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Forget the Ipliers right now let's get some headcanons on the Host's cats

*cracks knuckles*

He can see through the eyes of his gray cat and always finds her witnessing the strangest things. She’s pretty quiet and prefers to hang around his shoulders like a fluffy, squirmy scarf. She eats only the fanciest of food and often barges into Dark’s office to drink the expensive wine Dark can’t even have

Tubs Noir is big and squishy and loves tripping people by running against their legs. He will literally eat any sort of garbage. The Host loves squishing their faces together

Newt is the tiniest and loudest one. He’s orange and always ready to fight and loves climbing things. He keeps the king of the Squirrels company when he gets stuck in trees

According to Plan {Closed Starter}

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Light footsteps padded the halls of the building, like a predator on the hunt. Dark eyes never wandering around, only moving when the one that possessed them rounded a corner. This was the third time he had passed by the door he wanted to crash through. The previous meeting had not gone well.

It began like they all did: Wilford being late, nothing useful was put forth in the plan of taking back their control, and an argument breaking out. Mainly between the maniac in suspenders and him. Dark breathed in through his nose, he was not happy and as he neared the door on his fourth circle, he knocked on the wood with his knuckles.

“Host, we need to talk…”


Club Pulse Presents August Alsina Live Hosted by Knuckle Head