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Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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Fic Recs ❀

okay so, dis gonna be my faves I’ve read recently with a variation of series, oneshots, smuts, fluffs, etc… None are mine, the url of the author will be by the title of the writing. Also, I'm a multifandom hoe so, I’ll try to have a mix of my favorite groups in the list, but for now its mostly exo and bts. Enjoy ya nasties xoxo.

about a girl (8 part series) - @rudeboywonho

dad!namjoon, CEO!namjoon, reader becomes his daughter’s nanny, a little angsty but also fluffly so is worth a read and his daughter is such a gem

vibrations (M) - @seokvie

sub!jimin, ass play, vibrating butt plugs, hot as shit… I’m sweating

owned (12 part series) - @ibangtanthings

reader marries cold rich namjoon to save her family but in the time being, they both get to warm up to each other slowly, angsty at first but has a really heartwarming ending

zipper (M) - @jiminniemouse

bestfriend!jungkook, this boy convinces the reader to watch porn with him and you already know how this ended, obviously smut

buzz (3 part series) (M) - @floralseokjin

it all starts with yoongi bursting into the reader’s room when they were about to masturbate with their new vibrator, smutty as heck

aquiver (3/9 part series) (M) - @floralseokjin

after many attempts to orgasm by himself and failing, yoongi follows namjoon’s advice and goes to a sketchy place for his solution and there he finds the reader

spill the tea - @jae-bummer

reader talks about her feelings about jooheon to his members and he overhears the conversation, cute and funny, kinda short but it’s still one of my faves

where is my mind (M) - @tayegi

werewolf!hoseok, can’t handle himself when he sees you because of his heat but you don’t seem to mind, cute ending

for a good time, call: the horndog (M) - @tayegi

lengthy jimin smut, sex in the studio, hilarious ending

cabin (M) - @krismebaobei

you spend most time with jongin in your stay in the cabin with exo and this makes Chanyeol a bit jealous but when y’all get a moment alone, you let him know you are his, plus a funny ending

class president (M) - @btssmutgalore

“class president candidate jimin would do anything to get your vote” fuck.

captain (M) - @suho-mochi

footballplayer!suho, basically his team loses the game, he’s frustrated and fucks the reader against the lockers, hot shit

sin city (10/? part series) (M) - @btssmutgalore

reader applies and gets a job at sin city, her sweet and dangerous moves make the owner jimin break some of his own rules because of his attraction to her, 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the kpop fandom, favorite series ✩

pop up - @yeolology

teleportor!jongin, you have seen the same boy pop in and out of your life twice and you are devoted on finding him, and you do

watch me (M) - @taecup

jungkook x reader x taehyung, hot as shit, bitch I’m quaking

neither innocent nor guilty (M) - @won-heol

lawyer!wonho, infamous prosecuter Mr.Shin has his eye on the reader during court and he can’t wait to get his hands them even if he just lost the case to her, dAMn

castaway (M) - @kpopfanfictrash

airplane crash au, you’re stranded with Jongin after being the only survivors of the accident and learn how to live with eachother but feelings get caught up in the middle, smut torwards the end, amazing plot

a good day to save lives (4/? part series) - @mxn-yoongi

bts doctor au, nonsense but its pretty funny nonsense, reader is an intern along with jungkook and taehyung while the rest are mostly doctors in different areas

safeguard (3 part series) - @thesammtimes

plushie!jongin, very unique and cute plot, I dream of this happening to me

no strings (10 part series) - @kpopfanfictrash

fuck buddy jimin, from friends with benefits to lovers, fluff ending but has smut throughout the story obviously

nerves (M) - @tayegi

thanks to an experiment the reader’s nervous system is emerged with kim taehyung, weird ass plot but I think its cool, its funny too tbh

higher (9/? part series) - @3kpop2jagi1

really good story, it doesn’t help that i’m suho biased, yixing is my favorite character in the story and if you read it, you’ll know why

taken (11/? part series) - @kimjongdaely

i started reading and now I’m desperate to see how it continues, gangleader!suho, harsh themes & much angst, stockholm syndrome?

