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So since I love pain, how would the egos react when they find out they've unintentionally been stressing Assistant!s/o out with trying to please everyone and give everyone attention?

aww poor assistant

They’d all start noticing if things were off, questioning them but not pushing them to say. As soon as they realized the problem they’d probably feel guilty. Dark would give them some off time and justify it with some seemingly reasonable cause but he’s genuinely concern and he might even go visit to try and provide comfort and assure them they’re doing fine.

Wilford would feel so bad. He’d persuade Dark to give them some free time and he’d take them out to eat to their favorite place or just a stroll in the park and he’d praise them and assure them everyone loves them and they’re doing incredibly, they certainly don’t need to push themselves to make everyone happy because they already do so just by being there.

Bim would get them to take a day off, whether Dark approves or not, and make sure they don’t ever overwork themselves or feel like they must push themselves to make them happy. He’ll hang out with them and maybe even cuddle if so they wish with some comfort food and a nice movie as he reminds them they’re loved and in any case he’ll always be there and they can trust him and tell him what’s wrong.

Host would understand the feeling and he’d quickly narrate them into a setting he think’s they’ll enjoy, and try to get them  to calm down. Certainly having a way with words as we know, he’ll remind them of all the time they’ve done well and prove to them they certainly shouldn’t stress over trying to make everyone happy, they already do so much.

The googles would literally remind them of all the instances they’ve done more than satisfactory work and then simply tell them their own experiences with them. They’ll watch out for assistant much more in the future and make sure the others don’t put too much stress on them either, also helping with a schedule so they stress less often and simply expressing to them in the best way they can that they are doing good work and really don’t need to try and please everyone.

Dr.Iplier would demand Dark gives them a day off and he’ll fuss over them immediately. They’ll be home wrapped up in a blanket and enjoying some comfort food in no time while Doc lectures them about how they certainly mustn’t push themselves to please seeing as they already d such incredible work and make things better in the ego building. He won’t allow anyone to get too close for a while after and he’ll keep checking in and make sure they don’t push themselves too far again.

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I know I’m super late jumping on this bandwagon and I’m sorry, I had finals all week last week and then moving back home was a hassle. But now I’m back and settled in so I had time to fulfill these requests.

I’m going to try to do these more frequently, but I’m working like three jobs this summer so I make no promises. But anyway, I hope this one will make you guys happy!

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Actual Bullying is real trauma. This isn’t even a debate.

So is school abuse in general. Being abused by teachers, students and pretty much everyone in school.

You are in a stressful situation where a lot of the time, you can not fight or flee.

The very reason people dont think it’s “that bad” because institutes dont want to recognize that bad things happen in schools and your parents (because they cant to shit about it) keep telling you its just words or just play-fighting and you should get over it