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[Hoseok x reader; Taehyung x reader; Yoongi x reader]

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BTS Reaction To Being Obessessed With You, Mafia au

Anonymous said to b-tsfanfic-tion: Hello!! I was wondering if you could do a BTS Mafia AU reaction in which they are obsessed with you??


Originally posted by hobies

As a cold, hard mafia boss, Jin rarely showed his soft side. Especially to his men. But you were a special exception. To him, you were a special exception to most things. That’s just how much he liked you. More like loved you. Actually, to be accurate he was obsessed with you.

This was especially obvious when it came to dinner every night. There was a strict rule established that at six o'clock absolutely none of Jin’s henchmen were allowed to bother him with mafia work. This was because at six every night he would start to cook you and him dinner for the evening. Tonight you were sitting on one of the counters in his vast kitchen, watching him cook something on the stove. He had a hard time concentrating on the cooking when you were in the room, but the risk of getting burned helped him focus at least a little.

“How do you like it so far, princess?” he asked, holding out a spoon for you to take a taste from.

“It’s perfect! Like always,” you said, and the compliment left him blushing like he wasn’t a well known mob boss. You two chatted away as he made dinner for you, set the table, and throughout the dinner as well. You were halfway through the meal when one of his men came bursting into the room. You noticed the blood spattered across his shirt at once, but Jin hardly seemed to care.

“Boss, we screwed the job up! We need you to come right away,” he said, looking completely frazzled.

“You know the rule,” Jin said with a seemingly bored wave of his hand. Both you and his henchmen were completely shocked by what he had just said. But to him this dinner was the most important part of his day, and he wouldn’t give up time with you for anything.

“But, sir, we need-”

“No! You fucked it up, now you fix it! Get out before I get even angrier,” Jin said, finally turning to look at the man with a glare. The man paused for only a moment before resigning himself to his own fate and rushing back out of the room.

“Jin, you don’t have to stay here. You can go. That sounded really important,” you told him, a concerned look passing over your face.

Aw, look at that. She’s worried about me, Jin mused to himself. He gave you a gentle smile and reached across the table to grasp your hand in his, “You’re the most important thing to me.”

You started to smile too after his compliment and said, “Alright, if you’re sure.”

Of course he was sure. There was one thing he was positive about, and it was you. No one and nothing ever topped you to him. He wasn’t joking when he said you were the most important thing to him. Once you had come into his life, all he could think about was you. All that mattered to him was you.


Originally posted by sugasuite

Yoongi was so powerful that everyone in the city knew his name. For those who needed help and couldn’t get it in conventional ways often talked about him positively. It looked like you were going to be one of those people. You waited out at a local restaurant he was known to frequent (the owner credited Yoongi for the possibility of the restaurant since he laid down majority of the funds to get it started), and you were hoping against hope to see him. You didn’t know what you would say when you did see him though, but you had to try to convince him to help you.

Yoongi walked through the door, flanked by some of his most important men. Many of the people eating dinner were suddenly craning to see a glimpse of him. You watched nervously as he sat down, not knowing when to approach him.

“Need anything?” the waiter asked you, pulling you from your worried thoughts. They looked over to where you had been glancing just moments ago, and spotted the stoic Yoongi, “Did he do something for you too?”

“No. Actually, that’s what I’m hoping will happen tonight,” you admitted, then added with a groan, “But I don’t even know how to approach him.”

“Want me to ask him if you can come over?” the waiter asked.

“Wait, really?” you asked, completely taken by surprise by their offer. A few moments later they were proving they meant it. They were pointing you out to him, and you subconsciously straightened up. The minute Yoongi saw you, he was entranced. He immediately told the waiter to bring you over. When you started to walk over, Yoongi told his men to give you two some space. You sat down across from him, and your doe eyed look already had him biting back an uncharacteristic smile.

“So, I was told you needed something?” he asked, leaning a tidbit closer.

“I was wondering if you’d higher me?” you asked. You felt yourself getting even more nervous when his eyebrows raised in surprise almost immediately.

“You don’t exactly look like the type of person I’d higher,” he said, “Most are a bit tougher.”

“I could learn!” you said, trying your best to sell yourself. What you didn’t know was that he was already totally sold on you. Just not as his employee. You decided it was best to be completely honest and said, “I need the money.”

