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ロイヤルホスト 仙川駅前店@仙川町1丁目

Youtube Gaming Host Club

It’s finally done! I think I could’ve done better with the background and all that, but I had already spent all my youth making this -____-;;

This is the longest I’ve ever taken in making art, so I really hope people like it! I’m kinda proud of how it turned out, even though I know I messed up some stuff.

There Was Always An Us

Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x reader (kind of.)

Summary: Tony confesses his love for you at Steve’s and your engagment party.

Word Count: 1415


The last few days, you had been completely over the moon. Steve, your boyfriend of two years, had proposed to you a week ago. Of course you had yes, and couldn’t have been happier ever since.
After telling the rest of the Avengers about the good news, they had all been overexcited and insisted on hosting a engagment party. Steve and you had agreed, and now it was Friday evening and all your friends had assembled in the Avengers Tower.

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