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Loki Falling in Love With You

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  • You Weren’t Asgardian
  • The king and queen of Vanahiem were your parents so you were born, and raised on Vanir for the first few years of your life—until you were around ten years old.

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Descendants 2 Re-watch


-Music, still on point
-Lonnie still a badass and my hero (probably ace too, which makes me love her even more)
-Mal and Carlos, you poor babies, struggling to either fit in or confess to the girl
-Ok, but Harry Hook, tho, is a definite hug sub and Uma is his dom and no one can ever convince me otherwise (also, Harry is pansexual as fuck)
-Ben and Mal, still such cuties, buy that’s too much pressure on my babies, they’re literally only kids😭 and they’re both trying so hard
-Also, is it just me or does Mal look skinnier? Cause I know it’s probably just Dove loosing weight or something but that Mal, who should be eating better now that she has proper food in Auradon, is skinnier than when she was in the Isle says a lot about how stressed she’s been
-also, why are the special effects still so bad? You could’ve splurged a bit, Disney
-Ben calling loosing his temper going “beast on her” though
-Thomas Doherty definitely studied cptn jack sparrow because that hip sway and walk is unmistakable…
-Ben, you’re too nice, baby, just channel your inner beast, although I’m honestly impressed with how easily and how fast he stole their stuff
-Gil, my precious idiot
-“please come home” aww Ben, sweet baby
-“I love you, don’t you love me?” 😭😭
-ok, you three are terrible babysitters
-“I’m so flattered you dream of me, I haven’t given you a thought since I left” dang, burn girl, also, is everyone into Mal, cause it kinda seems so
-ok, but Evie and Mal being like, we need to talk about this hair even in the middle of the crisis is terrible cliched and sexist
-Evie and Dizzy are so precious
-Dude, no!
-Chad, wtf?!
-that Malvie song, so gayyyy!!! Love it!!
-Doug, sweetheart, no…
-Lonnie, yes!!!
-Harry, you so gayyyy
-Ben, you too diplomatic, such a king all the time
-Uma, do not curse my baby Ben with that necklace of yours!!!
-the girls when they see Lonnie be like, oh thank the Lord someone reasonable and badass came
-Mal and Uma are so extra tho, rap battling it out in a hostage exchange situation…
-ok but test the wand inside the barrier…. isn’t not supposed to work there? Or is it that because the wand made the barrier the barrier cannot stop it? Or is the barrier still weekend from the first movie… so many questions…
-badass fight scene, finally
-Evie, Lonnie, and Mal, literal Queens!!!😍
-Harry going after the hook, tho 😂
-and they leave the spell book behind, well that won’t bite them in the ass later
-ok, but seriously, Ben is too nice and I’m sure already cursed by this point, although I’m not sure how that worked given the barrier but.. (tots agree with a post I saw earlier talking about this)
-VK AA meetings
-I love the VKs friendship, also especially the fact that we can see Mal’s and Jay’s from the books
-Dude, truly man’s best friend
-Doug, sweetheart no!
-Janelos are so cute, you dorks!
-subterfuge thy name is Jay
-I love the fact that Belle and Adam are nice to Mal now, like about time bro
-those pants and that jacket? a huge fashion no-no, Ben, how did Evie even let you wear that?
-nobody puts baby in the corner, Uma!
-are they seriously dancing to kiss the girl?
-Belle and Beast looking so heartbroken and Adam even defending Mal and going against his own son to do so
-Fairy Godmother being like, I ain’t doing that bitch, Hell no, you ain’t the boss of me
-“I didn’t tell you I loved you because I thought I wasn’t good enough” my poor baby 😭
-true love’s kiss 😍
-Baby’s a dragon!!! 🙌
-I legit thought Ben was going to turn into a Beast the first time I saw this
-Ben you self righteous idiot, I love you
-her dress is the one on the stained glass, like to the smallest detail, the hair is different though
-Belle and Beast commentary in the bg during the second kiss
-yeah, Evie, just like I’ve been saying bring the kids to Auradon, they deserve a chance, all of them
-how come every girl has dress that can be made shorter? Like, can I get one of those?
-also, still can’t get over Belle’s and Adam’s parent dancing and Ben shaking his wet hair like a dog at them 😂
-I can die happy now

