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"SO BEFORE SHE ALLEGEDLY GAVE BIRTH SHE GOT HER NAILS REPAINTED?????" THANKYOU - so in the UK at least, assuming US too, when in hospy for WHATEVER REASON (esp birth!!) you have to wear this lil machine on your finger which monitors your oxygen saturation and guess what? it doesn't work if you're wearing nail polish. it just doesn't. so either she never wore one (lol) or before she wanted to hold her newborn she just HAD to paint her nails??? even if she took it off, where are the wires?! smh.

!!!! I thought i was the only one who noticed, how sloppy is this stunt I mean seriously

no seriously

this is only the second time i’ve got up the stairs in 4 months (yesterday was the first time) and the first time i’ve gotten to sleep in my bedroom in as long, and it’s so NICE, like it still smells like pomander diptyque candles and the bed is SLIGHTLY bigger and the walls are all familiar and ughhhhhhh i’m so HAPPY

also i finally felt confident enough in my being upright abilities to book a hair appointment today even if i did not realise i was booking it for the week after next & i now have to change it but THANK GOD, i have like 3 inches of salt and pepper regrowth and it’s like 90% split ends right now because that is what happens when you don’t get your heavily bleached hair trimmed for 6 months, take note kids

Marie Prevost (November 8, 1898 – January 21, 1937) was a Canadian-born film actress. During her twenty-year career, she made 121 silent and talking pictures.

Prevost died of acute alcoholism and complications from malnutrition at the age of 38 in January 1937. Prevost’s estate was valued at $300. Her death prompted the Hollywood community to create the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital

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¿hola kenny tienes perro por que he escuchado que ladra alguien en tu casa?ah y perdon no tuve tiempo de ir al hospi a verte pero espero que te mejores por la gripe payasito lindo >~<

soy un payasito :D

842 Great 80s hits and counting!

842 Great 80s hits and counting!

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Property Too Groovy Toys Check out the Yello80s Hits Jukebox on Youtube- a playlist of the popular, wild, weird and eclectic from the best music decade in history! We’re at 842 hits and always counting! If you’ve know of a song you’d like to see on the list please fill out the contact form! If you’ve got your own awesome 80s playlist you’d like to have included in the Hits Jukebox let us know…

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Feeling ko saya saya ko. Inantay talaga ako ng patient kahit nabusy ako para lang magpaalam. As in natuwa ako. Tapos halos maiyak na din ako nung pasakay na siya sa elevator. Yung naattach la na sa pasyente gusto mo dun na lang siya sa hospi..kaso di pwede. :( anyway, God is good, atleast ok siya. God bless you.