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have some more anime boys in your life

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i hope i blessed your feed😘


Wow it’s been a whole year and I’m almost to 800 followers! Thank you for this amazing year and to show my appreciation, I’ll list some animes that you need to watch and totally recommend them!!!

1. Snow White With The Red Hair

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2. Yuri On Ice!!!!

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3. Fairy Tail

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4. Cardcaptor Sakura & Tsubasa Chronicles

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5. Maid Sama

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6. Yona Of The Dawn

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7. Sailor Moon

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8. Ouran Highschool Host Club

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9. Kamisama Kiss

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10. Noragami

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Bonuses: Fruits Basket, Orange, Inuyasha & La Corda d’oro (just a few extras)

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Once Again, Thank you so much for everything and I hope you can stay with me for another amazing year, NOW IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

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Anime Recommendations

Why hello people of the internet! Here are some anime recommendations. If you want to hear more about these anime I will be posting a video on my YouTube channel soon.

10. Yona of The Dawn

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9. Vampire Knight (because Zero. Like come on Zero!)

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8. Snow White with the Red Hair

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7. Maid-sama

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6. Ouran High School Host Club

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5. Fruits Basket

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4. Attack on Titan

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3. The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

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2. Kamisama Hajimemashita

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1. Noragami

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Is it possible for hardcore anime fans to not bitch about English dubs or did they sign a contract explicitly saying that they have to comment on every English dub video on YouTube with “This is cancer”?

Yes, it’s personal preference but nobody gives a shit if you didn’t like the dub so why bother being a douche about it?

Go watch the subbed version instead of wasting your time on the dubbed if that’s how you feel.

Ugh, I’m just so sick of this…

|| Funny Anime Moments That Get Me All The Time ||


Has this been done yet?

It has come to my recent attention that I haven’t drawn anything about Teru’s awesome hairdo… So I had to rectify that!

When I was trying to come up with an idea– I started thinking about a certain scene of Gokusen (anime) where Class 2-4 was doing a host club for the school festival… So this is my take on ‘what if Teruki’s class did a host club?’ XD A classmate of his decided to pull a little prank~ Oh, and his suit colour is the same as Shin~

Haha, I’ve already started doing a continuous train on what else could go with his hair, which I might post up later… You have been warned! :P

|| A Thousand Years ||

  • Me: I will watch this new show/film casually. No need to have another ship to be obsessed with
  • Badass female character: "appears"
  • Me: hmmmm.....
  • Dorky/Snarky character: "shares the scene with her"
  • Me: oh god no
  • Badass female character: "kicks their ass"
  • Me: oh well:) at least:) i tried ;) ;)
Pricing & Etiquette

“Your Prices Are Too Expensive I Could Do XYZ Myself For Cheaper”

Whether it is tarot, scrying, sigil making, spell weaving, poetry, candle making, wand crafting, and so on, most of us require payment for our time and experience.

While you could surely grab a deck of tarot cards and lay a spread for yourself it will NEVER be the same method and results as I use. It may be similar but my readings have been shaped by 8+ years of experience, studying and my own life and relationships.

What you don’t realize is you’re paying for the person’s time, effort, and materials should they use them. Some examples could be candles, incense, offerings, crystals, notebooks, decks and so on.

Tumblr has always been a very “free expecting” culture. Artwork, stories, crafts… These people DESERVE compensation for their work. Artists ALREADY have a hard enough time in their field without you complaining that their rates are out of your price range.

If an artist lowers their pricing for you it hurts ALL OTHER ARTISTS ON THE MARKET.

Low balling sets the lower price standard and people expect that. As a result people lose.

In Salem readings run $70-$100 a pop.
And I think that’s reasonable considering they have to pay the shop hosting them (like a hair salon).

The next time you want to complain about pricing I do encourage you to try to read for yourself. See how much effort, time, and patience it really takes.

Maybe you’ll learn some respect in the process.

