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The First House 

Who Are You?

The first house or sign on the ascendant radiates potently across the zodiac spectrum. The star rising in the eastern horizon rises in the individual’s eyes, it’s the cosmic starburst we give others to taste. There is a spiritual emphasis with the first house. It symbolises the the soul’s dance as an ego, it’s ultimate expression. Self emanation, awareness, and identification becomes activated in the first house. It’s the light in the eye, and a deeply personal experience, diffused spontaneously and without hesitation. The twelfth house is where we hide, but we step into the sun of the first house and come to life. 

The first house qualities are like the hospital band you were given at birth. Astrologers consider the first house of significant importance, noting it’s angular house condition in our outlook and approach to life. Through the planetary interplays of the first house, we paint an “I”, and every dimension of life passes through this spectrum. Everybody has a sign on the first house cusp known as the ascending sign. Some people have a planet, or multiple planets in the first house, and these provide the colours that create the expression.

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Sun in the 1st house / Leo ascending  royal and important, and the birth was deemed to be of significant importance because the individual knows he has a divine purpose on earth. there can be dominance, enthusiasm, joy, and creativity released here. 

Moon in the 1st house / Cancer ascending like the moon that shows her face and hides away, the individual is illuminated and yet withdrawn. there is a deep mystery here, and a tremendous maternal instinct. there may be difficulties with fluid retention

Mercury in the 1st house / Gemini ascending / Virgo ascending the bright light in the eye reveals a kindled and alert mind. a youthful expression emanates the curiosity, spirit, and flaws of the young. there is a nervous quality about the individual, and an unmissable intelligence 

Venus in the 1st house / Taurus ascending / Libra ascending beauty seems to diffuse from the individual naturally, like sequins across the sky. often there is a preoccupation with appearance and a feminine expression. strong likes and dislikes are indicated here, and there is a genial amiability that simply breathes warmth and harmony 

Mars in the 1st house / Aries ascending like a firecracker, the individual is impossible to miss. there is a vital, upfront, and spontaneous sunshine, and often a propensity to reveal things for how they see them. the individual is absolutely energizing 

Jupiter in the 1st house / Sagittarius ascending a bohemian, free spirited vibe evokes from the individual like incense. there is a well traveled mind that enjoys novelty and delving into the meaningful and symbolic dimensions of life. laughter seems to follow 

Saturn in the 1st house / Capricorn ascending the temperament can be melancholic on autopilot, however there is an incredible depth about the individual that is often too intense for the world. despite longing to connect, he may feel solitary and followed by shadows

Uranus in the 1st house / Aquarius rising the mind is a live wire here and the brightly lit eyes glisten like crystals, covering an intellect that follows inquisitive and intuitive leaps into imagination paradise. there is an offbeat individualism 

Neptune in the 1st house / Pisces rising every face of the cosmos is revealed in the individual, there are watery eyes that hold centuries of wisdom, eyes that seem like they still asleep and dreaming. the chameleon aspect here is prominent, and the individual can disappear into faces and energies

Pluto in the 1st house / Scorpio rising powerful reverence and rays of unconscious secrets hover from the individual and leave thick, resonant energies long after his body vanishes. there is something intimidating and yet soothing about the individual, it seems however, impossible to decode


[art: Snow White by Whitney Pollett]

I hit you with my car, but I’m the only one to visit you in the hospital - Harry Styles Imagine

I was in a hurry. My new job was starting today, and I was determined to be early. I was feeling unnaturally positive after a stressful week of nothing going right, and moving boxes into my new place. Everything was going to look up from here, I was sure. That’s when I got hit by a car.

Yeah, a fucking car. I felt pain blossom in my stomach. I could barely breath, sharp pain stabbed my chest. A large figure hovered into my line of vision. Right now I couldn’t tell if it was male, female, or anything else, it was just a dark shape. Pain was making it hard to see correctly.

As he moved closer, the man’s features sharpened. He was gorgeous, well-chiseled features, gorgeous green eyes. As my consciousness wavered in and out, I was starting to think he was an angel.

My hearing was going in and out too, but his voice sounded oddly deep, and slow as he sputtered apologies. Darkness closed around my consciousness.

When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. The sheets were comfortingly cool, and the room was surprisingly beautiful. Flowers filled the room, all different colors and types. I was amazed, who had put them all there.

A nurse appeared and smiled at me.

“You’re awake, wonderful,” she said sweetly.

“What happened?” I asked groggily.

“Well, You were hit with a car. It broke two of your ribs, and gave you a concussion,” the nurse said solemnly.

“Oh, no,” I said dismally. My work was going to kill me, couldn’t even make it to the first day.

“Where did all the flowers come from?” I asked.

