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In celebration of Halloween, I’ve compiled a list of horror films from several different sub-genres along with links to their respective IMDB pages. Please note that the films listed below may contain scenes that some find triggering, disturbing, or upsetting; if you have any concerns over a film’s content, I highly encourage you to research it prior to watching in order to make as informed a choice as possible. 

PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR: films that inspire fear and tension by creating an unsettling atmosphere.

FEMALE-CENTRIC FILMS: horror movies featuring women in starring roles outside of the “final girl” trope.

GRAPHIC HORROR: films containing depictions of extreme acts, like heavy violence, body horror, and gore. Not recommended for those offended or disturbed by explicit, potentially-upsetting media.

HORROR ANTHOLOGIES: also known as “portmanteau films”, these movies contain multiple short segments that are sometimes connected by a main plot.

THRILLERS: scary stories with a suspenseful plot.

MOVIE MONSTERS: horror films starring a variety of creatures, from vampires and werewolves to Lovecraft monsters and evil clowns.

HORROR CLASSICS: definitive movies from the pre-1970’s horror era.

SUPERNATURAL HORROR: all things paranormal, ghosts and ghouls.

OCCULT AND POSSESSION: movies with rituals, demons, and possessed souls.

ZOMBIES: a category encompassing everything from Romero’s undead to the living infected.

FOUND FOOTAGE: movies comprised of camera footage filmed by hapless characters.


Top Five Torture Films

Disclaimer: There is disturbing images within this post.

Hey Everyone!

Today’s review is a bit graphic; This will mark down the Top Five Torture films

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I know Khloe.. I can’t either… It’ll go quick.  

Top Five Torture Films

5.) Would You Rather (2012)

What would you do for money?!

Would you harm others, or torture yourself for a large lump sum?!
That is the plot of this film, but sadly once you join the game you can’t leave. Unless it’s in a body bag. :/ 

If you’re interested in reading my movie review of this film, you can check it out HERE

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Taking a razor blade to the eyeball… BIG NOPE!!! 

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4.) Tusk (2014)

Wallace is a podcast host that is attempting to find the most interesting bizarre character while in Canada. 

While there he finds an ad where an older man requests for someone to visit him and listen to his interesting stories. Intrigued, Wallace contacts this mysterious man who is a retired seaman that has a disturbing obsession over a walrus. 

Needless to say.. Wallace is forced to become this man’s new BFF. 

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OOOH and he makes Wallace into a WALRUS!.. 

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#yourethebestfriendieverhad #nope

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3.) Audition (2001)

This Japanese film is about a man (Aoyama) who meets a woman (Asami) from a faux casting in hopes of meeting his next wife.

After a couple of dates, and Aoyama being warned about Asami. We find out that Asami has a few A LOT of issues. 

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Lets just say.. it gets really graphic, and disturbing.. EECK! 

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Positive Note: She has manners!?

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2.) Hostel (2005)

This is the Ultimate nightmare for any European Backpacker. 

Staying at a a Eastern European Hostel, only to be drugged/kidnapped to be torture subjects at the discretion of a wealthy members of the Elite Hunting Club. 

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1.) SAW (Any of them!)


Jigsaw loves to torture his game participants by placing them in a life or death scenario that will in a demented way make them appreciate their life more if they are able to do the unthinkable task to stay alive. 

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NIGHTMARES!!!! ARGH! I could never watch that scene… 

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Did any of these films make your list of Top Five Torture Films?!

Thanks for reading!!

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