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Racists and Fascists out of Dalston! Shut down LD50 Gallery!

In the last week it has come to light that an art gallery and project space in East London is being used to promote fascists, neo-Nazis, misogynists, racists and Islamophobes. LD50 Gallery is based at 2-4 Tottenham Road in Dalston, in the middle of one of London’s most diverse neighbourhoods. Over the past year the gallery has hosted high-profile speakers from the American “alt-right”, including people who promote white supremacy, eugenics and violence against immigrants. Materials produced by the gallery have consistently drawn on fascist traditions ranging from 1930s Nazi aesthetics to contemporary “neo-reactionary” politics.

The gallery is using the cover of the contemporary art scene and academia to legitimise the spread of these materials and the establishment of a culture of hatred. LD50 even managed to infiltrate Goldsmiths University in South-East London, just before the gallery’s events and shows became openly racist. In the past year, LD50 has been responsible for one of the most extensive neo-Nazi cultural programmes to appear in London in the last decade.

Last week a number of artists in London exposed what has been happening at the gallery. The gallery has responded by leaking the identities of these artists and their supporters to far-right neo-Nazi websites and issuing legal threats. It continues its production of far-right materials.

It is imperative that this is not allowed to continue, that the gallery is shut down, and those responsible for it understand that their views are not welcome in our diverse city. The materials produced by the gallery, and the culture they promote, are a real threat to many of the communities living in Dalston.

Please share this information. Join us to leaflet against the gallery on the corner of Tottenham Road and Kingsland Road next Saturday (25 February) at 11am.

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yo, post some brutalist archetectiure

smolna 8 in warsaw, also called “the hammer”. an otherwise very boring very standard dirty communist communal housing bloc except for the curious little “hammer head” at the top that apparently houses parties

the barbican conservatory in london, aka my dream place to live in

THIS thing in częstochowa that i remember seeing when i was little but im not even sure whether it exists anymore. i like the huge clock the most in particular. even if the clock is still there its still more fun when the photos are from the 60s. as a matter of fact czestochowa has some brutalism gems and theyre all lovely

my favorite brutalist/modernist czestochowa gem!! the art gallery that hosts beksinski most of the time. it has a cute stairway in the back where grass grows on the slabs of concrete that follow the stairway like a rail


i dont even fucking know what this is but i love it

always loved this building!!!



Pretty Little Head

A photographer always needs prints. To make light into ink. But there was something off. // Word Count: 981

A/N: Not necessarily a Stefano x Reader, but close encounters.

A soft ring of a bell called your attention to the door of the print shop where you were working. You had been brought on because you excelled at handling color prints, both on film and digital, and you got along just fine with black and white images too. What excited you the most was bringing other people’s visions to life (sometimes even bigger than life) and being one of the first people to see the images before they’re introduced to the world.

“Hello, Mr. Valentini,” you smiled at the man who walked in. The last time he had come in, it was to develop his last photograph of his last shoot abroad. You remembered his eye was still all bandaged up when he walked in. Despite that horrific injury, he seemed excited to get his photo developed and printed. His work was always stunning and thought-provoking. To be always in the midst of war and capturing every single side, be it terrifying or tantalizing took true grit. War photography has always been such a burning topic, but it captured something not everyone would want to look at, bringing on more and more conversations. But that was months ago. You didn’t hear anything about him since and you were afraid he had stopped doing photography.

“Are we back to ‘Mr. Valentini,’ sweet Y/N?” he smiled with a low chuckle.

He had changed so much in the last few months. His hair had grown out to cover the left side of his face and he seemed to continue the excited attitude he had months ago. You remember the first time that he walked in, he was definitely carrying the weight of war on his shoulders. But now he seemed more vibrant, but almost maniac in a way. You didn’t know how to feel about the new him just yet.

“Sorry, it’s just been so long, Stefano! How are you?”

He gave you a shiny, new smile. Did you know how pretty you were? The red on your cheeks were just so enticing and oh, your bone structure framed you so nicely.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” he smiled.

His eye scanned you rapidly, fervently.

“I have a few rolls I’d like you to develop and print,” he noted, handing over the film canisters.

You took them and put them in a container so they would stay together.

“You do specialize in color, do you not?” he asked.

“Yes, I do! You shot in color this time? I’m excited to see your color work!”

Stefano felt himself glow at your excitement. You always were enthusiastic about his work. Black and white photography seemed to suit the old him: un-awakened and uninspired. But now he used that to highlight the rich reds he began to love so much.

“Then I think you will love what I’ve been shooting. Color is such a difficult thing to control. I trust you.”

With that he reached over and grabbed your hands that were resting on the counter. He gave a faint squeeze.

