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On valentines day you’re going to…

First initial of your first name:

A - Go skinny dipping with
B - Make weird sex noises while standing next to
C - Get unhappily married to
D - Get kissed on mouth by
E - Have sexy dream about
F - Go on a terrible date with
G - Get cheap flowers from
H - Get murdered by
I - Accidentally Wink at
J - Have painful sex with
K - Pee yourself while looking at
L - Loudly yawn while looking at
M - Zombie dance with
N - Paint red nails to
O - Hold hands with
P - Take blurry photo with
Q - Pray for
R - Cry while talking to
S - Get purplish hickey from
T - Scare to death
U - Throw up on
V - Play Pokemon go with
W - Gossip about
X - Naked for
Y - Smell like
Z - Tell terrible sex joke to

First initial of your last name:

A - Domen Prevc
B - Daniel Andre Tande
C - Vojtech Stursa
D - Andreas Wellinger
E - Noriaki Kasai
F - Robert Johansson
G - Richard Freitag
H - Cene Prevc
I - Maciej Kot
J - Andreas Stjernen
K - Gregor Schlierenzauer
L - Walter Hofer
M - Kamil Stoch
N - Peter Prevc
O - Markus Eisenbichler
P - Evgeny Klimov
Q - Jurij Tepes
R - Stefan Kraft
S - Michael Hayboeck
T - Piotr Zyla
U - Denis Kornilov
V - Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes
W - Karl Geiger
X - Stephan Leyhe
Y - Kaarel Nurmsalu
Z - Jane Ahonnen

First initial of your mothers name:

A - In his bathroom
B - In his bed
C - In a hot tub
D - At the church
E - On a parking lot
F - In your best friends bed
G - In front of Daiki Ito
H - In your bed
I - At the supermarket
J - In the shower
K - In front of his wife/girlfriend
L - In front of camera
M - In front of his mother
N - And Dawid Kubacki
O - In front of Sara Takanashi
P - While it’s raining
Q - At the hospital
R - In the museum
S - In the graveyard
T - In the dark
U - At the wild party
V - Next to his best friend
W - At the gym
X - At the hotel
Y - In his kitchen
Z - In the bookstore

What is your mashup?
Grady, Dr Edwards, Beth, ASZ

My ask box randomly deleted all messages I had. Delightful, but anyway. I had a nonny tell me how long of a journey it is from ASZ back to Atlanta and how there are doctors closer to ASZ and how the distance makes all the difference.

So nonny: First of all hello and thank you for not being rude or anything, I appreciate it.
Now, I actually agree with most of what you say, but I’m not sure what your goal is here: hear me out or convince me of something or what? Anyway I would really like to hear from you again after this and see what your thoughts are, so feel free to drop by any time :)
I am sorry, this got big.

Grady, Dr Edwards, Beth, ASZ

There is a constant war going on in my mind between what I really really reeeaally want to believe and what my last little bits of sanity are telling me.

Want to believe

They need a doctor. Pete is dead. And people need a doctor. Especially ASZ citizens because they are so helpless. They are used to be cared after. They are probably panicking. So where find a doctor?

Sure, Carol and Maggie can try to help, but their knowledge is not enough.

Going into big cities (including Washington DC) is way too risky. People are very unpredictable now. People are the risk. Plus Rick probably remembers all glory of being in Atlanta surrounded by walkers and psychopaths. I am honestly not sure he would risk being in such situation again anytime soon.

Now, he knows for sure where there is a living breathing doctor. And I don’t think Rick would even consider going back if he were still with only team Family. But he decided to run ASZ. And ASZ people will want a doctor. And Rick knows where to find one.

Have to consider

Like you said, it’s a very long trip. But they also have cars and supplies now.

  • Also Aaron said he’d been tracking them for two or three weeks. That means he and Erik got very close to Georgia looking for recruits. 

The biggest problem I have with going back for dr Edwards: will he be willing to go, will grady cops let him go, what happens with everyone there.

The biggest encouragement I have: Grady was a waste of everyone’s time and money if we’re not going back.

