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Seventeen Reaction To Moving In With Their GF

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Seventeen’s reaction to moving in with their girlfriends, please? And it would be really sweet if you could focus a bit more on Dk please:)

S.Coups: aw yeah you can take care of yourselves now boys….*pauses* please don’t burn the house down.

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Jeonghan: I will finally be able to nap properly for more than ten minutes! You don’t mind if I’m a sloth, right love?

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Joshua: *Honestly just smiling adorably through the moving in process before flopping onto the bed and pulling you to him to whisper how happy he is.*

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Jun: *just excited, already making plans for regular meals and movies together, baths together, etc. And expect some of the boys to just show up for dinner.*

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Hoshi: *struggling to contain his smug cockiness about it in front of the other members and kind of failing*

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Wonwoo: *takes the rare opportunity to tease you a bit you know what we’ll be able to do a lot more now love?*

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Woozi: *a lil shy about the whole thing especially when you tease him so jihoon, will you be singing me lullabys every night now? and then he proceeds to blush for days*

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DK: *He’d be unable to stop smiling while you moved stuff into your apartment. You wouldn’t even be able to tell he was getting tired, until he sat on the couch and almost immediately fell asleep. While he rested, you made him dinner. It was one of the best ways he’s woken up in his life - having moved in with you and food. Living with him, you’d get to see all his sides from extra and energetic, to brilliant singer (shower serenades obviously), and also his calmer side. I think he’d also like working on cooking with you, taking family recipes and refining them to your tastes. It’d take weeks for him to stop smiling after moving in with you*

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Mingyu: *probably gonna nitpick a little bit when it comes to moving in and buying stuff…Jagi, we’re gonnaneed a bigger rice cooker than that…But he’d also make you coffee in the morning so it works out*

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The8: *He’d be a little bashful and quiet about it, almost looking impassive so you ask him if he’s happy to move in together and he smiles, softly, kissing your forehead and saying that moving in with you feels right*

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Seungkwan: *you’re never going to be bored, or live in silence again. He’d be singing all the time, to wake you up, to sing you to sleep, when he’s doing chores. He only stops when you caution about keeping his throat healthy.*

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Vernon: *he’d spend a lot time teasing you and being super flirty when you’re moving in together but he’d be pretty calm to live with. He’d love showing you his rap ideas and fully expect some of the members to come up (like every day)*

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Dino: *Cocky af look at the maknae go boys, what kind of game do you have huh? But that’s only to his hyungs, with you he’d probably be a bit more shy and reserved, like nothing would make him happier than to play video games with you tangled up together.*

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dating Mingyu would include

Note: this is my first time so please bear with me

Also note: the reader in this is shorter and younger than Mingyu.

  • if you’re smaller a lot of teasing
  • “Hey jagi can you reach up and get me-oh wait.”
  • lots got glaring BECAUSE of the teasing
  • him using you as a arm rest
  • “Mingyu stop.”
  • “No, I’m comfy.”
  • calling you short evERY DAY
  • being the little spoon when it’s time to cuddle
  • having him cook you food even if you decline
  • “I’m not hungry”
  • “Just try this!”
  • “No.”
  • “Just do it.”
  • “Ugh, fine.”
  • him spamming you with texts when he’s away or even at practice
  • “I miss you.”
  • “You’ve only been gone for a hour Mingyu.”
  • “So?”
  • Him freaking out whenever you call him oppa
  • “Babe, can you say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “You know what.”
  • You’d stare at him confused until you realized.
  • “No.”
  • “Jagi.”
  • -note the ton of pouting-
  • “Nope.”
  • After he’d just stop asking and continue to pout.
  • Which you eventually gave into.
  • “Oppa.”
  • You have no idea how happy you made this child by calling him that.
  • Him always wanting to play with your hair or do it.
  • “Babe can I do your hair?”
  • “What? No.”
  • “Please?”
  • “No, the last time you did it I had a huge knot that we had to cut out!”
  • Holding hands, literally everywhere.
  • Like, you’d be in the supermarket and he wouldn’t let you go get milk without him.
  • “I just need to go get milk, wait here.”
  • “No, I’m coming with you.”
  • “Mingyu, you’re not a child.”
  • He’d end up coming with you, gripping your hand so you don’t leave him alone.
  • You know that post about if a dog could talk?
  • Yeah, that’s Mingyu.
  • Being best friends with the Seventeen members.
  • Mainly Wonwoo.
  • He practically lives at your house.
  • “Babe, can Wonwoo come over?”
  • “When did you ever have to ask?”
  • “Good point.”
  • “and when was the last time he didn’t come over.”
  • “Right.”
  • Listening to the members say how gross he is.
  • “He’s still in the bad habit of wiping his snot on us.”
  • “You thought it was bad when he did it to Jun’s hair? It got on my face!”
  • “Not only that, he’s constantly talking about your sex life.”
  • **NSFW below!**
  • Speaking of your sex life
  • Your two were inseparable
  • Like a few times you just spent the whole day in bed.
  • And you weren’t just watching TV.
  • With Mingyu it’s unpredictable how the night goes.
  • Sometimes he wants to be passionate, sometime rough and possessive.
  • him constantly complimenting your body
  • running his hands along your curves
  • kissing up your skin until he meets your lips
  • expect his head between your legs a lot
  • he’d probably expect something in return
  • but he won’t make you
  • lot of heavy breathing instead of moans
  • some moans but not a lot
  • “you’re so beautiful”
  • “how’d I get so lucky?”
  • “Mingyu.”
  • “yeah?
  • “Shut up?”
  • anyways
  • dating mingyu would be 
  • fun
  • exciting
  • very passionate