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How can you create a deamon?

Hello! My apologies for taking so long to reply. Brace yourself for a long explanation :)

To create a daemon, you must first understand what they are. Daemons are a type of thoughtform (think imaginary friend) that are created specifically to:
1) Act as a companion to the host
2) Give advice and encouragement
3) Balance the host’s emotions and temperament

Our concept of daemons comes from the Greek ‘eudaemon’ which was regarded as a good spirit or angel. The Greek philosopher Socrates had what he described as a ‘daimon’ which advised and accompanied him. Though modern Daemonism was made popular and is more heavily inspired by Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy.

Useful links:
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There are a few things that are essential, and distinguish a daemon from any other type of thoughtform:
1) If a thoughtform seeks to promote any kind of physical or psychological harm to the host, they cannot be considered a daemon - because the essence of a daemon is to benefit the host
2) A host will usually have only one daemon - although this has been debated on The Daemon Forum (TDF) where some daemians feel they have more than one daemon. Regardless, one daemon is the norm and is seen to be the most practical (also, you have to consider that most daemians on TDF are not familiar with other thoughtforms such as tulpas and servitors)
3) Daemons will tend to take animal forms and will tend to settle into a main animal form (this is consistent with Pullman’s HDM series)
4) Daemons are not seen to be ‘created from scratch’ like tulpas are - they are seen to be a personified inner voice that branch off from the host’s own mind voice

There are 3 key practices in Daemonism:
1) Visualisation - picturing your daemon with your inner/mind’s eye
2) Projection - using your mind’s eye to visualise your daemon in the physical world
3) Verbalisation - hearing your daemon with your inner ear or mind voice
These take some practice but are fairly easy to master. The purpose of these exercises are not to induce hallucinations (so you won’t see and hear a daemon as if it was physically standing in front of you and speaking to you.) Rather, successful visualisation and verbalisation should feel like recalling a memory or daydreaming.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!

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Gad I’m on mobile atm but I just have to: the LLS segment on A&G Tribal Radio is just pure gold omfg. The ‘Happy Party Talk’ is where the other six members (only Suwawa, Aikyan and King are there) reveal secrets about the three.

Ainya had three and they’re all about Suwawa gawd stahp blinding me you two XDDDDD 1. (My JP failed at this part but about sww holding her hand??? I’ll have to re-listen later when I’m not out) Suwawa very attentive towards her like a caring bf (legit, even the hosts pointed that out)

2. Whenever sww hugs her she doki’s (King added ‘yeah she always hugs Ainya but lately she’s been hugging people indiscriminately www’ Sww: ‘I like hugging smol things 😏)

3. She thinks Suwawa is cutest whenever she hugs her (at this point the host was like: three combo! Embarrassed sww was like “erm is there anything from others?”)

Bonus: so the host read Shukashuu’s “She’s cutest whenever she winks during dances/performance!” I totally understand sks!!!

Suwawa explains she doesn’t wink often, she just does it whenever in Kanan winks in anime/PVs.

Host: hmm can you wink for us here?

Sww: … *winks

Others: Fooooooooh! !! 😇😇😇

King: ah Ainya will get mad

Host: jealousy?!

Host2: Ara please get along!

Other highlights too XD our beloved Shokunin said KyanKyan is a true otome at heart and dislikes being alone ❤ AiAi also complained that Suwawa hugs Ainya all the time it’s unfair she wants Suwawa to hug her too! Daww 😆 Rikyako thinks King being a glutton is her cute point King: I don’t want to be told that by Aida-san! 😣 ah, she, Ainya and myself are the gluttons of Aqours btw

Anyway there are lots more too but overall 100/10 segment 👍👍👍

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What is your top 10 songs by Abel

Damn this is a hard question. This list changes a lot, but off the top of my head:

1. XO/The Host

2. House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls

3. The Hills

4. Kiss Land

5. The Zone

6. The Birds Part II

7, King of the Fall

8. Rolling Stone

9. Echoes of Sielnce

10. Or Nah