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Music Series: Your Boyfriend by Radiator Hospital

Insanely interesting song! Damn, I’d love to work in the music industry. Thank you to the Anon who requested it!

Instantly as I listened to the lyrics, I had a Harry story forming in my brain, so I hope it plays out on here as well as it is in my head right now!

I’d never heard his music before, so I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of his catalog. If you’ve not heard of Radiator Hospital, you can listen to this song, “Your Boyfriend”, HERE.




It’s been a very long time since I felt like I do tonight

For the first time it feels right that I’m in love with you

I never looked at you this way until I saw you today

And every line in your face…I’m in love with you

Harry saw you with some of your other mutual friends at the beach party, sipping on a cold drink, playing beach volleyball, jumping in the ocean for a quick cool down here and there. But something seemed different to him. You looked…beautiful…and happy.

For months he had avoided running into you, knowing it would be awkward and uncomfortable for you both…well, at least for Harry.

He didn’t mean to hurt you, and he had apologized, not really understanding at first why you became so distant with your friendship. It was a joke, that’s all it was. A stupid, liquor-induced joke. He’d had a bit too much to drink that night, and even though he had been flirting with you as much as you were with him, his one comment ended it all and you never talked to him again…

You’re not my type.”

It’s not fair to you, Not fair to you

Not fair what I put you through

It’s not like you were dreaming about being involved with Harry or anything, although the attraction had always been there…for you, at least. But words sometimes hurt, even if said jokingly, even if not meant, and even if they came from a friend. Words like those made you look at yourself and question what was wrong with you that he wasn’t attracted. It took you a long time to realize there was nothing wrong with you, and you were beautiful, regardless of what he said or thought.

When you first heard the words come out of his mouth, you looked at him, the previous smile slowing leaving your face, and eyebrows furrowing deeply against the thought of it. Harry hadn’t meant to hurt your feelings. He guessed he hadn’t ever really thought of you in that sense. Not that he didn’t think you were attractive, the two of you were just more like good friends at that point, who enjoyed flirting and goofing off. But even in jest, you thought it was a cruel thing to say to someone, especially a friend.

When Harry saw you start to turn and walk away with a sad look on your face, he realized he must have said something that affected you, but the mounting shots of tequila must have numbed his brain and mouth enough that he didn’t even remember what he said. He started to walk after you, being stopped by other people, until you had disappeared into the crowd.

And now, here you were again, in the same situation, with the same friends, just a different place with too much time lapsed from the unhappy memory. Harry watched as you talked with friends, danced to the loud music, and laughed at stories you all shared since the last time you had seen everyone.

And it keeps coming back, Feels like a heart attack

I don’t know how to act but I know that I’m in love with you

So go tell your boyfriend. It doesn’t matter in the end

No this ain’t pretend. You know that I’m in love with you

“Hey,” Harry said, walking up behind you, tapping your shoulder.

You turned and saw him, grinning a bit before replying.

“How are you?” you asked passively.

“Um…” Harry hesitated, looking at the friends around you as they got the hint and moved away. “Hoping to talk with you, actually. Is it alright?”

Although you had been upset for weeks after, you had let it go, accepting that it was what it was, whatever the fuck it was. It was the fact that Harry hadn’t made any effort to come talk to you after that bothered you and helped you move past it, feeling it would maybe be better to just…not be friends.

You looked around and saw that your friends had abandoned you, shoring your mouth into an irritated pucker at them, before turning back to him and sighing.

“Appears I’m not busy. What is it?” you asked coldly.

He had never felt more terrible about the entire situation as he did at that moment. He always felt bad, but now he felt bad that he had let it go on for so long without a proper apology and discussion between the two of you. Harry looked at your face, remembering the lightly scattered freckles across the bridge of your nose that he always thought were cute. And you looked so…good.

“Harry?” you asked, waving your hand in front of his face. “Earth to Harry.”

He chuckled slightly then guided you toward a quieter spot away from so many people, and you both sat in the sand facing the rolling waves, lapping near your toes.

“So what is so important?” you asked, breathing heavily through your nose, looking out at the water.

