What feminine is is being empathetic and patient and being able to multitask and being incredibly, incredibly enduring yet, being thankless. You know my mother is a hospice nurse, she works in a house that’s just a hospice house with all women nurses that are like little frumpy Boston women, I come in and they’re like ‘Oh Bo you’re out in Hollywood you gotta tell us everything,’ and then they’re doing the most insanely terrifying, like, I mean they’re like soldiers, and I think it’s the most embodiment of, not just what a what a woman can be but what a woman is. It’s this beautiful thing where it’s not running away from what maybe women are defined as, but still showing them to be so powerful, and that what makes women women at times isn’t weak, so they’re protecting they’re caring for these people but it’s in the most incredibly fearless way, like momma bear with a fucking AK on her back.
—  Bo Burnham defining Femininity on Pete Holmes’ “You Made It Weird" (x)

one gifset per appearance → visit to naomi house children’s hospices, sutton scotney (29/04/2013)

On her second wedding anniversary, the Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to Naomi House Children’s Hospices near Winchester, England. Naomi House provides support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families living in Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey, West Sussex and Wiltshire. It was opened in 1997 by Prince Charles, and supports families with children with life-limiting conditions. It provides music therapy, computer, art and play rooms as well as multi-sensory and hydrotherapy suites. When visiting the hydrotherapy pool, the Duchess asked: 'Is it nice and warm in there?’ To which one of the children shouted: ‘Do you want to come in?' Kate laughed and replied: 'I’d love to come in.’ During a tea party with children and their families, Kate was treated to a musical performance by Ollie Wade, who presented his own song Free, written in memory of his brother, Ben, who died in 2011. Shortly after, in a speech, Chief Executive of Together for Short Lives Barbara Gelb said: 'This year has been the best ever for Children’s Hospice Week and that’s all down to you Your Royal Highness.’ Earlier in the week, the Duchess had released her first-ever televised message in support of Children’s Hospice Week. Professor Khalid Aziz, chairman of trustees, said of the visit: ‘The Duchess is a consummate professional. She had time for everyone, she spoke to everyone very graciously, she really empathised with the children. We’ve got one youngster here who’s terribly poorly, had been asleep all day, but as soon as she went into his room he woke up and his father said he started chatting! With some difficulty, but he obviously knew who she was and she lightened his life, and that’s been the story with the whole visit.’


My 5 year old (disabled) daughter, tiffany, in the paper with #robert carlyle and #emilie de ravin. Couple of inaccuracies there but i still like the article. Some of you may remember her from sbuk3 as the little girl in the wheelchair cosplaying as zelena, elsa, belle and megra over the weekend

She raised £100 for julia’s house and the british heart foundation only for my credit and debit cards to be stolen and cleared/maxed out before she could present the money at the ‘heart of kent’ pageant… one card contained the £100 she had raised.

Please help us raise the money again. Payments can be made via paypal to the pageant organiser julia meager banma_j@yahoo.co.uk with a ref saying its on behalf of tiffany halliday.

Thank you so much -catherine halliday (her mother)

@sheppey_mamma (twitter), chdmumof3 (instagram), Catherine Halliday (facebook)

The fourth house

The sails to the 4th house psychologist take place under Cancer’s Full Moon and urge us to quieten the voices from the 3rd house and begin to recognise the voices within. In the fourth house we walk into a hall of mirrors reflecting ourselves and the faces of those who stood before us -grandparents, parents and the entrenched root of ancestors. In the fourth house we are seated in a delicate therapy chair and take the robe of our ego off, forced to fuse the conscious with the unconscious and realign ourselves with our true, divine identity. In the fourth house we may feel unsettled, and negotiate a sense wanderlust that seeks a sanctuary of comfort for its outlet. We feel the lifeblood of our family and loved ones course through us and relive the first memories of security with our mother. In the fourth house we begin drawing our family trees and nostalgically gazing at their antiqued out photographs in curiosity. 

When the flourish of the 11 other houses disseminate our spirit, we return to the psychologist’s chair in the 4th house for hospice. We rush back under our urgency to retreat back into the nest and let the comfort of our loved ones soothe us. We sit crossways from our therapist, reflecting the image of our own and begin to unravel the tangled veins and arteries that strangled our divine heart. Sometimes we are forced to confront repressed memories, arduous inner struggles or experience tormenting nightmares. The fourth house can create a black out experience, the sensation of being saturated in darkness, desperately alone and drowning under Cancer waters. Here, the psychologist hands us a paintbrush, and demands; create a new self portrait, draw from the golden light of your own centre, and make a home in yourself! 

