host scenes

Mark dressed up as the host and needing the rest of teamiplier to help him find his seat so he doesn’t trip and fall over things

Mark dressed up as Darkiplier and trying to be all serious but messing up the lines and making himself laugh completely out of character

Mark dressed up as any of the Ipliers and talking in character offscreen or when not being recorded


Markiplier TV???

There have been so many theories about Markiplier TV that I’m sure someone else has realized this already, but I’m gonna try anyways.
So if you look at the layout of the table of the Ipliers of course the first thing you notice is Dark at one end and Wilford at the other. Now they are two of Marks biggest most popular characters, but I think it’s bigger than that.
So the layout of the table going clockwise is Dark, Google, Ed, Bim Trimmer, Wilford, Silver Shepherd, Dr. Iplier and The Host.

My theory on Darkiplier/Google/The Host: If we look at the layout of the table, this puts Google at Dark’s left side and Host at Dark’s right, which makes him (The Host) Darks “right hand man”.
Now we all know that Dark wants control, in Markiplier TV his immediate question for Wilford is “How is this going to help us take back control?” and in A Date With Markiplier because as Mark has explained Dark is envious of what Mark has accomplished and wants control. The reason in my opinion that Host is his right hand man is because the Host has control over people, he can tell them what to do and they do it, while Google needed to ask for control from Mattias in “Google IRL”, this puts them all in a trio of power hungered people.

My Theory on Wilford/Bim/Silver Shepherd:
Wilford now is a bit of a loose canon, but for Markiplier TV, he created all of that, every single speck of it was him and its because he wants another part of what Mark has:
He even says “This is revolutionary, it’s gonna change everything we know about television”, and if you look at who his Right hand man is, it’s Bim Trimmer who we all know was a game show host, and even Silver Shepherd “Took a break from crime to pursue a job in entertainment” which puts the two of them in spots in entertainment and fame, so the three of them all want the fame that Mark has.

Slight Theory On Ed/Dr. Iplier:
Now these two are a PAIN to figure out really, because they’re both sort of true neutral for a better way of explaining it. Dr. Iplier just wants to do his doctor job and Ed Edgar wants to sell his son, but in the end I think Ed will side with Wilford and Dr. Iplier with Dark, and here’s why: Ed Edgar has been in commercials which means he’s had his “fifteen seconds of fame” and in Markiplier TV he even wanted to have more show time, so I think he might join Wilford because of that.
Dr. Iplier now, he’s a doctor and he has control over whether or not his patients die, so if the control he had over that was taken he might join Dark, or he’ll join him just for more power anyways.


Hikaru: We are both interested in taking you to the Valentine’s dance, but we are also brothers.
Kaoru: It is of utmost importance we protect that brotherhood from the stresses of courting you, so we’re trying to be as direct and above-board about this as possible.
Both: Will you go to the dance with one of us, and if so, which one?
Haruhi: Okay, we need to get something straight first. This is the cutest thing that’s ever happened to me. 


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Looks™ by Even

lets start off with mr. hot and movie star even, just casually sitting there with his feet propped up on the table like nbd and don’t be fooled, he actually is this flawless 

imma just take a moment to now mention joint-tucked-behind-my-ear even, its crucial to show how extra even really is

and just for the aesthetic, imma add the oh so famous remake of the talk show host scene where even is a literal movie star figure and he just HAS to bring out the shades because he’s that guy

we got some lounging!even w his hood up, no shoes, chilling on the floor action going on. theres more hoodie up action coming up, stay tuned 

now this is just put in here because even is just so effortlessly beautiful but this is even tryna act cool and collected but secretly his heart is beating super fast

now for one of my personal favorites, the time where even got us ALL shook with his extra ass self, with the whole jean jacket shoulder thing going on. honestly, he’s too extra, why is he like dis


next we got wet hair and wet body and wet shirt and just WET even with his shoulders just there being all broad and hot and ugh wow what a look (shook)

hey we got another example of this hood up cute look by even. what a puppy. what a lil baby. isaks lil baby. so cute wow, PLUS he’s wearing our favorite shirt thats been passed around

now we got “hey we just had a magical day which included lots of great conversations and cuddling and i slept over but i snuck out in the morning and haven’t spoken to you in like 2 days but hey im back and imma fuck around and hook up with sonja in 2 days but i look good” look. honestly what even is that scarf

another personal favorite, frat boy, super chill and laid back even. honestly, ill be very offended if i don’t see this kind of guy in frat parties next year when im off at university. that is all.

