How do you say goodbye to what has accompained you for almost two decades?

How can you just sum up in one performance what has characterized you so everybody will remember what you did forever?

Mariko exactly knows it;and with the help of that swan they call Hoshina Yuri everything is 500 times better.

Two iconic dancers giving their best on a romantic,yet strong and decise pas de deux. Red and black dresses,high technique,cross passes and perfect lifts make up what is still considered on of this combi’s finest dances.

It wasn’t easy to succed Shiraki Ayaka,but Hoshina did everything she could to be unique and beautiful like an eternal classic.

This is an abstract from Lure of the icon,Mariko’s farewell small theatre performance.

No hesitations,no regrets,no break downs should obscure that performance on thetare that in fact was PHENOMENAL. It just didn’t seem the end of a great star like Mariko.

Here she is interpreting a young dance prodigy named Mikhail ready to take the dance world by storm with her partner Tatiana (maybe even in life?See the kiss…).

How ironic for a God gifted born dancer…


Practicing proper line art over the Easter weekend ft. Zuka youtube clips. Speed over accuracy was the motto. Although crying over Taako considerably slowed down the exercise.

Accursed Japanese ladies and their eternal youth *waves impotent fist* Asaji Saki and Hoshina Yuri in the promo for their final show in 1998 next to them in Chicago in 2014. 16 years. SIXTEEN FREAKING YEARS. And look at them!

Also, I may be having a sentimental moment, because while I enjoy Mariko with her other leading ladies, Hoshina Yuri was always my favourite.



Let’s now open the section

“I am now the experienced on so don’t be scared and let’s do this ok?”

Clever atmosphere,great chemistry,a unwanted pink dress and a lil bit of rose petals descending left and right make it one of the cleverest bed scenes ever.

Love at Dal lake is such a brilliant play you just need to see it. Mesmerizing and high level choreographies,dynamics at the very best,a clever plot,and my fav actresses in it! This play represents a real switch on Mariko’s carreer, from ethereal characters potrayed she now is casted in front of a tough one,sometimes even rude,possessive. She handles that challenge pretty well. Let’s now analyze this video I posted on my Youtube channel.

In this particular exstract Hachiman (Mariko) has litterary grabbed princess Kamala (Hoshina Yuri,at her Top debut) and brought her on his apparment,since that was the price he said  should be paid in order to see him go away from the indian castle without causing scandal,since it has been discovered that he wasn’t a military officier,but just a thief! And this can not be tollerated on a court! But Hachiman knows it,so he plays his cards well. If they arrest him,he’ll tell the press he has danced,lived and been acclaimed by the court,so it will seem the court had an affair and an accord with a thief! So the noble femily reunites and chooses it is sthe right thing to let Kamala,Marahjah’s favourite and most beautiful nephew,sleep with a thief if he disappears.

Princess Kamala tho is a fierce and proud woman,not a price to contract or merch to offer. So,one night,the two meet inside the castle and have a honest talk. Hachiman starts saying she fell in love with him when she thought he was an officer,why should things change now that he has been discovered a thief? He has not stolen anything,nor adopted bad behaviour and sincerely loves the princess back. They are just a man and a woman loving each other and dancing. Kamala answeres he can’t accept that relationship,the social gap is too high to be compensated even with the highest and noblest of loves. Oy. Hachiman becomes angry. Brings her on her appartment.

See the rest,’cause I don’t want to ruin the surprise.


Ways to get away with no pair dancing in a revue:

  • stuff your otokoyaku top into a sari and have her passionately pair-dance with the sanbante
  • have the yonbante distract everyone by perfect dancing with Hoshina Yuri
  • Ohana and Hoshina Yuri pair-dance while Icchan provides support
  • Ohana dances, Icchan sings opera

(Judging by the clips during the credits, the revue was a lot longer than the 52 minutes shown on Sky Stage - it seems all of Ohana’s scenes got hit by the dreaded copyright music demon - but the result is that she appeared like three times during the entire revue.)

Watch on akage-hime.tumblr.com

Miracat, Star, 2000