go with it (M) - @rapmonluv

sub!namjoon, he expected to have you in the palm of his hand but by the end of the night it turned to be the way around, i need a large holy water after this and you’ll do too

perverted bunny mask (13/? part series) - @btsinned

assassins au, harsh themes (murder, psychopathic tendencies, sexual harassment, etc…) very interesting tho i was waiting for that smut with jungkook

a cinderella story (1/? part series) - @1honeypot

fratboy!yoongi, while you struggle with your crush in real life, little did you know you were sexting him via adult chat

across the hall (3/? part series) - @the-porcelain-doll-xo

neighbour!chanyeol, reader gets tired of her sister pairing her with guys so she lies about having a bf and now is faking a relationship with her cute neighbour

meddling (M) - @ffsjjk  

for once you are grateful for your best friend taehyung and his meddling because it brought you to this gentleman named park jimin 

sexting (M) - @lilyjhs

sex over the phone, you had known jimin in real life as a fuckboy, n u t

who are you? - @8bityeol

reader becomes invested on the anonymous letters of a fan and wants to find him, “happy delight”, the reader is a thriller book writer, I want a mango slaw

rent-a-boyfriend - @jimlingss

your friend hoseok literally rents you a boyfriend for a month to change your dull mood but he isn’t even your type, very fluffly/creative plot

la douleur exquise (M?) - @cinnaminsvga

incubus!yoongi, you summon a demon just for funs and now he’s stuck in the ground half naked and he’s obligated to stay with you until he sexually satisfies you, read it even if you aren’t a yoongi stan, this had me laughing so hard

handmade gold - @btsxexoxtrash

soulmates!jongin, in a world full of people with their true love, you and your boyfriend go against the odds and continue dating and as he finds his soulmate, everything gets tougher but not all hope is lost, angsty fluff, its really good I promise

camera (M) - @exostace

the reader is a cam girl and her friend sehun wants to help her but when practicing what to do when the camera is on, things get hOT, I imagined this very vividly in my mind and I am fukked

temptation (M) - @exostace

fuckboy!chanyeol sends you a dick pic because he got hard thinking of the time you  sucked his dick in Baekhyun’s room, n u t

new nEw NEW!

hey, neighbor - @whimsical-ness

neighbor!baekhyun, reader falls for him, it’s pretty cute

she’s testosterone (2 part series) - @jimlingss

yoonji/yoongi, crack fic, you’re bestfriends with yoonji but later you realise yoonji has a dick, slight smut sprinkled at the end

on the verge (M) - @xhixtape

yoongi suggests the idea of being submissive for once and you both play with the roles, h o t, straight up smut without plot

fantasy (M)@xhixtape

optional male bias, reader plays with their bias, cockring and teasingggg

quivering, whimpering (M) - @xhixtape

bestfriend!jungkook, he convinces you to help him out since you like being dominate already, he’s willing to be a good boy for you

 FIC RECS 2 (I made another list)

Fic Answer Tags/keywords

Here is a list of submitted fic answers and keywords by our followers/readers to help you search for any sort of scenario or story you’ve been looking for or wanting to read!

A/N: these fic answer tags start from around May so anything beforehand submitted are unfortunately only tagged as fic answers.


7 deadly sins |


a new life | acedia | airport | angel in the darkness | apologies | arrangedmarriage!au | arrangedmarriage!bts | artist!au | artist!jungkook | assassin!au | assassin!hyungwon |


babysitter | babysitter!reader | bad at sex | badboy!au | badboy!jimin | badboy!taehyung | bad habit | baekxing threesome | baseballplayer!au | baseballplayer!jungkook | bestfriend!au | bestfriend!jimin | bestfriend!kai |  bestfriend!jongin | bestfriend!jungkook | blow job | boxer!taehyung | boy meets temptation | break up | brother!au | bts gamer server


camboy | camboy!jungkook | camboy!hoseok | camboy!jhope | camboy!jimin | ceo!namjoon | cheerleader!reader | childhoodfriend!kai | childhoodfriend!jongin | choregrapher!au | club!au | cock ring | college!au | college!bts | crossdresser!jimin | crossdresser!yoongi | cupcake | cypher academy |


dance practice room | depaysement | dirty talk | divorce!au | dom!jungkook | drag me down to hell |


enemies to lovers | engaged!au | engaged!jimin | exo china line | exo fivesome | exo threesome |


face sitting | facetime!au | fiance!au | fingers | fingering | friends with benefits | fwb!au | fwb!jimin | friendswithbenefits!jimin | fuckboy!au | fuckboy!jimin | fuckboy!jungkook | fuckboy!taehyung


gamer!au | gamer!bts | gamer!jimin |  gang!au | gangbang!au | gangbang!bts | gangbang!exo | gangster!au | gangster!bts | gangster!got7 | gangster!jimin | gangster!yoongi | gd smut |


hairclip | hanahaki | hanahaki!au | hanahaki!suho | hanahaki!junmyeon | harrypotter!au | headstudent!jin | headstudent!seokjin | heartbreak chronicles | highschool!au | hogwarts!au | homme de radio | host!au | hybrid!au | hybrid!yoongi |


