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Kaltenecker Headcanons

Cause I’m bored and just saw the word “cow” and started thinking about the best space cow. 

- They make her her own little stable area in one of the unused hallways and fill it with the space equivalent of hay and straw and spend days figuring out what the hell the man at the space mall had been feeding her in space

- Kaltenecker really likes Coran’s cooking. They figure this out after an incident involving hooves, Pidge’s glasses, and several attempts at Hunk trying to show Coran how to make spaghetti

- Coran’s just happy someone likes his cooking tbh 

- Everything Kaltenecker does Lance refers to as “space ____” (he probs does this with everything tbh)

- *Kaltenecker moos* “Wow, our space cow just space mooed!” “Lance oh my god” 

- Hunk casually mentions wanting a hamburger one day while they’re cleaning out Kaltenecker’s stall, not really even meaning anything by it

- Pidge and Lance instantly shriek and vault on top of the cow (who doesn’t even flinch and continues chewing her grass), protesting loudly that Kaltenecker is their child 

- No one mentions anything beef related after that

- Keith surprisingly has experience milking cows (he won’t explain why; Lance has a theory that he’s secretly a cowboy) and so eventually they’re drinking milk and eating cheese and yogurt again and hot damn they all forgot how good cheese was

- *Kaltenecker gives milk* “WOW, space milk!” “LANCE”

- She is for some reason really intimidating to invaders??? 

- One time a couple of Galra managed to tie up Lance and Pidge and hold them hostage in exchange for the lions 

- And as they were slowly making their escape they just heard this fucking

- “Moooooooo”

- They turn around to find this massive black and white thing behind them and instead of killing it, like the paladins are afraid they’ll do, they turn and flee in the opposite direction 

- Lance once plastered “MISSING” posters of Kaltenecker all over the ship when he couldn’t find her

- Turns out Shiro stole her so that he could attempt to stop “freaking her out” with his robotic hand 

- She’s not actually scared of his hand, Shiro’s just paranoid

- One day Kaltenecker gets all lethargic and stops moving as much and Pidge and Lance are a fucking W R E C K because they think their cow is dying 

- They beg Coran to find out what’s wrong and he comes out of the room like an hour later with a mildly horrified look on his face and just goes “Earth birthing is so messy”


- Turns out she was just pregnant with a smol Kaltenecker and boy does everyone get a kick out of that

- Baby Kaltenecker seems to think Coran is her second mother, and she latches onto the man’s shirt tail whenever he’s nearby

- He can’t say he hates it. Her big brown eyes are adorable 

- The mice get on great with the cows. They ride them everywhere

- Allura pretends to hate having such large animals on board, but secretly she’ll sneak down to the stall at night and cuddle with the calf and feed it like she’s seen Keith do

- It’s not really a secret from anyone anymore, especially after that one day she had a piece of straw sticking from her hair for three solid hours before she noticed. 

- When they find Shiro again, Lance jokingly says that they almost put Baby Kaltenecker (affectionately dubbed “Bee”) in charge of the black lion while he was gone

- Keith, very dead faced: “She would have been better at it”


The best hostage exchange in the history of cinema

Anyways, please watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Everything Gets a Return... Daryl, Beth, Dwight & Sherry

After the finale with no Beth, I lost hope.  I was thinking too much time has gone by for it to happen.

However, this thought just came to me out of nowhere (and I am paraphrasing the dialogue so bear with me.)

First, as we all know, Daryl blames himself for Beth’s death.  He went along with Tyrese’s  peaceful Grady hostage exchange plan and ultimately lost Beth; but if he had gone with Rick’s plan to go into Grady with guns blazing, then in turn no one would have been left to shoot Beth or harm her in any way. She would have survived.

Daryl was still carrying that burden, and then he got entangled in the Dwight & Sherry storyline. The inverse parallels have been discussed between Dwight/Sherry and Daryl/Beth at length. But now Sherry is gone and Beth still hasn’t shown up.  