He looked like he was considering your offer. Really, he was just taking a moment to admire you. He eventually spoke up, “What if I just gave you what you needed?”

“What? You do that?” you asked, and he gave his head a small shake. He knew it the moment he saw you, he’d do anything you wanted. He didn’t know how you had made him fall for you in moments, but you had and there was no going back for him.

“Not usually, no,” he told you, “But I think I could make an exception. Besides, I have a feeling you wouldn’t really cut it in this line of work.”

After that you were a thankful mess, blushing and saying thanks in every way you could think of. He watched you with the small, almost unnoticeable, of smiles. Even as you left to go back to your own table, you kept looking over your shoulder and saying ‘thank you’s. Yoongi and his men ended up finishing up before you, and he stopped at your table before leaving.

“This is for if you ever need anything,” he said, and then he handed you a slip of paper with his number on it.

“This is too nice,” you said, knowing this was something he didn’t do often.

“Just call,” he said, still insisting on giving you his number. You gave him a thankful smile as he walked away. Of course, you had no idea that when you did call, it would actually be you doing the favour for him.


Originally posted by taetaesbff

You were neighbors to gangster Hoseok, but you were none the wiser. He was such a happy guy, he never struck you as someone who did the under the table sort of things. In fact the two of you had even started to date, but you were still completely in the dark. Hoseok was sure never to let on what he did for a living. He wouldn’t dare, because then you might be scared off. Already, he knew if that happened he would be a total wreck. He would do absolutely anything and everything to keep you two together. Even if that meant hiding a piece of himself away from you.

There was one night where he almost slipped up. You two had been hanging out at your place when things quickly got heated. Afterwards, he had gotten out of bed to leave but you reached out to stop him.

“Why don’t you just spend the night?” you asked, and immediately his heart started to pound with excitement. He came right back into your bed, more than happy to spend the night with you. He couldn’t believe you had asked him to stay. This was a dream to him. Ever since he had even seen you, this exact scenario had played out in his head a million times (he never really stopped thinking of you). He couldn’t help but feel immediately comfortable when he wrapped his arms around you. He was so comforted by your presence, he fell asleep almost immediately.

Halfway through the night there was a pounding on the door that woke him up. After a moment, he realized that someone wasn’t knocking on your door. There were knocking on the door of the apartment next to yours, which was Hoseok’s. He automatically, and unknowingly, tensed his muscles with stress. Nobody but other gangsters came that late. He looked towards you and for a second he could relax. One thing was going good, you were somehow still asleep. He carefully entangled himself from you, as much as he didn’t want to. He quietly walked to your door in nothing but his boxer briefs. He took one last glance at you, making sure you were still deep asleep.

He carefully opened the door to glare at his fellow gang member, “Do you realize how loud you are?”

The other man looked very surprised to see Hoseok next door instead of in his own apartment. After a moment he broke into a grin and said, “You’re fucking the girl next door, huh?”

Hoseok glared at his counterpart before saying, “Don’t talk about her like that. Ever.”

“Fine, sorry man. Jesus,” he said with an eye roll, which only made Hoseok glare harder, “Come on, we got to go.”

Hoseok felt his heart sink when he realized he would have to leave you. If it was up to him he would spend the entire week just holding you in bed. But he knew if he didn’t go then he would get in trouble with the boss. All hell would be let loose after that, and you would definitely find out he was a gangster. He couldn’t have that, so he took the lesser of two terrible options and left. But not before leaving a note giving you a fake excuse why he had to leave, which also broke his heart. Even though he’d see you tomorrow, he hated leaving you tonight.


Originally posted by ciutae

Namjoon was a rich, handsome, successful mob boss. No one could control him. No one but you. Normally he was the one controlling people, but with a lift of your finger you cold get him to do anything. Of course, you barely even noticed. It’s not like you asked for much, but if you did he would happily fulfill every single wish. Once, you had quietly walked into a very serious meeting of his. You took a  seat on a armchair in the back of the room, more than willing to wait. But Namjoon wasn’t about to make you sit around, you were too good for that.

“Everyone, the meeting is over for now so go ahead and clear out. I’ll come get you when I’m ready,” he said with a nod. Everyone was out in moments, leaving the two of you alone. Namjoon was all ears, more than ready to hear whatever you had to say.

“You didn’t need to make everyone go. I am fine waiting,” you said with a sweet smile that made him smile in return.