PS. Still sticking by my initial brief summary…. everyone is gay and collectively dating in this sequel, like I swear

In Old Norse the Aesir are the principle gods of the Norse Pantheon. These Norse gods are understood to dwell in Asgard. There are 22 Aesir:

  • Baldr - god of innocence and beauty
  • Bragi - the bard
  • Forseti - god of justice
  • Frigg - chief goddess
  • Heimdallr - the watchman and guardian
  • Hermóor - a messenger for Odin
  • Hoor - blind god of darkness and winter
  • Idun - goddess of youth, fertility and death
  • Loki - the trickster, foster-brother of Odin
  • Meili - the mile-stepper
  • Mímir - the god of knowledge
  • Nanna - wife of Baldr
  • Odin - chief god, of wisdom and war
  • Sif - gold-haired wife of Thor
  • Thor - god of thunder and battle
  • Tyr - one-handed, self-sacrificing god of law and justice
  • Ullr - the hunter, tracker, and archer
  • Váli - the avenger
  • - brother of Odin, who gave men speech
  • Vidar - god of silence, stealth, and revenge
  • Vili - brother of Odin, who gave men feeling and thought

As Norse deities the Aesir belonged the a complex religious, mythological and cosmological belief system shared belief shared by the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples.

Within this framework, Norse cosmology postulates three separate “clans” of deities: the Aesir, the Vanir, and the Jotun. The distinction between the Aesir and Vanir is relative, for the two are said to have made peace, exchanged hostages, intermarried and reigned together after a prolonged war. In fact, the most significant divergence between the two groups is in their respective areas of influence, with the Aesir representing war and conquest, and the Vanir representing exploration, fertility and wealth. The Jotun, on the other hand, are seen as a generally malefic (though wise) race of giants who represented the primary adversaries of the Aesir and Vanir. the Aesir, though immortal, were somewhat more “perishable” that their Indo-European brethren. Not only was their eternal youth maintained artificially (through the consumption of Idun’s golden apples), they could also be slaim (for instance, many were preordained to perish at the cataclysmic battle of Ragnorok).

The multifarious forms of interaction between the Aesir and the Vanir present an oft-addressed conundrum for scholars of myth and religion. Unlike other polytheistic cultures, where families of gods were typically understood as “elder” or “younger” (as with the Titans and the Olympians of ancient Greece), the Aesir and Vanir were portrayed as contemporary. As described above, the two clans fought battles, concluded treaties, and exchanged hostages. given the difference between their roles/emphases, some scholars speculated that the interactions between the Aesir and the Vanir reflect the types of interaction that were occurring between social classes (or clans) within Norse society at the time. According to another theory, the Vanir (and the fertility cult associated with them) may be more archaic than that of the more warlike Aesir, such that the mythical war may mirror a half-remembered religious conflict.

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What do you think are the worst five (or ten if you're feeling particularly salty) instances of the checklist effect?

For reference, I understand the checklist effect to mean “things that happen/will happen in the books which also happen in the show, but only because they happen/will happen in the books and no other reason.”

In no particular order. Lots of death and speculation below the cut.

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Old Souls (Part 9)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader; ft. Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, the Avengers (mentioned)  

Word Count: 3,503

Warnings: Near death experience, blood, violence, angst, the tiniest bit of fluff at the end I think

A/N: Yay it’s here! I took longer to post this part, sorry. As you saw I got distracted by Pietro ahaha but also I got busy with school stuff. We get to go back to the reader and see what happened after she got taken! Enjoy! I’m always nervous with these things lol.

P.S. Some of your tags don’t want to work for some reason idk why 😟

Other Parts Here

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It was everything I wanted it to be. Some highlights:

- This movie was High School Musical meets Disney Fairy Tale AU meets honestly impressive Broadway-style dance routines?? what I’m saying is the whole movie was a highlight, bless.

- Their fencing style is not… how fencing works? but it looks cool so idk

- “WE CARE ABOUT THE RULES!!!” Bro all of your teammates just broke out of formation to do fancy parkour flips. Please. You’re playing Calvinball with swords.

- the sub-plot of “Who has custody of this 3D printer”

- The two main ladies heading off for some sort-through-conflicting-emotions talk and the two main guys saying NO WE’RE YOUR FAMILY TOO LET US HELP. And they all have a sit-down and a good talk and it’s very sweet.

