host spoilers

Those who have not read the manga will never experience:
  • Haruhi melting when Tamaki tells her his name in French.
  • the joy of Tamaki playfully stealing a kiss from Haruhi on a trip and her blushing like love-struck school girl because of it.
  • “Carmen.”
  • Tamaki actually being trilingual and reading really complex books in English. 
  • Ranka and Yusuru becoming friends.
  • Mori being Superman.
  • Tamaki finding Haruhi’s “weakness.”
10 Reasons Kyoya and Tamaki Make A Good Couple

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION. I’M A MULTI-SHIPPER. I like them each with different people, but they’re my favorite together. Please don’t yell at me for my opinion, and I won’t yell at you for yours.

1.) They understand each other and why they’re the way they are

2.) They’d never try to change the other

3.) They already call each other “Mama” and “Daddy”. I mean, really!

4.) They look out for each other

5.) They will stand up for one another without a second thought

6.) Tamaki is pretty much the only one who has seen every side of Kyoya and has stuck around

7.) Kyoya is pretty much the only one who would go to France and spend his entire vacation looking for Tamaki’s mom to make sure she’s okay, and to see if he can do anything for her. Why’d he do this? He knew it would make Tamaki happy, that’s why.

8.) Kyoya knows about Tamaki’s family troubles (Grandma, Dad, and Mom) and is understanding.

9.) Tamaki knows about Kyoya’s family troubles (Father and all his older brothers) and helps him get in good with his Father. (By making sure Kyoya’s dad knows he’s in league with Tamaki’s family)

10.) They’re just really freaking adorable together, okay?!?!?

Yuri!!! On Ice and problematic anime tropes

Something I noticed in today’s episode of Yuri!!! On ice. Warning, this is image heavy. Also, disclaimer, These thoughts are my own, and I’d be happy to describe/explain in greater detail, because I acknowledge that in some instances I may have oversimplified!

After watching episode 10, I think I can safely conclude something that I have suspected for a while now: Yuri!!! On Ice smashes the Overly Affectionate Foreigner trope.

The Overly Affectionate Foreigner trope, as I have named it, features a character from a non-Japanese background, who does very gay things, and doesn’t get called out for being very gay, because everyone else simply accepts that since this character is a foreigner, this is how they express platonic affection. (Think Gay or European.)

An example of this trope is Ouran High School Host Club’s Suoh Tamaki. Tamaki is half-French and half-Japanese. In the anime, he jumps straight into flirting with Haruhi after meeting her, despite thinking that she’s a guy. Additionally, after her Host Makeover™, he’s shown clearly falling for her.

(idk about you but that looks pretty gay to me)

Through his interactions with Haruhi and the rest of the host club, Tamaki’s actions put across the message that he is, in fact, pretty gay. However, partly because of the fact that he is foreign, he is absolved of any of this sexuality. He’s written off as just another “stupid gaijin”, and coded firmly heterosexual.

This trope is problematic, because firstly, it’s pretty much queerbaiting. Tamaki isn’t actually gay despite his actions indicating otherwise, and LGBT* people looking for honest representation are left disappointed again. Additionally, it’s also a reductive stereotype of foreigners, and as we all know, racism, however subtle, isn’t very nice.

Victor Nikiforov, on the other hand, is a subversion of this trope, as Episode 10 will reveal.

When I first started watching Yuri!!! On Ice, I assumed that Victor’s treatment of Yuuri would be brushed off in the same way; as just another Overly Affectionate Foreigner who would then be firmly coded straight. For example, as shown in Episode 2. Victor leans forward and cups Yuuri’s chin, and Yuuri recoils. Victor is then visibly surprised.

I didn’t think of this much when I first saw it, but after Episode 10, one thing becomes clear. Perhaps Victor didn’t know Yuuri too well at that party, and the impression that he got of Yuuri was one of a fun-loving, uninhibited boy who danced with stars in his eyes. Also, Yuuri also dry-humped him in public, so there’s that.

This first meeting was the reason behind these initial affections of Victor’s. He expected Yuuri to be just as touchy-feely, and was surprised when Yuuri jumped away. These were gestures and actions that had a thought process behind them, and therefore can’t be written off as part of the Overly Affectionate Foreigner trope. They’re genuine!

And this representation is one of the reasons why I like Yuri!!! On Ice as much as I do. Thank you Mitsurou Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto for going against the grain and giving us this pure, pure anime.

Sidenote: This first encounter also explains a lot of things about Victor and Yuuri’s relationship. For example, why Victor flew out of Russia to coach him. Why Victor wanted Yuuri to skate Eros instead of Agape. Why their relationship is even a thing. Also, why Christophe grabbed Yuuri’s butt that first time, and why he complained about “not being invited this time round”.

How Searching for A.W. Should Have Ended

Tyki: Where’s Allen, Wisely?

Wisely: Don’t know

Tyki: What do you mean you don’t know. YOU CAN READ MINDS.


Allen: *current status: lost as all get out*


I don’t post much on Tumblr. I prefer to just lurk about, look at fanart, read fics, and stay tf away from all the toxicity and drama surrounding fandom.

But for right now - fuck all that noise. I’m entering the war zone.

I’ve been peeping on the SW fandom for about the last year and a half now, and something has come to my attention - some people… predominantly, it seems, anti-reylo shippers - are so incredibly vile, ruthlessly harsh, and just generally terrible to other people who are just trying to enjoy their reading of the film in peace.

