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Death Note (2017) and the Comparative Lens

I’ll be honest. When I found out that Death Note was getting an Americanized live action adaptation, I wasn’t too thrilled. In fact, I was terrified that something I loved was going to be straight up murdered before my eyes  — and I wasn’t ready to give it a shot. In fact, I was really unwilling to budge on this until recently.

However, about three hours ago, the movie came out on Netflix. Sitting there with my housemates, I decided to give the movie a shot and check it out. for those of you who would like to avoid spoilers, this is the cutoff point for spoilers. There are an awful lot of them beyond this point.

Death Note is not a particularly new thing to many of us. If you’ve spent an hour talking about anime or reading manga, you know that Death Note exists. Finding out about the series or the source material that preceded this movie is not particularly hard; the hard part comes in discarding the source material to give the movie a fair shake.

When you look at something like this, you have to discard your comparative lens at the start of the movie to suspend your disbelief. When you sit down to watch something like, say, Game of Thrones, you are undertaking that viewing with the understanding that it’s not going to be exactly like it was in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The same thing must be done for Death Note (2017). When you sit down to watch this movie, you have to decide if you want to give it a fair shake. If not, that’s fine, but that’s what I set out to do.

Starting from the top, the movie itself isn’t bad. If you hadn’t seen the anime before watching it, it holds up to a 6/10 or a 7/10, but likely doesn’t pass an 8 on most scales. Let me explain by starting with some discussion on the main cast before getting into the actual synopsis and response.

The casting of Lakeith Stanfield as L is great, and he dramatically outperforms the rest of the cast; his take on L is both familiar to those who want similarities to what they know and slightly more emotive and human to appeal to the audience. His grasp of the character is magnificent, and I’m sure he studied for this role. I’d highly recommend watching this movie just to watch his performance if nothing else.

There’s only one problem with this: his performance feels slightly hollow when put next to Nat Wolff and Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe is a great man and a talented actor… but this is by no means his best showing. 

Nat Wolff, comparatively fresh to the silver screen (or technically not, since it’s closer to a direct to DVD release), paints a picture of a very fragmented Light. At times too comedic, too frustrated, and too unbelievable, his portrayal of his character comes across as transparent. It surprised me to find that his version of Light didn’t hold up to the “judge and jury” that the film tries to make him.

Light is at times frustrating and all said, a little annoying. My favorite moment of his in the film comes three minutes in, when a bully punches him in the face and knocks him out.

The funny thing about the casting, though, is that it gives Margaret Qualley, playing Mia Sutton (analogous to Misa, from the series) the chance to shine in a dark way.

Since we’ve now discussed the cast, it’s important to note that the casting for this movie is not to blame or to praise in its success or failure. Whether or not this movie is good does not depend entirely on the choices made in its casting.

The movie itself revolves around Light Turner (an Americanization of Light Yagami), the son of a “hippy” and a police chief. Light, after passing off some homework for money to one of his fellow students, finds the eponymous Death Note when it falls from the sky in the middle of a storm. Light, after meeting Ryuk, is forced to come to terms with the power he now holds… and the consequences that accompany that power.

One of his first confidantes is his fellow student, Mia Sutton; Mia is initially skeptical, but after Light kills a criminal on a live stream, she comes around to his side and the two quickly enter into a strange love affair based on his ability to kill these criminals. Light takes the name “Kira” in order to make law enforcement suspect that he’s actually based in Japan, as “Kira” is a true cognate for the English word “killer.”

Hot on Kira’s heels are his father, who doesn’t know his son is involved, and L, a young detective with a murky past. L quickly deduces that Light is based in Seattle based on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a hostage taker, whose name was only released in the Seattle area.

Correctly linking Kira to Light’s father, L begins the investigation in earnest, accidentally pushing the inexperienced boy and his new powers too far. After quick, dazzling victories over the danger known as Kira, L confronts Light in a coffee shop one night, convinced of his foe’s identity.

It’s at this point that things take a sharp turn. Light, in the films, is just a schoolboy in over his head, eager to impress his girlfriend with his “wicked cool” murder powers. He is not the character most loved in the manga or the anime, and this is why the adaptation must be viewed differently. Light’s identity is discovered after the death of several task force members and the public revelation of his father’s name and face on TV. Unbeknownst to Light, Mia murdered those men with a page from the note, attributing it to Ryuk.

When Mr. Turner isn’t killed, L confronts Light in a cafe at night, revealing to him that he’s aware of the high schooler’s alter ego. After Light tries to explain that he didn’t kill the task force members, his pleas fall on deaf ears, and L tersely informs him that he’ll be brought to justice.

After this, things take a steep, steep increase in pace. Light and Mia manage to take control over Watari using the Death Note, with the rule in place (via the notebook) that a person can be controlled for two days before their death. Light, in order to circumvent Watari’s death, intends to burn the page containing Watari’s name before he dies, sparing him.

Unbeknownst to him, Mia takes the page from his notebook… throwing a spanner in the works.

After the death of Watari, Mia reveals that she’s been planning to take the Death Note for herself. Light is then forced to flee by a vengeance driven L, given the ultimatum that if she doesn’t get the notebook by midnight, that he will die (as she’s written his name on her page).

L catches up to Light in the back of an alley as Light tries to meet Mia at the spot of their last date to hand over the notebook. He tries to explain what happened, but L doesn’t listen… and despite having Light at gunpoint, is knocked out from behind by a nearby citizen who overheard Light admit to being Kira. Grateful for what Kira has done, he lets Light go.

Light makes it to Mia atop a ferris wheel at the pier… and tells her not to take the book, as he’s written her name in it, putting them at a stalemate. Only one page of the book can be burned by its holder (Light), and unbeknownst to Mia, Light has made her death conditional. If she takes the book, she will die.

She takes the book and dies.

Light, having written his plan out in advance before fleeing L earlier, is saved when he falls into the water below the pier and is rescued by an old man, whose name he wrote in the book earlier. At the same time, another old man (both criminals) takes the Death Note for two days while Light recovers, filling out pages for him to give him an alibi.

This is explained to Light’s father while Light recovers in the hospital. The movie comes to an end as L realizes the meaning of a clue Light left him during the movie’s main chase scene; finding a stray page of the Death Note, L contemplates writing Light’s name… and Ryuk comments on the interesting nature of mankind.

Back to the review, though. The narrative pacing of the movie is rushed in the front half, for obvious reasons. The pacing that ensues around the climax of the movie, though, is great. The reveal that Mia is actually the antagonist of the movie makes sense and was well thought out. It’s not blatant, but it is foreseeable if you pay attention to her character throughout.

The cinematography is… amateur. It’s not very refined, and most shots make up for in color what they lack in substance. The camera work, for the most part, resembles a college student’s final short film.

Characters often abandon the rules established for them by their characterization in the first half of the movie in ways I’m unsure of. L turns into an action star in the last thirty minutes, and Light is… well, he’s annoying all the way through, but he never really gets a solid definition. The only way to sum up his character in the film is “inept,” but it does bring you to mentally treat him like a villain, which is good.

Its ending is vastly different from its source material (as L is alive), but ultimately more satisfying. The problems that plague the movie throughout, though, never really go away.

Despite this, most cast members put on a strong performance at least once in the film, and the movie follows a nice, neat arc. Reveals are carefully done and at multiple points, I was on the edge of my seat. Gorey action scenes (usually gratuitous deaths) aren’t cheap; they reinforce the notion that what Light is doing is wrong, even if he’s doing it for the right reasons. At no point do I sympathize with the character, which is a little frustrating, but also familiar.

The soundtrack… I don’t like it. It’s too “eighties” for me. It tries too hard to sound like Miami Vice, for unknown reasons. The music is too heavy handed, and often too easily applied to each scene. At no point am I left to wonder the nonexistent subtleties of its soundtrack.