- the abusive parents undertone and how downright SCARED these kids are to go back to the Isle. Not a happy thing, but I like that no one writing for these movies is going to pretend that any of the villains were/would be good parents

- The prince disguising himself as a villain to infiltrate the Isle and the three villain kids looking at him like ‘this boy is going to die’

- related: the prince getting a lecture/song-and-dance/makeover to help him blend in with the bad guys but he still gets caught after 5 seconds because he is SO BAD AT BEING MEAN (gpoy)

- every extra in the background of “Chillin’ like a Villain” who just does not give a damn about the four kids dancing & singing their way through the Mean Streets

- I was going to be annoyed by the “Son of Cruella/Daughter of the Fairy Godmother” relationship, but it was really cute by the end. (”Oh!! does this mean we can… hold hands??? and… I can text you all the time about how great you are?? because you’re really cute and sweet and I’m the luckiest girl!”/”Me, too – I’m the luckiest girl!!! I mean guy!”)

- nothing can unconvince me that the Son of Jafar and the Daughter of Mulan are not bad-ass bros/wingmen who tag-team flirt with girls

- the whole movie’s aesthetic being Disney meets Hot Topic meets Fingerless Gloves For Everyone

- the main villains in Descendants were VILLAINS but they still buckled their seat-belts in the car; meanwhile, the same characters in Descendants 2 are GOOD GUYS but they no longer buckle their seat-belts. What is this inconsistency

- The prince’s ‘oh man my girlfriend turned into a DRAGON and she’s WONDERFUL” expression

- ANYTHING with the trope “Villains/reformed villains defend THEIR heroes from other villains” will melt my heart, I love it, especially if the villains are no-holds-barred and don’t hold themselves to the moral standards of the heroes

- related: the main couple being a Slytherin girl/Hufflepuff guy pairing

- Uma’s hair??? It looks so cool??? I was so charmed by it for the whole movie even though god that looks really inconvenient for fight scenes

- also Uma just being a darn good actress with some really good dialogue delivery. She had all the right pauses and never came off as goofy or hokey when she was talking which is something the first movie really struggled with (and oh boy some of the dialogue was a wreck waiting to happen)

- “HOSTAGE EXCHANGE GIVE ME WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW OR THE PRINCE DIES but first we need to Shark vs. Jets at each other for a good five minutes, okay? okay cool”

- 20-minute sword-fight.

- the son of Captain Hook using/being openly attached to his dad’s hook aww


Kaltenecker Headcanons

Cause I’m bored and just saw the word “cow” and started thinking about the best space cow. 

- They make her her own little stable area in one of the unused hallways and fill it with the space equivalent of hay and straw and spend days figuring out what the hell the man at the space mall had been feeding her in space

- Kaltenecker really likes Coran’s cooking. They figure this out after an incident involving hooves, Pidge’s glasses, and several attempts at Hunk trying to show Coran how to make spaghetti

- Coran’s just happy someone likes his cooking tbh 

- Everything Kaltenecker does Lance refers to as “space ____” (he probs does this with everything tbh)

- *Kaltenecker moos* “Wow, our space cow just space mooed!” “Lance oh my god” 

- Hunk casually mentions wanting a hamburger one day while they’re cleaning out Kaltenecker’s stall, not really even meaning anything by it

- Pidge and Lance instantly shriek and vault on top of the cow (who doesn’t even flinch and continues chewing her grass), protesting loudly that Kaltenecker is their child 

- No one mentions anything beef related after that

- Keith surprisingly has experience milking cows (he won’t explain why; Lance has a theory that he’s secretly a cowboy) and so eventually they’re drinking milk and eating cheese and yogurt again and hot damn they all forgot how good cheese was

- *Kaltenecker gives milk* “WOW, space milk!” “LANCE”

- She is for some reason really intimidating to invaders??? 