Your heart raced, maybe because of the slight infatuation with this charming version of Stefano or because you felt something lurking, making you want to leave.

“To think I didn’t ask you to use your skills until today is preposterous. I truly am looking forward to seeing your work, Y/N.”

He liked seeing you fidget under his touch. Fight or flight was such a gorgeous thing. It made for wonderful photographs and it was an unappreciated spectacle.

You nodded, speechless. He grinned, retracting his hands.

“Anything else, Stefano?”

“Perhaps a drink together would suffice?”

“Only if you tell me what you’ve been doing for the past few months.”

“Are pictures not worth a thousand words?” he joked.

“I’d like to hear your words, Stefano.”

He shot you a smile and he tilted his head a little. What a little charmer. He calmly told you when he would come to pick you up and touched your arm before he left.

You didn’t know whether the feeling was feather soft or prickling like needles.

Infatuation and intimidation were hard to tell apart.

After printing some of Stefano’s work, you called him in to see the prints before the rest of his photos were processed. Your “date” was a few days away, but as he told you later when he phoned in, these were for a gallery hosting his new work.

You were surprised at his new work. You never took Stefano to be someone who would use props and mannequins for his photos. The eerie thing is that they were incredibly realistic. Some you believed were models he paid to photograph, but the headless ones you couldn’t quite place. It scared you to think maybe it was a real person, but you were sure it was just some photo editing and excellent model-making. You could make anything seem so real these days.

He came in sooner than you expected and ran to show him the prints of all sizes.

A smirk never left his face while he fingered through the work.

“Y/N, these are absolutely magnificent. The crimsons…the richness you give them transports me to that moment. It looks so real, no? Breathless…”

You blushed at his compliments. You wanted to tell him the printer gave the color, you just made sure that it would be as vibrant as intended, but that coming from him meant a lot to you.

“I’m glad you like it. I’ll have the prints for you soon.”

Stefano put down the print and his gloved hand danced to yours.

“Perfect, darling.”

“I know our date is soon, but you must tell me how you did your composition. Everything looks so real.”

He smiled down at you, “Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. All will be revealed.”

And when he caressed your jawline, you felt a lump in your throat.
Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017
Support the world's largest exhibition of Magic: the Gathering artwork ever created to be hosted at GP Vegas 2017 on June 14-18

Hi Tumblr! Hopefully you’ve already heard of this amazing event happening at GP Vegas. I’m happy to announce that the Art Show has teamed up with me to bring a diverse group of community cosplayers to work as hosts in the gallery if the Stretch Goal is met. Needless to say, your support of this event would mean a lot to me and the good people I’m bringing with.

For $25 you can get the sweet exclusive playmat with Amonkhet-themed artwork by Zack Stella, but whatever the size of your donation, or even if it’s just a share of this post or telling your friends about the Kickstarter - myself, the Art Show team, and the other cosplayers are so grateful for you having our backs and caring about things like community, diversity, art, story, and other Vorthosian matters of the heart.

I hope to see you in Vegas!

<3 Moxy

My work finna be there <3 { Glitch Art is Dead: Minneapolis // an exhibition uniting the international digital art community curated and organized by Aleksandra Pieńkosz (Krakow), Zoe Stawska (Warsaw) and Miles Taylor (Minneapolis)

An international artistic project which started in Krakow, Poland in 2015, Glitch Art is Dead kicked off at Teatr Barakah with an exhibit of 30 artists and a day of workshops. Hosted by Gamut Gallery, the 2017 Minneapolis installment will feature an exhibition of more than 90 artists from around the world running March 11th - 31st; a three-day weekend of Glitch Art workshops March 17th -19th; and a “Noise Night” exhibit finale on March 31st with performances curated by Alex Kmett.

“…ask what you can do for your country.”

-President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, January 20, 1961

Today, May 23, is #JFK100 Social Media Day in celebration of the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth.

Join @jfklibrary, @ourpresidents, @usnatarchives, and other archives, museums, and cultural organizations as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth. Learn about the life, Presidency, and legacy of JFK through social media activities hosted by the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) community.

Experts will be on hand to talk about the impact of President Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and the Kennedy White House. Whether your interests are in science and innovation, arts and culture, public service, civil rights, or peace and diplomacy, there will be so much for you to explore!