“Honey, you shouldn’t have to wait,” he told you.

Another time you had expressed a discomfort with guns. The men who came to Namjoon’s mansion always had them out. You said the offhand comment of, “Seeing guns has always made me uncomfortable.”

The next day, and every day after that, you noticed no one was keeping their guns out in full display. You guessed they stayed tucked away in bags, waistbands, and pockets. Namjoon had made it a strict rule that no one should let their gun be visible, especially if you were in the room.

He treated you so good, that everyone else started to do it too. Not even just the men in his gang, they had always been expected to treat you perfectly. But after enough time, even the people in the city saw you in the highest regard which was all thanks to the power Namjoon had.

You didn’t even take advantage of this, as much as Namjon truly believe you deserved it. He felt like you deserved everything, because to him you were everything.


Originally posted by hobies

You and Jimin had been seeing each other for months, much to his delight. He was completely head over heels for you from almost the moment he met you. So that fact that you were actually interested in him left him elated. But there was something you didn’t know. You had no idea that Jimin was was a gangster, and he was terrified to tell you. He had an awful feeling that would be a deal breaker, and even though you never thought about it, it most definitely would be.

One night you two were on a date, walking back to his car after a movie the two of you had just seem. It seemed like the perfect moment. You were holding hands, it was a beautiful twilight, and Jimin kept flirting with you by pulling you towards him and giving you a quick peck. 

But everything turned south when a dark van pulled up. You saw a man lean out of the window with a gun, and you thought you and Jimin were done for. Then suddenly Jimin was letting go of your hand and whipping out a gun of his own. You were frozen with fear when he shot at the man. You didn’t even know if he missed or not, the van driver speeding off after a few moments.

You looked between Jimin and the gun in his hand for only a moment before making a break for it down the street. Jimin pocketed his gun before following you. It was easy for him to keep up with you, and eventually you gave up. Or really, more like you gave up on running away. You still were most definitely done with Jimin.

“Wait y/n, baby, let’s talk this out,” he said to you when you finally slowed to a walk, worried you might start running any moment.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” you said, shocked tears streaming down your cheeks. Tears were starting to prick his own eyes when he heard that, but he managed to keep his composure.

“I’ll stop. I’ll quit this line of work,” he said, already making promises, “Just don’t leave me.”

You paused to look at him and try to discern if he was being honest with you. It seemed he really meant what he was saying. The truth was, he knew he was always going to be a gangster. Quitting wasn’t really an option. But he also knew his life would be basically over if you weren’t with him.

“I need you,” he said, still trying to get you to stay and finally telling the truth. He couldn’t be without you. Everything changed when he met you, and he knew he couldn’t go back to a life that didn’t have you in it. 

You surprised him by giving him a hug, your arms wrapping around him tightly. You buried your head in the crook of his neck, tears still running down your face. Despite how surprised he was by you, his response was almost automatic. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you right up against him.

“Yeah, no shit you need me. Look where not having me around has gotten you,” you said, joking a little. He smiled, knowing that was actually completely true.


Originally posted by mvssmedia

You were at a club when Taehyung saw you. You were out in the dance floor, and he was at his private table and booth. The minute he noticed you in the crowd, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you. For the rest of the night, he watched you. Everything you did was stunning and intriguing to him. He finally gestured one of his men closer so he could give him a command. He pointed you out and said, “See her? Bring her over here.”

When you were first approached by someone who looked so intimidating, your friends were immediately by your side. You all looked him up and down with the toughest glares you could muster. However, the thug wasn’t even close to dettered, “My boss would like to talk to you.”

“Who’s your boss?” you asked, your curiosity peaked. Usually people would say they were interested in you or their friend was, but never their boss. When he pointed to the very attractive, well dressed man who was keeping an easy eye on you. Your friends were already suggesting you not go, but you had to figure out what he wanted with you.

Taehyung started to smile confidently the moment he saw that you decided to come over. With every step, his heart started to pound excitedly. No one had ever made him feel this nervous anymore. Not since he became such a powerful mafia boss. But something about you made him feel like any other guy, because to him you were superior than anyone else in the room.

“You wanted to see me?” you asked once you reached him. He gestured to the place next to him, and you sat down with a slightly nervous smile.

She’s even prettier when she’s this close, he mused to himself while trying to find a flaw in your features and failing. But out loud he simply asked, “Do you know who I am?”