i got you on my mind | i wont stop you | idol!reader | ill make you feel better | inexperienced!bts | invisible man |


jealous | jealousy games | jealous!au | jealous!taehyung | jimin teach jk how to pleasurea girl | jinyoungsbum | jiwon smut | john tucker must die


kookie crumble 


la douleur exquise | laundry room | laws of motion and attraction | lazy morning sex | little bird | lust and errors


maid!reader | mafia | mafia!au | mafia!bts | mafia!got7 | mafia!jungkook | masked | masquerade | metaphorical cupcake | mine | mirrors | mixtape | model!jimin | monsta x blogs | my answer |


nanny | nanny!reader | neighbor!au | neighbor!hoseok | nerd!hoseok | next time | no strings | not much of a sex god


one good purr | oracle | overdose |


pass out | patient!jin | patient!seokjin | photographer!jungkook | pillow humping | play thing | playboy!jungkook | please remember me | polyamourous | poly!bts | polyrelationship!au | porn site | prince!au | prince!bts | prince!jungkook | psycho!taehyung


radiodj!jimin | radiodj!yoongi | revenge | rich!jungkook | roommate!au | roommate!bts | roommate!reader | royal!au | royal!blackpink | royal!bts | royal!exo


seven deadly sins | seven steps to hell | sevendeadlysins!got7 | sextherapist!suga | sextherapist!yoongi | shameless | sharing | shifter!au | shifter!taehyung | shy!member | shy!namjoon | sibling!au | sibling!jimin | singledad!au | singledad!jungkook | singledad!namjoon | sleepwalking to you | socialite!au | socialite!bts | socialmedia!au | socialmedia!bts | soulmate!au | soulmate!bts | soulmate!jungkook | sounds of you | stalker!sehun | stepbrother!au | stepbrother!jungkook | stepsibling!au | sticky | stripper!au | stripper!reader | sub!jimin | sub!jungkook | suga daddy | sugarbaby!au | sugarbaby!taehyung | sugardaddy!au | sugardaddy!jungkook | sugardaddy!yoongi | supernatural!au | supernatural!bts | sweet inedible things | switch!au | switch!jungkook |


teachersassistant!jimin | teachersassistant!reader | terminal love | therapist!reader | try again | two rotten apples |


unkempt | until next time


vampire!au | vampire!bts | vampire!hoseok | vampire!jungkook | vampire!taehyung | vampire!yoongi | vibrator |


wake me up | wedding!au | werewolf!au | werewolf!bts | werewolf!hoseok | werewolf!jhope | werewolf!jimin | werewolf!jin | werewolf!jungkook | werewolf!namjoon | werewolf!seokjin | werewolf!suga | werewolf!yoongi | what if | wolf!au | 


you never walk alone | your owner |

Without You: Bloodstone (Part 5)

Genre: AU, bts!werewolf, fantasy, angst

Warnings: language, violence, suggestive content

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: Werewolves, contrary to popular belief, are usually gentle creatures. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, they would never hurt a human (on purpose). The few unfortunate times when mistakes were made put a permanent dark mark on the beasts and people began labeling them as monsters. What the human population failed to recognize was the fact that they were protecting us from something much more sinister. Luckily, a few survived and the gene was passed down hereditarily until one day finding its way to me… in the form of my best friend.

Link to: Storyboard (reference pictures) | Prologue | Previous | Masterlist | Next

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

Loyalty is often as blind as justice should be, as unstable as a lightning storm ought to be, and as misplaced as an opinion in the truth.

Chapter 5:

I can only watch in awe as the creatures emerge, the massive wolves weaving with practiced ease and grace through the dilapidated buildings of the deteriorating town. They each have a distinguishable fur color, ranging from auburn to soft grapefruit and ochre to a familiar blue-grey.

They’re also all wearing… basketball shorts?

“Welcome back,” Taehyung greets them almost musically, clapping his hands in delight.

As they approach, shifting from all fours to towering over me on hind legs, the wolves begin to change slowly, features becoming more recognizably human, stature smaller and more upright, and lupine qualities subtly diminishing until all that’s left before me are four men in oversized, baggy basketball shorts. I try not to pay attention to the fact that they’re obviously wearing nothing else.

I immediately recognize Namjoon and the broad shouldered man, both of whom seem to have healed from the little mishap with Jungkook suspiciously quickly. I attempt to smile at the latter, and he returns the expression sympathetically as Taehyung bounds forward, extending the backpack, “Here you go, hyung.”