Schedule and more at  #JFK100 Social Media Day

Birthday Salute to President Kennedy, 5/19/1962

Series: Cecil Stoughton’s White House Photographs, 1/29/1961 - 12/31/1963Collection: White House Photographs, 12/19/1960 - 3/11/1964 

Ten days before President John F. Kennedy’s 45th Birthday, he celebrated with a Democratic Party fundraiser for 15,000 people at Madison Square Garden.  The event was hosted by President Kennedy’s brother in-law Peter Lawford and included many big name stars of the day.  It was at this event where Marilyn Monroe famously and breathlessly sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth.  Join us for #JFK100 Social Media Day on Tuesday, May 23!

@jfklibrary, @ourpresidents, @usnatarchives, and other archives, museums, and cultural organizations will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s birth. Learn about the life, Presidency, and legacy of JFK through social media activities hosted by the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) community.

Experts will be on hand to talk about the impact of President Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and the Kennedy White House. Whether your interests are in science and innovation, arts and culture, public service, civil rights, or peace and diplomacy, there will be so much for you to explore!

More at  #JFK100 Social Media Day

In the fall of 2012 the Yale University Art Gallery hosted the film series Out of This Same Light - Six Films Considered by Robert Adams in conjunction with the retrospective Robert Adams: The Place We Live.

The accompanying program included text about each film written by Adams himself, and a few dozen titles for further viewing. I’ve been unable to find any notes online about the series or the program and thought I’d share Adams’s list here.

What follows are forty-one movies hand picked by Robert Adams, “Some favorite movies, some as tough as they come, a few mostly for laughs… all to help us better endure or enjoy life…”

Our Hospitality
Buster Keaton and Jack Blystone
1923, United States

Go West
Buster Keaton
1925, United States

The General
Buster Keaton
1926, United States

You’re Telling Me!
Erle C. Kenton
1934, United States

A Night at the Opera
Sam Wood
1935, United States

The Grapes of Wrath
John Ford
1940, United States

The Shop Around the Corner
Ernst Lubitsch
1940, United States

Roma, città aperta (Rome, Open City)
Roberto Rossellini
1945, Italy

My Darling Clementine
John Ford
1946, United States

Laurence Olivier
1948, United Kingdom

Banshun (Late Spring)
Yasujiro Ozu
1949, Japan

Bakushu (Early Summer)
Yasujiro Ozu
1951, Japan

Tokyo Story
Yasujiro Ozu
1953, Japan

Ordet (The Word)
Carl Dreyer
1955, Denmark

Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road)
Satyajit Ray
1955, India

Richard III
Laurence Olivier
1955, United Kingdom

Paths of Glory
Stanley Kubrick
1957, United States

Wild Strawberries
Ingmar Bergman
1957, Sweden

A bout de souffle (Breathless)
Jean-Luc Godard
1960, France

Winter Light
Ingmar Bergman
1962, Sweden

Ma nuit chez Maud (My Night at Maud’s)
Eric Rohmer
1969, France

Five Easy Pieces
Bob Rafelson
1970, United States

A New Leaf
Elaine May
1971, United States

Annie Hall
Woody Allen
1977, United States

The In-Laws
Arthur Hiller
1979, United States

Woody Allen
1979, United States

Gregory’s Girl
Bill Forsyth
1981, United States

La notte di San Lorenzo (The Night of the Shooting Stars)
Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
1982, Italy

Local Hero
Bill Forsyth
1983, United States

Broadway Danny Rose
Woody Allen
1984, United States

Comfort and Joy
Bill Forsyth
1984, United States

The Trip to Bountiful
Peter Masterson
1985, United States

Le rayon vert
Eric Rohmer
1986, France

Norman Jewison
1987, United States

Conte de printemps (A Tale of Springtime)
Eric Rohmer
1990, France

El sol del membrillo (Dream of LIght [Quince Tree of the Sun])
Victor Erice
1992, Spain

My Cousin Vinny
Jonathan Lynn
1992, United States

Joel Coen
1996, United States

Conte d'automne (Autumn Tale)
Eric Rohmer
1998, France

Meek’s Cutoff
Kelly Reichardt
2010, United States

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hey, i've been living under a rock for the past few days - what's all this about a leak? i've been trying to catch up and have been reading a lot of backlash. what happened?

Well, if you hadn’t already known, Gallery Nucleus hosted an event for Star vs the Forces of Evil complete with meetings and autographs from the crew members on Star. The last day of the Gallery event, they hosted a panel where they talked about the process and challenges of making a hit animated TV show, did Q&A, and showed a sneak peek for the upcoming season 3. Just before said sneak peek, Daron Nefcy specifically asked everyone to put all recording away bc she didn’t want the new intro (which happened to be the sneak peek) to be put on the internet, or else they wouldn’t be able to show any sneak peeks for future events. Everything was going pretty well, the fandom was doing great with respecting the crew’s wishes and not leaking the intro..until this morning when one knuckle head decided to post it instead of waiting just a little longer for it to be officially released. So, now we most likely won’t get anymore fun clips for future episodes, and most likely ruined at least a little of the StarCrew’s trust in the fandom 


Tonight I got to take part in my first ever figure drawing session!