“Should I?” you asked, your head tilting to the side just a little as you asked the question.

“I’m Taehyung,” he said, and he could see your eyebrows jump up. You naturally were on a higher alert after that. You hadn’t realized it by just looking at him, but you definitely knew who he was. This whole time Taehyung was hoping you would still be interested in him, because he was quickly becoming much more than just interested in you.

“You recognize my name,” he commented, clocking your immediate response.

“Yeah, I do,” you admitted.

“And, what do you think?” he asked, still waiting on what you were going to do. You looked at him, then gazed over your shoulder to your friend group. They were all chatting with each other while periodically sending a few quick glances your way just in case. You looked back to him one more, and his expression was even more unreadable than yours.

“I think the logical thing would be to walk away,” you admitted, subconsciously playing with the hem of your dress as you said that.

“Mhmm, it probably would be,” he said, and you could have sworn his voice had gotten just a little deeper and even more enticing.

“But…” you could only get out one word before trailing off. There was something about him, something about the way he looked at you, that intrigued you. So you did what was by the far the most reckless thing of the night. You leaned in and kissed him.

I think my life is about to get very interesting, he thought to himself before deepening the kiss.


Originally posted by nochuie

Jungkook was the most ruthless of all his gang members, bt that’s what made him such a valuable member. One of the more reckless things he did was get involved with you. He could tell when he first met you that if he actually dated you then he’d probably get completely caught up in you. Still, he couldn’t stop himself, and his prediction was completely true.

He would do anything for you, which became clear when his entire gang became holed up in his place after a big robbery. He kept you nestled right up next to him, not trusting any of his gangster buddies to not flirt with you. After all, if he was obsessed with you then why wouldn’t everyone be? All evening his boss had been slighting you, and all evening Jungkook stood up for you. You wished he wouldn’t, knowing his boss was just being an asshole and standing up to someone so power hungry could be dangerous.

“I bet she can’t even shoot a gun without flinching,” the boss said with a snicker. You knew Jungkook was annoyed when you suddenly felt his arm flex around you. He was trying to restrain himself so much, but he couldn’t stop himself from tensing up.

“It doesn’t matter if she can. I can shoot a gun real easy,” Jungkook said, pulling his gun out of his jacket with the hand that wasn’t currently resting on the side of your hip. Everyone in the room, including you, look completely surprised at what had just happened. There was no doubt, Jungkook pulling out his gun and saying he was a good aim was most definitely an aggressive move.

You could feel the tension building in the air and suddenly you were being pushed by Jungkook. You fell off the couch you had been sitting on and onto the floor. You barely noticed though, your mind paying more attention to the noises of guns going off. A moment later Jungkook was pulling you up off the ground. You looked around and noticed everyone who wasn’t dead was just ask shocked as you were. Still, Jungkook knew neither of you didn’t have time for you to process what just happened. So he grabbed your hand and started to drag you out of the room. Once you made it to the hallway you started to cry, which broke his heart.

“Come on, baby. You got to be strong just till we make it to the car,” he said, still leading you outside. You nodded and tried your best to focus on just getting to the car.

Once the two of you were inside the car and he was driving off you finally started to cry and ask him the question that you had the moment you saw that he had killed his boss, and notoriously powerful gang leader, “What are we going to do?”

“I’m taking us to a friend’s outside the city. We’ll stay there to we figure out what to do,” he said as he turned onto the highway.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, looking at him with a wide eyed expression. He chanced glancing between you and the road. He hated to see you worried, but the doe eyed look you were giving him at the moment could make his heart pound. He moved one of his hands off the wheel and reached for yours.

You met him halfway, letting him intertwined his fingers with yours. Finally, he felt he could answer your question, “Because I’ll never let anyone look down on you, angel. You don’t even understand how much better you are then them.”

You nodded, not even knowing that by “them”, Jungkook didn’t just mean the people in his gang. He meant everyone. To him, there was no one better than you.

Waiting (01)

Originally posted by hobilu

→ pairing | Jungkook x Reader x Hoseok

→ word count | 9.5k

→ genre | Restaurant AU | host!Jungkook | waiter!Hoseok | crack, smut, and just a dash of angst for flavor

→ summary | Nauseating hangovers, grouchy bartenders, and stoned bus boys are just a snapshot of your daily life working as a waitress at BigHit restaurant. However, through the chaos, your new bunny-teethed trainee manages to capture your attention. Too bad romance and the restaurant industry go together about as well as Namjoon and sharp objects.