This movie is a solid thriller, with a satisfying ending, a decent cast and a good narrative arc. Despite this, Death Note (2017) does not follow well with its source material, which it uses primarily as a guideline. If you’re expecting to see familiar faces from the manga (or even the anime), you will be disappointed.

Lakeith Stanfield kills it, though. 

I feel like sassy Naomasa (and burning Endeavor), so here you go, new headcanon:

A few months or even years from the actual events of BNHA, there are things that have changed and things that didn’t. All Might has retired. Class 1-A has grown further. Villains are still on the move every day, and heroes are still needed. The top of the heroes has changed only so little – Endeavor is still the current number one, but the All Might will always be the Symbol of Peace. Literally nobody will ever call Endeavor of all people a peaceful man, much less a Symbol of said peace.

And between changes and not-changes, Naomasa is still the only police officer who doesn’t cover in fear when the fire-hero has one of his fiery days, so he’s, sadly enough, the one who always has to deal with Endeavor.

Even on this particular day, when he’s waiting for something – someone – and would rather not be distracted.

He doesn’t get to decide, though.


While Naomasa is still fiddling with his mobile phone, tapping his foot lightly (seriously, though, where were they?) he quickly gives the area an once-over. Hostage situation in a bank, approximately 30 citizens had been captured by five villains with unknown quirks. Police hadn’t dared to move in yet, and the heroes that had been available were not really fitted for something as delicate as this.

One hero in particular doesn’t understand that.


“Why did you even call me here when you’re holding me back now?!”


Biting back a sharp comment, Naomasa manages a strained smile as he looks up at the raging Endeavor. “Why, Todoroki-san, you don’t seem happy about getting to save the poor people in there.”

A huff sends fire sparking around the tall man’s head. “I could handle this situation in under a minute if you would just let me go in there!”

“And while you go straight in there and beat the villains up, the victims of this whole situation will be the civilians who will get hurt in all of this,” the detective shoots back. “So please wait until reinforcements arrives.”

“And what reinforcements would that be?! Whoever it is, they are late!”


They were late, Naomasa had to admit. He had called for reinforcements almost fifteen minutes ago, they already should have been…


His phone buzzes, and there is a message from his old friend who he had just wanted to call, reading


They will be there in a second.


Almost at the same moment, someone calls out for him.


He bits back a grin as he takes a large step to the side, not bothering to warn Endeavor even as a shadow falls over them.

(He is only a little bit disappointed when the unlikeable hero actually manages to dodge in time.)

The ground where the two man had been standing shatters under the impact of something – someone – swooping down from the sky.

There is laughing, shouting and something distinctly sounding like an explosion.

Naomasa has to bit back an amused snort as arguing floats over to him.

“Do we really have to do this all the time? The jumping and floating makes me sick…”

“It’s our first real mission, we have to make a statement!”

“By blowing up the street?”

“Ah, that was Baku-…”

“Hey, don’t you fucking blame me, Deku was the one who wanted to jump over here! I had to slow us down somehow!”

“I’m really sorry, I just wanted to hurry up because we were so late…!”

“Don’t worry about it, Deku – U.A pays for the damage, remember?”

“Aizawa-sensei won’t be happy….”

“Aw, come on, he will find it funny, I’m sure!”

“Are we talking about the same guy right now, Mina?”


“What an entrance,” Naomasa calls out, effectively interrupting the on-going discussion. “Reminds me only slightly of your teacher.”


The smoke clears and a group of teenagers, almost-adults, steps out of the crater the impact had punched into the ground. A familiar mop of green hair waves through his peers who make way for him, and Izuku steps forward, scratching the back of his head and grinning brightly. “Ah, we thought we should do something special for our first mission. Sensei would think so, too!”

“Depends on which Sensei you mean!” Kirishima calls out from the back row, causing a bout of laughter and a chuckle from Izuku.


Naomasa looks them over, especially Izuku who was stepped up to him. Years have not only given them more experience, but they had also grown into their roles as hero physically. The green-haired teen is already slightly taller than Naomasa, and there are muscles were once had been lankiness and bones.

All of them have grown into proper heroes, outwards and inwards.


Izuku flashes him a grin that reminds almost painfully of a certain blond while he asks, “The situation, Naomasa-san?”

“Hasn’t changed,” the detective answers easily, slipping from proud friend and almost-uncle back into his role as policeman. “The hostage-takers have yet to try and contact us. They have barricaded themselves in there. No life-signs from them or the hostages.”

“Hmmm,” Izuku hunches slightly into himself, pulling at his bottom lip in thought, mumbling to himself. “We will have to get in there unseen and restrain the villains before they can hurt any of the hostages.”

“I can handle the unseen-part!” Tooru calls from somewhere to the left, only her hands and boots visible.

“You won’t go alone, Tooru,” Ojiro warns her. “Tokoyami?”

“On it.”

“I can sneak in, too,” Tsuyu calls out, hopping slightly to demonstrate that her jumps make close to no sound at all.


“Great,” Izuku looks up, looks around. Everyone has gathered around him, obviously waiting for his plan. “Uraraka-san, you can bring everyone on the roof of the building with ease. Tooru, Tsuyu-chan, Ojiro and Tokoyami, you will be the ones to sneak in from up there. Jirou, Momo, Kouda, please accompany them, you will have to spy out the exact locations of both villains and hostages. Kirishima, Kaminari, try to short circuit the power supply system of the building somehow, the villains will be distracted when the lights turn off all of sudden. Everyone else…”


“What do you think you’re doing?!”


There is a pause as Endeavor’s sharp voice cuts into Izuku’s planning. Twenty-one gazes turn towards the flame-hero, slowly, as if they had forgotten he was even there to begin with.

Naomsasa hadn’t forgotten, and he had taken great pleasure in watching the control being taken away from the top hero by mere beginners.


“Ah, hello, Enji,” Todoroki speaks up, unimpressed. He even has the nerve to blink innocently at his enraged father – who he doesn’t call as such anymore. “Can we help you somehow?”

For a second, Endeavor looks as if he wants to remind his son of the fact that he can’t just call him by his first name. Then he realizes that he probably would look like an insulted child if he complains about that.


So he rounds on Naomasa instead, snapping, “First you call me here only to let me wait for nothing, and then you let some children handle this situation?! What kind of joke is this supposed to be?!”

“Oh my,” Naomasa smiles for real this time, only barely hiding it behind a palm. “How rude of me. Did I really forget to tell you that you were our second choice in this?”

“Second choi-…?” The words get stuck in Endeavor’s throat as he splutters in indignation.

“Yes, yes, we called U.A first, but since it took them so long, we kind of decided that we needed a plan B, so we called you here, Todoroki-san.”

“Sorry for being late, Naomasa-san!” Mina chirps from the detective’s side.

He pats her head for that, smiling generously. “No problem, you’re here now, after all.”


There goes a chuckle through the group at the variation of the quote, and then Izuku just continuous where he left off, completely ignoring the flame-hero next to him, “Everyone else, we will be the ones to storm the building through the main entrance as soon as the lights turn off. Aim for the villains as fast as you can, don’t let them get near the hostages. Iida-kun, Aoyama-kun, Mineta, please do everything you can to get the hostages as fast and as safe out of there as possible while the rest of us takes care of the villains.”


“Heck yeah, let’s beat them up!” Bakugou smirks, savage and wild, but subdued in comparison to the hot-headed boy he once was. (He’s still terrifying enough, though)

Izuku rolls his eyes in amusement, used to the temper of the other, and asks the group, “Everyone ready?”


“Let’s go!”