- One time a couple of Galra managed to tie up Lance and Pidge and hold them hostage in exchange for the lions 

- And as they were slowly making their escape they just heard this fucking

- “Moooooooo”

- They turn around to find this massive black and white thing behind them and instead of killing it, like the paladins are afraid they’ll do, they turn and flee in the opposite direction 

- Lance once plastered “MISSING” posters of Kaltenecker all over the ship when he couldn’t find her

- Turns out Shiro stole her so that he could attempt to stop “freaking her out” with his robotic hand 

- She’s not actually scared of his hand, Shiro’s just paranoid

- One day Kaltenecker gets all lethargic and stops moving as much and Pidge and Lance are a fucking W R E C K because they think their cow is dying 

- They beg Coran to find out what’s wrong and he comes out of the room like an hour later with a mildly horrified look on his face and just goes “Earth birthing is so messy”


- Turns out she was just pregnant with a smol Kaltenecker and boy does everyone get a kick out of that

- Baby Kaltenecker seems to think Coran is her second mother, and she latches onto the man’s shirt tail whenever he’s nearby

- He can’t say he hates it. Her big brown eyes are adorable 

- The mice get on great with the cows. They ride them everywhere

- Allura pretends to hate having such large animals on board, but secretly she’ll sneak down to the stall at night and cuddle with the calf and feed it like she’s seen Keith do

- It’s not really a secret from anyone anymore, especially after that one day she had a piece of straw sticking from her hair for three solid hours before she noticed. 

- When they find Shiro again, Lance jokingly says that they almost put Baby Kaltenecker (affectionately dubbed “Bee”) in charge of the black lion while he was gone

- Keith, very dead faced: “She would have been better at it”

Roles of an Old Norse Queen

This post will focus on the historically attested roles that Old Norse queens were expected to fulfill. I will note ahead of time that some of the evidence is drawn from Anglo-Saxon heathen queenship examples, namely Beowulf, but there seems to be corroboration for this in women’s traditions in Scandinavia as well so I’m not hugely concerned personally with using this as evidence especially when the scholarly works are strongly informed by Anglo-Saxon traditions as well. However, some likely will find this an issue so I’m putting this disclaimer up.

With that said, Norse queens were expected to fulfill a number of roles including but not necessarily limited to healing, peace-keeping, secret keeping, providing wise counsel, divination, gift-giving, and hospitality. In addition, while so far I’ve found no evidence that the queen historically had duties to the land, she likely embodied the land symbolically so I will discuss her ties to the land as well.  Furthermore, I will also discuss the act of cup-bearing as it was an important rite tied to many of these roles.

It’s also worth noting that unlike the study of kingship, studies on queenship are far less developed. Women were overlooked as passive objects with little to no real power. While it’s true that queens lacked the explicit powers of the king, they wielded some powerful influences that shouldn’t be overlooked. These influences ranged from subtly manipulating the court through her charisma to explicitly using what powers she did have to alter the turn of events. I wish I could expand upon this topic fully and give extensive examples of the ways in which queens utilized their powers to show that they were truly powerful and interesting figures in their own rights, but that would take a full length paper so for the purpose of this post I’m sticking to the barebones of what roles were notably linked to queenship in the Old Norse construct of it.

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Strike Back’s whumps’ list

(referred to Serg. John Porter character)

Season 1 Chris Ryan’s Strike Back

.01: shot in the shoulder, bleeding, treated on the field, hospital care, arm sling.

.02: captured, beated and bloody cut on his cheekbone, tooth extracted without anesthesia, beaten and tied up, locked into a trunk, tied up to a table and tortured, tied up, sword cut and fought, under heavy gunfire, dressed forearm.

.03: arrested, fought and restrained, beaten and gun on his head, tied up and gagged, cuts on is face, rough fight, cut on his arm and bloody bruises.

.04: shot, treated on the field, passed out for the pain, dressed wound.

.05: captured and tied up, under heavy gunfire, captured again and handcuffed, hardly hit, tied to a cross under the blazing sun, bruises.

.06: still tied to a cross under the blazing sun and bruises,  tied to a chair and threatened with russian roulette game, fought, under heavy gunfire.

Season 2 Project Dawn

.01: kidnapped and tied up, beaten and many bloody bruises on his face, killed.

Strike Back’s whumps’ list 

(referred to Serg. Michael Stonebridge character)

Season 2 Project Dawn

.01: into a hostage situation, captured.

.02: fought and bloody but on his cheek.

.03/05: none.

.06: shot in the leg, treated on the field.

.07: none.