ok now my heart is breaking at this one but here is “i just broke your heart and my own heart but im just going to watch over you by a distance and hope you’re out and sneak drawings into your locker and pocket and ill still love and wait for you and maybe purposely run into you in the shop” look

heres a lil sad puppy whose terribly in love and just wants to b loved and saved in return and is sorry for leaving but is also really horny and wants to fuck

and now we got even being the flawless being that he is and rocking the whole white shirt thing with isaks grey sweatpants. “mr. cooking in the kitchen the morning after. mr. i didn’t leave this time, im here, i love you. mr. I LOVE GABRIELLE. mr. say im the man of your dreams” look with his signature lil hair piece flopping on his forehead

self explanatory. we can’t forget even’s pale ass getting mAC DONAldSS

bringing back another personal fav: the look where even is terrified and super in love but he’s also really ill and just needs someone to save him and be there for him. protect this boy at all costs please

here we have cuddly and sleepy and ill even but not to worry! isak is there for him, saving him right back. how adorable is he

this look is actual proof that even bech naesheim is the literal sun and he’s very beautiful and deserves all the love and support from the world. isaks grey sweatpants are making a comeback!!! and also the reused hoodie

and to finish off with another one of my favorites, the happy!even look. so cute and happy and disgustingly in love with his lover and its the perfect look to finish off the season and hopefully that look was proof he’s season 4 main LMAO IM OUT

Peter Grant (ROL) Love

I was thinking recently about why I love Peter Grant. I discovered Rivers of London when I was really craving an urban fantasy series, because I like urban fantasy, but nothing I tried out fit the bill. Everything seemed to follow a particular template where the hero (male or female) solved every problem by intimidating someone with a gun, or a magic spell, or blackmail, or the sheer force of their macho. And these same narratives seemed to emphasize the hero’s deep inner pain to an absurd degree. (I actually love an angsty longsuffering hero, but part of what makes a proper angsty longsuffering hero is that they don’t moan on and on about their pain. Especially when I’m also supposed to believe that they’re ultra-macho.)

Then I came across Rivers of London. Peter Grant immediately won me over simply by being a grownup. He cooperates with others. He acts decisively when necessary, but his first instincts are not to engage in violence. He doesn’t instinctively measure everyone he meets in order to decide if he can take them out.

I know I’m speaking to what’s wrong with the competition rather than what’s specifically awesome about this series, so I ought to at least mention Peter’s snarky humor, creative worldbuilding, an interesting cast, and great use of an urban setting. Or the way anyone can learn magic if they study hard enough, in contrast to so many stories that rely on inborn talent. Or the humor and fascination of watching Peter insist on scientifically investigating magic in the face of his mentor’s skepticism. Or a host of other things. But honestly, the simple fact of Peter acting like an adult was the first thing to win me over.

Peter’s most dramatic actions often come when he’s defending other people. Take the evac scene near the end of Broken Homes, for example. Peter knows there’s a bomb in the building he’s in, and he’s been ordered to safety. Instead he goes door to door, warning people, not knowing how long he has. Not everyone believes him or will listen, so Peter measures out the seconds, thinking both of his own life, and of every other person who he hasn’t warned yet. He’s terrified, but he just keeps going.

Six books in and I don’t remember ever seeing Peter kick ass in a fight. Maybe he did and it just slipped my mind. In-universe, he’s growing more and more powerful, but he’s also up against powerful enemies. From outside the universe, it’s pretty clear that Aaronovitch is rewarding readers who want a different type of heroism than mere ass-kicking. I imagine it will come eventually, and I imagine I’ll really enjoy it. But along the way, there will have been a host of scenes like Peter organizing the evacuation, or Peter stealing an ambulance and driving into a river to save someone’s life despite knowing he’s going to look like an idiot and end up in trouble.