{Top 10 Most Romantic Anime Couple} || 

10. Best Friends Since Childhood, An Ex-General/Protector Falling In Love With A Princess…

9. Repaying A Debt, A Rich Teen/Pianist Falling In Love With A Commoner/Honor Student…

8. Looking For A New Future, A Dragon Falling In Love With A Star…

7. Living A Double Life, A Prince/”Average Student” Falling In Love With A Maid/Student Council President…

6. On A Journey To Recover A Powerful Jewel, A Half Demon Falling In Love With A Priestess/Human…

5.Becoming A Land Goddess, A Wild Yokai Falling Love With A Human/Land Goddess…

4. Collecting Magic Cards, A Little Wolf Falling In Love With A Cherry Blossom…

3. Reincarnated & Defending/Protecting The Solar System From Evil, A Prince/High School Student Falling In Love With A Princess/Middle School Student…

2. Given A Second Chance/Born To Make History, A Rookie Skater Falling In Love With A Champion Skater/Coach…

1. Discovering A New Path & Discovering Her Fate, A Prince Falling In Love With An Herbalist…

BM talking about Twice on arirang sound k radio 170320
  • [BM and female host talking about Knock Knock]
  • BM: arrrggh they're so cute!
  • Host: oppa I can't have this [i can't understand her] coming out, you know, like your true emotions coming out in this program.
  • BM: I'm just talking as their fan!
  • Host: mmhmm
  • BM: I'm just a fan of them!
  • Host: he's like a fan of everybody I swear.
  • BM: I am.
  • Host: at least he doesn't discriminate.
  • BM: I don't.
  • Host: so what was so cool about this music video?
  • BM: well the song isn't like super motivational or anything like that, but it's just super cute and I also need to wake up in a good mood.
  • Host: what's cute? Like the girls are cute or the music video is cute?
  • BM: the music video, the girls, the voices, um, the girls, um, the voices.
  • Host: okay if you had to pick one person in twice-
  • BM: [before she finished the sentence] momo
  • Host: momo? Momo was the cutest in the music video?
  • BM: yes.
  • Host: really?
  • BM: oh wait no. Not this music video, I'm just-
  • Host: oh you're just a momo fan.
  • BM: yeah I'm just a momo fan.
  • Host: oh there you guys go, he's a momo fan. Now you know his preference.
  • BM: in this music video, uh, who's the very tall one? With the short hair? [he's thinking of jeongyeon but he can't remember her name]
  • Host: the very tall one? twice?
  • BM: yeah. the tallest one with the short hair.
  • Host: they're all kind of the same height.
  • BM: no no no. There's one that's like, a little bit taller.
  • Host: is she Korean?
  • BM: yeah she's Korean.
  • Host: um...Tai [shes thinking of tzuyu but can't pronounce her name]
  • BM: I forget her name, but the one with short hair.
  • Host: Ohh! Her sister is an actress. [she's referring to jeongyeon's sister, Gong Seungyeon] Right? That's who we're talking about. I know who we're talking about.
  • BM: yeah yeah yeah. She came out really cute.
  • Host: oh really?
  • BM: yeah she was really cute in the music video. Super cute.
  • Host: is this a music video that you'd want to wake up to in the morning?
  • BM: yes. You know what I realized? All twice members have really really nice smiles.
  • Host: they're a girl group. They should have nice smiles.
  • BM: I know but like, they all have-
  • Host: it's like super bright.
  • BM: yeah!
  • Host: they have like little vitamins.
  • BM: yeah, like little vitamins. Sometimes when you see someone smile, like they don't look like all very happy. You know how some people have that very cold smile when they smile?
  • Host: where it looks like they're just smiling because they have to?
  • BM: yeah. But they all look like very happy and like...they have really nice smiles. I don't know.
  • Host: well twice if you're listening BM thinks you have wonderful smiles.

Alrighty I’m looking for some blogs to follow so like/reblog (and tag) if you post any of these things:


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