“I’m…I’m so sorry about…what I said, you know,” Harry said, honestly. “And I’m a dick for waiting so long to talk with you about it, and apologize properly.”

You nodded your head in agreement as you continued to look out at the water, saying nothing.

“I want to ask you, if you’ll please forgive me?” Harry pleaded humbly. “I was drunk…and I know that’s no excuse, especially after not talking about it with you for so long. But I truly am sorry, and I miss our friendship.”

You looked at him pensively. He seemed sincere, you thought. But you still weren’t sure.

“Okay,” you said, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but knowing he still had a ways to go to gain your trust again.

“Okay? You forgive me?” he asked with a smile.

“I do,” you say, accepting the hug and kiss to the cheek he gave you.

“Mmm, you smell good!” he said, noticing your perfume. “What is it?”

“Sweat and fear of regrets,” you said bluntly, as he laughed at your comment, finally making you smile.

“That’s what I was hoping to see. I’ve missed that smile,” he said.

Harry stood and offered his hand to help you up, and didn’t release it as you started walking back toward the group of friends.

“Aren’t you afraid of what they might think?” you asked, confused as to why he wouldn’t let go of you.

“Not at all,” he smiled.

“Thought I wasn’t your type,” you said, bating him a bit to see how he would react.

“Think I’m going to have to beg to change my answer on that one,” he said, looking into your eyes. “Should have been my answer that night, too. And if you give me a chance to fix things with you, I’ll prove it to you. Shouldn’t have done that to you, said it, and I want to fix it.”

You nodded, still not completely trusting, but willing to give him a chance.

“Guess we’ll see then,” you said with a quick grin, as the two of you walked back toward the party.

Don’t tell the truth , Don’t tell the truth

Don’t say if you love me too

It’s Not fair to you, Not fair to you

Not fair what I put you through

It’s Not fair to you, Not fair to you

Not fair that I’m in love with you

Monday Fic Rec

Well hello there, didn’t think I’d be doing one of those this week due to my internet connection issues but guess what I’ve got wifi again and all is well in the world so here you go:

baby, hold on to my heart by tightropeofhope:

Summary: Here was the dilemma: Louis and Harry were out with their mates window shopping because there was nothing else to do and Louis brought an antique ring, hoping to pawn it off to get some quick cash. It was a small, old thing, all rusted and gold, but it had its charm. The owner didn’t take it because of the minuscule crack down the middle of the jewel, so Louis just shrugged and handed it to Harry without a thought.

Louis gives Harry a ring as a joke, but Harry starts wearing the ring everywhere he goes.

The Inevitability of Life by kiddle:

Summary: Harry is not dying.

Well, he is, but in the same sense that everyone else is. Inevitably. Although, he’s not really living, either. Harry’s life is a routine. Every day he wakes up, eats the same breakfast, makes the same commute to work, works the same eight hour shift, and goes to bed at the same time. But when an accident on a train leaves Harry nearly looking death in the eyes, he realizes, theoretically, any day could be his last. Something needs to change. So he makes a list. The Fuck-It List: ten things he wishes he would’ve done if he were to die tomorrow. In the next ten days he wants to cross all of them off. Number one is to quit his job. The rest might require the help of the stranger who almost accidentally killed him.

Or, Harry wants to remember what it’s like to feel alive again, and Louis has just the adventurous spirit he’s looking for.

Fight me? by whatmakeslarrybeautiful:

Summary: ‘Fight me,’ the high voice quipped from under the mountain of pillows, and Harry let out a chuckle, snapping his mouth shut immediately because what was he doing?? The anesthesia must still be wearing off.

Harry walked up to the patient again, bemused, and tugged at the pillow, but the person had a surprisingly strong grip on them. Again, with more annoyance in his tone, he said, 'fight me.’

Or, Harry is a nurse, to a slightly loopy and sassy Louis.

When the Wolves Come Out by Awriterwrites:

Summary: Harry had imagined a world where he and Louis could be together, he dreamed of a thousand alternate universes where showing their love for each other wouldn’t get them torn to pieces. At times, those daydreams were so vivid they made him delirious.