But I think this is where the payoff may be.

“Everything gets a return” came screaming at me because of something Dwight said last night. First, Daryl comes dangerously close to killing Dwight.  Tara is yelling for him to do it repeatedly, egging him on so to speak.  Then Dwight tells Daryl, “You’re here because of Sherry” as Sherry was the one who helped him escape from Negan.  And because of that, I think Daryl’s choice to in turn spare Dwight is going to be the “everything gets a return” moment we have been looking for.  Daryl spared Dwight’s life, because Sherry was the one to free Daryl. Because Daryl spares Dwight, Dwight is going to be there to save Beth in some way.  

Star Trek TOS: Someone fucking kidnaps Spock’s brain and Kirk has to find it.

Star Trek TNG: Beverly Crusher has ghost sex with a fucking ghost alien that also did that with HER GRANDMOTHER?

Star Trek Ds9: There’s an entire fucking episode with a bunch of useless Ferengi running around exchanging hostages and being useless and hilarious omg. Also an entire episode on baseball.

Star Trek Voyager: Janeway has to dress up as a black and white character in a game to save some fucking holographic aliens that has DECLARED WAR WITH THE GAME.

 Star Trek, reblog if you agree.

Is Cindy going to tell on herself and get a ton of time for giving Suzanne Lithium? Taystee was the spokesperson for the exchange of hostages and got nothing in the negotiations. Is Gloria going to see her son? Will Gloria and Ruiz see each other again? Whos getting furlough? Is Pornstash going to figure out Dayas baby is not his? Wheres the nigga with the pegleg? Will Caputo get any time?

Superhero AUs #3

Civilian Edition

- ‘I’m a superhero and you’re the really attractive, should-be-a-supermodel cop in charge of the Supers division and I desperately want you to like me’ AU
- ‘I’m a police officer, you’re the superhero that keeps leaving supervillains tied up on my desk as ‘presents’ and honestly I’d rather have doughnuts’ AU

- ‘I’m the best friend of a superhero, you’re the main supervillain’s wife, sometimes we cross paths on hostage exchanges and share eye rolls’ AU
- ‘So now we’re tied up in a rogue government facility while our respective supers try to rescue us, wanna go get drinks sometime and moan about all these goddam superpowered idiots thinking they’re so bloody special’ AU

- ‘I’m the barista at a local coffee shop and you just strolled in bleeding, battered and clad in your full supervillain costume, please don’t kill us… hey put that down you still have to pay y’know’ AU
- ‘I’m a supervillain who just beat the resident superhero into the floor and am internally panicking because I have no idea what to do this newfound power, you’re the barista who’s still insisting I have to pay for my espresso’ AU

- ‘I work in a DIY shop and you are so the local supervillain, put that down or so help me I will call the cops, the heroes and probably the mayor’ AU
- ‘I’m the local supervillain and I buy supplies for my creations from the shop you work in, are you actually going to hit me with that spade or can I buy these screws?’ AU

- ‘I’m the journalist on the supers beat and all of you watch too many damn superhero TV shows, the whole lot of you need to stop goddamn kidnapping me because I don’t know anyone’s secret ID, okay? Also I’m going to rate this kidnapping a poor 4.5 out of 10, at least the heroes gave me popcorn, you tightwad’ AU
- ‘I’m the editor for your newspaper and I have to remove all of your mini rants from your articles, but I keep them in a file and laugh at them when I’m having a bad day but oh lord I think you just caught me; what do you mean you left them in for my entertainment?’ AU

- ‘You’re crouched behind a car with me looking utterly terrified, you’re not from around here, are you?’ AU
- ‘What the hell is wrong with your city? There’s a supervillain throwing cars around thirty foot away, and you’re completely calm. What do you mean, ‘it’s Tuesday’? This happens every week? Dear god, how are any of you still alive?’ AU

