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It’s Always Sunny In The Dark Trenches Of My Obsessive Compulsive Mind: a Guide to My Most Frequently Thought About “Sunny” Concepts

1. The Gang Goes to A Hotel

Now this is a high-level concept and if RCG hired me I would make this episode happen. Here’s how it plays out…the gang somehow cons their way into a free one night stay in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel. One problem: It’s a one room setup with only two beds. Naturally Mac and Dennis decide to share a bed, justifying it by saying they already live together and slept together with Old Black Man, so it’s fine. Dee and Charlie share a bed. Frank sleeps in the bathtub. Immediately they trash the room. They’ve brought their own beer and the mini-bar is demolished in no time, and Charlie, illiterate and blissfully unaware of the basic functions of capitalism, orders $5,000 worth of room service. Here’s where it gets fun: there is a wedding going on in the downstairs party room and naturally Dennis is convinced he is fancy enough to be in attendance. He drags Mac along with him because it’s preposterous to go without a date. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie hit the pool and discover a celebrity in the downstairs spa. Maybe it’s Kelly Ripa or Ryan Seacrest or something. They become obsessed with befriending this celebrity, largely to prove to Dennis that they are fancier than he is. Back at the wedding, Mac and Dennis keep getting mistaken for the other couple getting married that weekend, two men named Max and Denny, and Dennis is woefully offended. Not because they aren’t together, but because if they WERE getting married you can bet your ass their wedding would have been so goddamn fucking high-class that the entire hotel would be shut down for the honour of hosting them. Dennis gives a toast expressing this sentiment. Dennis gets forcibly removed from the party. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie have lured this celebrity to their room with the promise of a “fun and chill time”. When they arrive they find Frank naked on the floor and covered in barbeque sauce from the feast that Charlie had gotten delivered. Said celebrity leaves promptly. Mac and Dennis return, irate. Everyone drinks themselves to sleep and in the middle of the night Dee and Charlie wake up to the sounds of ill-concealed sex and that is how they find out that Mac and Dennis ARE in fact together and are absolutely terrible at stealth. Frank sleeps through it. 

2. The Gang Goes to A Gay Bar

It started out as an idea to support Mac now that he’s out of the closet. Mac is psyched; he wears his mesh shirt. Dennis is convinced that all the gay men will be throwing themselves at him and as much as he pretends he’s annoyed by that thought, he IS wearing red lipstick and pants tighter than anything anyone else has ever seen. Anyways, Frank gets beat up for being a homophobic and transphobic asshole, Dee ends up getting hit on by every girl in the bar and realizes she’s a lesbian and goes home with a whole bunch of numbers and new friends, and Dennis gets hit on by NOBODY and is weirdly jealous of how many numbers Mac is getting. He flips out about it to Charlie who is just drunk and swaying in a corner and Charlie is like “obviously you’re jealous, you’re in love with him” and Dennis is like “oh word” and then he and Mac bang in the bathroom. Come to think of it, most of these end with them banging. 

3. Deetress 

When will they get together? It has to be after Dee realizes she’s gay, so I’m thinking this one comes into play after The Gang Goes To A Gay Bar. How does it play out? I do not know. All I know is that Dee and the Waitress live in filth and drink themselves silly and sometimes invite Artemis over for a threesome. 

4. Chardee Macdennis: The Honeymoon to End All Honeymoons

Self explanatory. The Gang is honeymooning after the joint wedding between Charlie/Dee and Mac/Dennis. Bored with the resort they’re staying at they decide to play Chardee Macdennis…..this time with the teams being divided up by spouses.

5. The Gang Goes To a Tropical Resort

FUCK i just realized as I wrote that last one that this is a brilliant idea. So much potential. When will RCG hire me?

6.Mac and Dennis Finally Bone

I don’t care when or how it happens, but I think about this constantly. 

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 4)

(Sorry, everyone! I know I usually post something by now, but it’s been a rough morning! Have some adorable, Ego domestic life!)

It’s lunchtime, and some of the Egos are already gathered in the kitchen in search of sustenance when Mark walks in. To say they all stop what they’re doing to stare is a bit of an understatement. Silver actually drops his freshly baked pie, and Bim pours milk until his glass is overflowing in his hand.

