hoshi ni negai

10 Songs on Shuffle

“You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3, itunes, spotify etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs, and tag 10 people.”

Tagged by the lovely @barrellovingbishop, thanks mate ^o^

1. Shoji Meguro - Afternoon Break (Persona 3 ost)

2. Valshe - Lucky Day

3. Otogizoushi - Hoshi ni negai wo

4. Sawano Hiroyuki - Krone (Guilty Crown ost)

5. Saori Sakura - True my heart

6. Olivia - A little pain

7. Pierrot - Barairo no sekai (Get Backers op 2)

8. Tia - Promise (Yakitate Japan op)

9. Utada Hikaru - Sakura

10. Kalafina - Ring your bell (Fate/stay night ubw ed)

Yep, mostly anime songs and ost haha. Not gonna tag, everyone feel free to do it ^^.

So I just heard this song and instantly thought about KaeRyo..

This song is seriously beautiful!! It’s a nightcore version! (I love nightcores, don’t judge me)                                                                                                     Link to vid: https://youtu.be/rxxiPbAySDo 

i BELIEVE ~Hoshi ni Negai wo (Wish upon a Star)~ by So’Fly

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