All of these years I have done art, gone to art school and so on and I never had a figure or life drawing class before.

I have been wanting to do this for the past few years but none were close enough to make it convenient for me.  But the Art Guild/Gallery hosted a session tonight and it looks like this will likely become a once a month thing.

Some of the quicker timed posed sketches are at the bottom - we got 2 mins each for several.  Then it was moved up to 5min each.  And the last two (with her sitting in the chair) were 25 min each.  She changed costumes midway through the 2 hour session as well.

Those two hours FLEW by.  It was so much fun!  I have a whole lot more practicing to do but I felt good that i know exactly what i need to do to improve and it will just take practice to get there.

Such a great night out, I REALLY needed this!

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Hello! I hope this doesn't offend anyone, they are not my true intentions, but I was wondering, since I seriously love all you're headcanons/whatever they're called I forgot lol, I was hoping you could do an RFA + Saeran and V react to MC coming out as Transgendered. I would appreciate it so much ^^

So I’m going to do these together, since they’re kind of similar (yes, I know they’re not exactly the same, but the reactions will be really similar) and because the first ask didn’t specify MC’s preferred gender. I hope that’s okay!

Anyway, here are their reactions~


  • he’s pretty shocked at first, but he wants you to know that he loves you no matter what
  • he’s fine with you being bi, he knows some other bisexual people and he’s comfortable with it
  • he isn’t completely sure what you mean by ‘trans,’ so you have to explain it to him
  • he’s really sad that you don’t have enough money to make a transition, and he wants to study really hard so he can help pay for it
  • “MC, I love you, and I support you no matter what! If we try really hard together, we can get through anything.”


  • she suspected there was something you wanted to tell her, and she was relieved when you finally did
  • in terms of your being bisexual, she’s more than okay with it, it’s the reason why you two could get together in the first place
  • when she hears that you’re trans, she wants to help you in any way she can
  • she starts working really hard so she can help you earn the money you need, even if you tell her she doesn’t have to
  • “MC, it’s very important to me that you are comfortable. I want the people I love to live the best life they possibly can.”


  • you seemed to have something on your shoulders for a while, so he’s glad when you finally talk to him about it
  • he listens patiently as words pour out of your mouth, and he gives you the biggest hug when you’re done
  • he’s so proud that you had the courage to tell him that you’re bi and trans, it must have been so scary for you
  • he supports you completely, especially because it’s your decision and I’m like 70% sure he’s bi or pan/omni
  • “MC, you’re very brave to tell me something like this. I am so proud that you can be who you are around me, and I will support you as best I can.”


  • when you tell him you’re bisexual, he’s really cool about it, he doesn’t seem to mind at all
  • but when you tell him you’re trans and want to make a full ftm transition but can’t because you don’t have enough money, he nearly loses it
  • he’s kind of mad that you didn’t tell him earlier, because of course he would have paid for everything
  • even if you don’t want him to, he insists, saying that it’s his gift to you
  • “MC, please come to me with problems of this nature. If there is one thing I can help you with, it is your financial situation.”


  • after you tell him you’re bi, he nods like it’s nothing special, and he doesn’t seem to care much
  • and when you tell him you’re trans, his reaction is somewhat similar
  • no matter what you like or who you are, he loves you and to him, nothing else matters
  • when he finds out you want to make a ftm transition, he starts working really hard so he can help make money for it
  • “MC, I’ve said this before, but with you by my side, I feel like I can do anything! I want you to feel like that too when you’re with me, and I will help you do anything you want to do.”


  • he had suspected there was something going on, so when you sat him down for a talk he waited patiently for you to tell him
  • he listens quietly, not interrupting until you’re finished speaking
  • then he takes your hand and tells you he’s here for you, and that he’ll love you and support you through anything
  • he wants to host a gallery to sell some of his photos and raise money for your ftm transition
  • “MC, I love you and will never stop loving you, no matter what may happen. Thank you for telling me this, you can be sure that I will help you in any way I can.”


  • he knew that you were different from other females, but he had yet to figure out why
  • so when you told him, the pieces finally clicked into place and he was so relieved to finally understand
  • he doesn’t mind that you’re bi or that you’re trans, as long as you’re with him
  • he’s concerned when he hears that you don’t have enough money for a ftm transition, and wants to help you make some if he can
  • “You are very important to me, MC, and so is your well-being. I want to help you be the person you want to be, just like you help me every day.”