hospital hill half marathon


Conquered the Hill! Eh I never doubted myself for a second 😎…..😆😆 Tendonitis flared but was manageable. Hoping heaping doses of ibuprofen will calm it back down. My half PR was at the 2015 Chicago Spring Half where I ran a 1:58:17 which was a flat course. Feeling pretty good that I missed a PR by only 9 seconds on a course that is 90% all uphill. You can tell by my last mile that it was a downhill finish. I used that to my advantage all the way to the finish line!


I think I may regret signing up for this race. A co-worker said her husband ran it last year and said never again. My friend ran the 5K tonight and said the first 2 miles were all uphill. And that she’s never running it again.

The website says “this will be the hardest race you’ve ever run”. 

 So yeah…if I can finish sub-2:15 I will be happy.

Woke up this morning with mysterious pain on the side of my leg by my outer thigh. No explanation for it and as the day went on it seems to alternate from side to side. So odd but I went out for a short run tonight to test the ankle and this new mysterious pain and was able to run pain free! 

When I signed up for this half marathon I set a goal time of 1:55 which was lofty considering how hilly this race is. I figured if training went well and I stayed free from any injuries then maybe I could come close. A 1:55 finish averages out to around an 8:46 pace.

That remains my super magical powers A+ goal but realistically I think I’m looking a 2:00 - 2:10 finish which would be somewhere between a 9:09 - 9:55 pace. Though 600+ feet of elevation may slow me down:

I just have to make it to mile 12.25 to get a nice downhill finish…

Getting a little faster while still focusing on keeping the effort easy. This is a slow process (ha pun!) but one that I hope will pay off come race day.

One of my other co-workers is starting to get into running and was looking at possibly entering the Hospital Hill 5K which is the night before the half. She’s looking at the “first timer tips” on the website and reads out to me Tip #9:

9. Consider it one of the hardest races you will do. A good showing at Hospital Hill Run earns you bragging rights!

I know this will be a hard race but I really don’t need them confirming it for me in writing!

Some days my legs do great but not my lungs or vice versa. Today my lungs were like “we can do this forever” but the legs were like “can we go back to bed?”. It was perfect weather for running - 65*, cloudy with a slight breeze. 

During this run I realized I’m eight weeks out from the Hospital Hill half so now I need to really start to focus. I’m loosely following the 80/20 principle so running 5 days a week means only 1 of those days needs to be at a moderate to hard effort. I’m picking my long runs to focus on my pace to simulate effort on race day. Miles 10-12 are solid uphill for this race. What better spot in a half marathon. 

I’m following the Hal Higdon 10K training plan to carry me through May and first part of June until I start my marathon training for Chicago.  It’s fairly low mileage right now so today called for 3 miles:

The last week of the plan happens to coincide with Kansas City’s Hospital Hill half marathon.  I was contemplating signing up for the 10K race since that’s the race distance the plan calls for.  BUT it’s also Hospital Hill!  Runner’s World Magazine listed it as the 11th best half-marathon in the United States so if I’m going to run it, I should run the half right?

When I trained for Rock the Parkway, the longest run I did was 10 miles and I still managed to finish in 2 hours.  I’m running between 15-20 miles/week right now.  Hospital Hill would definitely take me longer than 2 hours to finish, just check out these hills!

So now the question is, is 4 weeks enough time to get my training back up to 10 miles?