.08: cut on his cheek, captured and covered in blood, bloody cut on his forehead and his shoulder, unconscious on a stretch and restrained, dizzy and confused, collapsed on Damien’s arms, hospital care.

.09: still cut on his forehead and shoulder wound dressed, under heavy gunfire.

.10: still cut on his forehead and bruises on his face, fought without consequences.

Season 3 Vengeance

.01: head against the mirror,  cut on his forehead, upset and shocked.

.02: still scar on his forehead, under heavy gunfire, bruises on his face, upset and shocked.

.03: still scar on his forehead, still upset, under heavy gunfire, fought and kneeling to the groin, bloody nose.

.04: under heavy gunfire.

.05: under heavy gunfire, hiss in ears for stun grenade, under heavy gunfire.

.06: hit by granade explosion blast and passed out, bloody bruises on his face and elbow and cut on his cheek and wound on his chest, medicated on the field, under heavy gunfire.

.07: none.

.08: under gunpoint, hit by a bazooka shot’s blast, numb and captured, bloody bruises after a beating (not shown), tied up and muzzled, used for an hostage exchange, medicated on the field, under heavy gunfire.

.09: exposed to nuclear radiation, under heavy gunfire.

.10: bruises on his face, kicked, bloody cut on his forehead, rough fight.

Season 4 Shadow Warfare

.01: under heavy gunfire, fought, hit by bazooka and boat explosion, unconscious underwater.

.02: under heavy gunfire, hit on the lifewest, captured and knocked out, tied up and tortured, rough fight.

.03: fallen and cut on his forearm with deteriored shells.

.04: still bruises on his face, dressed wound on his forearm, under heavy gunfire, blurred vision and after stiffness and pain in the arm.

.05: still bruises on his face, blurred vision in several occasions, blood samples taken, under heavy gunfire.

.06: still bruises on his face, under sniper gunpoint, blurred vision (plus Locke’s whumps).

.07: undercover in jail, hit at his flank with a blackjack, fought against various opponents, pain in the arm and blurred vision, revealed his sympthoms are due to exposition to a neurotoxin and they will get worse with paralysis and respiratory complications, fought, coughing and blurred vision, hit and knocked out, bloody cut on his forehead and handcuffed.

.08: still bloody cut on his forehead and handcuffed to a strench, coughing and blurred vision, restrained to a stretch, fever and respiratory difficulties, fought, coughing and paralyzed arm, difficulties to walk and blurred vision, captured, restrained to a stretch, injected himself with antitoxin, still weak and paralysed arm, in hospital bed with IV and sensors attached to the chest recovering.

.09: fought, under heavy gunfire, fought, jumped from a running train, captured.

.10: kidnapped and hooded, fought and under gunfire, jumped on a running car, angry, under heavy gunfire, used as trading goods, bruises on his face and neck.

Season 5 Legacy

.01: under heavy gunfire twice, fought and some bruises, rough fight and dislocated shoulder.

.02: shoulder treated and morphine injection, sore, still bruises on his face, under heavy gunfire.

.03: still bruises on his face, ambushed and under heavy gunfire, fought, under heavy gunfire and cornered and separated from his team.

.04: rescued from a difficult situation, bruises on his face, jumped on a running truck, fought, jumped from a running truck, under heavy gunfire.

.05: under heavy gunfire, jumped outside a window and almost hit by a running train, under heavy gunfire, punched in the face by Damien, hunted by enemies and surrender himself.

.06: tortured physically and emotionally, tied up to a chair and cut on his nose, fought, threatened, hit with a gun butt three times, bloody cut on his head, under heavy gunfire twice.

.07: hit by a kick on his jaw, under heavy gunfire.

.08: passed through a wall of fire, arrested and punched into the stomach, old bruise on his cheek, under heavy gunfire, entrapped into a burning armor truck.

.09: old bruise on his cheek, arrested and handcuffed, fought, under gunfire, trapped, captured, under gunpoint, under heavy gunfire, under nuclar bomb threat during deactivation, under heavy gunfire, involved into a helicopter crash (plus Locke’s whumps) .

.10: involved into a helicopter crash, unconscious on the ground, bloody cuts on right side of his face, upset, surrounded by enemies, crushed by shots into a simulated scenario, under heavy gunfire, jumped off a dam, sore, worried for Damien, captured and fought, bloody eyebrown, surrounded by enemies, under heavy gunfire, hiss in ears for stun grenade, fought, hand stabbed with a knife, bloody cut on his head, shot in the leg, bloody hand wound dressed on the field, swollen bruise on his cheek.