“Let’s make our teachers proud of us, okay? Plus Ultra-style!” Tooru cheers, and there is an enthusiastic shout of agreement, “PLUS ULTRA!


The young adults split up without hesitation, darting away in different directions with their goals in mind. Some of them run past the stunned Endeavor (sticking out their tongues behind his back) and others high-five Naomasa in passing.


Todoroki steps up to his father just as he, Izuku and Bakugou are about to walk past the man. Stopping, the young Todoroki reaches over and comfortingly pats the elbow of the fire-hero. “Don’t you worry. Why? Because we’re here now.”

Bakugou howls out a wild bark of laughter and even Izuku smirks widely, making Todoroki’s lips twitch up ever so slightly. They dart away before the top hero can react, rushing right into the action.


Naomasa all but beams at the flabbergasted and speechless Endeavor. “Isn’t it so comforting, knowing that All Might’s students are protecting us now?”

He doesn’t wait for the – most likely roared – answer and turns, walking away, already reaching for his mobile phone again.


He had promised Toshinori to record the whole thing, after all.

He will start with recording Endeavor’s face, prepared to add the caption:

Poor guy (?) got outwitted by your students. I love those kids.

(He can almost see Toshinori’s proud grin in front of his inner eye.)


This woman was one of 19 female suicide bombers that were among hostage takers during The Moscow theater hostage crisis (also known as the 2002 Nord-Ost siege). She was one of the two female suicide bombers who agreed to give an interview to Russian channel NTV. A journalist asked her: “Why did you come here to die? Do you feel sorry for the innocent people?”. She responded that in Chechnya where she is from women, children and old men are being killed everyday and nobody cares. During the interview she was constantly touching wires of the detonator so journalists didn’t forget that she can blow everyone up in seconds. The second female suicide bomber was asked: “Are you afraid to die?”. Instead of response she just giggled at the journalist. Another journalist who was watching the interview wrote that it seemed as if she thought that everything that is happening was funny. The Moscow theater hostage crisis ended after three days and resulted in death of 133 hostages. All hostage takers were killed.

anonymous asked:

Ohh! Hcs of someone trying to use Kenpachi's, Jushiro's, Aizen's, Kensei's non fighter s/o as hostage to stay their hand? (Want more juice? How about the s/o is pregnant!)

This was a ridiculously fun one to write! Who doesn’t love angst and fluff?


  • Usually, Kenpachi relishes a fight. Craves it, even. He goes for the lengthy, in-depth fights, where you slowly creep your way towards victory.
  • But I think with enough on the line he’d grow pretty serious. When Nnoitra targeted Yachiru for 0.5 seconds, Kenpachi decided to fucking end him, so I figure the same would apply here, especially if his s/o is pregnant.
  • He’s not going to draw things out, he’s not going to mess around. You threaten the people he loves, he’s going to make damn sure you can’t follow through on that threat. He’d go all-in, no handicaps or reserves.
  • Especially if his s/o isn’t a physical fighter. Kenpachi is pretty big on being able to take care of yourself and being strong, but he also has a weird sense of chivalry. He took in and protected Yachiru for who knows how long before she could fend for herself, and iirc he deals pretty gently (for him) with Orihime towards the end of the Soul Society arc.
  • If you want to take that kind of risk, be prepared for a violent, messy, merciless death. You will end up choking on your own blood.
  • After, he’ll probably express deliver his s/o to Unohana, and be all hovery. Every now and then he’ll ask grumpy, growly questions.
  • “They gonna be okay? What does that mean? Do you know?”
  • He probably sounds pissed off, but he’s just still running on adrenaline. Quick fights don’t ease him like long ones do.
  • If someone tries again, they’ve got the whole of the Eleventh to contend with. There’s nothing more devastating to a group of hardcore blood knights than watching their fearless captain hold a tiny, adorable child. They think it’s beautiful that their Captain has a family, and if you threaten that family, they’ll come after you.
  • Said tiny adorable child is Yachiru’s favorite distraction, and therefore also under perpetual guard.


  • Jushiro is probably immediately in a bit of a panic. He’s had centuries of training and experience for situations like this, so externally he’s spitting orders and tracking them down, but internally it’s just this running monologue of ‘No. I’m not losing them. I’m not losing them. I will save them. No. No, don’t think about that. Don’t imagine that. I am getting them back.’ on repeat.
  • One of the few situations where even having his illness act up won’t stop him. If he’s halfway to where his s/o is, and he suddenly feels blood rising up in his throat, he’s spitting it into the bushes and forging ahead. It’s not a good idea, and Unohana will give him hell for it later, but he refuses to let what happened with Kaien happen again.
  • Whoever took his s/o will be arrested, but not before several very scary shinigami have had a chance to speak with them.  Kyouraku, in particular, will make it very, very clear what a terrible idea it is to threaten the life of “Jushiro’s lovely ___-chan,” and will make an unannounced visit to the s/o’s house sometime soon to make sure for himself they’re okay.
  • Will probably insist on his s/o being checked over immediately, and he’s definitely going to be kept in the Fourth overnight, just in case, so they end up next to each other in hospital beds. Date night? Kind of?
  • Jushiro himself will make a visit to the hostage-taker once he’s cleared to leave, furious and stern, and ask them very pointed questions about why they did what they did,  whether anyone else was behind it, and what exactly they did to his s/o while they had them.
  • Will spend every spare minute of the next week with his s/o, reassuring himself that they’re okay. Lots of naps together, where s/o ends up napping and he lies awake watching them and stroking their hair. Probably cries when he feels the baby kick for the first time.
  • If anyone tries it again, Shunsui gives him a license to kill, because honestly. What the hell. Give the man some peace.
  • Why would you try again. Who told you that was a good idea. Get better friends.


  • I’d like to preface this by saying that I don’t think Aizen is really the kind of guy who’d want kids. He wouldn’t be against having them, per se, but they wouldn’t be something he goes looking for.
  • But I also think he’d end up being a pretty decent father. He’d like the idea of a legacy, of someone he could teach and tell secrets to. And he’d come to truly love them, after some time, once they’re older and a little more individual. But he’d always stay kind of distant, letting them be independent.
  • So if his s/o is pregnant, the worry is more for how they’d feel if they lost the kid than for how he feels about it. Like, not to be callous, but in a way it would be an acceptable loss to him. His s/o is someone he’s already attached to, whose feelings and concerns matter to him. Though he may never express it, he loves them. And if they’d be upset to lose the baby, he’d understand. So he knows that if he wants to salvage this, he has to make sure they both come out of it alright.
  • Whoever it is is going down fast. Nobody stands against Aizen and comes away unscathed, and certainly nobody takes the people he loves and threatens them. If his s/o is hurt in any way, whoever took them is immediately in for twice as much agony.
  • Illusions, man. Scary stuff. They will suffer and suffer and suffer, and it will not be enough. He vents all his fear and frustration and anger into punishing the person(s) responsible and then, finally, killing them. Aizen is not what we would call emotionally healthy.
  • I think it would be something of a wake-up call for him. He’d be more open to his s/o about how much they matter to him, and what he’s willing to do for them. He’d also be a little confused to find himself relieved that the baby came through okay.
  • Nobody tries it a second time. Nobody even considers it a second time. Nobody is that stupid.
  • Side note- tiny Aizen kids. That fluffy brown hair and awkward lil glasses. Learning to play chess and sitting next to him while he delivers judgement. Adorable.


