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Our tenth stop was Payless because M needs dress shoes for his choir concert tonight and first communion next weekend. While we were there, another family came in on the same mission.

I don’t know what happened, the store was small. But I guess they weren’t staying close enough to her, because she started really yelling at her two kids in the store.

This must have shocked my kids because they could not stop talking about it when we got out of there. In the car, M told me this:

“I’m glad you’re my mom because you give me like five to ten chances before you get cross… If she was my mom, I would be sad. I would play tricks on her like Matilda did on Mr Wormwood.“

Then he gave me an elaborate plan about how he would hide a hose in her bed so she would get all wet. I laughed so hard, it kind of salvaged my whole day.



new neighbors au: sugar

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  • ok so sugar is like the sweetest doggo ever
  • she’s a gorgeous pitbull with a white coat and a few light brown spots on her
  • she’s shaw’s
  • shaw’s mom thought a dog would help her daughter’s anger and show her how to really care for something
  • shaw does car,e it’s just quieter than everyone else’s
  • shaw’s dad came back home from his 3rd and final tour in the marines a few weeks before christmas of shaw’s 8th grade year
  • needless to say shaw got her christmas present 2 weeks early
  • her dad arrives home at like 2am
  • the airport is actual hell
  • of course shaw and her mom were awake on the couch playing mario kart
  • they were playing mortal kombat but /someone/ threw a fit when they lost
  • it wasn’t sameen
  • 100% mrs shaw
  • mortal kombat was /her/ shit and her daughter just won for the 10th time in a row
  • anyway
  • mr shaw comes home and there’s hugs and tears and shaw feels warm inside
  • then her father goes outside and comes back with a little white ball
  • that’s wiggling
  • shaw is speechless and gently cradles the little puppy
  • the little pitbull starts covering her face in kisses and cuddles up to her
  • shaw’s cousin, gen, told her once that her feelings were there, they were just turned way down
  • in this moment shaw 100% believes those feelings are turned way up
  • it’s slightly overwhelming
  • her parents were expecting a name like jaws or rex or ghost
  • nope
  • shaw choses ‘sugar’ a few minutes after holding her
  • sugar loves everyone
  • she’s no guard dog
  • she greets everyone with doggie kisses and demanding belly rubs
  • sugar also has separation anxiety
  • after christmas break was over and shaw had to go back to school sugar freaked the hell out
  • completely trashed the laundry room
  • chewed her food bowl apart, ripped the washing machine hose out, destroyed her bed, flung her water bowl and wrecked the baby gate they had up
  • shaw’s bedroom door was clawed to no end
  • the front door had some scratches on it
  • when shaw’s mom got home for lunch she genuinely thought someone broke it
  • sugar tackled her and scared the shit outta her
  • sugar just covered her in puppy kisses
  • it didn’t take mrs shaw long to figure out what happened
  • sure she was upset but sugar was just a pup and scared
  • but after a few weeks of this happening every day something was up
  • lot of research and a vet trip later they find out dogs can have separation anxiety
  • shaw definitely feels a tug on her insides hearing that
  • they learn how to adjust to it and by now sugar does really good when shaw’s gone
  • it helps that shaw sticks to her schedule of leaving every morning at the same time and coming home for lunch and returning home around the same time every evening
  • it’s a little difficult when shaw has games and she can’t make it home at her scheduled times
  • shaw’s parents always try to bring sugar to all of shaw’s games
  • but even then sugar does really well as long as mr or mrs shaw is home
  • shaw has spent many hours and months into training sugar
  • sugar knows commands in both farsi and english
  • shaw doesn’t need a leash for her anymore
  • she stays by shaw and never gets distracted by other dogs or people or cars
  • sugar loves when shaw takes her for saturday morning runs
  • that dog can run for hours
  • she can also lowkey play soccer with shaw
  • she sleeps in shaw’s bed every night
  • even tho she has like 4 dog beds all around the house
  • some very expensive dog beds
  • she’s spoiled af okay
  • only the best dog food and treats for her
  • a nice black collar with her name stitched in it
  • a shit ton of dog toys
  • shaw even got her little boots and a vest for the winter
  • shaw loves her baby okay
  • sugar loves the water
  • they had a pool and shaw definitely let her puppy play in it with her
  • sugar is a natural in the water
  • baths are no problem for her
  • mostly because shaw puts on her trunks and sits in the tub with her
  • sugar will just sit in shaw’s lap and let her clean her
  • sugar is terrified of thunder
  • she’ll run around the house and try to jump into everyone’s arms
  • she’ll only calm down if she’s in the closet sitting in shaw’s lap
  • shaw doesn’t mind she loves when sugar sits in her lap
  • she’s warm and it makes both shaw and sugar feel safe
  • shaw would go to the ends of the earth for sugar

Ok so @goodluckdetective​ had an idea for an Emergency Services AU aaaaaand it just blew my mind. I started thinking how I would write it and pair things up. I’m trying to think of how Blood Gulch and Armonia would work (thinking city limits debate). It’s honestly really crazy and hilarious to me how it would all work.