→ warnings | explicit sexual content, language, drinking, drugs (kind of), just general bts crackhead behavior.

A/N: Inspired by the movie of the same title as well as my own experience as a server. Believe me when I say it’s as much of a shit show as I make it out to be.

Part ii, (Coming Soon!)

The sway of your car makes you grunt in pain as you pull into the parking lot of BigHit Restaurant, BHs for short, or BigShit as it is so affectionately referred to as by you and your coworkers.

A hangover from Park Jimin’s party the night before sits nauseatingly in your skull, but you’re hoping the Advil you had taken dulls the ache before you inevitably slide your card into that damned POS system to signify the start of your eight-hour hell of a shift. Speaking of which, you glance at your car clock to see you have three minutes before you need to head inside. You silently curse at yourself for taking those last two, okay, two and a half tequila shots when you knew you had to be up for a morning shift, But, to be fair, Jimin’s parties only came around so often. And by so often you mean at least three times a month, but who’s counting really?

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BTS Scenarios: Hoseok~~ You lose your memory after an accident

Genre: Angst. A lot of angst. 

Warnings: Injury and memory loss

Concept: You have forgotten who BTS were to you after your accident/injury

A/N: Dedicated to @sunshinesmilehobi​, and also I’m very sorry for this. But it was eating away at me until I wrote it, 
Also, for the sake of the story, your brother’s name in this fic is Van. 

~ Previous

Seokjin & Namjoon

Hoseok stood motionless, his eyes fixed on the door across the street from him. One hand hung limp beside him, while the other clutched a bouquet of sunflowers; possibly the hundredth he’d brought to your house, but at this point, he had lost count. His fingers gripped the stems one by one, tensing and releasing in time with the steady yet shallow beat of his heart. Hoseok brought his empty hand to his face, rubbing the creased space between his eyebrows. Running his hand through his hair, he felt the relentless heat of the sun scorched into every strand. 

“How long have I been standing here?” Hoseok muttered, a tinge of bitterness hissing through his teeth. He looked up to the large bay doors of the balcony on the second floor. He fixed his eyes on the sheer white curtains flowing behind the glass, hoping to see you peer through. Hoseok took in a long breath and pushed his body to move towards your house.

Three sturdy knocks against the wooden door rapped his knuckles. His fingers gripped the flower stems tighter as his heartbeat steadily increased. Hoseok pulled his top lip to grate between his teeth as he heard footsteps approach the door. The heavy door swung open slowly, a familiar face peeked through the open gap. 

“Oh, Hoseok.” The broad shoulders of your brother slid through the gap and stood solidly in front of the door that he subtly pushed partially closed behind him. Standing a head taller than Hoseok, he looked down at him with kind eyes and a look that would comfort you after jolting awake from a nightmare. 

“Oh, Van-hyung,” Hoseok spoke politely, tipping his head forward in a genial bow. Van patted him softly on the shoulder making Hoseok lift his eyes swiftly. “How-how is she?” Hoseok asked, timidly. 

“She’s good.” Hoseok’s body jolted to attention, his face lit with furor; only to be sedated by Van’s hands waving away the moment with a shake of his head.

“No no, she’s still the same, Hoseok. But she’s having a good day.” Hoseok’s fingers loosened their grip on the sunflowers that dropped to dangle by his side. His eyes darted across Van’s face to his feet that were restless beneath him.

“Can I see her?” Van’s chest filled with a laboured breath before puffed cheeks blew it out wearily. 

“Ahh Hoseok. Nothing’s changed. She doesn’t remember you. And you remember what happened the last time you came.” Vivid memories of you thrashing in Van’s arms as you screamed in terror after Hoseok tried to hug you exploded like grenades in Hoseok mind, his body flinching at the thought. 

“I’ll be better, I won’t do anything to make her lash out. I promise,” Hoseok pleaded, taking a step forward to endear to your brother. Van took a step back and latched the door shut with a jut of his elbow. 

“Hoseok, you need to stop. It’s been three years. She think she’s fifteen. That I’m twenty-one. She asks me everyday how my exams are, I’m turning thirty this year.”

“I know..”