So now about Grady Memorial Hospital

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s season 4. Beth gets kidnapped. Daryl runs the whole night. Then some little things keep reminding us of her. (And don’t worry I’m not making this all about Beth, I just want to set the scene and try to present the full picture. It’ll make sense, I promise) Daryl almost covering Len’s body, like they did with richbitch. Then Daryl saying there are in fact good people, when he sees Rick, Michonne and Carl getting ambushed by Joe, echoing the “I don’t think the good ones survive”. Then he reunites with his whole original team prison in the train car and realizes that they are all alive, not “Everyone you know is dead. You ain’t never gonna see them again”. And then we get flashbacks. If you think about it, Beth didn’t have to be in them. Not at all. Rick could’ve laughed about Carl’s farmers-hat and Hershel would’ve said “It can be like this all the time” just the same. So why show her?

Because viewers needed to remember. Because everyone got crazy. Because everyone ended up crawling up the walls during last year’s hiatus. Everyone needed to know what happened to her. You can say that only Beth fans did, but you are wrong. There were dozens of pretty nasty jokes going around, mocking her disappearance, saying that she’s getting grilled at terminus or that she became whatever in a new group of bad men. Stuff like that means that people cared enough to sit down, open photoshop and copy Beth’s face onto the grill. They didn’t anticipate her return, but they had plenty of fun discussing ridiculous things over and over again for many months before July.

It’s July now. SDCC announces that Emily Kinney will be a part of this year’s TWD panel. They show the trailer - all of it totally misleading. We all thought Rick would team up with Gareth and go to Washington. We saw how that played out. So the trailer is over, the screen goes black and suddenly we hear an unfamiliar woman’s voice. And bam! 20 seconds of Beth’s own storyline.

That is when it gets really interesting.

We realize that in season 5 we will be introduced to a whole new location and just via one character. (That is before Carol gets there of course.) And what I find curious - the trailer kinda gives everything away. It’s like a huge spoiler itself, because we see that she’s there. There is a new villain. She tries to escape. We see her firing a gun. We see her running outside. So when we go into episode 4 and see her wake up and see all those terrible things going on, we are already prepared for her attempt to escape. I don’t get it to be honest. But ok whatever.

The most important thing is - she alone gets an independent story line with a new location and her own villain.

Then come the promotional posters. Do you know which ones?

  • “Where is Beth?” 
  • “Will Daryl find Beth?”
  • “Is Beth getting a reunion?”
  • “What happened to Beth?”

They literally tried to get everyone’s attention to this new amazing storyline. “Beth is still alive and there’s a reason for that”. “You’re going to dig Beth’s story this season”.

So for filming they:

  • Found a hospital
  • Rented and set up a whole new location
  • Figured out how to film there (they said it was challenging to figure all the equipment placement out)
  • Built a new safe elevator shaft
  • Brought tons of equipment there
  • Hired basically a new cast (Dawn+Edwards+Cops with lines)
  • Hired people to just be there as patients
  • Promoted the heck out of it

Then Coda rolls in. We didn’t “dig” the story. All the reviews are terrible, explaining how Grady is a total waste. Beth doesn’t get a reunion like at all. No one accepts Rick’s offer to come with him.

Sure, they introduce Noah. Guess what? He dies 4 episodes later.

So much money and effort were spent on Grady. Why?

Also there is not a single story line that was left open like that. Vatos had a closure (deleted scene), first camp, CDC, Farm, Woodbury, Prison, Terminus all were dealt with. Gone and left behind.

We never saw what happened to Sam - we got him back in 5x01. We never saw what happened to Morgan after Clear. We got him back in season 5.

We never saw what happened with Morales. There are rumors and speculations that we will see him again. I believe them. 

TWD always pays it’s debts ties it’s loose ends.

Grady: dozens of people still there, a doctor still there, we never saw how the group left Grady, we never saw Beth’s funeral, we saw the group running flashbacks in WHaWGO but no explanation. Grady Memorial Hospital is one hell of a loose end.

We have: Unsatisfied viewers, shit ton of lies about cool story and reunions, a wasted story line, huge amount of unanswered questions, a lot of lost money and time, an abandoned filming location.

And then Kirkman makes a joke about how terrible the idea to kill Beth was, and Hurd says that if we liked this season, next one is going to be even better. Well I sure hope so.

So yeah, I understand that it’s a long trip back to Grady. I understand that it will be hard to force any of the story to make sense. And there might be other reasons. But honestly? There are so many more arguments for going back.