Wildlife Aid does not deal with domestic species, but this poor animal has been abandoned on our door step!

Simon’s girlfriend was taking the rubbish out when she saw a small box, all wrapped up in tape. When she tried to lift it up, the box started to move on its own… Simon brought the box to the hospital and the animal they discovered was not a species they were expecting… In the box, there was a beautiful gray lop eared rabbit!

Our CCTV camera revealed someone walking past the entrance of the centre’s car park, dropping the box next to the bins and continuing to walk on as if nothing had happened!

The female pet bunny was absolutely fine and happy to bounce around the treatment room! She was re-homed with one of our loving volunteers.

Let’s revise cardiology !! I like this action potential and ECG which remind me the Journey of LIFE…. Life is also all the combination of ups and downs…

What do you think ?

Tag your friends who are thinking to be a cardiologist….

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Thank you.

I’m sorry if this post is out of character. I know I’m usually happy and crazy on this blog but I have something important to announce.

My mother had a stroke three days ago. The doctors said that they would transport her to another hospital for therapy. They said that the therapy would last up to about three months.

Then my mother couldn’t walk the best, but she could still muster enough strength to walk with a cane or walker. She could lift up her left arm and left leg just enough to give us all hope.

Now, she’s not being transferred to the other hospital for therapy. She’s not lifting her left leg or left arm anymore.
She has so little energy left.
She’s been throwing up and having more episodes.
The doctors are now saying that her recovery could last up to a year.

Therefore, as you might could tell, I am upset. The word upset actually doesn’t even cover how I’m feeling right now.
Please keep my mother in your thoughts and prayers. Please reblog this. Let other people know.

Thank you.

Can you spot the Anatomy fail?

Tag your friends and check their anatomy knowledge …

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Imagine that you and Loki have been married a while and you live on Midgard. One day you get badly injured on SHIELD mission and you lose all your memory from past 2 or 3 years. When you wake up in the hospital and see Loki, you freak out because you recognize him as the god who attacked New York. He tells you that you’re married and he loves you and he would never hurt you, but you don’t believe him. Loki is with you all the time, but because you’re terrified of him, he doesn’t come near you, he just quietly watches you so that you can see him too.
Finally, when you can go home from the hospital, Loki shows you your house and you stay there in hopes that if Loki is telling the truth, maybe your memory will return. Loki is very supportive and sweet to you and he agreed to sleep on the couch. Though he is so loving, you’re still a bit afraid of him and he does everything he can to make you see that he loves you.
One night Loki can’t stand sleeping on the couch anymore because he misses you so much and he asks you if he can sleep in the bed with you. You’re hesitant, but he gives you his puppy eyes and so you agree.
You lay on your back while Loki softly talks to you, playing with your hair, telling you things you have done together, cuddling with you, caressing you, kissing you softly on your neck and shoulders and face, but not on your lips because he knows you’re not ready. But whatever he does, you don’t dare to move. Finally you feel comfortable enough and fall asleep in his arms.
Next morning, when Loki awakes, he sees you looking at him and he realizes that you remember. He kisses you on the lips passionately and says “I’ve missed you so much”.

How many types of sutures do you know ?

And how many of these have you already sutured in your practice ?

Please tag or share this info to whom is interested in surgery….

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How to pay a medical bill when you have no money to spare?

Talk to someone in the hospital’s financial office (or wherever the bill is from) and discuss your options regarding setting up a payment plan. Offices are always happy to help you with this since it means there will be a plan in place for repayment and it saves everyone the trouble of sending the bill to a collection agency.

Additionally, if you’re really in financial trouble, call the office and see if there’s a form you can fill out for financial aid for your bills. This isn’t something they advertise, but most places, especially hospitals, have them, and you can sometimes get a discount off or even have the whole bill forgiven. I personally had one of my bills ($4000) forgiven and I am still thankful for it to this day.


I have seen first hand just how much of an impact a Starlight Wish can have on a seriously ill child – it really makes a huge difference to them  and their family  – so  I  am delighted to  become a  Starlight Ambassador.