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Talk about Aleppo.
Our silence is killing them. They are people, PEOPLE!!!
Are they not important because they’re arabs?
because they’re Syrian?
Do their lives matter less than the life of a French or an American?
People from Aleppo are posting their goodbye messages on the internet as a final massacre is expected to happen any time soon and we are SILENT….

We have been silent for over five years.
Some children in Aleppo don’t know life without war.
Imagine living in a city of ruins and having to fear for your life every instant.
Hospitals,mosques, churches, houses, restaurants are bombed on the daily and hundreds are killed every single day.
Yet we are silent.
Remember them.
Honor them.
We’ve allowed a mass genocide to happen before our eyes for years.
It’s burning is a testament of our moral failure!!!
Talk about Aleppo, please.
Pray for them!

Okay, so. If any of you are fans of MiniLadd then you must’ve heard about the news. He and a friend, jay, got hit by a car two days ago.

They are currently in the hospital being treated so if you are upset and confused on the lack of videos, that is why.

Follow smii7y on twitter for updates. Craig and Jay are gonna be out for a few weeks. All we can do is let them rest, so please send your blessings and stuff to them.

Back from the hospital, mostly good news! :D Looks like I just need tons of rest but nothing major.

I’ll be checking out the chapter and the asks in a moment. Looks like this chapter is lit.


The new Ghostbusters visited sick kids in the hospital — and Facebook misogynists are furious 

Visiting ill children at Tufts Medical Center should have been an amazing experience for the new Ghostbusters, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. But as with many beautiful moments, it was ruined by disgusting commenters. Thankfully, Tufts Medical Center and other Facebook users are fighting back against the trolls.

anonymous asked:

A concept of paralyzed Lance: Basically it could be in someone else's perspective or a flashbacky thing of Lance: While Lance was driving back ti where he lives / campus bc Idk if we've said where they live, is when he got hit by the semi. But someone, doesn't really matter who, was calling him and kept getting the "I'm sorry, this person is not available" message every time they called. Basically, they got really worried and wondered if that happened with everyone else. And, it did. (Pt1)

(Pt2) Then on the news, and through texts they found out about the crash and when the names were released, they began to panic even more. The entire way to the hospital, they kept a news station on the radio for any updates and the news website on a phone. But with Lance, everything happened in slow motion. As he lay on the ground, he saw him smashed phone, while he experienced excruciating pain. The siren sounds were faint and he heard many people yelling and calling different people.

(Pt3) The lights from the cop cars n ambulances were too bright for him. There was glass in his arm n his face was cut. On the way to the ICU, the paramedics kept asking how he was doing but he couldnt speak. When everyone reached him, they saw the casts or whatever on his legs, his cut up face and arms, n all the machines he was connected too. He was asleep but they thought the worse was going to happen when the doctor told him that his legs were shattered and he wouldnt be able to walk anymore


Anon, you’ve had a lot of time to think about this carefully. Are you writing a fic or…? I’m curious.