- ‘I have an essay due and I am sick to death of these goddamn supervillains holding up the goddamn traffic with their goddamn overdramatic monologues’ AU
- ‘I was sat in my car scared stiff of the supervillain two feet away, you climbed on top of my car to lecture them about their terrible oratory skills and overuse of rhetorical questions, please can I take you out on a date you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever seen’ AU

- ‘You’ve been brooding on my rooftop for the last week, I get that it’s a great spot for looking across the city skyline but you’re shivering, please accept this hot chocolate as a sort of thanks for protecting the city’ AU
- ‘You launched a mug of hot chocolate at me and gabbled something about saving the city, now I can’t stop grinning behind my mask and you can’t stop blushing’ AU

- ‘I’m the supervillain that always discreetly calls the fire brigade before I fight the pyrokinetic superhero, you’re the fireman that always arrives on the first truck and excuse the pun but you’re smoking hot’
- ‘The whole station knows that you always call us before a fight because I recognised your voice from a recording, so we staged a mini rebellion and ‘accidentally’ turned the firehose on the hero when they were arresting you. What are you waiting for, run!’ AU

- ‘I’m the bartender at a dive bar where the city’s most prolific hero and villain often come to drink away their sorrows, as of yet they’ve not shown up on the same night but they just had an all-out, city-wide fight and I’m dreading my shift this evening’ AU
- ‘I’m a regular patron, you’re the bartender, the only two other people in here are definitely the hero and villain who were on the news all day today and they’re glaring at each other across the bar, don’t worry hun I won’t abandon you, why don’t you come to my table and- okay now they’re fighting, we’re under the table and you’re super cute, seen any good movies lately?’ AU

Sources suggest the globalists are kidnapping the bees, and will hold them hostage in exchange for a ransom of one million shekels.

 I suffer from pretty bad insomnia which is mostly a bummer. Last night, at 3am, I started coming up with Jonsa story ideas. Most are ridiculous and embarrassing. Here’s a sampling of last night’s winners (the less bad ones):

- Sansa is a US senator’s daughter and someone wants her dead. Jon is a US Marshall tasked with keeping her safe. He’s a Maverick and Shoot From the Hip type of cop, his partner Sam is very By The Book. As Sansa’s life comes into increasing danger, he’s forced to Operate Outside the Law to keep her safe.

- Jon and Sansa are opposing council in a murder trial. As the trial goes on, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that goes  to the highest levels of government. As the stakes grow higher, they give in to their growing attraction.

- Jon is a Space Pirate. Robb is a Space Cowboy. Together, they have an old spaceship called Winterfell and smuggle goods at the edges of the galaxy. That is, until the day Sansa and Margaery stow away onto their ship running from…something.

- Based upon the V miniseries from the 1980s. Sansa is a human and her family is part of the resistance. Jon is an alien and a lizard creature underneath his human skin costume. They have a star-crossed romance. Their child is The Chosen One. 

-A Scooby-Do AU. They solve mysteries and still have the van. The van comes equipped with brown shag carpet. Theon plays Shaggy. Ghost is Scooby-Do. In between solving mysteries, the van is a’rockin.

- Canon AU. Jon’s heritage is known and he marches south with Robb instead of going to the wall. His relationship with Cat is still strained. She asks him to go to KL instead of Brienne for the hostage exchange. He gets there before the PW. She does not die in the RW but is taken hostage as originally planned.

- The Oregon Trail. Jon wants to go west and start a new life. He takes a mail-bride named Sansa. The day after their wedding, they start their journey as part of a wagon train. So, an arranged marriage set in the old west around 1850 or so.

The last two aren’t awful.

Five times Jack Zimmermann slept with Justin Trudeau, apparently

Headcanon developed in the #omgchatplease IRC channel:

Zimms/Parse fandom was at its full flower in 2009, blooming and beautiful. Then Jack overdosed and completely dropped off media radar. Fans didn’t know what to do! There was a brief “IT’S OUR FAULT, HE COULDN’T TAKE THE MEDIA PRESSURE” wankstorm and most fans dropped out and faded away, or followed Parse into NHL RPF.

