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Racists and Fascists out of Dalston! Shut down LD50 Gallery!

In the last week it has come to light that an art gallery and project space in East London is being used to promote fascists, neo-Nazis, misogynists, racists and Islamophobes. LD50 Gallery is based at 2-4 Tottenham Road in Dalston, in the middle of one of London’s most diverse neighbourhoods. Over the past year the gallery has hosted high-profile speakers from the American “alt-right”, including people who promote white supremacy, eugenics and violence against immigrants. Materials produced by the gallery have consistently drawn on fascist traditions ranging from 1930s Nazi aesthetics to contemporary “neo-reactionary” politics.

The gallery is using the cover of the contemporary art scene and academia to legitimise the spread of these materials and the establishment of a culture of hatred. LD50 even managed to infiltrate Goldsmiths University in South-East London, just before the gallery’s events and shows became openly racist. In the past year, LD50 has been responsible for one of the most extensive neo-Nazi cultural programmes to appear in London in the last decade.

Last week a number of artists in London exposed what has been happening at the gallery. The gallery has responded by leaking the identities of these artists and their supporters to far-right neo-Nazi websites and issuing legal threats. It continues its production of far-right materials.

It is imperative that this is not allowed to continue, that the gallery is shut down, and those responsible for it understand that their views are not welcome in our diverse city. The materials produced by the gallery, and the culture they promote, are a real threat to many of the communities living in Dalston.

Please share this information. Join us to leaflet against the gallery on the corner of Tottenham Road and Kingsland Road next Saturday (25 February) at 11am.
Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017
Support the world's largest exhibition of Magic: the Gathering artwork ever created to be hosted at GP Vegas 2017 on June 14-18

Hi Tumblr! Hopefully you’ve already heard of this amazing event happening at GP Vegas. I’m happy to announce that the Art Show has teamed up with me to bring a diverse group of community cosplayers to work as hosts in the gallery if the Stretch Goal is met. Needless to say, your support of this event would mean a lot to me and the good people I’m bringing with.

For $25 you can get the sweet exclusive playmat with Amonkhet-themed artwork by Zack Stella, but whatever the size of your donation, or even if it’s just a share of this post or telling your friends about the Kickstarter - myself, the Art Show team, and the other cosplayers are so grateful for you having our backs and caring about things like community, diversity, art, story, and other Vorthosian matters of the heart.

I hope to see you in Vegas!

<3 Moxy

My work finna be there <3 { Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis // an exhibition uniting the international digital art community curated and organized by Aleksandra Pieńkosz (Krakow), Zoe Stawska (Warsaw) and Miles Taylor (Minneapolis)

An international artistic project which started in Krakow, Poland in 2015, Glitch Art is Dead kicked off at Teatr Barakah with an exhibit of 30 artists and a day of workshops. Hosted by Gamut Gallery, the 2017 Minneapolis installment will feature an exhibition of more than 90 artists from around the world running March 11th - 31st; a three-day weekend of Glitch Art workshops March 17th -19th; and a “Noise Night” exhibit finale on March 31st with performances curated by Alex Kmett.

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hey, i've been living under a rock for the past few days - what's all this about a leak? i've been trying to catch up and have been reading a lot of backlash. what happened?

Well, if you hadn’t already known, Gallery Nucleus hosted an event for Star vs the Forces of Evil complete with meetings and autographs from the crew members on Star. The last day of the Gallery event, they hosted a panel where they talked about the process and challenges of making a hit animated TV show, did Q&A, and showed a sneak peek for the upcoming season 3. Just before said sneak peek, Daron Nefcy specifically asked everyone to put all recording away bc she didn’t want the new intro (which happened to be the sneak peek) to be put on the internet, or else they wouldn’t be able to show any sneak peeks for future events. Everything was going pretty well, the fandom was doing great with respecting the crew’s wishes and not leaking the intro..until this morning when one knuckle head decided to post it instead of waiting just a little longer for it to be officially released. So, now we most likely won’t get anymore fun clips for future episodes, and most likely ruined at least a little of the StarCrew’s trust in the fandom 

In the fall of 2012 the Yale University Art Gallery hosted the film series Out of This Same Light - Six Films Considered by Robert Adams in conjunction with the retrospective Robert Adams: The Place We Live.