“Thanks,” Namjoon grunts, opening it and distributing a sweatshirt to each of his three companions before swiveling his gaze, “Where’s Jimin?”

The man with the ochre hair, who had been casting curious looks my way, snaps the totality of his attention to the question, “I thought he was with you.”

“Noona is going to be angry if you lost him,” the man with the grapefruit hair tisks languidly, though doesn’t seem too concerned. He has the same general deadpan expression that Namjoon carries around, but it appears to be caused more by boredom than stress or concern.

“SURE, just LEAVE HIM BEHIND,” a voice tears our collective attention to a weed covered street as a boy who can’t be much older than me storms toward us. “I’m sure he won’t mind at all.”

“Jimin-ah,” Namjoon’s tone is simultaneously apologetic and authoritative, “You know we didn’t mean-”

“Oh I know you didn’t MEAN it,” the boy pauses to snort derisively and cast a glance over his shoulder at his hyung, voice becoming painfully quiet as he finishes, “You never do.”

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Bite Me || Pt 02

Bite Me Masterlist

Word Count: 4k

Groups: BTS, Got7, NCT, Twice, Red Velvet

Au: Supernatural

Pairing: Werewolf!Yoongi x Vampire!Reader

Genre: Angst | Fluff | Smut | Au

Warnings: Gore, Smut, Supernatural Creatures, controlling family


“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Before you could open the door, he pulled you back to him, and kissed you, holding your neck and waist. You fell into the kiss, before pulling away and speeding down the corridor to the elevator.

Yoongi sighed in amazement. Never before had a girl fully taken his attention like you did. He knew he had to have you from the second he heard your heels clicking as you entered the bar. Your scent was intoxicating, grabbing his attention like none other. He hadn’t felt like that before.

But you were gone, until tomorrow at least. Yoongi felt a longing to see you again.

And somewhere, back on the streets of Seoul, was you, who felt the exact same way.

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Never Forget Me

Genre: Werewolf Au / Fluff / Angst / Slight Humor (?)

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Word Count: 9,040

Warnings: None really, maybe mentions of blood

Masterlist ♥︎ | Ask/Request

A/n: It’s finally finsihed!!! I r e a l l y hope you guys like this fic, I spent almost two months writing it, trying to perfect it and all that fun stuff. Feedback would be much apprecitated :)) Thank you for reading! 

Posted: August 19th / 11:43 pm

Originally posted by leojuseyo

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bts scenario | because i’m a man, i’ll hold your hand

Your visit to a haunted school building has your heart racing… but is that due to the possibility of seeing ghosts, or because of the extremely handsome boys you’re with? 

pairing: flirty BTS + you (What is this?? A reverse harem or something??)
genre: fluff, comedy… maybe?
word count: 3K

Originally posted by kths

It’s five seconds to midnight. You’d normally be tucked up in bed at this time of night, with your phone and a good Wi-Fi connection for company. Instead, you find yourself on an abandoned side of town, dressed in a tacky (and not very insulating) witch’s costume, in the company of seven excited boys.

“Apparently, this is the haunted school everyone’s been talking about,” Namjoon says, his breath coming out in clouds that mingle with the cool fog slithering around you.

You look up at the old building, with its boarded-up windows, and soot-stained walls. It’s the last place you’d want to enter on Halloween night. But the boys were rather insistent.

“Come on, Y/N. The night’s still young.”

“Yeah, you can’t go home just yet.”

“It’ll be so much fun.”

“You’ve got to!”

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Dreams and Nightmares m.list

open for requests! please check the pending requests list before requesting! 

more coming soon!

Yoongi Scenario: Claimed.

Request: Requests😍are😍here😍 can i ask for a yoongi werewolf scenario please y/n is also a wolf and hoseok brings her to the pack and they like each other but then when yoongi and her see each other they realize they are mates. So she is conflicted bc she likes hoseok but yoongi is her mate and makes her feel different, bc she knows yoongi is the one but things with hoseok are recent and yoongi is the alpha he gets very possessive and jealous of anyone around her specially hoseok😍 thank you😍

Werewolf AU

Genre: Romance / Drama.

You were a bit nervous to go meet Hoseok’s pack, you had been knowing each other for some time and you liked him, but the perspective to meet another pack was always nerve wrecking as sometimes things got tense. 

There were only two packs in your little town, the one where you came from and Hoseok’s and you seldom crossed each other’s paths because that was the way everybody could avoid territorial issues, you mingled around each other from time to time but never in large groups. But you had met Hoseok and he was so nice, such a gentleman, and of course so handsome. You really liked him so knowing his friends you would be telling if this could work on a long run or not, you hoped so, you had a long time alone and honestly you’d appreciate the company of someone like him. 

