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At PaleyFest, the host asked each cast member who their favorite clone is…

In typical Ebro fashion, she gushes over her personal fave and proceeds to be an adorable, awkward, swooning, marshmallow puppy. 
Easy now, Evelyne, your Delphine is showing. 

  • James Potter: Me and Lily are the two main characters, so we have to be in love!
  • Sirius, Remus and Peter: Then what are we?
  • James Potter: You are the homosexual supporting cast!
I think it’s a great episode for a lot of reasons. The first half of the season was a little heavy, a little intense, a little sad. So, it was important to lighten things up a bit. And, I think this is probably the lightest. THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN RICK AND MICHONNE, IN MY OPINION, WAS THE BEST THAT WE’VE SEEN IN THE SERIES, IN THIS EPISODE. You see Danai smile. It was kinda great…They were on a honeymoon.
—  ~Greg Nicotero, Fox Live cast panel hosted by Jonathan Ross in London–TWD Euro Tour

Get Out will be released on Digital HD on May 9 and on Blu-ray and DVD on May 23 via Universal. Written and directed by Jordan Peele (of Key & Peele fame), it’s sure to go down as one of the year’s best and most important films.

The acclaimed, record-breaking horror/thriller film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, Caleb Landry Jones, Milton “Lil Rel” Howery, Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson, and Lakeith Stanfield.

Special features are listed below.

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Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,

defend us in the day of battle.

Be our safeguard against the

wickedness and the snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray

and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host,

cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits

who prowl throughout the world

seeking the ruin of souls.




there’s gotta be at least one fanart/fanfic in your fandom…whether it’s an anime, tv show, cartoon, book, movie, or game there’s always an Ouran AU. Artists can get super creative, especially with casting the hosts e.g. “Oh THIS character is so Tamaki while THIS character is definitely Haruhi!” 

Goes to show that OHSHC is still and will be a well-loved classic!! 

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Night)

Take note this report contains only the night session. Noon session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

※Also, just a light heads up that the night session contains quite a bit of ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモぉ… tension and fanservice (a lot of hugging too) so if you’re uncomfortable with things like that please read with care..(or skip it wholly if you just can’t stand it)

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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Margaret Cho nails it

“Why has there never been an Asian-American host, cast member or musical guest on ‘SNL’ in 41 years? Forty-one years. Yet they want Donald Trump, a known racist, a known sexist, who disgustingly wants to have sex with his daughter. Who does he think he is, Woody Allen?”

“People come at me and say, ‘Oh, Fred Armisen is a quarter Japanese, Rob Schneider is half Filipino.’ Yeah, that makes three-quarters of an Asian-American, not even in one person, in 41 years.“