Birthdays, christmas and traditional holidays call for a big celebration here. Lots of residents in the fourth house work as real estate agents and maintain quite private lifestyles. Most homes are adorned in antique furniture and hang the portraits of past and present loved ones. Many people come to the fourth house to retire, looking for a place of comfort they can share with their loved ones amidst their cozy clutter of collectables. The fourth house provides the maternity ward and a hub of new mothers with wise grandmothers to pass through their wisdom. There is the fresh buzz of blossoming newborns and the constant snap shots of cameras for family memories. The fourth house is a safety conscious environment and they are fiercely protective of their young. 

In the fourth house we swim the rivers of our own veins and detour into the treacherous wells of our psyche. The facets we culminate in the fourth house; the love, memories, the fragments and the spirit create the divine cluster that dances through the cosmos.

Kate’s connections to charities before her marriage

As requested by anon

  • In 2001, Kate went to Chile with Raleigh International. Raleigh is a charity carrying out expeditions with young volunteers to promote sustainable development. She did a number of things during her 3 week trip there, including building a fire station for a local village. William also went to Chile with Raleigh. 
  • When she joined the University of St Andrews, she became a founding member of the Lumsden Club. I’m a St Andrews grad so I know the Lumsden Ladies. The club is an all female group dedicated to carrying out charitable events. Individuals apply to join the exclusive club and will remain members throughout their four years at university.  
  • In 2007, Kate curated an art exhibition for Unicef. She organised an exhibit called Time to Reflect which featured celebrity photographs taken by Alistair Morrison. This is Kate with Camilla’s daughter Laura
  • In 2008 Kate was part of the organising committee, and one of the hosts, for a now infamous roller disco. The roller disco was organised to raise funds for Tom’s Ward at Oxford’s Children Hospital and Place2Be, which would later become one of Kate’s official patronages. The aim was to raise £100,000 for the two organisations.
  • Although this hasn’t been confirmed, Katie Nicholl’s book says Kate made secret visits to Naomi House hospice from 2008 onwards: “She would drive to the hospice bearing gifts for the children, and would spend hours reading and playing with them.” Kate at Naomi House in 2013:
  • Kate has had a long relationship with Starlight. The CEO openly said that Kate did a lot of work for the organisation before her marriage: “Kate was working with Party Pieces at the time and she came up with a clever idea for a party bag that doubled up as a colouring-in gift. She also designed some Starlight-themed crayons and other bits and pieces to go in the bags. To us, she was just Kate, and we would go and have meetings with her at Party Pieces, and sometimes she would come to us. She came up with lots of creative ideas for parties that we were arranging for sick children, and she did a lot of work below the radar.” She suggested and managed Party Piece’s relationship with Starlight. At the Boodles Boxing Ball in aid of Starlight:
My Favourite Moments of the Duchess in 2013

January: Successfully faked enthusiasm for that hideous portrait of her

February: Had a babymoon with Prince William in Mustique

March: Made some entertaining faces at the Cheltenham Gold Cup Day

Gracefully managed to unhook her heel in a drain grating upon handing out shamrock springs to Irish Guards in Aldershot

Helped to make that adorable Peter Pan collar a trend

Made camping look fun

April: Wore my two favourite pregnancy outfits: the blue dress at The Art Room and the peach ensemble to the Naomi House Children’s Hospice

Turned into the grown-up versions of Harry, Ron and Hermione at the Harry Potter Studio

May: Attracted the most people at the Buckingham Palace garden party

June: Had a cruise ship named after her, Royal Princess, in Southampton 

July: Gave birth to an heir

Endorsed the post-baby bump trend

August: Shared pictures of her very photogenic family, dogs included

Revealed her hair is still perfect in its more natural state at the Ring O’ Fire Coastal Ultra Marathon 

September: Sparkled back into work at the Tusk Trust awards

October: Played volleyball in wedges as she revealed her flat stomach, three months after pushing a human out of her

Christened Prince George and matched his christening outfit

November: Revealed her gray roots

Got the world upset over a hair twirl

Watched a dancer twerk in front of her and Prince William’s face at Only Connect

December: Wore a tiara for the second time of her Royal life

Idris Elba charmed her until she blushed

Made 3D glasses look 100x better

Held hands with Prince William on Christmas

“The house I grew up in was very strange. My friends did not like to spend the night and said that they had weird dreams there. At night it often sounded like someone was moving furniture around in the living room. My mom and I would randomly smell cigar smoke when no one in my house smoked. We would catch movement out of the side of our eyes and nothing was there. Our dogs would suddenly leap up and follow something with their eyes, or would start wagging their tails for not apparent reason.

I once had a dream about a man wearing a red plaid shirt with black hair and a mustache leaning on the fence in the backyard. It was so striking that it just stuck with me for about a week before I mentioned it to my mom and she had experienced a dream about the man in the past. We think that might explain the cigar smell.