Either way you went with him to where his community lived, as it was used with werewolves your homes were always close to the woods and as away as possible from people.
It was bigger than yours you noticed, but there were a lot of similar aspects to it, the wooden architecture than was antique, glass doors in some places but strong metal doors in others, sometimes werewolves needed a bit of contention, but the space was very beautiful, close to nature, there were flowers and trees all over and as Hoseok had told you there was even a big lake near by.

-The leader of the community is an old man that you would be meeting later maybe- Hoseok said as you walked to a house that was the closest to the woods. -But he’s no longer the alpha-

-Replacement is here already?- usually the alpha kept being the alpha until his late years, unless the next one reached maturity and full might before it. 

Hoseok nodded. -Yes, but the leader is still very well respected and the alpha allows it since it is like a grandpa for all of us- he smiled and you corresponded.

-That’s good of him, I guess-

-We are going to meet him, we all live here, what we call the front pack, do you call it like that as well? - he commented when you were on the front step of the house. 

-Yeah we do- You looked at the house again, it was big enough to host a good amount of people and of course it wasn’t rare for you to see people sharing households, specially if they weren’t married or mated.

You entered the smell of pine and apples was all over, it made you feel welcomed. You followed Hoseok through the receiver and a little living room, you saw a huge dinning, and a door you could guess was the kitchen and then you went to another living room that looked more relaxed than the first one and in this one there were people, all of them guys.

Your eyes scanned the room as some of them smiled and shouted at Hoseok to come forward, three of them smiled widely insisting the two of you to come closer.

-Finally you are here, come Hobi, wow, serve something to drink to Y/N-

-Yeah man you have her thirsty!- another one said to then laugh.

-What dog manners Hoseok, bad, bad-

You guessed they were the youngest or at least they looked like it, you laughed a little nonetheless, they looked entertaining.

-Y/N, these are Taehyung, Jimin and Seokjin, that quiet guy over there is Jungkook, and he’s not quiet at all-

-I’m hearing you!-

-Nice to meet you guys- they went to serve drinks for you.

You walked further to the room towards the two other guys that were speaking to each other, but as you looked forward you started to feel something in your stomach, in your chest, your nostrils filling with a smell so alluring it was hard to breathe and walk and see. You were dizzy for a moment and then everything was so clear. 

The two guys turned to you and you let go of Hoseok’s hand not even knowing why, you barely saw one of them, he was taller and more muscular, but your eyes settled on the black haired guy that was looking at you with wide eyes, his breathing as yours was irregular, you didn’t know his name, but the more you saw him the more you felt you needed to get close to him.

-Y/N, this Namjoon, and here you have our infamous alpha, Yoongi-

Yoongi stepped away from the guy named Namjoon straight towards you as without warning he finished all kind of closeness between you and Hoseok, standing right between you.

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◇ Hoseok is a hopeless romantic and wants to find his mate so he can share his love.

◇ Hoseok x reader

◇ werewolf!au

◇ this didnt turn out the way i wanted it to but theres no going back now lmao, also i just realised the title is hopeless and its jHOPE eh? eh?


Hoseok is a hopeless romantic. He knows it, his friends know it, hell, even those stupid leeches that hung out at the bar he frequented at knew. So why was the universe being so cruel and keeping his mate from him?

Namjoon had found his mate - a vampire (the only vampire Hoseok would admit wasn’t so bad) who didn’t seem to mind how loud he snored or how he broke nearly everything he touched. Jin had found his mate, a werewolf from a neighbouring pack that had been recently destroyed by hunters. They had found each other after she had came to their door, injured and crying and seeking help. Taehyung had found his mate, Jimin had found his mate. Even Yoongi, as grumpy and irritable as he commonly was, had found his mate. The only person Hoseok knew that hadn’t found a mate was Jungkook, and that was probably because the younger didn’t want to find his mate - but Hoseok did, so why wasn’t he finding them?

All he wanted to do was find the perfect someone for him - somebody he could hug and kiss and protect and laugh with and be happy with. Not that he wasn’t happy now, of course, but he knew he could be happier. He wanted to be happier, and he wanted someone to share that happiness with.

“Your time will come when it comes,” Namjoon says, unconsciously tightening his grasp on his mate and that wasn’t making Hoseok feel better. “You shouldn’t try and force it. They’ll be drawn to you just as you’re drawn to them.”