The accompanying program included text about each film written by Adams himself, and a few dozen titles for further viewing. I’ve been unable to find any notes online about the series or the program and thought I’d share Adams’s list here.

What follows are forty-one movies hand picked by Robert Adams, “Some favorite movies, some as tough as they come, a few mostly for laughs… all to help us better endure or enjoy life…”

Our Hospitality
Buster Keaton and Jack Blystone
1923, United States

Go West
Buster Keaton
1925, United States

The General
Buster Keaton
1926, United States

You’re Telling Me!
Erle C. Kenton
1934, United States

A Night at the Opera
Sam Wood
1935, United States

The Grapes of Wrath
John Ford
1940, United States

The Shop Around the Corner
Ernst Lubitsch
1940, United States

Roma, città aperta (Rome, Open City)
Roberto Rossellini
1945, Italy

My Darling Clementine
John Ford
1946, United States

Laurence Olivier
1948, United Kingdom

Banshun (Late Spring)
Yasujiro Ozu
1949, Japan

Bakushu (Early Summer)
Yasujiro Ozu
1951, Japan

Tokyo Story
Yasujiro Ozu
1953, Japan

Ordet (The Word)
Carl Dreyer
1955, Denmark

Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road)
Satyajit Ray
1955, India

Richard III
Laurence Olivier
1955, United Kingdom

Paths of Glory
Stanley Kubrick
1957, United States

Wild Strawberries
Ingmar Bergman
1957, Sweden

A bout de souffle (Breathless)
Jean-Luc Godard
1960, France

Winter Light
Ingmar Bergman
1962, Sweden

Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud’s)
Eric Rohmer
1969, France

Five Easy Pieces
Bob Rafelson
1970, United States

A New Leaf
Elaine May
1971, United States

Annie Hall
Woody Allen
1977, United States

The In-Laws
Arthur Hiller
1979, United States

Woody Allen
1979, United States

Gregory’s Girl
Bill Forsyth
1981, United States

La notte di San Lorenzo (The Night of the Shooting Stars)
Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
1982, Italy

Local Hero
Bill Forsyth
1983, United States

Broadway Danny Rose
Woody Allen
1984, United States

Comfort and Joy
Bill Forsyth
1984, United States

The Trip to Bountiful
Peter Masterson
1985, United States

Le rayon vert
Eric Rohmer
1986, France

Norman Jewison
1987, United States

Conte de printemps (A Tale of Springtime)
Eric Rohmer
1990, France

El sol del membrillo (Dream of LIght [Quince Tree of the Sun])
Victor Erice
1992, Spain

My Cousin Vinny
Jonathan Lynn
1992, United States

Joel Coen
1996, United States

Conte d'automne (Autumn Tale)
Eric Rohmer
1998, France

Meek’s Cutoff
Kelly Reichardt
2010, United States

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Hello! I hope this doesn't offend anyone, they are not my true intentions, but I was wondering, since I seriously love all you're headcanons/whatever they're called I forgot lol, I was hoping you could do an RFA + Saeran and V react to MC coming out as Transgendered. I would appreciate it so much ^^

So I’m going to do these together, since they’re kind of similar (yes, I know they’re not exactly the same, but the reactions will be really similar) and because the first ask didn’t specify MC’s preferred gender. I hope that’s okay!

Anyway, here are their reactions~


  • he’s pretty shocked at first, but he wants you to know that he loves you no matter what
  • he’s fine with you being bi, he knows some other bisexual people and he’s comfortable with it
  • he isn’t completely sure what you mean by ‘trans,’ so you have to explain it to him
  • he’s really sad that you don’t have enough money to make a transition, and he wants to study really hard so he can help pay for it
  • “MC, I love you, and I support you no matter what! If we try really hard together, we can get through anything.”


  • she suspected there was something you wanted to tell her, and she was relieved when you finally did
  • in terms of your being bisexual, she’s more than okay with it, it’s the reason why you two could get together in the first place
  • when she hears that you’re trans, she wants to help you in any way she can
  • she starts working really hard so she can help you earn the money you need, even if you tell her she doesn’t have to
  • “MC, it’s very important to me that you are comfortable. I want the people I love to live the best life they possibly can.”