I was once home by myself and washing dishes when I heard the wood floor creaking behind me like someone was walking on it. I spun around, no one was there. I went back to washing dishes and there were a few creaks closer. I turned around and asked whatever it was to stop. It did.

The most unexplainable thing happened one night when I woke up to a scratching and rustling noise in my room. I thought that someone had broken into the house and was in my room, so I laid still for about ten minutes as the noise continued. Then music from the music box on my shelf started playing. I flipped over in bed and no one was there, my bedroom door was closed, and my dog was standing at the other side of the room staring at the bookcase where my music box was. I got out of bed and saw that the drawer had been pulled out, hence the slow scraping noise, and that it had finally be pulled out enough to trigger the music. It was on a flat surface so it couldn’t have slowly slipped and it was too high for my dog to reach even if he had the capability of being able to bother it.

My mom said that the people my parents bought the house from was a widowed father with a young daughter. His wife had died from cancer in a home hospice in the house. She said that when I was a baby she would hear me laughing and babbling when I was alone in my crib, and when she would look in the nursery I would be looking up at something. For some reason she felt like it was connected to the woman.”

By: NewBeginningsEnd (What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, paranormal or otherwise?)

Did you know...

…Demelza Robins, the Gryffindor Chaser in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is named after Daniel Radcliffe’s favorite charity: the Demelza House Children’s Hospice, which cares for terminally ill youngsters in Kent, East Sussex, and South London.

In honor of The Duchess’ second pregnancy, take a look at her maternity style the first time around…

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Tom & Charlotte visit the Butterwick Hospice. Gotta love them lots. Because they are amazing. :)

IT’S not every day that the North-East is touched by Hollywood stardom.

So when two A-list movie stars dropped in on a local hospice it certainly made for a Christmas to remember.

Film star Tom Hardy and his fiancee, the actress Charlotte Riley, spent more than an hour meeting and chatting with patients and staff when they called in at the Butterwick House Children’s Hospice in Stockton, to hand over a cheque for £24,000.

The London-born star of Batman - The Dark Knight Rises and science fiction thriller Inception, 36, raised the money when he took part in an expedition in Siberia with Miss Riley’s uncle, Peter Riley, who has been involved with the Hospice from the outset.

The couple, who met on the set of Wuthering Heights, enjoyed a tour of the hospice and met with 11-year-old patient Bethany Weatherill while in the region for a family Christmas.

Miss Riley, 31, who was born in Grindon, near Stockton and stars with Tom Cruise in the upcoming movie Edge of Tomorrow, said: “It must be really difficult for the families of the people and children who stay at the Hospice as they are all seriously ill, but they must take some consolation from the fact the all the staff are always really happy, friendly and devoted. People often take hospices for granted so it was the least that we could do to come visit the centre and see for ourselves what it offers for its patients.”

The glamorous couple were more than happy to spend time chatting and having their photographs taken and were both impressed with the commitment and devotion of the staff.

Mr Hardy said: “I had no idea what facilities were available at the Hospice so it was fantastic to come and visit. The work they do is amazing and we just wanted to come and give a little back to them all. I did the expedition in Siberia with Charlotte’s uncle, Peter, and it is inspiring to see the work the staff do all year round. I think anything that can raise awareness of hospices around the country is really worthwhile as they help and support families when they need it the most and that is invaluable to them.”

During the visit, they were shown the sensory room, pool facilities and care rooms. Miss Riley said: “The sensory room was amazing, it seemed so relaxing and you could see what joy people would get out of it.”

Hospice chief executive Graham Leggatt-Chidgey was delighted that the couple took time out of their festive holiday to visit. He said: “It was really good of them to visit and to see what we do here. The way they spent so much time with the staff and children was fantastic - they brought a smile to everybody’s face. What a lovely couple they are and we were delighted they enjoyed the tour around the hospice.”

anonymous asked:

why do you like kate so much?

Okay so I’m going to take this opportunity to gush about how much I love Kate fucking Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. And I’ll tell you why. 

She got 11 GCSEs and two As and a B at A-level in school which led her to be accepted into a prestigious University, one of the oldest in the English speaking world . She then met a guy, like most do, got together with him and stayed in a committed relationship with him for eight years before they got engaged. These things are really amazing on their own - are great accomplishments for anyone to have. But these things aren’t what make me like her. 

Kate was literally called ‘Waity Katie’ for years just because she had the sheer nerve to not want to rush into marriage and to instead stay in a committed relationship. Her character was attacked daily in the newspapers, as was the character of her family members - who were called ambitious, and socialites, rather than what they really were; hardworking people who want the best for their family. And yet despite this, despite being constantly hounded by the paparazzi, and being called ‘Waity Katie’ and being insulted daily, she never once lashed out. She gave no interviews, never spoke out - not even when she broke up with William. 

