host that again i loved the years you hosted

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Hi there! Super excited you guys are going to Fanime again :) will you have a booth/be hosting panels? I Would love to come say hi again! Happy cosplaying! Jessica <3 Aka the Katatina who fangirled so hard talking to you guys last year <3


And we ARE hosting a panel, attending gatherings, and MCing the Masquerade!! 

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I'm not even in the pbb and I'm annoyed with this too?? They did this last year as well. I remember it was like two weeks into the month of fic releases and all of us were like uh is this still happening or??? And they were completely mia then came back saying that all mods were busy with life stuff and it's just like... really? You guys planned this months ago, shouldn't there have been more people as mods? Idk I still find that really shady. Don't change plans at the last min pbb mods!

I’m gonna be real with you, Nonny, I’ve had issue with a lot of the things that have happened with PBB? Like a lot of the times I’ve wondered if the mods are writers that have participated in big bangs before? Because there were a lot of things that could have worked (having betas available, having artist choose stories to work on) that needed more care and because they didn’t have care aren’t working (betas that are mismatched in age or willingness to do what a writer needed, artist sign ups taking longer??? than expected or something??). And its not like fandom hasn’t been doing big bangs for years, and there aren’t tons of examples to replicate.

I don’t know, I’ve never modded a comm or a fest before, so I’ve been hesitant to say anything outside of private conversations and I get it! Hosting a fest can be hard, hosting a fest with so many people can be time consuming but if you aren’t willing to put that time in (and find alternatives if you absolutely can’t put that time in) then why become a mod?

Honestly, a lot of the things that have come up (beta mismatches, poor time management, mod responses), have really put me off the fest and I don’t know if I’ll do it again next year. I love the structure of a fic fest and the sort of excitement that comes with it, but I really don’t like the ways it feels really disorganized. 

All that said, my fic is getting posted soon and I’m super excited to share it with y’all, so if nothing else, the fest gave me the space to be really disciplined about keeping to myself and just working on the fic and is getting me some beautiful art from @psychicmoth, so its not all bad?

Secret Santa 2017


Last year, the ever-lovely @tcrmommabear and I hosted a Secret Santa event for the TCR fandom. We’ve decided to try and host it again, and since it worked out so well last year, we think we’re going to stick with the same format.

The Basics:

Anyone who wants to take part must contact me or @tcrmommabear by 2nd November with a wishlist of 3-5 prompts. (Check out last year’s wishlist for reference.) 

Then TCRmommabear will contact you with the name of the person you’re Secret Santa-ing for, and you have until late December (TBC) to create something that matches one of the recipient’s prompts from their wishlist.

This can be anything, as long as it’s something you’ve created. Art, writing, gifs, etc. Surprise us. 

Post your creation to your tumblr page, tagging the recipient. Everyone’s happy.

The Dates:

2nd November: Cut-off deadline for applying with wishlists

Late December/TBC: Post your pieces

MAMA 2016 Award Host: Welcome to the 2016 MAMA Awards! I will be presenting the award for best newgroup/boygroup/girlgroup/worldgroup/rapgroup/countrygroup/jazzgroup/balladgroup/soundtrackgroup/dancegroup! Aaand the awards go toooo…..EXO!! Congratulations guys!

YG & JYP: Wait….what???

MAMA Awards 2016 Host: Thanks for coming everyone! *turns off lights, sweep floors, locks the door*

YG:B-but i bought half the showtime again this year!

JYP: Yeah and I had a cringeworthy booty shaking performance planned!!

SM: *coos* You did well my lovelies, you did well.

SM: *Collects all of his pretty idols. Places them back in their cases. Begins plotting 2017’s takeover*


“Host: Do you like China?

 Kevin: Yeah We love China a lot 

Host: WHAT WHAT WHAT? This is too much! Say that again! 

Judge: Too much! 

Kevin: I love China a lot 

Judge: Woah, so beijing (the accent) 

Host: You are too much! Your Chinese is so good and you made me put in so much effort translating to English! 

Kevin: I lived in China for one and a half years and studied Chinese in Beijing Uni and Qinghua Uni 

Audience claps like crazy 

Judge: Woah Qinghua (implying that it’s a really good school & she’s impressed) 

Host: Woah you studied Chinese in 2 good schools! Beijing Uni and Qinghua uni! Are you purposely here to anger us? 

Kevin: I think that my time in China left me a very deep and lasting impression. (audience goes crazy because the Chinese word for impression is a hard phrase.) 

Host: OMG 

Kevin: I got a very precious experience because it exposed me to the Chinese culture, entertainment, music. It influenced me very positively and we are really happy to be here. We think that coming onto this show is a great honour. (uses a difficult phrase here and audience goes crazy)”  


•Haikyuu!! (Iwaoi/bokuaka/kuroken/tsukkiyama/kagehina)

•One-punch man

•Tokyo Ghoul

•Junjou Romantica

•Sekai ichi Hatsukoi


•Shingeki no Kyojin


•Love Live!

•Kuroko no basket



•Ouran Highschool Host Club

•Sailor Moon

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2014 in Film – #63 – Snowpiercer (2013) – Grade: A+

Instead of hell freezing over, earth froze over. This film made it clear that classism will always be a thing, no matter what’s going on. The struggle is real.

- Should you see this? Yes!!
- Why? Because it’s a very entertaining film.

Film Points:

  • Chris Evans is really cute.
  • The director is awesome. I saw a film of his called The Host two years ago which I love. It was actually the first film I ever logged about on this blog. Review here.
  • Visually awesome: all of the effects, especially the snow, are great to look at.
  • Very creative story.
  • It pulls at your heart strings.
  • Kang-ho Song and Ah-sung Ko together again as father and daughter.

Film Lows: nothing