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No one will ever be able to convince me that Munakata Reisi and Fushimi Saruhiko

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Are not Kyoya’s biological parents

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Hello, I've been a fan of OHSHC for a while now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts! Anyway, I was wondering if you could do something where Kyoya gets fluster/embarrassed/fangirl worthy headcannons. Thanks! -CherrySoda27

Hi there! Wow, thank you very much for the kind praise <3

Flustered!Kyoya? I am on that.

How To: Fluster the Shadow King

- Admittedly, this isn’t a very easy task to accomplish.

- Kyoya has pretty much become desensitized to almost anything and everything potentially embarrassing you could possibly imagine, thanks to being around the members of the Host Club for so long (especially Tamaki!)

- But even the Cool Type Host has his weaknesses.

- Here are the top 3 ways to fluster the Shadow King:

- Fluster Tactic #1: Tickling

- For someone so put together, Kyoya is surprisingly ticklish.

- Seriously, just poke his sides lightly and he lets out this adorable series of laughs.

- Tickle his neck and you’ll get full-blown laughter out of the normally stoic Host. I’m talking about guffaw-inducing, tears-streaming-down-his-face kind of laughter.

- This, of course, embarrasses Kyoya to no end.

- Because come on, how is anyone going to take him seriously as the potential head of the zaibatsu if they knew the slightest touch would send him into a giggling fit?

- He’s gotten better at hiding it over the years, though.

- Only Fuyumi and Tamaki know about this fact, plus the best spots to tickle him. They constantly take advantage of this face whenever they want Kyoya to go along with whatever scheme or ploy they currently have in mind.

- Fluster Tactic #2: Blowing in His Ear

- Oh man, if you thought Haruhi’s reaction to this little trick from Tamaki was funny, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

- He will literally leap up a foot in the air and scream if you do this to him.

- If you happen to do this to him while he’s drinking something, he’ll do a spit take on the nearest object (sucks if that happens to be you though).

- He usually gets so absorbed in his work that it’s easy to embarrass him this way.

- Hikaru and Kaoru have tried this before when they were extremely bored.

- Let’s just say that the rest is history.

- Fluster Tactic #3: Flirting

- Okay, pause. How can someone who charms the pants off of any person he meets actually be embarrassed by flirting?

- The answer? Just take a look at how he is during the series.

- His hosting mostly involves participating in small talk and well-placed compliments here and there before springing Host Club merchandise on the ladies. No actual flirting involved.

- So I believe that he’s actually quite shy when it comes to whispering sweet nothings, whether to his guests or to a potential lover.

- He is the most careful around this particular way to fluster him, usually deflecting any attempts with a cool smile and an attempt to change the topic.

- But anyone successful enough in their attempts will be rewarded with a red-faced Kyoya Ootori who can’t, for the life of him, actually find the words to say in response.

- Flirt with him too much though (and I mean like dirty talk, etc.) and he’ll be reduced to a pile of mush.

Tbh if you really want to get a lot of recognition for your artwork, draw the most popular pairing from a dying fandom. Especially if you’re currently that franchise’s only fan artist–everyone will love you.

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