When a disgusting excuse of a man took photos from half a mile away of her sunbathing topless, and sold them to a French tabloid while she was in the middle of her South Seas Tour, she canceled no engagements, and took no time for herself to recover from this abhorrent act of invasion. I can tell you, if photos of my breasts were seen by the entire world without my consent, I would not only be horrified but I would want to die. I would want the ground to swallow me up, and let darkness be my reality. However, Kate continued on with her tour - smiled when was expected of her and greeted the awaiting crowds with the glee they were giving her. She never wavered.

These photos were not only a violation of privacy, but violated Kate’s right to consent, Kate’s right to control who saw her body and who didn’t. And to make it even more worse, these photos were spread across the internet, sexualising an unwilling participant in the most despicable way. NOT ONLY did she have to deal with this horrifying invasion, she had to deal with the fact that the public said it was her fault for sunbathing topless in the first place - that she should have “known better”. We saw this argument again used when a photographer sold a photo of Kate’s skirt blowing up in the wind. And yet despite her privacy and her right to consent being violated again and again and again, she never fucking wavered. She continued on, and for all intents and purposes, didn’t let the public see how devastated she must have been. 

She brings happiness to most she meets. You only have to google a few images of Kate at hospices, and know that when she interacts with children, they worship her. And she loves them. Not only has she picked various worthy causes once she got married, but she was doing charity work before. She spent her gap year in Chile building houses and teaching English to the local children. Her leader said that she was ‘impressively strong and hardworking’. She also spent her years at Party Pieces helping the Starlight Foundation. The Charity’s Chief Executive Neil Swan said: “Kate was working with Party Pieces at the time and she came up with a clever idea for a party bag that doubled up as a colouring-in gift. She also designed some Starlight-themed crayons and other bits and pieces to go in the bags. To us, she was just Kate, and we would go and have meetings with her at Party Pieces, and sometimes she would come to us. She came up with lots of creative ideas for parties that we were arranging for sick children, and she did a lot of work below the radar.’. Apparently, she also used to visit Hospices such as Naomi House children’s hospice and would bring presents for the kids. 

Literally most of the people that meet her comment on how lovely she is, and some even talk about how funny she is. She’s just normal, and yet she’s completely compassionate and humble. 

I used to be one of the people that said Kate needs to work more. And I’ll admit, I would love for her to work a bit more. But then I analysed just how much change this woman has gone through in the past few years. In the width of three years, she has become internationally famous, a wife, been on three international tours across the Commonwealth, has been launched into a surreal existence where the whole world knows her name while also becoming a mother. All in three years. In three years, my HUGE change was graduating high school. That’s it. I didn’t become famous, or a wife, or a mother, or anything other than a person with a diploma. And yet that was enough to make me suffer through a bunch of panic attacks and a few nervous breakdowns. For the moment, she is not a senior royal - she is doing more work than Diana did in her first three years of marriage. For now, it’s enough. Let her be a mother, let her make informed choices on what causes she wants to support. And then we can make judgements about her work. 

Those are some of the few reasons I love Kate. I don’t love her because she’s beautiful, or because she’s a royal. Quite the opposite, actually. 


Lis Sladen (1946- 2011)

Elisabeth Sladen was an English actress, most famous for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who, often described as the most popular companion ever, her character was the first proper feminist companion on the show and also the longest serving (1973-76) she returned for the 20th anniversary special (1983) and for an episode with David Tennant in 2005, before she was given her own spin-off show on CBBC (The Sarah Jane Adventures, 2007-2011)

Lis Sladen passed away exactly 4 years ago today (19th April) at the age of 65 and I just wanted to take a moment to say how much she meant to people, not just to me but to every child who watched her alongside the Doctor or in Bannerman road and she is so, so missed. Thank you for lighting up my TV screen Lis :)

Except, of course, she was everything I could hope she would be. Charming, diffident, conscientious, giggly, determined, straightforward, a little crazy and enormously warm.” - David Tennant  

Tom campaigning for no new companion, ‘because no one could replace Sarah’,” - Elisabeth Sladen (The Autobiography)

“There she was on  the TV screen, smiling and laughing and looking beautiful. How could she be gone?” - Brian + Sadie Miller

“Her doctor said, ‘We can’t cure it, but we’re going to throw everything we can at you to fight it as long as possible’ That fight lasted no more than two months. Lis died at the Meadow House Hospice in the early hours of Tuesday, 19 April 2011. She was 65 years old.” - Brian + Sadie Miller


20-05-2016 “ Today we were privileged to witness the clear joy of a room full of teenagers singing with Florence Welch and guitarist Rob Ackroyd from Florence and The Machine who came to Hospice Austin’s Christopher House to give a private concert to a teen who missed her concert last night due to her illness. The room was full; full of joy and warmth and love and life and singing. Thank you, Florence!” (By  hospiceaustin1)