  • You know that panel of his face when he’s about to fight Wonderweiss? The one that’s pure, unmitigated fury? That twice over.
  • Listen, the Ninth Division is all about justice. Kensei is Captain there for a reason- he makes sure people get what’s coming to them, whether that’s safety and protection or an endless life of pain. He’s going to ensure it happens.
  • So when someone (incredibly stupid) decides it’s a good idea to take the person he loves and threaten their life? Damn right he’s heading straight for their throat.
  • If s/o is pregnant he gains like x2 adrenaline because that’s his baby out there. That’s his kid. However gruff and annoyed he might seem, he feels deeply. He’s not even met them yet, and he’s already so in love with this child.
  • He loves his s/o, and there’s no doubt he’d kill and die for them. Add in the baby and he’s just about ready to pull out that hollow mask.
  • Scratch that, the minute he lays eyes on his s/o and sees the slightest wound, he pulls out the hollow mask and demolishes the abductor and anyone they’ve got to back them up.
  • Whoops?
  • The abductors are locked far, far away. For like, three life sentences. He can pull strings. He can. It’s not illegal, he swears.
  • After, he makes sure his s/o is taken care of. He cooks for them, bundles them up in blankets and curls up with them, his forehead pressed to the middle of their back so he can hear their heartbeat. One hand on their stomach,  to remind himself that he saved them both. They’re both safe, and with him, and he hasn’t lost them.
  • Has nightmares about it for weeks.
  • If someone tries again, they’re dying. The first time around was enough stress on his heart. He’s not letting it happen again.
Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael (Part Two)

Part One Here 

Imagine being taken hostage while on the phone to Rafael (Part Two)

“Are you okay?” the old man whispered cautiously to you.

“Yeah,” you reassured, “I’ll be fine.”

As you were speaking you watched the gunman steadily from your position on the floor by the fridge. The hostages sitting next to you, terrified. You were much calmer, mostly because it was your job and because you knew the police were outside. They arrived about ten minutes ago. The shooter was standing hesitantly by the door, peeking out ever so often. The place was surrounded by cops, sirens blazing, though it had died down now. Sonny, had tried to come in when he figured out what was going on but he was waved out by the gun and retreated. The shooter shot off some warning shots above your heads at the ceiling but the ones outside didn’t know that.

Rafael and the rest of the squad were probably outside. They probably flew in by the helicopter. You were technically in the city so they probably were handling the case along with negotiator. Liv, probably called in a favour, especially after Rafael must have told you were in here. He probably gave some generic excuse as to why you were on the phone.

The shooter was pacing, back and forth frantically. Talking to himself, the gun aimed at the ceiling but he kept swinging it around.

He was young, barely mid twenties. Inexperienced, by the look of it. You had some experience with this sort of situation but none like this. Most hostage takers don’t kill hostages before making demands and yet their was a body at your feet. The blood had stopped pooling. He was probably dead, not that you could check or help if he wasn’t.

You suspected that the shooter didn’t plan on taking hostages. Who would at a gas station. You think he was just planning on taking the money from the cash register and when the clerk resisted he shot him and then in panic he took hostages.

The fact that he had already killed someone was making you nervous. He didn’t have anything to lose now. He was doing time if he got out of here alive. He could end it all and take the rest of you with him.

All six of you.

You had to get out of here.

You both did, you thought placing a protective hand on your stomach.

“Are you all alright?” you asked looking down the line of hostages beside you, finally tearing your eyes from the shooter.

They all nodded, still petrified. The couple was huddling together. The young man was shaking and the old man continued to examine your bleeding forehead.

“Good. We are going to get out of here.” you reassured.

“How do you know that?” the young man whispered.

“Because.” you prompted as you pulled back your jacket discreetly revealing your badge.

“You’re a cop?” the old man questioned.

“Detective Y/N Y/L/N. I’m with Manhattan SVU. My squad are outside and that’s how I know we are going to get out of this.” you explained.

They all took small sighs of relief but were still scared.

“What’s everyones name?” you inquired hoping to relax them as much as you could considering the situation.

You didn’t need anxious, desperate hostages to deal with when you started trying to talk down the shooter.

“I’m Greg.” the old man responded.

“Mike” the middle aged man answered.

“James” the boyfriend said.

“Mia.” the girlfriend whispered.

“Alright, good. Like I said I’m Y/N. I need you all of  to do exactly what I say and keep quiet unless you have to speak.” you explained, shifting as if you were preparing.

“What are you going to do?” James asked.

“Get us out of here.” you answered calmly, before turning away from them.

You turned your attention back to the shooter. He was still walking around, talking to himself in panic. The phone had been ringing periodically for the last fifteen minutes. He kept hanging up on it without saying a word. You knew how to play this. The phone rang again. He went to hang it up again.

“You should answer that.” you said suddenly and loudly so he could hear.

“What you say bitch?” he spat looking over at you, aiming the gun at you squarely.

You swallowed hard, turing to keep clam, “I said you should answer it. And the name is Y/N by the way.”

“And why should I do that, Y/N?” he mocked.

“Well, that’s usually how you get what you want. You tell them what they want and they give it to you. At least that’s what happens on TV.” you offered playing the part of inexperienced hostage.

He titled his head towards the phone. Considering, your suggestion. Dropping the gun to his side, as he walked over. Letting, out a big breath as he headed towards the phone.

“What should I ask for?” he questioned openly.

Confirming your suspicion that this wasn’t what he had planned.

“I don’t know. Though I think we can work something out.” you said easing yourself up.

He moved quickly, pointing the gun at you again. You put your hands up in surrender as you straightened up.

“Hey. Hey. Listen, you’re in charge here. Let me help so we can all get out of here alive.” you explained as you took a step closer to him.

“I’m in charge?” he questioned.

“You’re the one with the gun and the hostages.” you responded taking another step.

“Right, so I can ask for anything.” he said as if he was trying to convince himself.

“Yeah, all you’ve got to do is the answer the phone.” you offered, taking another step, you were standing right next to him by the counter now.

“And they’ll do whatever I say?” he questioned once again still unsure.

“Yeah, well they might ask for some proof that we’re all still alive. They don’t know you shot the ceiling.” you explained.

The phone rang again. The shooter picked it up immediately this time. You couldn’t hear the hostage negotiator on the end.

“I want a plane ticket to Cuba and a million dollars in cash…they’re fine…why…I’m telling you they’re all okay…” he spoke angrily down the phone before covering the receiver and looking over to you, “They want to know if you’re all okay. All five of you. How do they know how many of you their are?”

“Security cameras.” you pointed out, one situation in the far corner.

Positioned, so it could see you and him but not the other hostages by the fridges. Quickly, he turned and took a shot at it, making you jump slightly and the other hostages squeal in fear. You turned and offered them a comforting look, despite knowing your squad had now idea you were still alive now.

“Speak.” he ordered at all of you, waving the gun again.

“We’re okay,aren’t we?” you said loudly so the receivers could hear you.

The others agreed audibly ,eagerly, scared.

He put the phone back to his ear.

“You hear that?….why do you need to know that…I don’t want to tell you…why does it matter.” he said franticly into the phone getting angrier, “They want to know my name.”

“What is your name?” you asked gently.

“Luke.” he said his hand over the receiver.

“Okay, Luke. Like I said I’m Y/N.” you said cautiously.

“Should I tell them?” he asked.

“I don’t know. They usually do on TV.” you lied.

He quickly gave his name over the receiver and then told them they had an hour or he’ll kill a hostage. Reminding them he already had.

“You didn’t need to do that Luke.” you warned.

“Don’t tell me to do,” he shouted, “What the hell do you know?”

“Nothing,” you lied, “I just watch a lot of TV.”

“Well, I don’t want to listen anymore. Go sit back down or I’ll blow your head off.” he shouted putting the barrel of the gun inches away from your forehead.

“Alright. Alright.” you said putting your hands up again as you turned and walked back to the other hostages before sitting down again.