But oh, the holdouts.

Jack only got into the media once in his year away, when he attended a charity fundraiser his parents were very involved in and stood next to Justin Trudeau for five minutes. A photographer from the social page in Macleans came by and they smiled and posed for a picture, which was of course published.


AUs the fandom has known:

  • The arranged political marriage AU
  • The drunken hookup in a Montreal gay bar AU that ends up with curtainy babyfic
  • The 400k Very Srs Epic where Jack becomes Canada’s leading political spouse and you can tell the author, although not Canadian, did a LOT of research. When Trudeau is actually elected she comes back to fandom for the first time since her baby was born just to flail and cry over everyone.
  • The Arthurianesque fantasy inspired-by-Merlin AU where Justin is the kingdom of Ottawa’s crown prince and Jack is his magical advisor and one true love
  • The dystopian AU where the USA has invaded Canada and Justin is the leader of the Resistance and Jack is his brilliant military strategist who goes out and dares much and is desperately in love with his leader who has to stay behind and pray Jack comes back safely, but also there’s this heartbreaking part where Jack has engineered a sabotage where his guys pretend to get captured and smuggle super secret bombs into the American stronghold, but the American base commander proposes an exchange of hostages Jack willingly agrees to to get his guys back before they blow the place and it’s happy because you thought it was gonna be a suicide mission, except at the exchange they realize the American base commander is KENT PARSON and Jack can’t, he just can’t, even if it means his country is forever doomed, but he HAS TO and he DOES and Bitty started reading it as a joke but he can’t put his phone down and it’s 3am and he’s crying so hard and he will never tell Jack about this, never.

In Old Norse the Aesir are the principle gods of the Norse Pantheon. These Norse gods are understood to dwell in Asgard. There are 22 Aesir:

  • Baldr - god of innocence and beauty
  • Bragi - the bard
  • Forseti - god of justice
  • Frigg - chief goddess
  • Heimdallr - the watchman and guardian
  • Hermóor - a messenger for Odin
  • Hoor - blind god of darkness and winter
  • Idun - goddess of youth, fertility and death
  • Loki - the trickster, foster-brother of Odin
  • Meili - the mile-stepper
  • Mímir - the god of knowledge
  • Nanna - wife of Baldr
  • Odin - chief god, of wisdom and war
  • Sif - gold-haired wife of Thor
  • Thor - god of thunder and battle
  • Tyr - one-handed, self-sacrificing god of law and justice
  • Ullr - the hunter, tracker, and archer
  • Váli - the avenger
  • - brother of Odin, who gave men speech
  • Vidar - god of silence, stealth, and revenge
  • Vili - brother of Odin, who gave men feeling and thought

As Norse deities the Aesir belonged the a complex religious, mythological and cosmological belief system shared belief shared by the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples.

Within this framework, Norse cosmology postulates three separate “clans” of deities: the Aesir, the Vanir, and the Jotun. The distinction between the Aesir and Vanir is relative, for the two are said to have made peace, exchanged hostages, intermarried and reigned together after a prolonged war. In fact, the most significant divergence between the two groups is in their respective areas of influence, with the Aesir representing war and conquest, and the Vanir representing exploration, fertility and wealth. The Jotun, on the other hand, are seen as a generally malefic (though wise) race of giants who represented the primary adversaries of the Aesir and Vanir. the Aesir, though immortal, were somewhat more “perishable” that their Indo-European brethren. Not only was their eternal youth maintained artificially (through the consumption of Idun’s golden apples), they could also be slaim (for instance, many were preordained to perish at the cataclysmic battle of Ragnorok).

