hostel of the mountain

I’m seriously considering going to Ireland (Dublin) for five days next month. I’m having a hard time deciding. 

On the one hand: ADVENTURE! I’ve never taken a vacation by myself and the idea is really exciting. I could hike through the Wicklow Mountains and stay at hostels and drink Guinness and take beautiful photographs and generally have an awesome time. I’m really really good at planning vacation itineraries and my love for doing this means I already know things like which city buses to take to get to where I want to go and oh man do I ever love Ireland. This might be just the thing I need right now.

On the other: FEAR! I’ve never taken a vacation by myself and the idea is really terrifying. I could get lost or mugged or whatever. I could be absolutely miserable the entire time I’m there alone. I would miss my loved ones terribly, this I know from experience. This might be the last thing I need right now.


Exactly one week from today our little tribe is headed off from by beloved Northwest to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina to be caretakers of the Hostel on the Mountain (pictured above) for six months. The family circus includes, but is not limited to, LadyDarling, Brooklyn Bumblespree, Atlas, Fable and myself. Our route is Portland, Mount Shasta, Cape Perpetua, the Redwoods, a mustang ranch outside of Albuquerque and East on I-40 all the way to the Hostel in the Forest, Savannah, Atlanta and finally Hot Springs, NC. If you are along or anywhere between these routes and care to hop aboard and show us some superb local secret spots or participate in a day of frolicking adventures, do send a message. Much love and appreciation for you all