“She asks how I’m dealing with the stress of college and when our parents are coming home from their holiday, because -”


“It’s the same day everyday, Hoseok! She lost six years of her memory, Hoseok. Six years! She wakes up everyday and it’s same as the day before. Never ending. It’s the same damn day everyday!” Van’s voice was tense, frustration and torment soaking every word. Van’s eyes were still but his jaw shook as he stared at Hoseok, trying to remain calm. Hoseok emptied his lungs into the tension between him and Van and took another step forward. 

“Hyung, please let me see her.” The force of Van’s hands crashing into Hoseok’s chest made him stumble backwards. Balling Hoseok’s jacket into his fists, Van pushed him back along the footpath away from his house.

“You weren’t the only one who lost someone, Hoseok!” Van spat, fury and bitterness shooting from deep in his throat. “Do you know my parents, OUR parents died in that crash too?! Oh of course you do. Our loving Hobi spoke at their funeral.” The sourness and sarcasm in Van’s voice made every hair on Hoseok’s body stand on edge. Van’s anger seeped into Hoseok’s skin sending Hoseok’s hands to grip Van’s wrists to rip them off him. Van twisted his arms furiously, untangling Hoseok’s grip. The two stood angled across from each other, their chests heaving their rage and sorrow into the air.

“Leave.” Van spoke, stoic and measured. Hoseok’s breath hitched in his throat, his body shifted to step forward. Van tensed his body, his animosity leeching out of his muscles. 

“Leave.” Jaw shaking with anger, Hoseok bent down to pick up the bouquet of sunflowers he had dropped during the tussle. Yellow petals were scattered across the footpath; bruised and trampled in the flurry. He brushed smooth his jacket and turned before looking over his shoulder to speak. 

“Goodbye, Hoseok.” Van cut him off, his demeanor cold, masking his sorrow. Hoseok bowed deeply, feeling defeated in his efforts. 

“Take care, Hyung.” His feet began to walk away before his eyes could turn away. Hoseok had made it to the curb when he heard the familiar thud of the door closing behind him, Van shutting you off from him. Hoseok clenched his teeth and turned around to look at the boy doors once more. 

His body stiffened when he saw you staring down at him. Your face was soft, holding a curious expression. Hoseok mirrored your stare, lost in the sight of you. He stood frozen, his mouth wicked dry and skin crawling with every emotion crashing and colliding within him. He willed his hand to wave but was left dejected as he watched your eyes lower. 

Hoseok felt his heart shatter when the sheer white curtains fell closed over your face as you let go of them. Swallowing down all of his rage, grief and longing, he placed the bouquet of sunflowers he held listlessly in his hands down onto the street. And as he watched your silhouette walk away, he decided it was probably time. Despite every fiber in his body screaming at him to knock down the door and run to you, he decided it was time. It was time for him to walk away. 

Diabolic lovers | 6 |

Description: You want answers and Yoongi might have them. 

Warnings: Sexual body touching/ sexual thoughts

Pairings: Jungkook x reader, Yoongi x reader, Jimin x reader, Namjoon x reader 

Tags: Vampire!au 


Chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

A/N: Hey so Im sorry about not updating for a while…school work got a little bit busy but I am back with a chapter and I also managed to make a fan-video for this story check it out here and my requests are open! so please feel free to give me a message or just tell me if you like the story. now on to the story.

| 6 | Answers

You nearly made it through the first week of staying with your ‘so called brothers’ but at this point calling them brothers made you shiver. You thought back to when Jin and you were alone and how you felt pleasure rather than pain. Could’ve it been the drugs that he gave you? Or have you became so used to the fact of being bitten that now is a pleasurable thing.

Caught up in your own thoughts you wondered to the balcony that stretched across the back of the house overlooking the wide scenery of the garden.

The moon was bright tonight as you walked along the concrete, the cold air was fresh made you feel awake. What distracted you was that you could hear soft singing from around the corner, hesitantly you look round to see Jungkook who was sitting on the edge of the balcony. Running over to Jungkook breaking him out of his soft singing.

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— ask and you shall receive | pt 1 (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings— smut, lots of oral, slow burn, dirty talk, dom! hoseok
words— 13,865

summary— your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

 » pt 1 :: pt 2 :: pt 3 :: pt 4

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Heartbeat | 1

“You’ve always stayed far away from the Kingsnakes, the coldblooded gang that runs the dark heart of your city. That is until your life collides with the intriguing and dangerous Jung Hoseok.”