You had an hour, to figure out what to do. Only an hour. Time seemed to speed up while waiting which was unusual because you had assumed that it would slow down. You were trying to formulate a plan while simultaneously watching Luke pace and keep the other hostages calm.  
Throwing you anxious looks, waiting to see, what you’ll do next.

“I need you to do something for me.” you whispered to Mike.

“What?” he replied.

“When you get out and tell a Lieutenant Benson, where I’m standing.” You replied.

“I don’t understand.” he admitted.

“You don’t need too. Just promise you’ll do it.” you persisted.

“Okay.” he agreed.

About half an hour later, you figured that he would have calmed down.

“Why are you here, Luke?” you asked suddenly staying on the floor.

“What?” he asked as if he hadn’t heard you.

“You seem like a good kid. What are you doing holding up stores, shooting people and holding them hostage?” you elaborated.

“Why do you care?” he spat.

“I’m one of the people you’re holding hostage and if I’m going to die. I’d like to know why.” you reasoned.

He understood.

“I didn’t plan this, okay? Things, just got out of hand. If you all do what I say. We’ll all get out of here.” he explained huffing.

“You think they’re going to give you what you want?” you asked.

“I don’t know.” he admitted.

“You didn’t answer my question.” you pointed out, wanting to keep him talking.

“I had to get money, okay. If he had given me the money, this wouldn’t be happening.” he ranted angrily but you could tell he was upset.

“You could have just ran when he didn’t give it to you.” you offered.

“Will you shut up?” he asked angrily, pointing the gun at you again.

You sat back down. Time was up and the phone rang again, to the exact second. Luke quickly picked up the phone up and began speaking.

“Do you have it…what do you mean? No…I warned brought this on yourself.” he shouted before slamming the phone down again.

He was breathing heavily and then pointed the gun at all of you. Causing, everyone around you tensed.

“Hey, what happened?” you asked standing up again and stepping in front of everyone as if you could protect them all.

“They said they couldn’t give me the money. So…” he raved.

“So…” you prompted.

“So, I have to do what I promised.” he said shoving last you and pulling James up, right out of Mia’s arms.

“Wait, you don’t have to do this.” you warned.

“They won’t give me what I want if I don’t do what I say.” he argued putting the gun to James’s head as he leaned on the floor after he was shoved down.

“You don’t have to do this to him, okay. Do it to me.” you insisted stepping right next to him.

“What makes you so special?” He questioned.

“This.” you began lifting your jacket, revealing your gun.

“You’re a cop?” he asked shocked.

“Yeah, which makes me ten times more valuable  than anyone else in here.” you lied.

“Seriously?” he questioned.

You nodded, “Let them go and you’ll still have me.”

He redialed the phone and annoyed that he knew he had you. He said that he was relaxing the other hostages and that they had ten minutes to get what he wanted or they’ll have an officer down.

The others ran out as soon as he allowed them. Mike gave you a wink as he ran past and you nodded.

He hung up the phone and then grabbed you by the shoulder and shoved you down. On your knees as he stood behind you. The gun pressed into the back of your head.

You lowered it. Counting down the seconds until ten minutes passed. Time seemed to slow as you thought about Rafael, your brother , your unborn baby.

Suddenly, it was time and you held your breath.

No call.

“Any last requests?” he asked the gun clicking behind your ear.

“Can I use the phone?” you pleaded.

He took pity on you, bringing the phone over.

He dialled it and placing it on speaker, so he could hear everything.

“Hello, Luke?” the hostage negotiator asked.

“No, it’s Detective Y/N Y/L/N.” you responded, breathing heavily.

“Detective, we were working on the information…” he began to explain.

“Can I talk to ADA Barba, please.” You interrupted, “I know he is there.”

The call scuffled.

“Y/N?” Rafael voice rang out, laced with worry and fear.

“Hey…” you breathed out.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked frantically.

“I’m fine considering.” you chuckled dryly, the pressure on your head intensifying.

“Oh Y/N. We’re getting you out of there. Don’t you worry.” he reassured.

“No, I’m dying here.” you refuted.

“What are you saying? You’re are not dying toady, you hear me?” he asked franticly and sadly.

“I need you to do something for me.” you sighed.

“Y/N!” he tried to interrupt desperately.

“Take care of Carter, for me. Make sure he never feels alone. Tell him how much I love him. How proud I am of him. He’s the one good thing I’ve done.” you asked referring to your younger brother.

“Y/N. What the hell are you saying. You can’t leave me. You can’t leave Carter. What am i supposed to do without you. I need you. I love you. Y/N.” he argued not caring about what he was saying and who could here.

“I’m sorry.” you began to apologise.

“What about the baby. Are you just going to let them and yourself die? Without putting up a fight?” he questioned.

“I love you, Rafael. Always have. Ever since we first met. I didn’t want it to end like this. I wanted to spend the rest of my life annoying you, teasing you, being with you.” you admitted.

“Don’t do this.” he stated through the phone on the emerge of tears.

“I’m sorry. This is just the end of the road. The middle of the store-ee.” you empathised.

“That’s enough.” Luke said ending the call abruptly.

Putting the gun to your head. His back to the door. You lowered your head, waiting. The gun clicked and you could feel that added the pressure of his finger on the trigger. Pulling it back, the doors swung open.  Their was shouting and the pressure went away. Bullets flew over your head. You hit the floor fast hoping to do so before the gunfire started.

Not fast enough though.

Luke had missed your head and hit the back of your calf instead due to the sudden commotion he had jerked his hand.

You clutched it, blood pooling. Luke had fallen next to you. His chest littered with bullet holes. You looked down at your bleeding leg until you felt somebody helping you up. You looked up to see Finn and Carisi. They were grabbing you, holding you up.

Checking if you were okay.

You gestured to your leg, too shocked to speak. You leaned on Finn as Carisi rushed out to get the stretcher, ready. You limped towards the doors, laying as soon as you could on the stretcher. Pain searing through your veins, but you were lucid and alive.

You were being rushed to the ambulance. The lightness of the morning hitting your face and the cold air.

Rafael rushed by your side. Grabbing your hand. Moving with the stretcher.

“Y/N.” he sighed with relief.

“Hey, babe.” you smiled up at him, jokingly.

“Are you okay?” he asked anxiously as he glanced down at your leg and placed a comforting hand on your forehead examine the injury.

“I’m alive.” you countered leaning back as you controlled the pain and the paramedics gave you something for it.

“You scared the life out of me. You both did.” he admitted before gesturing at your stomach.

“He was listening. He could what I was saying. What you were saying. I had to make it seem real. i’m so sorry for doing that to you.” you explained wearily.

“I know. I realised about half way through, what you were doing. I know my girl wouldn’t give up so easily.” he smiled his eyes bright, looking down at you.

“Because you know me so well.” you chuckled.

“It’s what usually happens after four years together.” he stated sarcastically.

“God, has it been that long?” you joked.

“Don’t tell me that head injury had given you amnesia?” he asked half playful half serious.

“I don’t think I could ever forget something so traumatic.” you joked.

“You almost died today and you’re still the same old Y/N. The one I feel in love with. God, I love you.” he chuckled shaking his head at you.

“I love you too…Could everyone hear about us and the baby?” you asked as they began lifting you into the ambulance as you suddenly remembered.

“Yeah, not just the squad either.” he nodded and explained.

“What are we going to do?” you questioned cautiously.

“That doesn’t matter, right now. Who cares. You’re okay. You’re alive. You both are.” he stated grabbing your hand and kissing it as he got into the ambulance with you.

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Hey Steph! Can you explain to me the whole amo=love instead of ammunition concept? I see it around a lot, but don't remember it being referenced in Sherlock? Is it just something this fandom made up? Thanks :) have a good day!

Hi Nonny!


