know that hockey is first for you.  I get it.  As I said, I’m not mad about hockey being your life, Sid.  I am justifiably upset, because you stood me up.”
“So, where does that leave us?” he asked, frustration pouring through him.
“Look, I love you,” she said.
“I love you, too,” he responded, easily.  
“And, I get that you don’t have a lot of time to spend with me right now.  When you can spend time with me, come over, or you can invite me to your place.  You just can’t make plans with me, and then just blow them off.  I could have gone out with my friends.  I could have caught some extra time at the office.  It wasn’t fair to me.”
“It’s not fair to me to ask if you could go to Nova Scotia with me.”
“Are you my boyfriend?” she asked.
“Yes, of course.”  He bit back the rest of the retort.  He had a feeling it wouldn’t end well if he called her question ridiculous again.
“Then I think that it is common courtesy to ask my boyfriend if he wants me with him during my time off this summer or not.  I am trying to be considerate.  It would be a shitty thing for me to make plans with my friends just to bail on them because you decided you want me in Nova Scotia with you.  I would have preferred to spend the summer with you, but since you don’t want me there, I’ll go on the cruise with them.”
Sid had to silently wonder if she considered him inconsiderate for not asking her before making his plans this summer.
“You’re right.  I’m sorry.  So we are still together, right?” he responded.
“Yes.  You just have to stop trying to make it me vs hockey.  If you are going to keep doing that, you need to end things right now.  You can’t keep trying to push me away because you say I am a distraction, especially since I never get mad if you play the hockey card to not spend time with me.  If there is never going to be a day, when you can’t play hockey anymore, where you can make us your life, then I want you to end it now.  Otherwise, for now, I’m content to wait.  So you tell me, are we together?”
“Yes.  I want us to be together, but what happens if you become no longer okay with waiting while I am still playing?”
“Then we break up, but we won’t know if we can make it through the wait if we don’t try.  What’s that Gretzky quote?  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  I think you are worth taking the shot.  If you don’t think I am, keep making it me vs hockey.  Because if you do keep pitting me against hockey, we won’t have a snowballs chance in hell.”
“Funny, smart and you quote hockey players.  You really are the perfect girl for me.”
“Well, your perfect girl has had a long day.  She is going to take long, hot bubble bath, and catch some sleep.  I have to go into the office early tomorrow to do the work that I could have been doing while I was on our date.”  Sidney winced at the reminder that he had stood her up.
“Okay, night babe.”
“I really do love you,” he said.
“I love you too.”

Just a kiss goodnight-A Hiddleswift Fanfiction-Oneshot

A/N: Per @swiddlesticks prompt.

She stood at the table that she had arranged and rearranged. She lit candles, then panicked and blew them out and returned them to their place in her sideboard.

What is wrong with you? He is just another person. He puts on his pants..

She gave a little shake of her head and decided pants were the wrong direction to think of. She could do this. She strived to be a good if not excellent party hostess. The food was in the oven to keep warm and soft music played in the background.

She marched to the mirror in hall, looked at her lipstick and outfit. She hoped it conveyed that she tried but not too hard.

Her heart hammered as the doorbell rang. She took a calming breath and opened the door.

He smiled brightly and she almost compulsively smiled back. She couldn’t have stopped herself if she tried.



They stood looking at each other.

“Can I come in?”

“Sorry..come in.”

You are not twelve. Get yourself together.

“Is that wine?”

“Yes, white? Is that okay?”

“Sounds wonderful. Let me find my ice bucket.”

He followed her into the kitchen and she went through her cabinets.

“Of course, it’s on the top shelf.”

She started to stand on tip toe to reach it.

“Allow me.”

They were chest to chest as he turned to slide the silver bucket out. He brought it down and they stood face to face. Barely enough space between them to breathe. He held her in his gaze and she started to feel a little dizzy.

This was not how this night was supposed to go. She had invited him over to get to know him better. They had continued a friendship post Met Gala. And she wanted to pursue that friendship. He had intimated that he would not mind more but since she was a newly single woman the decision was hers. She was not working and she had time to nurture new friendship and really there was no reason not to. It’s just that being alone with him made it very difficult to think logical, well reasoned thoughts.

Her mind kept racing back to being spun in and out on a dance floor. Laughing until her sides ached. And being truly listened to when she talked.

“I should get the food out the oven.”

“I’ll chill the wine.”

“Oh, God. You’re helpful in the kitchen too? Who are you?”

“A fault filled man who knows it’s a sin to waste good wine.”

“I find that highly questionable but I will agree about the wine.”

She set the plates of food and filled the water glasses for them to drink while the wine chilled. They spoke of their childhoods, career beginnings and future plans. The second glass of wine loosened her inhibitions.

“You are irritating.”

“You’ve mentioned that.”

“Don’t interrupt. Irritatingly handsome, irritatingly polite, and irritatingly good at everything. I need to find a fault. Help me do it.”

“Why would I do that?”

“So, I know you are human.”

“I have a problem with coveting sometimes.”

“Coveting? As in wanting something you can’t have.”

He reached for her hand.

“Or someone. Just last month. It has been horrible.” He kissed her knuckles lightly.

“Ok, then, I’ll put these dishes away.”

She wobbled slightly and grabbed both of their plates to put in the sink. She braced her hands on the sink and breathed in and out several times.

“May I help?”

She whirled around and they were once again face to face. He pulled her face to his and their lips connected with a feverish intensity. She had often heard people talking about having butterflies in their stomach. She felt butterflies and what could only be described as hummingbirds swooping around. She broke away.

“I have been wanting to do that for five weeks. It was most satisfying. You look very beautiful bright pink.”

She tried to stammer out a few syllables but kept having to start again. She was finally able to say. “I think I should say good night.”

“As you wish.”

She walked him to the door.

“Thank you for a lovely evening. I hope I haven’t offended you.”

“Not at all. I think…I think you should come back tomorrow night.”

She grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled him towards her and kissed him fervently. The wine still lingering on their breath. She pulled back and gently pushed him out the open door. All the emotions he had just stirred in her would have to be discussed another night.


“Goodnight.” She could see his infuriating smirk as she closed the door.