The Host steps in behind Mark and sighs. “Not again, Silver.”

The superhero Ego finally stops gaping at Mark and looks down at his ruined pie. “Oh, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.” He leaves to get the mop and bucket.

Bim finally stops pouring milk and looks down at the soiled cuff of his suit before sighing and setting the glass aside. “You didn’t bring Amy with you, did you?”

Mark shakes his head a little. “Sorry.”

Wilford, head stuck in the refrigerator, stands suddenly. There’s a muffled bang when his head hits the inside of the fridge before Wilford spins around. “Who ate the last of my lasagna?”

“You ate it yesterday, Will. Remember? No one else would touch your food.” Bim pulls a box of Poptarts down from the pantry and starts nibbling on one while he sips his milk. “I’m afraid we don’t have much in the way of food.”

“It’s fine,” Host says, pulling Wilford away from the refrigerator by his suspenders. “I’ll make something.”

This has quite the effect on the other Egos, Mark notices. Bim’s eyes go wide. “Are you going to make enough for everybody?”

Host shrugs. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” The Host gestures towards Bim. “Get the skillet. I don’t know where it is anymore.” Bim runs to find the skillet. Usually they have to hide if from Wilford after he watches “Tangled,” so it’s most likely in Google’s office. “And you,” Host gestures to Wilford, “get me a big bowl, some milk, two eggs, and the cinnamon. I swear if you try to snort it again, I’ll let Red incinerate you.”

Wilford starts rustling around for the necessary ingredients, and Mark stands back as Silver reappears with a spatula to scrape up the pie and the mop. “I’ll take that,” Host says, plucking the spatula from Silver’s hand, “Please, don’t use my spatula to scrape food off the floor.”

Host narrates softly as he searches for something and then smiles triumphantly when he finds a loaf of bread. “How do you feel about French toast?” he directs the question towards Mark.

“It’s… good?” Mark answers, not meaning for it to come out as a question.

“Good,” Host says. Wilford hands him the bowl full of ingredients, and Host begins carefully mixing them together. Bim sets the skillet on the oven and turns up the heat. Without even asking what he turned it on, Host reaches over and turns the eye down a bit. “Bim burns everything,” he explains to Mark before he can even ask.

Silver finally gets the remains of the pie cleaned up before Wilford can start eating it off the floor. “Can I be of any assistance, Host?”

Host starts soaking the pieces of bread in the bowl and nods towards the formal dining room off the kitchen. “Sure, go set the table for everyone. I can hear the Doctor coming now.” Host places two pieces of bread carefully in the sizzling skillet, avoiding burning his fingers. “And don’t forget the syrup! Keep it away from Wilford until I get the toast done!”

Wilford makes a face at the Host’s back. “I can sense you doing that, Wilford. Go have a seat while I finish up.”

Mark laughs a bit to himself as Wilford stalks off, and he grabs some plates for Host to put the French toast on when it’s done. “Is this normally how lunch goes around here?”

Host shrugs. “We don’t always have breakfast for lunch, if that’s what you mean.”

The Doctor walks into the kitchen a moment later. “Host, French toast, really? That’s not very healthy.”

“It’s got eggs in it,” Host argues. “Besides, you can put fruit on yours, if you want.” Dr. Iplier shrugs and goes to find a spot at the table.

Mark watches him go and then looks back to the Host. “I didn’t know you could cook, Host. This is impressive.”

“If you want extra pieces of toast, you can just ask. No need to butter me up,” the Host replies flatly as he begins to plate the food. “Speaking of butter, grab some, will you? And please,” Host says, flipping a piece of toast in the skillet, “don’t eat it.”

Mark gasps a little in surprise as he reaches into the fridge for the butter. “Host! I didn’t know you watched my videos!” He can’t even imagine how the Host would watch his videos, but he thinks it would be rude to ask.

The Host shakes his head. “Shut up and sit down before you make me burn this.” But as Mark leaves, he sees the little smile on Host’s face, and it makes him smile, too.

Youtube Gaming Host Club

It’s finally done! I think I could’ve done better with the background and all that, but I had already spent all my youth making this -____-;;

This is the longest I’ve ever taken in making art, so I really hope people like it! I’m kinda proud of how it turned out, even though I know I messed up some stuff.