Strike Back’s whumps’ list 

(referred to Serg. Damien Scott character)

Season 2 Project Dawn

.01: fight for money, bruises on his face, captured.

.02: hit in the abdomen, shot in the leg, treated and bullet extracted on the field, captured, hit on his forehead and bloody cut, into a hostage situation.

.03: fought, drugged collapsed and kidnapped, bomb vest exploded.

.04: unconscious after explosion, some bruises.

.05: shot in the abdomen, morphine.

.06: aftermath of the shot in the abdomen: bleeding, collapsed, hospital care.

.07: bruise on his forehead.

.08: still bloody bruise on his forehead, on a minefiled without consequences.

.09: cuts on his face, under heavy gunfire.

.10: fought, cut on his cheek.

Season 3 Vengeance

.01: hit by explosion blast and passed out, wound treated on the field, surrounded and hit, captured and tied up, hanged by his arms and used as punching bag, manhandled and slammed to the ground, blood on his mouth, fought.

.02: under heavy gunfire, bruises on his face and neck.

.03: captured and tied up to a chair without consequences, under heavy gunfire.

.04: under heavy gunfire.

.05: fought without consequences, under heavy gunfire, hiss in ears for stun grenade and coughing, under heavy gunfire.

.06: under heavy gunfire.

.07: none.

.08: rough fight, under heavy gunfire.

.09: exposed to nuclear radiation, under heavy gunfire, hit by explosion blast and bruises on his face.

.10: still bruises on his face, under heavy gunfire.

Season 4 Shadow Warfare

.01: under heavy gunfire, hit by bazooka and boat explosion, unconscious underwater.

.02: under heavy gunfire, upset, captured and knocked out, tied up and tortured.

.03/06: under heavy gunfire, always without consequences…

.07: undercover in jail, hit at his flank with a blackjack twice, fought twice, captured.

.08: handcuffed and kidnapped.

.09: under gunfire, upset, under heavy gunfire, fought, under heavy gunfire, fallen from running train and passed out, attacked by a dog without consequences, captured .

.10: kidnapped and hooded, fought and under gunfire, jumped on a running car, angry, under heavy gunfire, used as trading goods.

Season 5 Legacy

.01: under heavy gunfire, jumped from a blown water bike without consequences, fought.

.02: under heavy gunfire twice.

.03: hunted by enemies and under heavy gunfire, car down a cliff in the jungle without consequences and on the run.

.04: on the run, jumped from a running motorcycle, heartbroken.

.05: hit twice, under heavy gunfire, jumped outside a window and almost hit by a running train, under heavy gunfire, fought, upset, hunted by enemies and surrender himself.

.06: chained to the wall, tortured physically and emotionally, tied up to a chair, fought, under heavy gunfire, sick worried (plus Finn’s whumps), under heavy gunfire.

.07: under heavy gunfire.

.08: arrested and punched into the stomach, manhandled, under heavy gunfire, entrapped into a burning armor truck.

.09: arrested and handcuffed, rough fallen to the ground without consequences, trapped, under gunpoint, under heavy gunfire, under nuclar bomb threat during deactivation, under heavy gunfire, involved into a helicopter crash.

.10: involved into a helicopter crash, bloody cut on his head, upset, surrounded by enemies, crushed by shots into a simulated scenario, under heavy gunfire, jumped off a dam, shot in the abdomen, blood, cauterized on the field, rough fight into the water, red water for blood, passed out exhausted, recovered his senses at bed with IV and dressed wound, sore, surrounded by enemies, under heavy gunfire, hiss in ears for stun grenade, shot in the leg, applied an improvised lace to the leg on the field, abdomen wound bleeding again.

Strike Back’s whumps’ list

(referred to Serg. Daniel “Mac” McAllister character) 

Season 6 Retribution

.01: airing.

.02: airing.

Strike Back’s whumps’ list

(referred to Serg. Samuel Wyatt character)

Season 6 Retribution

.01: airing.

