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Gintama antagonists and protagonists as 7 Deadly Sins and 7 Heavenly Virtues 

~ Itou Kamotarou & Kondo Isao as Pride & Humility: a leader who believed he was better than anyone and a leader who saw everyone as equal

~ Princess Kada & Otose as Greed & Charity: a queen who desired everything and a queen who was giving and never waiting for anything in return

~ Hosen & Hinowa as Lust & Chastity: a man who was ready to prisoned a woman to get her for himself and a woman who kept a pure soul and love in her heart

~ Jiraia & Tsukuyo as Envy & Kindness: a master who tried to destroy everything he once had had and what his student was able to build later and a student who wanted to gave away all she had to save others

~ Kamui & Kagura as Gluttony & Temperance: a brother who was killing for his hunger for blood and a sister who listened to her humanity, not hunger

~ Hajime Obi & Shinpachi Shimura as Sloth & Diligence: an older and strong brother who didn’t have enough strength to fight with himself sooner and a younger and weak brother who worked hard to be like him

~ Takasugi Shinsuke & Gintoki Sakata as Wrath & Mercy: a friend who lost everything and hated the world and a friend who lost everything and learned to love everyone even more


Sie hat vergessen das Kühlwasser nachzufüllen. Für den kaputten Motor gibt es deswegen mitten auf dem Parkplatz des Baumarktes den Povoll. Und auf den Abschleppwagen muss sie mit runtergezogenen Hosen und verstriemten Popo warten.

A Lyke Wake Dirge
Andrew Bird and Matt Berniger
A Lyke Wake Dirge

The theme song to BBC’s The Living and the Dead.

The “Lyke-Wake Dirge” is a traditional English song that tells of the soul’s travel, and the hazards it faces, on its way from earth to purgatory. Though the song is from the Christian era, and features references to Christianity, much of the symbolism is thought to be of heathen origin.

Lyrics under cut.

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Und alles nur, weil ich dich liebe
Und ich nicht weiß, wie ich’s beweisen soll
Komm, ich zeig dir, wie groß meine Liebe ist
Und bringe mich für dich um
—  Die Toten Hosen
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Name: Tina
Nickname(s): Tüna, Tiny Tüna, Tinchen, my mom calls me “Motte” (moth) sometimes…
Zodiac sign: cancer
Height: 5'4″ (163 cm)
Orientation: my boyfriend
Ethnicity: German
Favorite fruit: Mango!! but i also rly like raspberries, strawberries, apples, honey melon… idk a lot tbh
Favorite season: spring
Favorite book(s): Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, Looking For Alaska, The Hunger Games, two books about my fav band (Die Toten Hosen)
Favorite flower(s): i don’t know tbh… i find flowers pretty but i don’t know a lot about them and don’t mind them much… i like shrinking violets / mimomas tho they are quiite cool and roses are quite pretty
Favorite scent: my boyfriend, sweet things, food i like, the smell of books, tea
Favorite colour: deep red and blue, black
Favorite animal(s): koalas, sloths
Favorite beverage: fruit juice, tea, hot chocolate, mango lassi
Average sleep Hours: about 7, i guess
Favorite fictional character: uhm………. Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Ron Weasley, Fred and George Weasley,… [pretty much everyone in HP]; L (Death Note); the Undertaker (Black Butler); Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark; Cobb (Inception); Alaska, the Colonel and Pudge (Looking for Alaska); Legolas;… way too many to make it short lol
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2 
Dream trip: scandinavia or canada…
Blog created: uhm idk… 3 years ago maybe? idk?

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Hey boooiiiii I voted for your URL can I get a reckless "in love" playlist?

reckless “in love” (the quotation marks are concerning) playlist for paige!

demolition lovers - mcr
bonnie&clyde - die toten hosen
8th grade - pencey prep
she’s the prettiest girl - frnkiero andthe cellabration
lloyd dobbler - pencey prep

i took the liberty of adding some german music. don’t really like the band but the song is the most “reckless in love” song ever.

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3, 6, 7, 19, and 48

3. A song that used to be your favorite that you still like
Lili Marlene - Marlene Dietrich
I also have a tiny music box that plays this, and I crank it up when I’m sad XD

6. A song that reminds you of a place you’ve been
Tage wie diese - Die Toten Hosen
lol this was the song that was playing when they announced me as the winner of a competition (which led to my Germany trip)!

7. A song from a genre you don’t usually listen to
Fischer’s Song - Tom Schilling
What genre does this even fall under?  Movie music?  Anyway it’s such an adorable song, he’s not the best singer (of course, that isn’t his primary occupation either) but still he’s so talented!

19. A song that you’ve seen performed live
In Dreams - Lord of the Rings OST
this was a childhood dream come true! I saw LOTR (Fellowship) in Concert last year and it brings back great memories

48. A song that you can’t help but sing along
It’s a Long Way to Tipperary - Das Boot
Reminds me of someone too, haha

thank you!!!

So, I’ve been tagged by @courfelicious​ to list my top ten current favourite songs! (OMG??? I’m never tagged in those things ;-; thank you for remembering of me ;-; tbh, I don’t think anyone will actually read this, since I have really few followers and lots of them deactivated a long time ago, there are like 5 people, tops, who seems to reblog from me, but I want to participate so bear with me?)

1. Akane sasu, by Aimer (x)

2. Shape of you, by Ed Sheeran (x)

3. Heathens, by Twenty one pilots (x)

4. Tage wie diese, by Die Toten Hosen (x)

5. Set the controls for the heart of the sun, by Pink Floyd (x)

6. Applaus, Applaus, by Sportfreunde Stiller (x)

7. Dance in the dark, by Lady Gaga (x)

8. Dois Rios, by Skank (x)

9. Tempo de pipa, by Cicero (x)

10. A L’aube du dernier jour, by F. Kleynjans (x) (the ending of this song is just so intense I love it)

I’m sorry, it’s a mess of different styles but, well, my mood does oscilate a lot so ^-^’ 

I’ll tag some people, but it’s really possible they’ve been tagged already, because they’re the sweetest people and therefore everyone must love them! If this happens, I’m really sorry for tagging you again. But I think it’s a nice game, and I want some people to know I really like them but I’m too shy to ask things with anon off ^-^’. And I want to listen to new songs, so… @not-aph-england, @springy-thingy, @deep-dish-luigi, @skyflavour-ice, @alisayamin, @sir-keehl, only if you guys want to, of course!