Hoseok refrains from rolling his eyes as he downs the rest of his drink, standing up from the leather couch he was seated at and muttering something about getting another drink - but really, he just wants to get away from the sweltering atmosphere of pity around him. Jungkook’s the only one he understands him right now, but the younger boy had opted out of drinking with his friends to exercise. Which, Hoseok should’ve expected.

Oh, well. He guesses he’s just gonna have to deal with this night by himself.


Hoseok tries not to think about his mate every second of the day, but he really can’t help it. It’s the day before all of the packs in the surrounding districts gathered to discuss various issues - hunters, mating season, territory -, but it was also a time used for communicating and forming bonds and alliances with other packs. Hoseok would be lying if he said he didn’t hope his mate would be there.

“I’m not bothered with finding my mate,” Jungkook shrugs nonchalantly, fingers pressing expertly against his remote control, feet propped up onto the coffee table beside Hoseok’s. “I’m fine the way I am right now.”

Hoseok scoffs, eyes fixated on the screen and the game playing but mind focused on the younger’s words. “So you don’t want to find the person who will ultimately complete you?”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow, “I do want to find them, of course I do. I’m just not looking for them. I have faith in fate.”

It takes everything in Hoseok to not reach over and ruffle Jungkook’s hair in annoyance. The muscle-addict really didn’t share Hoseok’s view on finding a mate, and while he was irritated that nobody really understood his desperation, he took Jungkook’s words to heart. I have faith in fate.

Maybe… maybe Hoseok just had to let fate do it’s thing. He could put his feet up and live life and he would find his way to you either way. Maybe it was time that Hoseok stopped urging himself to find you, and let fate bring you together naturally.

“You’re surprisingly smart for someone who couldn’t work a washing machine,” Hoseok comments, laughing as Jungkook scowls at him and almost dies in the game.

Hoseok could do this.


Hoseok couldn’t do this.

He knows he said all that stuff about putting his feet up, not urging himself, blah, blah, blah - but how could he not, when he was entering the venue, wolves all around him chattering? There were so many people around him, smiling and greeting him, that he couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, you were in the crowd.

He tried to stop his eyes wandering over everybody at he sat at his designated table, his 6 other pack mates surrounding him and the rest of their pack at various other tables surrounding them. He tried to stop his eyes flickering from person to person, hoping to meet eyes with someone and see his future - your future.

Alas, dinner passed without any sign of his mate, and Hoseok’s spirits were down. What did he expect, honestly? He should’ve just let fate do the work, like he had promised the day before. Sighing, he slowly drifts away from his brothers, who are conversing with a few members of a different pack, and finds himself drifting outside.

The gardens are nice, he guesses, trying to find the happiness in the dim reality of his life. The flowers are blooming happily, the plants are green and vibrant, and it’s decently silent, the only noise coming from the packed ballroom. Walking calms his nerves a bit, and he relaxes more than he had in the ballroom.

He turns a corner, surrounded by roses and other beautiful flowers, only to see something that makes him frown in confusion. A woman, bending down to the flowers - is she inspecting them?

He has no idea whether he should turn and act as if he never saw anything or if he should help her do whatever she’s doing. “Uh-” He starts awkwardly, raising an eyebrow and turning his head to see if he could see her face.

At the sound of his voice, the woman yelps in surprise, jumping and falling back clumsily. Eyebrows shooting up, Hoseok darts forward, kneeling down to inspect the blushing woman - who, he knows after catching her scent -, is definitely a wolf.

“Are you okay?” Hoseok bites his lip, watchjng as she brushes her hair out of her face, before she turns to him. He’s nervous - he just caused her to fall on her back. Some wolves were quite prideful and Hoseok wouldn’t be surprised if he just caused a rift between his pack and hers.

“Yeah, I’m-” She starts, shaking her head in an attempt to fix her hair. She finally looks up - and then he feels it. It’s not quite a spark, it’s definitely more powerful - it sends shivers down his spine as events seem to play out in his mind: her, tucked under his arm and sleeping peacefully; him bending down on one knee, tears in both their eyes; her jumping into his arms happily, a pregnancy test on the sink behind them. How clichè is it that he managed to find his mate after losing all hope of ever finding them? It was very clichè, but do you think he cared?

No, he didn’t, especially when your eyes widen in happiness and you wrap your arms around his neck, letting his arms wind around your waist and basking in the pure joy of the moment. Hoseok is tightening his grasp on you, eyes screwing shut as if you would disappear from his arms.

