hoss boss

bold any fears which apply to your muse.    
italicize what makes them uncomfortable.

the dark  //   fire  //   open water //  deep water //   being alone   //   crowded spaces //  confined spaces // change   //   failure  //   war  //   loss of control //   powerlessness  //  prison  //   blood  //   drowning   //   suffocation  //   public speaking   //   natural animals   //   the supernatural   //   heights   //   death   //   dying   //   intimacy //  rejection  // abandonment //   loss  //   the unknown   //   the future   //  not being good enough  //   scary stories   // speaking to new people  //   poverty   //   loud noises   //  being touched  //   forgetting   //  being forgotten

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🔺🔺NHL Dynasty Chicago Blackhawks again on the top of mountain 🏆🔺🔺
#best #team #in #the #whole #world #unbeatable #dynasty #stanleycup #winner #lord #of #NHL #playoff #simply #Champion #Chicago #Blackhawks #2015
#triple #stanley #Marian #Hossa #hoss #you #are #boss

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Merry Christmas!!!

Yes I know this is extremely late but I finally had the time to finish it x3

Including those who liked my post to have a chance in the Christmas pic  :D

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Wish I could of drawn more to be honest TuT Keep a lookout for more of these to thank for all my followers, you guys are awesome!!!

ps its really hard to type with a french keyboard xD

Thanks again!!!