ロイヤルホスト 仙川駅前店@仙川町1丁目

Tonight was fun. I didn’t even go out for fireworks.

Sheila and I have great neighbors. We enjoy spending time with them. This afternoon’s cookout served two purposes.

First, the 4th of July holiday was a great excuse to hang out, eat, and drink with friends. There were eight couples. Several children came and went. A few dogs hung around until fireworks noise drove them inside.

As I look at the group photo I wish I had thought to get more group photos, from childhood on. It would be so cool to have a picture of all the kids on my home street when we were growing up. A group picture of the guys I hung out with in high school would have been nice to have.

*sigh* Those were the days before cell phones, selfies, and free digital photos. Who remembers Fotomat kiosks or getting film developed at a drug store? They sent film out to a lab so we had to wait a week to see if the pictures even turned out OK.

Second, one of the couples is moving from our street. The husband recently retired. They are downsizing and moving to a town-home in a nearby city. Our host offered up a toast to these fine people. We shared fun stories and memories. Then they were declared honorary residents of our street forever.

I want to give Chibnall a big, sloppy kiss

And I’ll tell you why.

First, one of the reasons I fell in love with Broadchurch was because of the lack of manufactured sexual tension between MIller and Hardy. It was the main reason I had gone off police procedurals in the first place. 

Miller and Hardy are a boon to non-shippers everywhere - I was able to concentrate on the story, without being derailed by longing gazes and will-they-or-wont-they tropes…until season two. Chibnall had quite a laugh, but I didn’t lose hope. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m glad they have reached a place of tentative peace in their own lives. They are obviously friends, although Hardy remains prickly to the end. Perhaps something will develop down the line. Perhaps no. 

And I like it that way.

Originally posted by cartersreese

On to the bigger point:

Fan fiction writers, REJOICE!

You can write whatever your merry heart desires - it can be canon to you. Wanna write Miller and Hardy being together 4EVA? Do it. Miller and Hardy being buddies in crime solving into perpetuity? DO EET.

It’s all good. 

My only quibble is that there is no exposition about Hardy’s past. What happened to his father, and his sister? Why is he so afraid of water?

More importantly, why did Chibnall drop all those subtle hints about these things, and give us no closure? Considering how specific they were in the writing and cinematography, I find it hard to believe it was a pointless plot bunny, a dead end. 

Oh well.

Fanfiction can, and will fix a host of ills.


Cheesy Chicken Taco Skillet adapted from Host the Toast. Yummy!!!
We have shredded chicken, rice, black beans, corn, onion, red bell pepper, rotel, avocado, and cheese. Topped with green onions and cilantro. I put this on top of some tortilla chips, Dad made himself a burrito, and mom just called it a chipotle bowl and had it with a spoon. It was so good!

christmas is literally my FAVORITE time of year , with all the parties for hosting && marshmallows for toasting . c; . i’m so lame , the day after thanksgiving my car radio changed to christmas music && hasn’t moved from that station a single time . but tis the season to be jolly , && spread the cheer , such && such . so i decided to do a giveaway since i also hit a milestone yesterday . i love you all bunches && i want you all to stay safe this holiday season !!! i’m always around ( sorta . but will be after exams finish next friday . ) if any of you need to talk . xx GIVEAWAY TIME , this ends december 24th , you may reblog as many times as you want , likes only count after you’ve reblogged once , must be following me , do not unfollow right after cause that’s r00d . TWO people will win a fully customized theme by your’s truly && they will be able to pick one person each to get a fully customized theme as well ( or you can choose for me to just use a random generator ) . ONE person will get a complete blog makeover , meaning theme + header + promo + 100 icons . merry christmas && happy holidays guys . <3

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There Was Always An Us

Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x reader (kind of.)

Summary: Tony confesses his love for you at Steve’s and your engagment party.

Word Count: 1415


The last few days, you had been completely over the moon. Steve, your boyfriend of two years, had proposed to you a week ago. Of course you had yes, and couldn’t have been happier ever since.
After telling the rest of the Avengers about the good news, they had all been overexcited and insisted on hosting a engagment party. Steve and you had agreed, and now it was Friday evening and all your friends had assembled in the Avengers Tower.

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