Proud of You by smoothniallsmooth:

Summary: “Shit, didn’t mean to startle you,” The man says, awkwardly frozen in the doorway. “The lights were on so I just assumed Grimshaw was here for once. Are you a sub?”

“Um. I mean, I guess with - with appropriate boundaries and safe words and…shit that’s not what you meant,” Harry rambles, mortified before he even gets a reaction.

But There’s One I Always Miss by cupcakentea:

Summary: Louis is then met with the view that first lured him in, but bigger, more detailed. He stares at the pale skin, the strong jaw framed with long chocolate curls, and the wet sheen that shines on the plump mouth, as if whoever it belongs to licked it mere seconds before recording. Then, the lips part:

“Hi everyone, this is Hazza ASMR”

Harry is the cure to Louis’s insomnia

And Life Goes On… by sincehewaseighteen:

Summary: A girl is suffering from a terminal illness in hospital, and Harry Styles comes to visit and babbles on about his lovely husband Louis and his cat Monica.

Manifest Destiny by Anonymous:

Summary: Harry and Louis had fallen into bed together again that night, mouths greedy and hands needy. And now every time Louis stops at Fort Kearney, even if it’s weeks in between, he and Harry spend the night together. The nights are always filled with heat and passion, and it gives Louis something to think on fondly as he rides across the western territories carrying sacks of mail.

They’ve never talked about it, and they’ve never kissed. Louis doesn’t know if he wants either of those things to change, but he knows that his presence in Harry’s life is sporadic at best. Probably best to leave things be.

Or, Louis is a Pony Express rider and Harry runs a station along the trail.

Let Me Touch You Where Your Heart Aches by rosegoldhl (MoonlitLarrie):

Summary: Alcohol was all he could taste. Alcohol and Harry, and he didn’t mind one bit. Harry kissed him back with just as much fervent heat. He pushed Louis against the taxi door and pulled his head back, breathing hot and heavy against his lips.

“Let’s go, yes?”

Or a Friends with Benefits AU, in which Louis falls in love and Harry is jealous. There is some Karaoke singing somewhere in there, because how do you write a romantic comedy without a Karaoke scene?

Darkest Night Hour by Anonymous:

Summary: After spending thirty-five years hiding out with his face buried in ancient vampire texts, Louis comes back to New York City. While Louis is adjusting to city life in the modern age, Zayn just wants his clan to finally win at trivia nights. Louis needs to make a major decision and he’s running out of time. The last thing he expects is to meet someone like Harry, who might be the solution to all of their problems.

Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull in the gardens at Mount St Margaret Hospital, Sydney, July 27 1969. Marianne Faithfull is a patient at the hospital following a drug overdose. Photo by George Lipman


Interesting brushwork.

From @gayaceramic - Underglaze sponge decor on hand thrown porcelain flat plate. 1300°C oxidation

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dadiine1d  asked:

Hey! Do you have some good ones where they're or one of them is in a mental hospital?

Here you go !

Mental Hospital AUs

1. You’re the Reason I Come Home by lostinsanity (15k, NR)

Louis thinks he can solve all his problems on his own. Harry has too many problems to even count.

Or, the one where two polar opposites attract on different sides of a piano at the rehab facility just out of town.

2. nobody saves me baby the way you do by 5sexualhomos (16k, M)

Louis is forced to spend time in a psychiatric hospital after a suicide attempt. He doesn’t expect much from his time at the ward and just wants to get out of there as soon as possible. Louis befriends a few other patients in his time at the hospital, One of them is Harry Styles who lives with the delusion that he can fly. They both help save each other.

3. And I know these scars will bleed by sweetkisses (10k, NR)

Or Harry has anger issues and he meets Louis in a rehab center

4. i wanna get better by thebelljarlife (43k, M)

Or; Louis, struggling to cope with the loss of Zayn and One Direction, is admitted to Castle Craig, Scotland’s private rehabilitation hospital. Healing ensues.

5. Diving Too Deep for Coins by 27tattoos

Louis meets Harry in rehab.

(If anyone has any fics they’d like to add to this list, feel free to send them in)