  • pairing: hoseok x reader
  • genre: gang!au, smut
  • wordcount: 8k

part one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

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hot bot: test → jhs

Originally posted by dabisbitch

↳ pairing: hoseok/reader | smut

↳ au: hot bot au

↳ warnings: dom!hoseok, panty stuffing, multiple orgasms, cum eating, squirting, praise kink, sir kink, degradation/name calling, cunnilingus, choking

↳ word count: 3.1k

⁙ summary: as a product tester, you have one of the most sought after temporary positions in Hot Bot Inc.

⁛ A/N: shockingly this one doesn’t have an ominous ending 🤠


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sonic rain (m)

pairing: jung hoseok x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst dancer, college au

word count: 25,043

description: Feeling as if molasses coats his bones isn’t a good metaphor for a dance major like Hoseok, but maybe you’re the girl that can wash his troubles away… Now if only he’d gotten your damn number.

It was one of those miserably hot overcast days. The type where the sun’s rays proved useless against the murky clouds, the constant threat of rain just waiting for that opportune moment to pour down. Pour down and soak your backpack through to that $280 physics text book — yeah, it was that type of day.   

From the time that Hoseok left for classes, to the time he arrived back at his tiny one-bedroom apartment, humidity consumed the air. The fabric of his tank-top and joggers clung to him with sweat, beads of perspiration coating the strands of his hair as he tucked it beneath a cap to combat his frizzy locks.

Just as he parked his car and gathered his books after a grueling day of dance practice mixed in with gen eds, he felt the light sprinkle of what would soon be another down pour. It was projected to rain through the night, harsh thunder storms with possible power outages predicted to begin in the next couple of hours. He quickly jogged to the front door, inserting the key before stumbling inside and tossing his backpack to the floor.

“Finally.” He sighed to himself, his body going limp as he collapsed against the couch.

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the switch

→scenario: You think you’re getting a normal Christmas present from your boyfriend Hoseok, but what he doesn’t tell you is that your gift includes a special power he and the rest of the boys have, enabling them to switch off between one another… during sex.

→pairing: bts | reader

→genre: smut

→word count: 9,085

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Big Bad Wolf

; Wolf Shifter!Hoseok x Rabbit Shifter!Reader

; Genre: Fluff, smut, teeny tiny angst

; Word Count: 11.7k

; Warnings: Possessive behaviour, dom!Hobi, sub!reader, multiple orgasms, creampie, unprotected sex, thigh riding, impregnation kink, breeding kink, sex toy use, biting,

; Synopsis: It’s been months since Hoseok marked you in the frenzy of his heat, and he’s been content and happy with you ever since. But with the stress of college ending and the fact the bond remains uncompleted, what happens when you go into your own heat?

; Wolf Shifter Hoseok Trilogy

; RLR Drabbles


Hoseok enjoyed holding your hand. Maybe it wasn’t something that an Alpha wolf like himself should admit to, but he was confident enough in himself that he would happily own his little moments of happiness. Holding your hand was like when he took a deep breath of forest air. Relaxing and comforting.

Which was why he always held it whenever he could, letting his fingers brush against yours slowly before he maneuvered his own into position, interlinking them with yours. If you were both sitting on the couch, or laying on his bed, he’d idly let his thumb rub the soft skin on the back of your hand, tiny thrills of euphoria sparking through him while his wolf huffed with contentment.

He was holding your hand right now, and it felt wonderful and grounding. Particularly when his life didn’t feel very grounded lately. College was ending and with it had come his final exams. Not only that, but he had the worry of his Pack leadership looming over his head and the silent panic over the fact you hadn’t completed the bond yet, nor had you given an indication of whether you would.

It was getting to be a little too much for him, and Hoseok wasn’t entirely sure what to do. Alpha’s were the wolves the rest of the Pack came to with their worries and stresses. But then, who did the Alpha go to when they were equally stressed?

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Heartbeat | 2

“You’ve always stayed far away from the Kingsnakes, the coldblooded gang that runs the dark heart of your city. That is until your life collides with the intriguing and dangerous Jung Hoseok.”

  • pairing: hoseok x reader
  • word count: 13.5k
  • genre: gang!au, smut

part one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

warnings: dom!Hoseok, demeaning names, oral, public sex

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beleaguer → jhs

↳  pairing: hoseok/reader | smut

↳  au: enemies to lovers, fuckboy!hosoek

↳  warnings: dirty talk, fighting, daddy!kink, pet names, grinding, multiple orgasms

↳  word count: 2.4k

⁙  summary: your neighbor is a pain in the ass.