  • you seemed to have something on your shoulders for a while, so he’s glad when you finally talk to him about it
  • he listens patiently as words pour out of your mouth, and he gives you the biggest hug when you’re done
  • he’s so proud that you had the courage to tell him that you’re bi and trans, it must have been so scary for you
  • he supports you completely, especially because it’s your decision and I’m like 70% sure he’s bi or pan/omni
  • “MC, you’re very brave to tell me something like this. I am so proud that you can be who you are around me, and I will support you as best I can.”


  • when you tell him you’re bisexual, he’s really cool about it, he doesn’t seem to mind at all
  • but when you tell him you’re trans and want to make a full ftm transition but can’t because you don’t have enough money, he nearly loses it
  • he’s kind of mad that you didn’t tell him earlier, because of course he would have paid for everything
  • even if you don’t want him to, he insists, saying that it’s his gift to you
  • “MC, please come to me with problems of this nature. If there is one thing I can help you with, it is your financial situation.”


  • after you tell him you’re bi, he nods like it’s nothing special, and he doesn’t seem to care much
  • and when you tell him you’re trans, his reaction is somewhat similar
  • no matter what you like or who you are, he loves you and to him, nothing else matters
  • when he finds out you want to make a ftm transition, he starts working really hard so he can help make money for it
  • “MC, I’ve said this before, but with you by my side, I feel like I can do anything! I want you to feel like that too when you’re with me, and I will help you do anything you want to do.”


  • he had suspected there was something going on, so when you sat him down for a talk he waited patiently for you to tell him
  • he listens quietly, not interrupting until you’re finished speaking
  • then he takes your hand and tells you he’s here for you, and that he’ll love you and support you through anything
  • he wants to host a gallery to sell some of his photos and raise money for your ftm transition
  • “MC, I love you and will never stop loving you, no matter what may happen. Thank you for telling me this, you can be sure that I will help you in any way I can.”


  • he knew that you were different from other females, but he had yet to figure out why
  • so when you told him, the pieces finally clicked into place and he was so relieved to finally understand
  • he doesn’t mind that you’re bi or that you’re trans, as long as you’re with him
  • he’s concerned when he hears that you don’t have enough money for a ftm transition, and wants to help you make some if he can
  • “You are very important to me, MC, and so is your well-being. I want to help you be the person you want to be, just like you help me every day.”

Here at Cartoon Network, they hosted a Mighty Magiswords gallery in the main lobby.  It was a great means for the Magiswords crew to introduce themselves, their skills, and the show to the rest of the studio!  It was great fun and there were many fantastic pieces, all wildly different from each other!

This was my contribution, inspired by classic movie posters (specifically, the original poster for Star Wars).




EMERGENT creates an escape from the normative branch library,  moving beyond it with a  communicative  and continuous architecture.

 Located in the Ironbound District in Newark, New Jersey, the proposed library can be seen as  an  abstract continuation of the landscape of Independence Park.  Cylindrical columns  rise around visitors like a forest,  bringing  into question  the relationship between nature  and architecture, information and knowledge.

The below grade communal space features a  four-story  public space looking up into the canopy of programmatic library spaces,  where planes of wood and crisscrossing steel columns create a warm and comforting  invitation to move up through the library’s collection. Wrapped around the layer of white steel columns, the art gallery  will host art from the diverse local arts community of Newark and beyond..

The staggered facades on the upper levels create  zones  for lounging and study along the perimeter of the library floors. Composed of exterior and interior  channel glass and the crisscrossing structural columns, the interior facade continues the emergent effect for visitors through its translucent glow during the day and subtly textured surface at night while providing a glowing exterior to the community in the evening.

EMERGENT proposes  a luminous continuum of space for learning and growing for the  entire Ironbound community.

Maeve’s other big costume moment in the season finale is what I call the “rogues gallery” of hosts trying to escape. Westworld’s costume designer Ane Crabtree told me that this is Thandie Newton’s favorite Maeve costume.