“I - You’re-” You’re stuttering in amazement, pulling back for a second to take in the features of his face, the colour of his hair, the shade of his eyes. You seem to give up on talking, because then you’re burying your face in the crook of his neck, revelling in the tiny kiss he presses to your skin. It feels amazing - just being with him. It feels electric and vibrant and beautiful, and suddenly you’re glad you decided to escape from the party and check up on the flowers (what can you say? Even when you’re away from work, flowers were always your biggest priority).

“I’m Hoseok,” he breathes, pulling away from you but keeping a firm and loving grasp on your hand. You’re glad he doesn’t leave you completely, because you feel completely drawn to him and his touch.

“_____ ,” you reply, positively beaming and glowing as a heart-shaped smile covers his handsome face. “I’m from the Pack of Delphi.”

“Pack of Bangtan,” he grins back, hand trailing up your back lovingly and settling on the small of your back. “I’m glad I’ve finally found you, my love.”

“So am I,” you return, and not being able to help yourself, wrap your arms around him again, screwing your eyes shut as he chuckles lovingly, holding each other tightly and unwilling to let each other go.

The Seven Virtues

The following scenarios are all smuts. They aren’t related except Faith and Temperance in Lust. Otherwise, they all are singular.

The Seven Virtues are defined as “a habitual and firm disposition to do the good.” Traditionally, the seven virtues or heavenly virtues combine the four classical cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and courage (or fortitude) with the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.

However, sometimes, even if one seeks to pursuit them, they can face some many hardships that lead them on the opposite path, made out of the deadly sins.


noun ; complete trust or confidence in someone or something || strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. —Incubus Taehyung



noun ; moderation or volontary self-restraint -from retaliation in the form of non-violence and forgiveness, to excessive anger or craving for something- in the form of calmness and self-control. –Guardian Angel Jimin


Lust (crossover)

noun ; strong sexual desire || a passionate desire for something.

verb ; have a strong sexual desire for someone || have a strong desire for something. –Guardian Angel Jimin and Incubus Taehyung

a white path made of sins (coming soon…)


noun ; a feeling of exceptation and desire for a particular thing to happen.

verb ; want something to happen or be the case || intend if possible to do something. –Hybrid Jungkook


noun ; the ability to do something that frightens one || strength in the face of pain. –Werewolf Hoseok


noun ; the volontary giving of help, typically in the form of the desires in those in need || kindness and tolerance in judging others. –Vampire Seokjin


noun ; just behaviour or treatment || the quality of being fair and reasonable || moderation or mean between having more and having less than one’s fair share. –Pirate Namjooon


noun ; ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason || the quality of being prudent || cautiousness. –Bodyguard Yoongi

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Hi Ellie! Do you happen to know of any hybrid fics where Y/N is the hybrid? I'm looking but I can't seem to find any :( -🐇

Hi! Omg you called me by my nickname! I’m so happy! I can definitely recommend some cute hybrid!reader fics for my bunnie<3.

Hybrid!Reader Fic Recs:

Originally posted by spicykookv

anonymous asked:

can you recommend any bts supernatural!au?

I’d saaaaay 

check this tag page: vampire!au

annnnnnd then….I’d recommend @tayegi ‘s:

vampire!tae: Freedom (M)

vampire!namjoon//werewolf!reader: A Vampire and a Werewolf Walk Into a Bar (M)


- Where Is My Mind? (M) w/ Hobi

- The Pretenders (M) w/ Jin

- In Bloom (M) w/ JK

- Lake On Fire pt 1 & pt 2 (sequel to In Bloom) w/ JK

@thesammtimes‘s Mytical!BTS series (vampires/angels/grimreapers/etc)

@baeseoul‘s vampire!jk: Save Me (M) 

@kimtrain‘s vampire!BTS series: Sweeter Than Sweet series (M)

Wanted - Double Trouble Pt.1

Description : Finding a mate was becoming extremely hard for both Yoongi and Hoseok, what became much more of a task however was when they both began to get a rush from the same girl

Pairing : Yoonseok x Reader, (werewolf!yoongi, werewolf!hoseok)

Genre : angst 

a/n : Couldn’t have possibly completed this without the help of my favorite fic advisor, @unheathyseoulfood 

Yoongi stretched tiredly before reaching for his coffee again, “This human energy booster is only making me want to sleep,”

“You always want to sleep regardless,” His best friend Hobi replied while sipping on his iced latte and reading the day’s issue of Paris vogue, “Ahh she’s pretty, what about her?” He spun the periodical around on the small table.