⁛  A/N: repost from an old blog!

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“Go away Hoseok.” You growled.

Your neighbor was standing in your doorway, claiming to need some cold medicine while he was the picture of good health. His cheeks had a healthy warm glow to them and he had a shit eating smile on his face.

“Aw, don’t turn away your sick friend.” He pouted, keeping his hand in the doorway so you couldn’t close it.

“One, you’re not sick and two, if you call yourself my friend again I’ll decapitate your fingers with this door.” You hissed, narrowing your eyes when he barked out a laugh.

“Ouch, pretty harsh sweetheart. How can you be so cruel?” He chided, still wearing the same grin.

You rolled your eyes. “Because you kept me up all night with your fucking shouting and drinking with your fuckboy friends!”

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here is a rebloggable masterlist of all my work. i will keep this consistently updated each time something new is written!

note: stories with a (•) symbol next to them are favorites!


The Switch (m) •


I Hate You (m)

Jealousy (m)

5 Minutes (m)

Metamorphia: prologue | 1

Falling Into You: 1 (m) | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (m) •


Feel Better (m)


True Feelings (m)


The Equation of Love (m): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Silence (m)


La Douleur Exquise (m)

Experimental Error (m): 1 | 2


; Yoongi x Hoseok x Reader x Jimin

; Genre: Smut, fluff

; Word Count: 10.3k

; Warnings: Poly relationship, dom!Hoseok, sub!reader, switch!Jimin, dom!Yoongi, mentioned mxm, unprotected sex, impregnation kink, multiple creampies, oral sex, fingering, voyeurism, filmed sex, deep throating, cumplay, dirty talk, almost pwp

; Synopsis: 300 years ago, half the world’s population died when the experimental Fortuna virus escaped. The remaining male population has been rendered infertile with one loophole that has meant polyamorous relationships have become the norm.

; A/N: This has almost a plot. Also…dedicated to @yminie because she knows why!


The soft whining that echoes through the room when you start to shuffle around in bed causes you to blink blearily, the early morning light giving everything an almost hazy glow. Apart from that sound, it’s quiet in your bedroom and you sigh softly, not wanting to get out of bed.

As you stretch, toes pointed underneath the covers while your hands hit the headboard gingerly, you feel a solid arm wrap around your waist. Tugging you closer, Jimin whines once more before nuzzling his head closer into you, nestling it in the warm place where your neck meets your shoulder.

The soft tickling of his breath causes you to shiver before laughing lightly, bringing down one hand to run your fingers through his soft and fluffy blonde hair. His roots are beginning to show, you note idly as you examine the darkened strands with a bemused smile.

“You need to dye your hair again baby.” You whisper, pressing your lips to the crown of his head while he grumbles endearingly. Your boyfriend has never been a morning person, and he probably never will be.

Gently reaching down, you press on the hard bone of his jaw to push his chin up until he’s looking at you. His hair has gone crazy as usual, and you stifle a laugh at the combined look of that and his puffy, sleep-ridden eyes.

He always whined that he looked like a kid when he was sleepy, but he just looked beautifully vulnerable and you appreciated that he was comfortable enough with you to do that. Jimin licks at his lips slowly, blinking through the slits he’s narrowed his eyes into at the bright light suddenly.

“Mmmm, ‘kay. Can we go back to sleep? Yoongi and Hoseok are working and we’re not.” He groans, flopping his head back onto the pillow with a soft sigh. You smile and kiss his forehead before sitting up, ignoring his annoyed mumble as the cool air hits his body.

“Yes, we’re not working. But you know Yoongi will give us the cold shoulder if we don’t at least attempt to do something around the house and Hoseok will pout at us. And you know I can’t handle sunshine pouting. You have laundry and groceries to do, and I have cleaning to do. You know what they say baby.” You tease him, running your fingertips lightly down his toned stomach as he shivers.

“Yeah, yeah. A co-operative relationship is a communicative relationship and a communicative relationship gives birth.” He pouts, moving his hands till they’re resting behind his head. You have to ignore the sight of his firmly muscled biceps that show clearly from the position and get out of bed, ready to start your day.

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