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Craig Dunain Mental Hospital - Inverness, Scotland

Formerly known as Inverness District Asylum and Northern Counties District Lunatic Asylum. Opened 1864. Closed 1999.


Some more pics from when me and @imafuckingtwofacedbitch visited the old asylum in Jacksonville, IL. Those baby handprints on the window are on the inside… The building was originally a ward for the mentally insane and then became a tuberculosis hospital, it stays empty and abandoned now and many suspect it is because it is haunted. It is rumored that there are mass, unmarked graves all over the property of the patients who died there… @sixpenceee @sixpenceeeblog


Tiki Palace (Playboy Mansion) (Chatanooga, Tennessee) 

ADDRESS: 25 N Crest Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37404

COORDINATES: 35.031951, -85.257292

This Playboy Mansion, formally known as “Tiki Palace”, lies atop Missionary Ridge in Chatanooga, Tennesee. The house was built by strip club owner, Billy Hull, in 1972. 

The 5,600 square foot 3 bedroom 4.5 bath home was featured in a builder’s magazine for its unique Playboy bunny shaped pool. The pool had swim tunnels leading to separate bedrooms. Live palm trees were planted around the pool area. The walls were covered in tiki style bamboo, palm matting and animal heads from around the world. Each bedroom also had closed-circuit tv monitors with feeds from the pool room as well as an intercom system. The hallways and bathrooms were covered floor to ceiling in marble. The living room in the back of the house had another full marble bar and mirrored walls leading out to the patio area. The patio area featured a 12 person jacuzzi tub, copper top outdoor bar as well as a large sauna. The house was used for parties, gathering, and mostly a house for swinger couples. 

In 1973, a friend of Billy Hull shot and killed Hull’s wife’s boyfriend outside of a nightclub. A victim of his own lifestyle, the evidence was overwhelming and Hull was found guilty of murder for hire. Another unsuccessful murder for hire plot was brought forth by the gunman during the trial, implicating Billy Hull on a second murder charge. The gunman was found guilty of manslaughter. Mr. Hull was found guilty of murder and received 20 years, however, he was released due to a lack of evidence. 

In the 1980s, Hull was found guilty of tax evasion and was incarcerated. His Swinger’s Mansion was seized by the city after foreclosure.  


Sloss Furnaces (Birmingham, Alabama) 

ADDRESS: 20 32nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35222

COORDINATES: 33.520589, -86.791296

From 1882 to 1971, Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces transformed coal and ore from surrounding acres into the hard steel that would pave the way for the industrial revolution. It operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971. It closed due to the newer, more preferred methods of obtaining iron. 

Needless to say, there are urban legends about this complex. While legends tend to be just that, perhaps the most terrifying tale, is the true story of Samuel Blumenthal. Blumenthal was the night watchman for the Sloss Furnaces and took his last night watch on the night before the plant would shut down, Blumenthal found himself face to face with, “the most frightening thing he had ever seen”. He described an entity that was “half man and half demon” but entirely evil. Blumenthal claimed that the entity had tried to push him up the stairs, and when Blumenthal tried to fight back, the half demon beat him with his fists. When examined by Dr. Jack Barlo, Blumenthal was found to be covered with intense burns. 

What’s even more terrifying about this place is that the Birmingham Police have over 100 recorded reports of unexplainable activity that has been experienced by people while at the Sloss Furnaces. 


Market Street (NOPSI) Power Plant (New Orleans, Louisiana) 

ADDRESS: 2879 Entire Sq, New Orleans, LA 70130

COORDINATES: 29.929930, -90.064175

The former New Orleans Public Service Power Plant is an early 20th-century power plant in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also known as Market Street Power Plant, it is located along the Mississippi River just upriver of the Crescent City Connection. 

The plant opened in 1905, and by 1922, the New Orleans Public Service Incorporated (NOPSI) was founded. The NOPSI deemed all power to the city of New Orleans would be produced at the Market Street Power Plant. The facility supplied electrical power to New Orleans by burning coal and using the waters of the Mississippi River for cooling. The plant is over five stories tall. It was abandoned in 1973 due to the need for a larger plant. It has been abandoned for the last 40 years but is sometimes used as a filming location for movies and television shows. 

**Beware: The bottom floor of this plant often floods due to the Mississippi River’s rising waters.**

hospital in Pripyat … 03-2015



Once again I find myself in an insane asylum… Does anyone else begin to see a pattern here? :-) 

This vast neotraditional ensemble was built in the 1920’s as a neuro-psychiatric hospital and consists of several pavilions in the northern part of the park surrounding the castle de Spoelbergh. The pavilions are separated by a rectilinear pattern of alleys, a remainder of the original 19th century landscaping of the castle park. After Karel de Spoelbergh died in 1907 without descendants, the castle and park became the property of the nearby university. It was given in leasehold to the Sisters of Charity to establish an insane asylum. The clinic became part of the university psychiatric department until the several divisions were divided over different hospitals by the end of the 1990’s. The last pavilion was closed in 2007. The pavilions all have a H-shaped plan. They are functional, brick constructions of two to three floors with mostly saddle and shield roofs. The site is momentarily under renovation and is being developed into a housing project. The work on some of the pavilions has already been finished and they are now inhabited by young families. This particular pavilion, Saint-Cecile, is the last building that is still in a state of decay.


Gandini’s Circus (Edmond, Oklahoma)

ADDRESS: N Kelly Avenue between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive
Edmond, Oklahoma, 73003

**When trying to find Gandini’s Circus, travel down N Kelly Avenue until you get to the stretch of land between Swan Lake Road and Pruett Drive. Once there, you will see a dirt road (usually blocked off by a yellow fence). Travel up that road and you will be brought to a large field where the Circus lies.** 

COORDINATES: 35.659355, -97.497530

There is little known about this circus. Gandini’s Circus took place some time in between the 1900′s and the 1930′s and traveled across parts of the United States. There were animals (cougars, lions, tigers) and performers such as acrobats, clowns, and the “freakshow”. Although many of the trailers are burnt from the inside out by either arson or a terrible accident, you can still find fliers, popcorn bags and soda cups along with assorted pieces of memorabilia throughout the area. 

Gandini’s Circus closed down due to the Great Depression, but the remaining assets were bought by a man named Howard Suesz in 1943 and used them to start the Clyde Bros. Circus, an indoor circus that performed in stadiums and arenas. Both Clyde Bros. and Hagen Bros. used the property in Edmond as a winter camp; although it is unclear whether Gandini’s ever did the same, it was the name of the original circus that stuck.