hoshizuki koutarou

01 - First, tell us about your astrological sign and the guy associated with it. Do you like him? And do you think his personality matches your sign ?
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Hoshizuki FTW ♥ I do like him quite a lot even if he’s not one of my biases. He looks cool ♥ His hairstyle askjmdkol; *_* and his face is handsome and quite feminine! First, Libra natives are said to be lazy asses and fuck, they are right! Just take a look at Hoshizuki’s face, it looks quite sleepy isn’t it? FUCK YEAH IT DOES Also we get to see him sleep and on a bed in the game as a proof hehe 8D I know how right this statement is as a Libra myself :’D Then, we have another thing in common: we are messy beings! Poor Tsukiko who always clean his office, I feel sympathy for you girl! :’) Otherwise, I don’t see what other facts about Hoshizuki match the sign :/

I wanted to thank all the people who are doing/ planning to do this meme and who “promoted” it, you all made my day when I checked my notes :’D ♥ I read some meme entries and I noticed that there were quite a lot of Geminis hehe 8D