The multifarious forms of interaction between the Aesir and the Vanir present an oft-addressed conundrum for scholars of myth and religion. Unlike other polytheistic cultures, where families of gods were typically understood as “elder” or “younger” (as with the Titans and the Olympians of ancient Greece), the Aesir and Vanir were portrayed as contemporary. As described above, the two clans fought battles, concluded treaties, and exchanged hostages. given the difference between their roles/emphases, some scholars speculated that the interactions between the Aesir and the Vanir reflect the types of interaction that were occurring between social classes (or clans) within Norse society at the time. According to another theory, the Vanir (and the fertility cult associated with them) may be more archaic than that of the more warlike Aesir, such that the mythical war may mirror a half-remembered religious conflict.

h e   l e t   t h e   c a g e d   b i r d   s i n g   i n   h i s   l a n d

Mini story time! So while I was signing up for the Darling Pan Secret Santa, my first thought (and I do not kid) was “wow, what if I was assigned someone super talented or artistic, like bombxbomb? I’d go crazy trying to impress them” and I dismissed the thought because hey, what are the odds, right? Well guess what! Haha so basically I freaked out and I wanted to do something crazy big (3D sculpting for a modern AU to be precise) and then I realized I suck at it so I’m super sorry but this is plan B which means I didn’t clean it up/color it appropriately! I still hope you can enjoy it anyway - as you can probably see, I went from the modern AU to the crime syndicate one ‘cause I had a new idea (which I thought was cooler) during the process. I’m no writer, but I did want to complement this with something (because you’re rEALLY COOL), so enjoy the various puns I made under the cut and the sketchy picture that accompanies it! :P

I ramble a lot, but the bottom line is, Merry Christmas, bombxbomb! Hope your holiday is as amazing as you are! (This is for the Darling Pan fanworks exchange, for those of you who don’t know!)

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Right in Front of Me #2

Summary: Bucky comes home from the war, but he’s not the same.
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 1,136
Warnings: Language, angst, & fluff.
Author’s Note: This story is completely AU.

Chapter 1 

Originally posted by marymetzger

Before you knew it, thousands of letters and emails had been exchanged, hundreds of staticky phone and glitchy Skype calls had been placed, and four years passed. Those forms of communication weren’t ideal, but given the situation you were in, you’d take what you could get. Any time you could see his face or hear his voice made your heart skip a beat and your breath hitch in the back of your throat. You couldn’t wait until the day he came home. And then, six months ago, he stopped writing and calling.

One month later, Steve began calling and writing, trying to distract you from the fact that Bucky wasn’t there. It didn’t matter how many times you begged and pleaded, Steve wouldn’t… couldn’t tell you what was happening over there. What you did know was that the war was catastrophic, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women. Knowing all of that made your mind race a million miles a minute, coming up with scenarios that made you sick to your stomach and gave you nightmares.

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anonymous asked:

Maybe you already adressed this, and if so I'm sorry for asking again, also I know this goes against the Rose shattered PD but I wanted to know what do you think of the theory of the mural on the piramid is Rose holding PD in front of WD with humans on her side and gems on WD side and that she was holding her hostage in exchange of the freedom of the earth but WD decided to sacrifice PD so Rose didn't have any leverage

I think that there is still more than enough evidence for us to continue to believe that Rose planned to kill Pink Diamond, just as we were told she did. This scenario just goes against everything that we know about the incident.

House Tarbecks, once Lords of Tarbeck Hall, once sworn to Lannister

House Tarbeck of Tarbeck Hall was a noble house from Tarbeck Hall in the westerlands. Their sigil is a seven-pointed star, parts silver parts blue, on silver and blue field. 

By the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen, House Tarbeck was an old but impoverished line who had been in a slow decline for centuries. However when Lord Walderan Tarbeck married the widowed Ellyn Reyne, house Tarbeck and House Reyne became close allies, and with Ellyn’s connections to Casterly Rock, the Tarbecks used funds to rebuild crumbling Tarbeck Hall and Walderan increased the number of household knights under his command from twenty to five hundred. Together with House Reyne, the Tarbecks became the most powerful vassals of the Lannisters, but they were also defiant and disorderly. 