.02: airing.

deadteddybear  asked:

can you tell more about ed’s (and oswald’s) ways of thinking? god i can listen to you going on about them forever

…Well since I don’t seem to be capable of shutting up about them, I’m thrilled you feel that way??
(I’m sorry this took so long… Honestly I kept putting it off because I was waiting to see how Defrosted!Ed would handle things on his own before I committed to a reading on him!)


Ed is a chess player.
Oswald is an artist.

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The best hostage exchange in the history of cinema

Anyways, please watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Everything Gets a Return... Daryl, Beth, Dwight & Sherry

After the finale with no Beth, I lost hope.  I was thinking too much time has gone by for it to happen.

However, this thought just came to me out of nowhere (and I am paraphrasing the dialogue so bear with me.)

First, as we all know, Daryl blames himself for Beth’s death.  He went along with Tyrese’s  peaceful Grady hostage exchange plan and ultimately lost Beth; but if he had gone with Rick’s plan to go into Grady with guns blazing, then in turn no one would have been left to shoot Beth or harm her in any way. She would have survived.

Daryl was still carrying that burden, and then he got entangled in the Dwight & Sherry storyline. The inverse parallels have been discussed between Dwight/Sherry and Daryl/Beth at length. But now Sherry is gone and Beth still hasn’t shown up.  

But I think this is where the payoff may be.

“Everything gets a return” came screaming at me because of something Dwight said last night. First, Daryl comes dangerously close to killing Dwight.  Tara is yelling for him to do it repeatedly, egging him on so to speak.  Then Dwight tells Daryl, “You’re here because of Sherry” as Sherry was the one who helped him escape from Negan.  And because of that, I think Daryl’s choice to in turn spare Dwight is going to be the “everything gets a return” moment we have been looking for.  Daryl spared Dwight’s life, because Sherry was the one to free Daryl. Because Daryl spares Dwight, Dwight is going to be there to save Beth in some way.  

Out Of Control

Edward is infected with the Tetch virus, which reveals his hidden desires. (Takes place during the season finale.)

Read on AO3.

Many thanks to @singtheskyandfightlikehell for being the final push in my posting this. This fic has been finished for over a month but I couldn’t bring myself to post it. It will be 22k total, posted in five chapters. I’ll update every four or five days. I will also tag any warnings as they come on AO3, and list ones which are relevant to the specific chapter in the chapter notes. This chapter is safe for work, and 4k. The only warning is for canon-typical violence (not even canon at its worst, either).

“You’re infected,” Jervis trills, “How wonderful!”

Oswald turns to look at Jim, watching as the stark veins in his face and the darkness in his eyes recede. He tries to move farther away, fearful of his ‘old friend’, but Jim’s grip is unshakable.

“Two of a kind!” Jervis continues, turning to smile up at Edward. Oswald’s attention had been diverted from him— due to his concern for Jim’s increasing lapses in control –-but he looks at Edward now. He’s… the same, really. Not deranged or foaming at the mouth, eyes black and face contorted like most of the other infected he’s seen. Suddenly, Jervis’ words seem to register with the other man. Edward shoves his gun under the Hatter’s chin, eyes flashing dark while the capillaries around the sockets seem to expand.

“I told you not to speak,” Edward hisses. “Not. Another. Word.” Oswald watches his eyes clear, the lines on his face easing back into their usual smoothness.

“He’s infected, too?” Harvey asks, utter disbelief with the universe at large evident in his tone. “Is there anyone else who wants to tell me they’ve got the virus?”

“Does it matter?” Edward snaps. Evidently, his patience is very thin. “Hand over Penguin, or I pull the pin on this grenade and you won’t get your antidote!” Oswald scoffs. Ed turns to look at him.

“A little crude, don’t you think?” Oswald jabs.

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Star Trek TOS: Someone fucking kidnaps Spock’s brain and Kirk has to find it.

Star Trek TNG: Beverly Crusher has ghost sex with a fucking ghost alien that also did that with HER GRANDMOTHER?

Star Trek Ds9: There’s an entire fucking episode with a bunch of useless Ferengi running around exchanging hostages and being useless and hilarious omg. Also an entire episode on baseball.

Star Trek Voyager: Janeway has to dress up as a black and white character in a game to save some fucking holographic aliens that has DECLARED WAR WITH THE GAME.

 Star Trek, reblog if you agree.