A Sorry Situation

Request: an angsty oneshot with Yoongi. like he had a super bad day cause he couldn’t finish a song or smtg and u just wanted to talk to him and give him some food because he’s been hours locked in his studio and he lashes out at you. But super fluffy at the end?

AN - I changed the original request a little bit, I hope it’s okay ~
The idea of Yoongi actually lashing out at anyone is so heartbreaking though… I hope you enjoy -Kaitlin

Genre: Angst | Fluff
Members: Yoongi x Reader
Word count: 2,894


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Bts reaction to you being wiht their hoodie in bed with morning hair

Request:  Hillo! Can I get a fluff bts reaction of you waking up with no clothes on and bed hair??? That would be lovely

A/N: I changed it up a little bit. If I use the no clothes version, things will get smuttish really fast. So, imagine like his really big hoodie.


“Y/N, baby, why is your hair like this? It has never happend to me.”

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“Don’t stand up. Oppa will cuddle you however you look.”

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“You are only a little kitten, aren’t you? A naughty kitten you are.”

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“Morning hair makes me cuddle you even more.”

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“We can raise little birds in our hairs. Both are like nests.”

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“Who are you?! Why are you in my bed!? Baby, is that you? God, you scared me.”

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“Are you pulling a challenge here? I can beat you even in this section.”

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Bts reaction to you having panic attacks and anxiety

Request 1:  Hi! Could I request BTS reacting to you having a panic attack? Thank you!

Request 2:  Hello! this is my first time requesting something to someone and I’m new to tumblr so hopefully I’m doing it right. Can you do a bts reaction to them noticing or you telling them you have anxiety? Maybe them seeing you have a panic attack and them comforting you. Sorry if I did this wrong or if its a sensitive topic (aaah, I’m such a worrier)

A/N: I myself had panic attacks on one point. It’s not good if you don’t have anyone to help you. So I’m here for you.


He’ll be above all worried. No matter what you do every thirty minutes you’ll receive a massage from Jin, assuring you that he loves you. It may annoy many people, but for you every massage was one step away from the anxiety and panic attacks and you loved it.

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Yoongi knew the feeling of being afraid and alone. So, when he understood about you, he made sure that even when he isn’t next to you,you’ll feel his presence in forms of small sticky notes in different places around the house and fresh flowers on your work desk every day.

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Namjoon will try everything to help you. By now he knew what made you feel relaxed. Him,his hug,books and drawing. So, he was hugging you whenever he was around and when he was not, Namjoon asked his dear friend Song Mino to help you develop your talent in drawing. This way, you weren’t thinking about how useless you were, instead what to draw in order to surprise Namjoon when he comes back.

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He’ll find new and new ways to make you smile and forget about your problems. You like learning things, so every week you and Hobi went to a new one and learned new things together. Hoseok also never misses an opportunity to tell you he loves you. He wasn’t thinking what to do when you have a painc attack, but how to help you not having such attacks.

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Squishy is being squishy. He’ll hug the shit out of you, constantly will tell you that you are worth every single day and that he loves you and he’l never make you feel bad. Jimin will be your shield from the world.

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Every time he thought of your panic attacks, he’ll suddenly become sad. But boy couldn’t let two people be sad, so instead of being sad, he found a way to cure your anxiety- food. You both put a map of the world and searched deifferent nations restaurants all around Korea and then the world. Food helped you both diggest your problems.

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Jungkookie found a fast and easy way to motivate you - putting up motivational quotes everywhere. Not ones he found on the internet, ones he made himself. “Don’t JungSad, when you can be Kookielicous.” Those were everywhere around the house, helping you laugh and go through bad phases way faster than before.

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3/38 <3

“Height? I don’t care. Age? I don’t mind it. When you say, “I’ll only look at you” then I’m okay. Whether your skin is light or dark it doesn’t really matter, our love is deeper than that. “ -Kim Namjoon

(x) I feel as if idols are pressured to have certain ideal types and say them out in the open, Namjoon had bad influences around him *underground rappers* which also influenced his negative sayings towards certain things but he wrote this song all alone at a young age which shows that his intentions are pure, and ever since he apologized for his wrong doings you go joon