7 Day Fandom Positivity Challenge

There’s been an unusual amount of negativity on Tumblr lately. I get it. It’s almost October, everyone’s in school or working, and everyone’s stressed. 

I want to do something to help counteract it.

This doesn’t have any official start or end date. 

  • Day 1 –> Reflect on five things you like about your fandom and write them down. This can just be for you or to post online.
  • Day 2 –> Create a motivational poster or image using a character who inspires you. (This can be easily done through imgflip, picfont, etc.).
  • Day 3 –> Pick three of your favorite characters and think about what makes them laugh. 
  • Day 4 –> Send a nice message to five people in your fandom.
  • Day 5 –> Think of ten things your favorite characters would do while relaxing. Do they read? Take long walks in the park? If possible, try them yourself.
  • Day 6 –> Make a list of ten similarities you and your favorite character share.
  • Day 7 –> Try to create something fandom-related that you consider “positive energy.” Maybe it’s a drawing or aesthetic post, or maybe it’s a a delicious new anime-themed cupcake recipe. Whatever it is, have fun with it!
The OHSHC Characters as Puppies

Tamaki: *the adult dog*

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Honey: (the dog hugging the other dog)

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Mori: *the dog being hugged*

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*I do not own any of the gifs!* ~Em


What have I’ve done
Oh Adrien, that’s not how it works. Someone save this child.

Adrien definitely draws too much influence from Ouran High School Host Club. He is basically Tamaki Suoh. But I wonder what all that “Princely Charm” would look like by Adrien towards Marinette… Hmmm
(Probably pre-reveal where Adrien realizes his crush on Mari and doesn’t know any other way to flirt with her)
Can you believe I wrote this script omg

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10 Ways Hikaru and Kaoru are you and your best friend in Anime form

1.) that look you give your best friend when you see someone you both hate:

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2.) when you see something that is only funny to you two and nobody else, but you can’t stop yourselves from laughing

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3.) Getting dressed up for a night out or just because

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*and looking beautiful AF

4.) when someone says your best friend is their best friend

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*Or when someone says that you two are lame

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5.) looking back at the pics you took together and realizing that if anybody else ever got a hold on them they could destroy you… *feat Kyoya and please ignore Tama xD*

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6.) Running away from the people you piss off with your jokes

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7.) When you have a rare touching moment and you say how much you love them

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8.) gossiping all the time

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9.) when a cute girl or boy walks by and you both approve

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10.) trying to explain to someone why you both did what you did, but your only explanation is “well…we thought it was a good idea at the time”

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*these are the a few of the reasons the Hitchiin twins are totally you and your bestie

**i don’t own any gifs!!!*

GUEST: Caesar is Gone! FINALLY

YES! Finally and after a year CAESAR is gone from this blog!

Now Rosetto has no more a Guest! ^^ A bit of free time will do her well! Soon Asks will be open again! And she will start her adventures on her own!

After that, I will need everybodies help to find a new Guest! I will accept suggestions when this time comes! And finally vote for a new guest!