Yoongi peered into the magazine and scowled a bit after seeing the model Hobi was pointing to, “Too tall, if I’m choosing my mate I don’t want her to tower over me; I’ll feel less of an alpha,”

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Taehyung Scenario: Fire To The Heart.

Request: I would like to request a scenario where the reader & tae are royal vampires! And he loves her since babies, but she has a besfren (hoseok) & he’s a werewolf! (u know vampires & werewolves are rivals). PLIS WRITE TAE SUPER CUTE LIKE ALWAYS STOLEN KISSES, BEING JEALOUS AND A LOT OF CUDDLES 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Saying no to Taehyung was always hard. You had known each other for as long as you could remember, and in that time spam you hadn’t exactly figured it out, although you tried, but when he stared fixedly at you, when he touched you you felt your whole body giving in. But for the sake of not letting Taehyung go ahead of himself you knew there were times when you had to say it, in the decades you had knowing each other you two had grown so much together it was difficult to set you apart, Taehyung hated it, you suffered when being away from him for too long, but you had also learned that you liked to be with other people too. Perhaps your choices in friendship were nothing but scandalous for the vampire court, but for you it was ok.

Taehyung and you didn’t live together, as much as both of you wanted that although for you it was a bit harder to admit, but you couldn’t do that until you were formally and publicly engaged to each other, as prince and princess of two powerful vampire clans your liaison was more than suited, expected even, but vampire tradition was strong even in the middle of the twentieth one century.

-Please, stay with me tonight- he whispered in your ear making you have goosebumps. You were at his manor for a social gathering, something small between just a group and when they were all gone and you thought it was time for you to do so as well Taehyung opposed.

So you had stayed for a few more hours, dawn would break anytime as the time with him ran fast, too fast, it was almost your one hundred birthday and you had barely noticed. -The morning, you mean-

He grinned. -Stay- he whispered again, this time pecking your ear after he spoke, going down slowly tracing your neck with his lips. -Let’s sleep together-

As much as you were delighting yourself with his touch your hands went to his chest, you knew you had to set a limit. -I can’t- you kissed his cheek and Taehyung groaned cutely, too cute for a one hundred and fifty year old vampire, but then you thought even after reaching his first thousand Taehyung would still be cute.  

-It’s not like is the first time of us sleeping together- he smiled mischievously. -It will be just sleep, I promise-

-I can’t, you know we must be a bit more diligent now that the party is almost here-

Taehyung huffed. -To hell with diligent, you are going to be mine anyway, I don’t understand all this prudery-

You laughed. -It is the rules of the court- you leaned closer to kiss his lips, this time allowing the kiss to go a bit further as you let your tongues play for a while. -Not mine-

-Pure rubbish- 

You laughed again. -Besides, you know that evil uncle of yours doesn’t like me that much, he’s looking for all kinds of motives to set me aside-

-That won’t happen- Taehyung assured more seriously. -It doesn’t matter what he or anybody say, you and I will be together, we will rule together- You nodded, letting him hug you and nuzzle you as you felt safe in his arms. -We belong together, I don’t understand why so many rules at this point- he smiled mischievously and you knew he was remembering something.


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➺ synopsis: you and bangtan plan to get together in halloween night

➺ note: just a little something since Halloween is coming up soon. I’m curious, what are y'all dressing as? (For clarification: jungkook is a vampire, taehyung is a werewolf, hoseok is an angel, yoongi is a demon, Jimin is a fairy, namjoon and Jin are sirens. Yes I reposted because tumblr wanted to be a bitch lmao) —Admin Jay

[requests for texts are open]

Wanted - Double Trouble Pt. 3

Description : Finding a mate was becoming extremely hard for both Yoongi and Hoseok, what became much more of a task however was when they both began to get a rush from the same girl

Pairing : Yoonseok x Reader, (werewolf!yoongi, werewolf!hoseok)

Genre : angst, slight smut

Word count : 3.6K

a/n : This is long overdue im so sorry, I’ll start making more time for this because I really enjoy it school is just fighting against it ugh but enjoy, let me know what you think too :)  

Yoongi opened the main door to their house discreetly, praying to God that Namjoon was still asleep. The door, of course, made a slow creak regardless. “Way to go genius you’ve woken up the whole house now,” Hoseok pushed pass knowing full well they’d already gotten caught and Yoongi followed behind releasing an annoyed growl after making another creak while trying to lock back the door.

“It doesn’t look like he’s awake,” Hoseok began, “Hurry up and –

“Now just what the fuck were you two thinking?!?” Namjoon slammed his fist on the delicate wood of the coffee table with his eyes still half open evident he’d just gotten up.

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