When the sons of Tytos (the current lord of Casterly Rock) came back from the War of the Ninepenny Kings, Ser Tywin began demanding repayment for all the gold that had been lent to house Tarbeck. And Lord Walderan was imprisoned by Tywin at Casterly Rock until the debt had been repaid. In retaliation, his wife, Ellyn imprisoned two Lannisters of Lannisport, as well as Stafford Lannister, whose sister Joanna was betrothed to Tywin. Tywin counseled his father that Lord Walderan should be returned to his wife in three pieces, but Lord Tytos agreed to the exchange of hostages and forgave the Tarbeck debt to House Lannister, which Tywin considered weak.  Sometime later an angry Ser Tywin Lannister was determined to defeat the disloyal vassals of House Lannister, and he sent ravens to Tarbeck Hall and Castamere demanding answers for their crimes at Casterly Rock. As Tywin expected, Lord Roger and Ser Reynard Reyne, as well Lord Walderan and Lady Ellyn Tarbeck, rose in rebellion.

The Lannisters quickly marched on Tarbeck Hall, Lord Walderan Tarbeck responded with only his household knights. A short bloody battle ensued in which the Tarbecks were butchered and Tarbeck Hall was surrounded and destroyed, with Ellyn Tarbeck still inside. By the end of the campaign the rebellious Houses Reyne and Tarbeck were obliterated and Castamere and Tarbeck Hall were put to the torch by Ser Tywin Lannister. Now Lord of Casterly Rock, Tywin has let the ruined, blackened, and crumbling castles stand empty to this day as a reminder to those who dare scorn the power of the Rock

I’ve been thinking about the Northern campaign in books/seasons 2/3, and I keep coming around to a failure in cognitive empathy. I don’t mean ill will or a lack of compassion; I don’t think that they’re the real villains or anything. I do think that Robb and Catelyn are often either unwilling or unable to exercise cognitive empathy and really wrap their minds around the fact that other people’s knowledge and interests may not be the same as theirs. 

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kdmullerspy  asked:

Are the Aesir related to the Vanir? Also, is Loki a demigod of a Frost Giant?

Hi there @kdmullerspy

Thanks for the question! The Aesir and Vanir have different origins, but intermarriage between the two groups is exceptionally common. Most of the Aesir have at least one parent who is Vanir or Jotunn (giant). (Some scholars don’t differentiate between Vanir and Jotunn at all, actually.) One of the classic ways of interpreting their relationship is as two different tribes who have an ongoing relationship through marriage, hostage exchange and other forms of artificial kinship. This model is a little old, though, and more recently scholars have been exploring other ways of understanding this relationship.
Another common way to understand their relationship is that the Aesir are the gods who rule over human constructs and society, where as the Vanir and Jotnar rule over nature. There are multiple models to choose from, but ultimately it’s important to know that if we’re counting by blood and family lines, the distinctions between Aesir, Vanir and Jotunn are all pretty muddy.

In regard to your second question, demigod isn’t really a concept that applies in Norse mythology. The concept itself has Greek roots (I think, don’t quote me on that) and it’s just not a useful way of understanding the gods and spirits in the Nordic pantheon. Loki is Jotunn, which is commonly translated as “giant” with distinctions between “rock,” “fire,” and “ice/frost” giants in various translations. In spite of being translated as “giant” there isn’t really any consistent reason to do this. Jotnar are often sorcerers and shapeshifters who can change their size to whatever they like. Some are large, but most of the ones who appear in the two Eddas are not any different from the other gods in terms of size. However, as I noted above, most gods have at least one parent who is Jotunn or sometimes Vanir, and there’s not a clear divide between the gods and the other supernatural beings like the jotnar.

I hope this helps!

- Editor.