Jim Morrison, The Doors, Rochester NY, March 13 1968, by Bill Hosley.

“I was in 7th grade. I bagged 7th row seats at the Eastman Theater for The Doors one concert in Rochester – at the height of their fame. I loved “When the Music’s Over.” I had my dad’s camera. Took this just as he sang, “we want the world and we want it … .” and before “now.” It’s a little out of focus, but pretty memorable.“  via

The next card in the Major Arcana Icon series. This is “The Moon” as represented by the Blessed Virgin Mary. When I was trying to find a saint whose iconographic symbol was a moon, I recalled the old celtic/pagan image of the three phases of the moon (waxing, full, and waning) represented by the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Then it hit me: that would fit the three traditional images of Mary as Annunciation, Theotokos, and Dormition. The final image, rather than the Dormition, I chose to draw on the tradition of Mary as the first Contemplative to which she retired in her old age. 
(On a side note, should I get the chance to do this icon again in a longer format, I would complete the cycle with the new moon at either end, and include the Birth of Mary and Dormition, which in turn mirror each other in iconography with the infant Mary coming into the world at the hands of her parents and then leaving the world at the hands of Christ.)

[by the very talented Br. Kenneth Hosley]