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Yeah, quick question: how did JD manage to only spend ONE YEAR in a mental hospital after committing double homicide? Was it self-defense? (Because I definitely wouldn't put it past The Fuckboys Who Shall Not Be Named to do something so awful that using deadly force would be a completely valid response.)

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He did not tell people he killed Kurt and Ram!! He went to the hospital after a suicide attempt and ended up staying a year for treatment for all his other issues. You don’t have to tell a therapist all your secrets, he can easily go get help and leave out the fact that he shot two guys.

At a Restaurant in Germany

Unless it’s a particularly upscale restaurant, you don’t wait to be seated - you just walk in and choose your own table. At bars, cafés, and very informal CROWDED restaurants, it’s okay to sit down next to strangers, as long as you get an affirmative response to “Ist hier noch frei”? (Is this seat vacant?)

Don’t expect any ice cubes in your soda, you need to ask for it. There are NO free refills on drinks. The basket of bread or pretzels on the table sometimes costs extra, so don’t be surprised if you’re charged for what you eat from it. 

Water will not automatically be brought to your table. You have to order it and you will be brought bottled water which you have to pay for. The default water is sparkling. If you do not want that, ask for “stilles Wasser” or “ohne Kohlensäure”. If you want tap water (which is highly unusual in Germany and will get you looks, especially in non-touristy restaurants), you might ask for “Leitungswasser”. Note that it is not customary at all to serve tap water at a restaurant in Germany.

If you cross your knife and fork on your plate, it means you’re just pausing. If you line them up side by side, it means you’re finished, and the waiter may come and take your plate away. Doggie bags are still mostly unknown so your waiter/tress may be surprised if you asked to take leftovers home with you. 

German waiters and waitresses are usually paid more per hour than in some countries (like the USA), so they do NOT rely on large tips. The general rule is to round up the bill to the next larger amount, so if your bill is 22.50 Euros you might give 24 or 25. Your waiter/waitress usually will remain at the table while you pay, so make sure to let them know how much tip you want to leave. For example, if your bill is 15.70 Euros and you want to leave 1.30 Euros as a tip then say “Siebzehn bitte” (Seventeen please) when handing them a 20 Euro note. While credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, it’s more common to pay with cash.

*based on the released images of Thor Ragnarok*

Imagine being the young queen of Sakkar and meeting Loki. You give your hospitality, making him think you are the princess. When he asks to meet the king and queen you simply smile and offer your hand. “I am queen y/n of Sakkar.” He’s shocked and greets you as a gentleman should, apologizing for mistaking you.


                         The Zenith Of Glamour (Hôtel Ritz Paris)

“ The Ritz Paris is a hotel in central Paris, in the 1st arrondissement. It overlooks the octagonal border of the Place Vendôme at number 15. The hotel is ranked among the most luxurious hotels in the world and is a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World”. The Ritz Paris reopened on 6 June 2016 after a major four-year, multimillion-dollar renovation.The hotel, which today has 159 rooms, was founded in 1898 by the Swiss hotelier, César Ritz, in collaboration with the French chef, Auguste Escoffier. The new hotel was constructed behind the façade of an 18th-century town house, overlooking one of Paris’s central squares. It was among the first hotels in Europe to provide a bathroom en suite, a telephone and electricity for each room. It quickly established a reputation for luxury, with clients including royalty, politicians, writers, film stars and singers. Several of its suites are named in honour of famous guests of the hotel, including Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway, who lived at the hotel for years. One of the bars of the hotel, Bar Hemingway, is devoted to Hemingway. L'Espadon is a world-renowned restaurant, attracting aspiring chefs from all over the world who come to learn at the adjacent Ritz-Escoffier School. The grandest suite of the hotel, called the Suite Impériale, has been listed by the French government as a national monument in its own right.During the Second World War, the hotel was taken over by the occupying Germans as the local headquarters of the Luftwaffe. After the death in 1976 of Ritz’s son, Charles, the last members of the Ritz family to own the hotel sold it to the Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed in 1979. On 31 August 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales dined in the hotel’s Imperial Suite, shortly before her death in a fatal car crash.The hotel has been entirely renovated in order to help it attain the ’Palace’ distinction, which is a title bestowed by the French ministry of economy, industry and employment.[1] It was closed from 1 August 2012 and reopened in June 2016.[2] Because of its status as a symbol of high society and luxury, the hotel has featured in many notable works of fiction including novels (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is The Night and Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises), a play (Noël Coward’s play Semi-Monde), and films (Billy Wilder’s 1957 comedy Love in the Afternoon and William Wyler’s 1966 comedy How to Steal a Million).”