Mary gives us what she thought it meant here:

SHERLOCK: Who employed you?
MARY: Anyone who paid well. I mean, we were at the top of our game for years, and then it all ended. There was a coup in Georgia. The British embassy in Tbilisi was taken over; lots of hostages. We got the call to go in, get them out. There was a change of plan, a last-minute adjustment.
SHERLOCK: Who from?
MARY: I don’t know. Just another voice on the phone, and a code word, “Ammo.”
MARY: Like ‘ammunition.’

Ajay explains how he was tortured with it:

SHERLOCK (calmly, quietly): What did you hear, Ajay? When you were a prisoner, what exactly did you hear?
(John glances across to him as he speaks then looks back towards Ajay and blows out a quiet breath.)
AJAY: What did I hear?
(He opens his mouth to form a word but hesitates for a moment before he manages to say it.)
AJAY: Ammo. Every day as they tore into me. Ammo. Ammo. 

Then Sherlock figures out “ammo”in this exchange here:

SHERLOCK (over phone): The English woman. That’s all he heard. Naturally he assumed it was Mary.
MYCROFT: Couldn’t this wait until you’re back?
SHERLOCK (still in the same room in Morocco, although it seems that Ajay’s body has been removed): No, it’s not over. Ajay said that they’d been betrayed. The hostage takers knew AGRA were coming. There was only a voice on the phone, remember, and a code word.
MYCROFT: Ammo, yes, you said.
SHERLOCK: How’s your Latin, brother dear?
MYCROFT (frowning): My Latin?
SHERLOCK: Amo, amas, amat.
MYCROFT (still frowning as he translates the Latin words): I love, you love, he loves. What …?
(He stops. Apparently he’s got it.)
SHERLOCK: Not ‘ammo’ as in ‘ammunition’ but ‘amo,’ meaning …?
(Mycroft raises an eyebrow then starts to straighten up, his face stern.)
MYCROFT: You’d better be right, Sherlock.
(He hangs up. Sherlock does likewise, and the Holmes brothers start to move away.)

And then followed up here:

LADY SMALLWOOD: This is absolutely ridiculous and you know it. How many more times?
MYCROFT: Six years ago you held the brief for foreign operations, code name “Love.”
LADY SMALLWOOD: And you’re basing all this on a code name? On a whispered voice on the telephone? Come on, Mycroft.
MYCROFT: You were the conduit for AGRA. Every assignment, every detail, they got from you.
LADY SMALLWOOD: It was my job.
MYCROFT (unfolding his hands and sitting back): Then there was the Tbilisi incident. AGRA went in.
MYCROFT: And they were betrayed.
LADY SMALLWOOD (firmly): Not by me.
(Mycroft just looks at her. She takes in a breath and sighs it out.)
LADY SMALLWOOD: Mycroft, we’ve known each other a long time. I promise you, I haven’t the foggiest idea what all this is about. You wound up AGRA and all the other freelancers. (Slowly, emphatically) I haven’t done any of the things you’re accusing me of. Not one. (Even more emphatically) Not. One.


So essentially, Mary assumed it was just a codeword for guns, and Sherlock thinks it has to do with Lady Smallwood, whose code name is Love.

Now that I’m re-reading and examining this scene though… They never actually are referring to the PERSON “Amo” are they? EVERYONE keeps saying “the English woman AND a codeword”. IF Lady Smallwood was directly being referenced, why are they NOT saying “The woman ‘Amo’”, or… Love. Why use an obscure Latin word rather than call her what they think the codeword was? 

And what’s even more curious, as I reread the text above… they NEVER SAY IF THE VOICE AND THE ENGLISH WOMAN ARE ONE IN THE SAME. I even went back a bit to clarify the second exchange:

AJAY (savagely): We were betrayed!
SHERLOCK: And they said it was her?
AJAY (to Mary): You betrayed us!
SHERLOCK (firmly): They said her name?
AJAY: Yeah, they said it was the English woman.

“They” is referring to Ajay’s CAPTORS, and THEY’RE the ones saying they were looking for an English Woman; NOT necessarily the person who was on the phone. 


AND it’s that last bolded bit by Lady Smallwood that has me interested indeed. She has NO idea what Mycroft is talking about. And following the convo, Mycroft looks guiltily down to the table and then to the one way mirror, PROBABLY silently hoping his brother hasn’t figured out the inconsistency here.

So. This has me thinking that Mycroft WAS and IS indeed involved with AGRA / Mary, MYCROFT was the soft voice on the phone (which then could tie back to TGG and the soft voices directing people to Moriarty) and AMMO is indeed the codeword, not Amo. “Amo” is literally Sherlock having Love on the brain… this is the connections he is making, and it just HAPPENED that Smallwood has the codename “Love”.

What’s bothering me about the whole Ammo thing is that they SPECIFICALLY keep saying Ammo SEPARATE from the person they are looking for, and that makes NO SENSE if they are looking for a person. Why Latin? MARY is the one bringing up “ammo” in the first place. I think she definitely betrayed her team, and knows EXACTLY what AMMO is. It’s NOT a person, it was her mission. 

Another thought, was it OMMA? There is a very brief scene where OMMA is shown on screen as well. Could this or AMMO be another acronym like AGRA?

These are all things to think about, and I’ve probably confused you even more, Lovely. Sorry. D: I love when I’m freeform meta writing and come up with thoughts as I write replies to this stuff only to confuse the issues further.