And I mean, it’s not even like y’all (antis) have the correct reading of the film? You guys have CATEGORICALLY MISINTERPRETED everything you use as bait for why the Reylo ship is “wrong” “immoral” or “disgusting.” I’ve seen so many antis claiming that Kylo Ren won’t be getting a redemption arc and is a ruthless murderer with no regrets, yet the subtext of TFA, the SCRIPT ITSELF, dialogue in the novel, and specific comments from fucking JJ Abrams and Adam Driver himself refute that. You can’t argue that it’s incest, because at this point everyone associated with the series has essentially come out and said she isn’t a Skywalker or a Solo. To claim that Rey was “raped” by him and imply that it’s an abusive relationship is to -

1). Strip Rey of all her agency and overlook the fact that she has been established as a strong character who can defend herself (because, idk if you recall, but every time she encounters Kylo Ren…she defeats him). They have consistently been established as equals both in battle and in their abilities in the force, and to suggest she can’t hold her own against him is just blatantly ignoring the text. (And, going off the anti argument, when she enters his mind, that means she also “rapes” him, but I guess we can all overlook that because Daisy Ridley is a pretty, defenseless little woman and Adam Driver is a big, scary, superior man, right?).

2). To only have the capacity to understand text and character development as it’s presented to you in its most basic form. Y’all know this is a trilogy, right? See, what typically happens is that - over the course of a series of films - the characters change and drastically develop beyond what was presented to the audience in the first movie. This is what we call character development.

Do you guys seriously believe that every single Reylo shipper thinks they’re going to jump each other’s bones based on the mutual disdain for each other that was presented in TFA? FUCK NO! The Reylo speculation is centered around the potential we see for future development between the two, romantic or otherwise. It’s based on canon evidence in the novel and script. It’s based on comments from JJ Abrams, Lucasfilm and co. who suggest - nay, outright STATE - that the destinies of these two characters are specifically tied up in their relationship to one another. And now we have a poster, a trailer, and a whole host of spoilers to indicate that Reylo shippers are headed in the right direction in terms of character development and plot speculation. Don’t believe me? There are pages and pages worth of meta and Reylo-centered analysis circa 2015 - 2016 that has, as of recent news and revelations, pretty much hit the nail on the head. While y’all are still just hoping she’s a Skywalker.

The last thing I’m going to bring up is the the utter VENOM that is spat at people minding their own business, enjoying the SW series, and creating their art, totally unprompted, from antis. To call someone a pedophile based on a ship with a ten year age gap (the same age gap between Han and Leia, I might add, but you guys seem totes cool with that) is outrageous, offensive, and trivializes pedophilia. To call someone a racist because of their ship is, again, utterly outrageous, baseless, and wholly dismissive of POC shippers (like myself). Unless you see someone consistently posting pictures of swastikas and spewing hateful, anti-minority rhetoric, you - just another random, bitter asshole on Tumblr - have no right to call someone a Nazi, again trivializing the experiences of those who have had to deal with *actual* racism, stereotyping and social injustice. And if you think we’re sexist? I invite you to revisit Point 1.

Sorry for the long-ass rant. But people should just ship and let ship. There’s no need for the bullying, policing, name-calling, or even taking any of this shit so SERIOUSLY to the point where you would go out of your way to hurt others. Because at the end of the day, we’re all just watching a series of children’s films about space wizards with light-up swords. CHILL.

headcanon that it’s traditional on Fest for the woman to ask for the dude’s hand in marriage 


  • cue Cassian pining after Jyn 
  • longingly staring at Jyn whilst cleaning his gun
    • the one she stole from him
    • it’s a metaphor for his heart
    • I do mean his *actual* gun not like ~his gun~
  • Kaytoo being torn between actually giving Jyn info on Festian traditions or like not
  • did I mention pining?
  • also Jyn who’s like cautiously happy with what they have but like lowkey certain that one day he’s going to leave
    • because everyone leaves
    • everyone
  • so like pining
  • mutual pining
  • I have no idea where I’m going with this
  • because like
  • tradition
  • and pining
  • pining
How to save a friend
  • *At a rooftop*
  • Friend: I'm going to jump!
  • Me: No you can't!
  • Friend: Why? Why can't I jump?!
  • Me: Because Yato and Hiyori is going to be canon and you will miss it, Fairy Tail is having a 2nd movie, Attack On Titan Season 2 is coming out soon, and finally... Ouran High School Host club is having a 2nd season!
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: *runs out the door*

Haha it’s okay. I knew what you meant. (He’s my favorite, too). 

It was actually a shoulder massage, not a back rub - Kyoya was really tense and Tamaki, being the amazing and slightly invasive friend that he is, tried to help him relax a bit. I’ll post the mangacap if I can find it. I can’t remember which chapter that’s in.

Kyoya has so many layers. Haruhi said it best herself, that while he tries to put on this cold façade, being a good guy comes so naturally to him. One thing about Kyoya is his loyalty - it takes a lot to earn, but once someone has it, he’ll do anything to help them out.

Here are a few ways the manga elaborates more on his human side:

  • He is a key player in getting Tamaki to admit his feelings for Haruhi.
  • He makes sure Haruhi is always successful and, when something jeopardizes that, he ensures that it’s eliminated.
  • He does everything within his power and then some to make sure Tamaki is reunited with his mother.
  • He does everything within his power and then some to make sure nobody even thinks about bringing harm to his friends.
  • He genuinely respects each and every one of his friends and will help them no matter how much of a toll it may take on himself. 

If you want to know A LOT more detail, continue ahead. CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.

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