“Your boyfriend, he’s so sweet, he visited so many times,” she chuckled.

“Um, I don’t have a boyfriend,” I said. my face hurt to frown, but I was so confused. I didn’t know anyone in this city.

Like magic, someone walked into the room with another bouquet. He looked familiar in an odd way, like maybe I’d dreamt him before.

“I’ll let you two talk this out,” the nurse said kindly, obviously thinking we’d had a lovers squabble.

“Um, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Harry, the lovely bloke who hit you with my car,” the sentence didn’t warrant the charming smile he sent my way.

“Oh, so your voice is naturally like that,” I mumbled.

“What?” He asked.

“When I was blacking out, I thought like, my pain was distorting your voice, but it is really deep and slow like that.”

It took me a moment to realize how insulting that sounded.

“Ouch,” Harry chuckled.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. Your voice is really nice, just these pain meds are making me say weird stuff,” I tried to explain.

“It’s fine,” Harry’s eyes twinkled when he laughed, and I found it very attractive. “You could’ve said a lot worse to the person who broke your ribs.”

“I suppose you’re responsible for all these flowers?” I asked.

“Yeah, I feel awful,” he looked sad now. I could tell he was being genuine.

“Well, thank you,” I said awkwardly. He placed the flowers on one of the available ledges, there were hardly any left.

“These flowers really are beautiful,” I said admiringly.

“Practically bought out the flower shop beside the hospital,” Harry chuckled. “It was the least I could do, even though I have no idea if you even like flowers.”

“I do, a lot,” I laughed.

“Then it was worth it,” he grinned. I felt myself blush.

“I’ve been here a lot,” he said after a moment. “I’ve never seen anyone else come in, do you need me to like call someone for you?”

He took a chair beside the bed and looked at me earnestly. I was taken aback by his worry and concern. Most would just apologize and give me their information, but this boy was different, that was easy enough to see.

“Um, well, I just moved here actually. My parents, all my friends and relatives they live about six hours out. So no visits from them.”

“Wow,” Harry said sympathetically. “So why’d you move here?”

“I got a really good job offer,” I shrugged. “I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, so when I got this job, I knew I had to move.”

“Oh dear,” Harry tutted. “I hit a lawyer with my car, how deep in the hole will I be after the court case?” He laughed.

“Oh I’m not gonna sue you,” I said waving a hand.

“At least let me pay any medical, and recovery expenses, please. Also if you need me to call your work, or anything please tell me,” he begged.

“I’ll let you know about the work, and thank you so much,” I said gratefully. “It’s so hard, I don’t know anybody here. The people I’ve met haven’t been all that nice, and the kindest person I meet happens to be the lad whose hit me with his car, how ironic.”

We both had a laugh, and talked a little longer. Being around such a vivacious and charming man had me desperately wishing my hair was washed, and that my face wasn’t bruised up. Harry didn’t seem to mind, he was very sweet.

“So,” Harry rocked back in his chair, and his eyes ran over me.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“New in town, I suppose that means you haven’t got a boyfriend eh?”

“Are you always this forward with people you’ve just met?” I asked teasingly.

“Only the one’s I’ve hit with my car,” his eyes twinkled.

“So my broken ribs make us more compatible?”

“Oh definitely,” he laughed.

“After I’ve had a rest, and gotten work sorted, I’d love to get drinks with you,” I smiled.

“Here’s my number,” Harry scribbled it down.

“I’ve got to now, but I’ll be back to visit you,” he assured me.

“Look both ways before driving!” I called after him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he laughed and waved. I smiled happily. Maybe getting hit by a car wasn’t so bad after all. Of course, if we did get together, I’d never let him live it down.

Emma (Red Band Society)

Has anyone else noticed that in the prom episode Emma never forgot what Leo said? Once they were talking about pity and everything Leo directly told Emma “You don’t get it, Emma. No one pitys you. You don’t have to be here.” Emma never forgot that Leo told her she doesn’t have to be in the hospital like he does. In her mind she thought that meant she wasn’t actually sick, she was perfectly fine, which made admitting her anorexia even harder. In a later episode when talking to Leo’s friend she mentions how hard it was just to openly admit that she is diagnosed with anorexia. Lastly, in one of the last episodes once Emma is sent back home, she ends up back in the hospital. When she’s in the hospital bed and talking to Kara, it’s obvious that what Leo said had never left her mind. She tells Kara “I might actually be sick now.” In which Kara responds with “Emma, you’ve always been sick.”

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“We were very lucky that we hooked up with Mott the Hoople and we were the warm up act and we went all round the U.K. with them–it worked out just perfect. And then the guys from Mott said would you like to do the same thing in America?” - Brian May