“Since Priscilla was months old she has had liver failure. When she was 6 months, she received her 1st transplant. Unfortunately 2 years ago they told her, her body was rejecting this liver, she was on a waiting list for a new one. Friday, July 10th we received that phone call, a new liver. My sister rushed her to Stanford in CA. Saturday,July 11th she received her new liver. God heard our prayers. Now she is recovering with many complication. With her mom by her side, and Priscilla’s brother and sister at home. We ask for your prayes and donations to help bring Priscilla home. Thank you.” ——

My little cousin Priscilla needs help! Any support will be greatly appreciated. This kid is so funny and strong and I hate to see her family struggle. Our familes don’t have much so please donate or signal boost thank you! Here’s a link to the gofund me

‘To come up with something as quirky as Captain Jack Sparrow and then to have him be so loved, and you know, we’ve seen those pictures of you, you know when you visit hospitals or you visit schools and that must just be an amazing gift to be able to give those people…?’ [x]
Doctors Without Hospitals
President Obama should support an independent international investigation of the airstrikes on a medical compound in Kunduz that killed 22 people.
By Jason Cone

An op-ed by MSF appearing in the New York Times: “Crucial to recognize, identify, assign responsibility for International Humanitarian Law violations when they do occur” 


The Birth of Modern Medical Care in America

The Civil War was the bloodiest conflict in US history. Doctors were forced to re-think their methods and start using more modern, more scientific standards of medical care.

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the one time I had surgery, they put me on all the good drugs and just before I went under, I swear to god the walls melted away and the clock was coming for me. So when I woke up the first words out of the mouth was ‘THE CLOCKS ARE OUR MASTERS NOW’ and my nurse actually fell over because she was laughing so hard

ok update on granny
the tumor is gone, but she is NOT cancer free.
shes doing good but she accidentally pulled her feeding tube (in her stomach) out
luckily they didn’t have to do surgery so thats awesome !!
shes staying overnight (i am also staying, im in her room as i type this)
even if shes not in remission this is amazing news!!


Captured some #hospitalglam before escaping the slammer (hospital) haha still doing pretty awful the hospital really did nothing for me so I’m still in a ton of pain amongst other things but I’ll get through this. Hopeful that collectively, my doctors can get their heads out of their asses and work together. I may be a bitter spoonie because I’m tired of nobody wanting to help (medical field wise not all of you, you guys are all awesome) and also setting up tpn by myself when I’m miserable sucks but thank god for my partner in crime Michael always saving the day ;p <3 love you! Sorry spoonie friends and lovelies I won’t be replying to messages for awhile since I’m doing so poorly but I see them in my inbox and I really do appreciate them thank you to everyone who takes the time to do things like that for me. I will continue showing off my @hospitalglam
<3 :) love you! Ari signing off for awhile! Hugs and spoons to everyone!