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From now on, you can just call me AFB, or Anon From Before. I just wanted to drop by and give you an idea for the final scene: Host is busy with his research when he senses that something bad has happened to Dr Iplier. Host rushes to the clinic and finds him dead, an empty syringe sitting on the desk next to him. A notebook is open on his lap, containing what seems to be weeks of test results. This final injection, however, had only made things worse. Host is found mourning next to the corpse.

Now see that’s good, but I already planned the ending out~
And it’s gonna be a little worse than that. Though I’ll keep it in mind!
I got u AFB. No need to worry. I shall angst it up real good for you.

Mark dressed up as the host and needing the rest of teamiplier to help him find his seat so he doesn’t trip and fall over things

Mark dressed up as Darkiplier and trying to be all serious but messing up the lines and making himself laugh completely out of character

Mark dressed up as any of the Ipliers and talking in character offscreen or when not being recorded


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top five starter anime series | (as voted by my followers)

# 2 : ouran high school host club (2006)

“Those with the wherewithal - first, in social standing, and second, in money, spend their time here, at the private Ouran Academy. As such, Ouran Host Club is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain and charm girls, who also have too much time on their hands. It is the school’s own personal, elegant playground for the super rich.

which of the egos had a scene phase tho, having neon colored dyed hair, blasting blood on the dance floor, and going “I’M SO RANDOM NYAAAAAAAN XDDDDDDDD”

which of the egos had an emo phase where they wore my chemical romance merch 24/7, went to the Vans Warped Tour 4+ years in a row, and posted emo poetry on their social medias like its #deep and #heartbreaking

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Imagine being engaged to Jensen and being involved in a scandal when you’re seen out on a “date” with your ex, Tom Hiddleston.

Related to these: Imagine while at the Comic Con with your boyfriend Jensen, you run into your ex Tom whose feelings for you have not changed one bit. (Part 1)

Imagine getting a role in a movie with your ex Tom and Jensen, your current boyfriend, getting jealous and worried. (Part 2)

Imagine Jensen, your boyfriend, visiting you on set when you have a intense kissing scene with your ex and costar, Tom. (Part 3)

Was he angry? He didn’t know. Was he mad beyond belief you lied? He didn’t know. Was he heartbroken? He didn’t know. Was he all of that and much more? He knew.

But was he breathing, could he even move and was he going to say a word anytime soon? Oh that he didn’t know at all. The only thing Jensen found himself capable of doing was stare at the computer’s screen with what felt like a hole in his chest. He didn’t want to believe it, that he knew, and he wanted to attribute it just to the media wanting to make money out of something that didn’t exist. But Jensen wasn’t all that sure it didn’t exist or was true because he had seen the way Tom looked at his fiance. He had seen the way Tom moved around you, talked and the proximity he kept. Well, it was nonexistent sometimes, because there would always be an arm around your shoulders or waist or at the very least a hand on top of yours.

“Baby, have you seen my favorite necklace?” your voice rang in the house and it made him jump, finally blinking as he took a much-needed deep breath in. Considering how much his chest hurt he thought it wasn’t just because of the video he’d just watched but also him holding his breath.

“Baby?” your voice was softer and more clear as you were closer “Jens? Are you even listening to me?” worry laced your voice as you walked into the room, finishing putting your earrings on.

“Honey if you don’t speak back I- I am seriously going to start worrying here.” your voice shook as you approached him but before you could place a hand on his shoulder, he stood up abruptly and made you stumble backwards as he pushed past you to get a beer from the fridge. Well, that wasn’t good for sure.

“Jensen” you frowned, pursing your lips “What’s going on?”

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