Today was intense. Got back to the hotel earlier than ever but it feels later…
First the fan brunch, thank you @zukadiary! We came fashionably late due to not finding the right metro stop but we got there. And there was a huge giveaway and we greedily grabbed VHS tapes and Graphs and programmes. Got The Wind of Buenos Aires FINALLY thank you so much whoever donated it, and two different Can-can programmes and some other Nonchan stuff and a Foursome which came in handy, more about that later.
Then the last Chicago show. I’ll admit Zunko is good. Her Billy is not as naturally charming as Mine’s or Mariko’s but more overtly cynical and manipulative. A great performance. Wataru is not as hilariously spot-on as Mizu but still more energetic and fun to watch than Wao. I was surprised to see Komu, I thought Tani got the last 4 shows but apparently they decided to play fair and do 3 each. She was in such excellent final night spirits, taking her time and having a ball on stage, much better than Thursday! After the show a lot of people stayed and clapped and cheered but they refused to come out again.

Then the stagedooring, which also felt weird to do in broad daylight. Zunko came first hurrying by with a hat covering her face again. Nobody bothered her. Then Mine closely followed by Mariko so we were too distracted by Mariko to stop Mine and ask for an autograph but at least we said thank you. Mariko went by quickly again but this time we noticed she stopped to talk to some fans after she’d passed the crowd by the stage door so we went after her to ask for her autograph. We had our new Foursome featuring Who is Bad? and asked her to sign that, which impressed her. We weren’t thinking about taking pictures at all but the probably fan club person who was with her offered to take photos. Our mobiles were still turned off from the show so it took a while to start them up and get the cameras working and our hands were shaking and the fanclub person said we were dokidoki and Mariko said daijoubu and then we actually had a small conversation with her in Japanese about coming all the way from Sweden to see her and having seen Chicago before in Osaka. I’m still not sure it really happened, it’s just beyond my wildest dreams.

Then we stayed on a little longer and got our programme signed by Mori Keaki and Hoshina Yuri and just said thank you to Mizu again before heading off to Mitsuya Nao’s concert in Greenwich Village, which was fun. And since we were already next door, we went into Stonewall Inn for a beer as well.

Accursed Japanese ladies and their eternal youth *waves impotent fist* Asaji Saki and Hoshina Yuri in the promo for their final show in 1998 next to them in Chicago in 2014. 16 years. SIXTEEN FREAKING YEARS. And look at them!

Also, I may be having a sentimental moment, because while I enjoy Mariko with her other leading ladies, Hoshina Yuri was always my favourite.


Ways to get away with no pair dancing in a revue:

  • stuff your otokoyaku top into a sari and have her passionately pair-dance with the sanbante
  • have the yonbante distract everyone by perfect dancing with Hoshina Yuri
  • Ohana and Hoshina Yuri pair-dance while Icchan provides support
  • Ohana dances, Icchan sings opera

(Judging by the clips during the credits, the revue was a lot longer than the 52 minutes shown on Sky Stage - it seems all of Ohana’s scenes got hit by the dreaded copyright music demon - but the result is that she appeared like three times during the entire revue.)