“We’ve seen her with absolutely no costume on – which is kind of a costume in and of itself – and as the madam and as someone on the frontier, but what I loved about the end is that her favorite costume was herself in these kind of black uniform trousers and a lab coat and she said she looked in the mirror, and she said ‘Oh my god! This is empowering; this is like being a fucking Black Panther.


a year or two ago i toyed with the idea of starting to  document/collect queer narratives here in Ghana in other for there to be some kind of reference point, an archive of sorts for the future. I  Never really thought i would set off this year, actually collaborating with all sorts of brave amazing people, some i knew already, others i had to know from scratch. living, making memories together, lending our lives to this record.

perhaps the biggest fear that drove me to start this was that of erasure, with history, and though that fear still lurks around, i am super grateful for these first steps, especially to all the participants of this project;, those whose houses and couches i hijacked for weeks, for Patrick who passed away two weeks after our brief exchange, for those who helped me up when i felt i couldn’t complete this, for those who took me to my first drag show, for all the badly fried chicken i had to swallow down,  for Alex and kwasi for the best Emotuo/grandnut soup ever, all the advice from benard and kwasi ohene before i even began, for the resources, for Andrea Stultiens’s constant feedback , for my amazing friend Kwasi, noticing that i had no clue how to start this and  offering, “ you can start with me first, at least you know me”, for the fuckers who attacked us in winneba giving me my first awful taste of “apparent” sexuality based violence in a town that is otherwise incredibly accepting, for all the back and forth with Moses for the show, for Robert Frank,   Lyle Ashton Harris, Robert Doisneau, Zanele Muholi, James Barnor, Nan Goldin for being on my mind throughout this work, for Nuku studio workshop & participants for opening me up, for magnum foundations support for the work, for my brother Kwame for the financial support, for Nubuke gallery for hosting the exhibition and excluding the fact that its an exhibition about QUEER people from their handouts, for Atsu and his incredible spirit, for all partiicipants at the exhibtion and those who have lent a listening ear during any one of my presentations.

Thank you! i am grateful.


Live Action cast for Attack On Titan IMO


I was so bored that I just had to spend my evening finding actors simply in my opinion who would kick ass at the Attack on Titan screen if it was ever to be made into a live action movie (which lets hope not because hollywood ruins everything but lemme tell u a thing k) if you don’t agree with some of them sorry but I gave it a shot I’m sorry if you hate me for this cuz i hate myself but fuck I had fun so enjoy my thing.

Suzuka Ohgo as Mikasa Ackerman

If you’re thinking I chose her because she is the only Japanese actress I know, you’re right. But also on screen “Memoirs of a Geisha” she was very good at playing stoic and confused character. I would like to see her take a swing at such a stoic character like Mikasa. It would be interesting to see how she does, but seeing I doubt she can fake a good American accent, I’m not sure she would be a good choice. I did my best okay, not many American-Japanese actresses out there, alright. I had Jamie Chung in mind, but she is Chinese… still she would do good, I reckon.

External image
External image

Nicholas Hault as Eren Yeager

I just thought how perfect he would be in the role of Eren, I think Nick was kind of destined to play the lead “Luke Skywalker” characters IMO, not some supporter. Him and Eren share that cute innocence to their faces and of the world. Seeing Nick on a poster surrounded by Titans in the Survey Corp get-up would be a dream come true for me, honestly. In my opinion, Nick is an awesome actor and great at playing the benevolent hero; he would make a great Eren.

External image
External image

Sterling Knight as Armin Arlert


Armin is one of my favorite characters, so I knew I had to choose the perfect cutie-butt. I chose Sterling Knight, the disney star. I’m kind of wary of any disney actor playing this kind of role and I doubt their agent would allow it, but still, to this kid in the role would be glorious, indeed. Armin is that kinda kid who you can’t believe is even a teenager he looks so young. Sterling is dwelling in his twenties and still looks like a sprouting teen, plus his ability to play the fragile and bullied character was too good in 17 Again, I just figured. It had to happen.

External image
External image

Kieran Culkin as Levi Ackerman

So I had a long discussion of this in my head, Levi too is also one of my favorite characters so I asked myself who could play the most chill yet verbally abrasive character in AOT? I instantly thought of how stoned he looks all the time and the black hair, rimmed eyes, the “zero fucks ever given look” and finalized with Kieran Culkin. He would be so good I would die omg! All that stoic sass, luv it <3 Scott Pilgrim led me to the conclusion, and how good Kieran was as Wallus. That typical “zero fucks” character, its just Kieran okay.