Red vs. Blue starters (Volume 4)
  • What happened to your body, ___?
  • I know my name! You can ask me, if you forget.
  • Hey, is it hot in here? Who wants to help me out of this heavy armor? This breastplate is so itchy.
  • You must have me confused with someone who’s brave.
  • No, don’t duck, that makes you harder to hit.
  • I only eat foods that begin with vowels.
  • I can’t have you not paying attention. You have to be alert! Constant vigilance! Composed, attentive!
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about, I didn’t see a damn thing.
  • You know what? I work better alone.
  • I need you to step up to the plate. You’re my number 2 man now.
  • I’m gonna go over to the chow hall and secure some Oreos. I got a diet to keep up.
  • I wonder, if I killed a ghost, would it come back as a ghost of a ghost?
  • Oh man, I can’t believe this. My life was going exactly as planned. How did it all go so wrong?
  • Shut up, you ruined my life.
  • I think I might need a tetanus shot.
  • Whoa, man, what is that stench? Is a skunk juggling dead hamsters in here?
  • You’re not gonna be able to figure out alien language by experimentation, give it up.
  • I don’t understand. Are- are- are you hungry? Are you cold? Do you need a blanket? ___, do you want some hot dogs in a blanket?
  • Look, no offense, but I don’t believe in you. You’re just a product of my imagination.
  • Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dig a hole to live in. 
  • My logical data analysis sector indicates that would be highly unlikely. And my bullshit meter agrees.
  • Now hold still. For science.
  • ___, stop screening my calls!
  • This job is the best! I can’t believe you quit!
  • You’re not exactly the most diplomatic of individuals.
  • I feel that I’m gonna regret this, but I feel even more that I just don’t care, and that watching this whole thing unravel might be kinda interesting. Go for it.
  • I know you’re ridin’ high on your new promotion right now, but don’t think you can order me around.
  • We don’t wanna hurt them, I just wanna make them totally jealous for kicking me out.
  • Son of a Ben ‘n’ Jerry, who’s gonna help me eat all this ice cream we found?
  • Sorry to fuck up your quest, dude, but I’m not goin’. 
  • You better hope that I don’t die, 'cause if I do, you’re the one taking care of my kids.
  • I don’t know, I think you’re just telling me what I wanna hear.
  • But you’re a slothful idiot! Treason takes effort! I never expected this from you!
  • What if I have to kill stuff, dude? I’m a lover, not a fighter.
  • I feel obligated to say something encouraging.
  • Come on, hustle up! If you gotta use the bathroom, do it now 'cause I’m not pullin’ over.
  • You don’t make a very good hostage taker. My last prisoner experience was much cooler.
  • I think yelling should be reserved for only the most critical of situations. Like when someone drinks milk out of the carton!
  • You have a hole? Whoa, now that’s cool!
  • Earth does not suck, Earth rules. We invented the telephone.
  • If you don’t like the plants idea, how do ya feel about a fountain in the armory? That place is so gloomy.
  • Dear God, the madness is spreading! It’s only a matter of time before it takes me!
  • So far this quest is a fuckin’ breeze. I’ve already killed a dead monster. What’s next, we gonna open an unlocked door? Rescue a princess from herself?
  • This is some greeting. I come to help you guys and you ambush me.
  • Wait, is this some really weird form of torture?
  • I lost one of my mittens. We have to go back.
  • And that’s how I rescued you and saved the day. The end. Any questions?
  • As you know, I’ve never liked you. Not even a little bit.
  • I have a first place ribbon in doing nothing. It’s the same ribbon as last place. It’s purple.
  • This conversation’s stupid, and I’m hungry. Where’s the food?
  • God damn, man, I would love to live in your world for about ten minutes.
  • You fool! Can’t you see I’m busy with an evil plot?
  • I’m not speaking with you until we punish your insubordination and treason.
  • Okay, this is officially more boring than any of the other times I’ve been to court.
  • Oh my God, that cake is huge! It’s big enough to fit a person in it!
  • I’m just using your body to fulfill my evil plans. When we’re done, I’m going to throw your rotting carcass in to a swamp and let the beasts feed on your entrails.
  • I took four years of high school Spanish. That’s the best way to learn any language.
  • I ate a pencil.
  • Here are your orders: eliminate the enemy. Good luck. Also, try to do better and please win.
  • A sniper rifle is a coward’s weapon. When you kill yer enemy, you wanna look in his eyes so he knows you’re the one who beat him to death!
  • Uh maybe we should, um, have the doctor explain, uh, just how babies are made, y’know, uh, in case someone in the group, uh, may not exactly know how that… happens.
  • I don’t want to live in a world without exploding!
  • See, these tools can be confusing sometimes. That’s why doctors have to go to school for so long. Not that I’m actually a doctor, mind you.
  • You’re not pregnant.
  • Would this be a bad time to mention that my stomach just started hurting really bad?
  • How can you think of soup at a time like this? 
  • We think that it’s your turn to surrender.

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Alex and Maggie. :)

You and @auduna-druitt​ asked Alex/Maggie literally seconds from each other hehe.

can’t stick to the grocery list

-Alex.  Things like shopping for food either absorbs her whole attention (and she buys everything that looks even mildly tasty) or she’s distracted and just grabs whatever comes to her mind instead of paying attention to the list.  Maggie follows the list to the letter, especially if she’s shopping alone, because she has more important things to think about than what else to buy that isn’t on the list.  If it isn’t on the list, Maggie won’t buy it. It drives Alex nuts, because Alex often can’t think of what to write down and just buys things intuitively, but Maggie doesn’t seem to possess that same mindset.

would be addicted to Netflix (and chill, if applicable)
-Both of them.  Maggie never watched it or even really knew what it was until she got pneumonia one winter and binge watched three different cop shows to keep herself from dying of boredom.  Alex often binges shows when she has a chance because the majority of the time she is too busy to catch episodes when they air.  Now they binge watch horrible comedies and sappy dramas together while snuggling on the couch, stuffing their faces with popcorn and falling asleep in front of the TV.

manages the joint account
-Maggie.  She was forced to be on her own far too early in life and as such had to learn how to budget what little money she had, so she’s good at managing their finances, even though she finds it less than thrilling.

is the better city driver and why
-Maggie is a safer driver because she’s so used to the city and excellent at defensive driving from her years on the force.  When you know how to safely manoeuvre a squad car through rush hour traffic while chasing a perp, regular city driving is a cinch.   Alex is a good driver, but tends to be pretty impatient and gets a little road rage-y when traffic is bad, leading to Maggie offering to drive most of the time.

walks around the house in their underwear
-Alex.  She enjoys doing an exaggerated sashay as she passes by Maggie, giving her an eyeful and often prompting some spontaneous, flirtatious touching, which often leads to quick morning sexy times.

which one prefers to watch Game of Thrones and which one prefers the books
-Alex loves both (she watched the entire series with Kara, but enjoyed the books prior to that) and Maggie prefers the books - she sees enough gore and injuries in her line of work that she’s not a huge fan of watching it on the TV as well.

has the higher alcohol tolerance
-Alex, but only because she is well practised.  Too well practised.  Maggie wants to get Alex help with her drinking issues but hasn’t yet figured out how to address it without upsetting her.

instigates sex most often
-Both.  They can’t keep their hands off of each other.   Quickies in the morning, after a long day at work followed by a hot shower and luxurious scrubbing each other down.  Alex makes a little joke and Maggie is struck anew by how wonderful her girlfriend is and just how sexy she looks with that playful little smirk and immediately must take her clothes off.  Maggie talks about how she spent hours talking some hostage-taker down that day at work and Alex can’t believe how talented and smart her woman is, and how incredibly sexy her intelligence is, and can’t stop herself from wanting to rip all of her clothes off…

likes having candles around the house
-Alex.  She loves a cinnamon bun scented one in particular, and thinks that a bedroom or bathroom lit with candles is incredibly romantic.  Alex has candles spread all over the apartment, in every single room, and often has the majority of them lit by the time Maggie gets home.  Maggie always teases her about it, but often secretly lights the candles when Alex isn’t around, since it makes the apartment smell like her and soothes Maggie’s nerves.

always misses the clothes hamper
-Maggie.  She isn’t the neatest person and doesn’t really pay attention when she’s tired after work, so Alex is forever finding bras and shirts behind and around the hamper, sometimes even on the shelf above it.  Alex thinks it’s a bit annoying but mostly adorable and endearing.

gets the first gray hair
-They get their first grey hairs within a week of each other.  Alex is more upset about it than Maggie is, and Maggie reassures her that she is amazing and still the most gorgeous woman in the world, and that her grey hair is just proof of her incredible life so far.

is more protective
-they are both equally and ridiculously protective of each other and neither would ever come out ahead in a “who is more protective” battle.

prefers a quiet night in
-Alex.  Her daily life is always filled with such chaos and never-ending activity, so by the time she gets home, she just wants to snuggle and eat something tasty while watching something entertaining.  After all the sister-nights staying in with Kara and watching TV, eating ice cream and pizza and generally having a wonderful time, Alex really cherishes the moments she has with Maggie doing the same things.  Alex can never stop touching her, stroking her arm or side while they snuggle on the couch, verbally abusing the dumb protagonist in some cheesy movie, followed by a sensual or exciting love-making session and then snuggles in bed after 

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Sanvers prompt: last episode when Alex has a gun pointed on her, and Maggie comes out saying to let her go, but what if the guardian hadn't shown up?

are you taking prompts? because i’d appreciate it if you write an alternative ending for that sanvers scene in 2x15 where the cadmus guy pointed a gun at alex and maggie was all worried

I combined these two together because they’re similar, hope this is what you wanted :)

Maggie smiles to herself as she walks away from the pool table, proud of herself for beating the formidable Alex Danvers at pool. She heads towards where Winn is perched at the bar and she cocks her head slightly, hearing a noise at the entrance to the bar but then she hears a bang and a flash of light and suddenly there’s fire, there are flames and gunshots and shouts and screams and Maggie is being thrown across the bar and landing, painfully. Hard.