External image
External image

Brandon Jones as Jean Kirstein

Couldn’t help but giving Jean this actor; Brandon is by all means a Jean. He could play the over-confident, laid back, jock with no problem. In fact, he would play it too good. Plus they even have the same look which is just a bonus. It had to be done.

External image
External image

Anna Kendrick as Sasha Blouse

Anna Kendrick is fucking hilarious and so is Sasha, she would play it off awesomely! I have yet to see Anna in an eccentric role, and seeing her try out Sasha would just make my life. xD They both have the perky cuteness to their faces that give Sasha the bubbly and goofy persona. I think Anna should play Sasha, just please. Someone agree with me please omfg.

External image
External image

Saoirse Ronan as Annie Leonhart

I was pretty much scouring the internet forever, until I went on my iTunes to pick a song and accidentally clicked on movies to see The Host in my gallery. I instantly remembered Saoirse xD She would… agh, omg yes she was made for Annie’s role. I couldnt help but toss the idea around in my head and I could honestly see her in the role more than anyone else who came to mind. Saoirse (dont even ask me to pronounce her name who the fuck thinks of these things) is sooo pretty and could pull off the abrasiveness that is Annie with no problem. And I would love to see her in Titan form or how the CGI team would do it.

External image

External image

Chris Evans as Erwin Smith

This was already a thing on Tumblr okay I know but I agreed like a psychopath with my hands in the air happy and free. I agree goddammit i agree with u. Too perfect. That chisel chin just tops it off. The two of them have that manly “no one left behind” stature to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chris was cast for the part.

External image

External image

Sarah Silverman as Hanji Zoe 

MY DECISION AND IM STICKING TO IT. Seriously what is more funny and ridiculous than Sarah Silverman? She would pull it off no problem, don’t even tell me not. She is fucking hilarious and I think I laugh most at the parts with Hanji, the adorable Titan-nerd. She is really too cute.

External image

External image

Kellan Lutz as Reiner Braun 

I really don’t have much to say about this. The buffness, quite obviously. The buffness is everything.

External image

External image

Dave Franco as Connie Springer

I can imagine Dave Franco shaven and I see a perfect Connie. I personally am a ConniexSasha shipper and seeing Dave Franco with my Sasha choice, Anna Kendrick would be the simplest of magic to my philistine eyes I would cry. 

External image

External image

Gemma Ward as Krista Lenz

I just had to pick the most beautiful blonde actress in the world for Krista. Gemma is so gorgeous words cannot describe, I mean look at her she is a goddess <3 Gemma is soo sweet and so is Krista. It would be a great set. But Krista is pretty tiny and Gemma is almost 6ft, so I’m not sure how that would work :/

External image

Sarah Drew as Petra Ral

I love Sarah Drew in Grey’s Anatomy! She would be pretty fucking incredible in the roll IMO. They both have the typical heroism and feminism that Petra deals. Its a shame Petra (SPOILER) dies, I liked her and would have liked to see how her relationship could have gone with Levi.

External image

External image

James Patrick Stuart as Oluo Bozado

James! Look at these pompous turd bums, they is sooo perfect. I have yet to see James on screen to do some major rolls. He has been on Supernatural and a few funny sitcoms.  To see him in a movie roll would be great, especially as Oluo :)

External image

External image

That’s all I have for now, I just wanted to do the top main so I could get done quicker, not some supportive peeps would slow me down a bit. So here it is. If you guys agree awesome! I would like to know which you agree with most and why. I wouldn’t mind a movie of AOT, honestly. But seeing it would be weird, and anime's IMO just shouldn’t be made into movies.

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do you take classes for life drawing or do you just use photo references?

i go to a local gallery, they host life drawing sessions every couple weeks!


Introducing the National Gallery of Victoria’s ‘Australian Collection’.
This set of 42 artworks are a small collection of the fabulous art which the NGV has to offer, and are just a few favourites of mine.

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia.  Situated over two magnificent buildings, the Gallery hosts a wide range of international and local artists, exhibitions, programs and events; from contemporary art to major international historic exhibitions, fashion and design, architecture, sound and dance.

Download via SimFileShare.