“Fuck,” Maggie curses to herself, checking all her extremities and then assessing the situation. Alex, Alex, Alex, Maggie thinks but then she sees her girlfriend, on her feet, a pool cue in her hand and she’s literally beating the shit out of the assailants with the freaking pool cue she’d been using merely minutes ago and Maggie would be turned on if her life weren’t in actual danger. So she rises to her feet, her gun raised, shooting at the black clothed men before they can even get close to Alex.

Because Alex always has her back and Maggie will forever have Alex’s and she knows, she knows that they’ve got each other; they work well together like this, with Alex using that freaking pool cue for God’s sake, taking down assailants like they were flies and Maggie flipping guys twice her size over her head, checking, glancing, always checking. Checking that Alex is ok, checking Winn’s ok, and Alex is doing the same. Never taking her eyes off her attackers, but always keeping Maggie in her peripheral vision because she’d die before she let anything happen to her. Happen to the woman she loves. But still, there’s always the possibility. It’s the nature of their jobs and whilst neither of them likes to admit it, they know that in a second their worlds could be ripped apart, but they’re in their element right now. They’re strong and they’re tough and they’re not going to let this beat them.

Maggie sees Alex pull out that gun from her holster and shoot at one of the attackers and Maggie is hot on her heels, but it’s too late because two of them have grabbed Lyra and are taking her outside the bar, her legs flailing, her screams piercing their ears. Winn is shouting, but he’s on the floor, injured and without a second glance Alex rushes after Lyra, telling Winn, reassuring him that they’ll get her back.Maggie runs out after Alex after deftly flooring one of the black clad men who’d decided he’d try and be clever and sneak up on her but Maggie is five steps ahead because she twists his arm behind his back and kicks him in his knees as he falls to the floor and Maggie runs because Alex, Alex, Alex.

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Omg so I played sultai energy today with 4 hostage takers, one Vizier of many faces and one vizier in sideboard

Ngl… i love this card a ton now

punishment (kurt + patterson fanfic + #bsABCchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject ABC challenge

p: patterson (version two)

A/N: playing around with the timeline of season two a bit. Set after 210 but let’s also pretend Nas/Kurt never happened and that Jane/Oliver’s arc happened a few eps earlier than it did on the show.


She was just bending down to tie her shoe when there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” she called, gingerly sitting up and looking up at the door as it opened. Kurt’s head peeked in and he smiled when he saw Patterson in a pair of sweatpants and a denim jacket, the glasses that she usually left at home in favor of contact lenses perched on her nose.

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It’s never come up before but both of them have contingency plans.

On the couch in their quarters, with the low light of a vid barely illuminating their faces, Jim tongue darts to wet his top lip. It’s his tell when he’s about to say something that will make Bones unhappy.

“Do you think Ensign Corey’s husband knew?”

Bones hits the PADD to pause and shifts his position on the couch so that their facing each other. He can’t make out much but he knows that Jim’s face is set the same as when he has to defend his actions to the admirals.

“Know what?”

“Know what could have happened. That Ensign Corey might not come back?”

Ensign Corey has hung over them for the past two days from the moment the away team landed on the transporter pad, to the moment Bones had to tell Jim that she had passed before they could stop the bleeding.

It was Jim’s first mission not accompanying the away team and he fretted in the way that Bones did when his husband went without him. Except, he did it with flailing limbs, misplaced jokes and a lot of helicopter Captaining while Scotty manned the teleportation terminal.

None of it mattered, though, when Ensign Corey stumbled off the PADD, a look of fleeting confusion on her face as she glanced down at the wound just below her chest as if she was trying to remember if she couldn’t remember what shirt she was wearing that day.

“I mean, every time I go on an away mission, you give me this look. I’ve seen it. You think I don’t notice. But you wonder if I’m coming back.”

Bones shook his head, knowing Jim couldn’t see it. “No. I wonder if this is the time I can’t save you.”

Jim’s sharp look makes Bones look away from him.

“I know I’ve made some miracles happen before, kid. But even miracles stop sometime. And each time you leave this ship without me or each time I let you out of my sight, I wonder if this is the time I fail.”

Jim shifts so that they’re closer than they were when they first sit down on the couch. “I’m worried too. I know you’d take an arrow, spear, phaser shot for me. And god, Bones, I can’t deal with that.”

“You’re not going to win this one, Jim. It’s a no-win, you know that.”

“I can try.” Jim’s face takes on the same look he’s seen before councils and tribunals and even Jocelyn McCoy when she vid to tell him Joanna wasn’t coming for a visit last time they were on Earth for shore-leave.

“You know about my dad’s disease. You know that it can come calling any day now. So if I can make whatever time I have left worth it, well… I’d rather give you one more minute without me than me have one minute alone without you.”

Jim knows these are words they’ve never bothered to speak out loud. They’ve never had to. But they’re being honest and Jim can’t ruin this by not speaking the truth.

“If I go missing, Spock has to keep you on the Enterprise. I don’t want you coming after me.” Bones eyes narrow and Jim holds up a hand. “I actually had a civil conversation with Jocelyn and she helped set us up with a small farmhouse. Half of our stuff from my mom’s house is already moved in. But I just–I couldn’t bring myself to have this conversation. I didn’t want to think about me leaving you. But just in case, I want you to know that a home without me is there. A place for you to have. On your own.”

Jim expects an outburst, the cold fury that Jim’s seen on his husband’s face leveled at hostage takers, one Lenore Karidian and Khan Noonien Singh.

“That the house in North Carolina? The one you said you wanted to buy for retirement?” Unsaid of course is if we make it to retirement. 

"Maybe.” Jim tries not to grin.

“The same one I bought two months ago and had my mom and Jo furnish?”

“Great minds, huh?” Bones says before pulling his husband in for a kiss.

It won’t make it easier, if the worst happens. But maybe it will make it hurt less.

the signs as rare disorders
  • aries: foreign accent syndrome- a person uncontrollably speaks their native languages as if they had a foreign accent.
  • taurus: stendhal syndrome- psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion, and hallucinations when an individual is exposed to particular "beautiful" art or a large amount of it in one place at one time.
  • gemini: cotard delusion (aka walking corpse syndrome) - An individual holds the belief that he or she is dead, is putrefying (decomposing), does not exist, or has lost some internal organs or blood.
  • cancer: todd syndrome (aka alice in wonderland syndrome)- the individual sees some objects as much smaller than they really are and others as much larger than they really are.
  • leo: fugue state- experiencing reversible amnesia for one's personal identity. it could last from a few hours to a few months.
  • virgo: capgra delusion/syndrome- the individual has a recurring delusion that an acquaintance has been replaced by an identical looking impostor or several doubles.
  • libra: fregoli delusion- different people are a single person changing their appearance or is in disguise. the opposite of the capgras delusion.
  • scorpio: apotemnophilia & body integrity identity disorder- an overwhelming desire and urge to amputate healthy limbs or other parts of their body and feels sexually aroused by the image of being an amputee.
  • sagittarius: windigo psychosis- an insatiable craving for human flesh, coupled with the simultaneous fear of becoming a cannibal.
  • capricorn: trichotillomania- a strong urge to constantly pull one's hair out (scalp, facial, eyelashes, etc.)
  • aquarius: lima syndrome- hostage takers become more sympathetic to the plights and need of the hostages (like in the movie, tangled. with mother gothel to rapunzel)
  • pisces: clinical lycanthropy- when a person experiences the delusion of transforming into an animal. then begin to behave like the animal they believe they turned into.
  • *note* im not saying that these disorders could happen with the signs i put them with. i just found this interesting and wanted to make a post about them : )
  • ~nickie