Red Team are firefighters. All itching to go on the next call. In the mean time, either taking care of equipment, lazing around, or doing training drills. Haven’t decided if I wanted small city or small town volunteer station.

Sarge - Assistant chief at the local station. Always ‘fixing’ some piece of broken machinery. He’s still waiting on approval from county to get things upgraded. Until then he cobbles it together. He has a love/hate relationship with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and County Command. Sarge LOVES to do practice burns. He’s always overenthusiastic about any fire. Car accident? He’s hoping (but not) it’s on fire. Sees smoke on the horizon? Clearly that’s a brush fire, not someone burning their leaves in their yard; Grif get the truck. Prefers riding Shotgun on the Engine.

Simmons - Simmons actually went to the Fire Academy. He knows the science behind fires, knows a lot about the trucks and pumps, also knows the formulas and geometry needed to calculate pressure loss (Grif gives him shit about being a nerd). He’s all about the SOPs and regulations. He’s usually the one fiddling with the walkies. Later on Simmons goes to get basic paramedic training, so the truck would have a paramedic. However he gets roped into taking a few shifts to help out EMS. Sarge and Grif rag him about being a “Blue traitor”. Simmons is more the “book smart” fighter, but still lacks the “on your feet instinct”. Simmons prefers to drive the Rescue over the Engine. During one bad call, a chunk of a building gets caught on his arm and leg. Thankfully he was on the side that wasn’t on fire. They were damaged to the point of being amputated. However, the skin tissue from the lost limbs as well as a kidney was donated to Grif who was badly injured in the same fire. He was given high grade prosthetics and continued fire fighting. However he usually stays by the trucks and mans the pump and gophers.

Grif - Best Driver for the engine. The most reliable at getting the engine through the tiny back roads however the laziest. Simmons has just giving up on relying on Grif to load the hose back on the truck or if he does it’s the shittiest job imaginable. He does eventually learn when the hose kinks when they were catching a hydrant and dents the fuck out of the bar on the hose bed. He also CONSTANTLY forgets to refill the air tanks and to change out the hose on the dry racks. He’s usually paired with Simmons since they’re pretty good at balancing each other. During the bad call, he was the unlucky one that was caught on the fire side during the collapse. He experienced 3rd degree burns on most of his left side. He went into shock which caused his kidneys to fail. The excess skin from Simmons amputated limbs was grafted to Grif. He makes a full recovery.

Lopez -  (He’s the only one I don’t have a clear idea for) Lopez handles most of the truck maintenance. On car accidents, he’s usually the one wielding the Jaws. He’s bilingual, but refuses to speak English (he thinks the rest of them are a bunch of idiots and doesn’t want to deal with them). He’s usually paired with Donut since Donut’s the only one that can “understand” him. Has a HUGE crush on Sheila, one of the dispatchers.

Donut - Rookie who started volunteering after doing several years of the Explorers program at a different station. Very chipper and enthusiastic about everything. Donut usually takes care of the house chores at the station. He gets caught in a backdraft. He wasn’t wearing a Nomex hood at the time (his program was with a lot of vet fighters who hate the Nomex hoods because their ears are covered and can’t tell when it’s getting too “hot” in a room). He has some really nasty scaring on the right side of his face and lost most of his ear on one side.

Blue Team are EMS. Always bickering over who is driving or just bickering in general. When Washington joins full time, he’s always drilling them. 

Tucker - A people person. Not necessarily a good one. He is known to be mostly professional out in public but makes tons of inappropriate jokes in the truck and at the station. He’s the best at setting up for IVs and spotting locations or people in distress. Tucker tried to get the call number “69″, but was denied several times.

Caboose - is really great with kids and guys who need to be restrained when their insulin is too high. When something goes wrong he blames Tucker. Caboose is also known to accidentally inject his teammates instead of his patients. He really enjoys talking with dispatch over the radio.

Alpha Church - no bed side manner and is impatient as hell. Cannot hit a vein to save his life. He’s usually good at getting vital readings, symptoms for potential drugs, and noticing when a patient is about to crash. Alpha runs into a building trying to get to a patient and dies. Not sure if Alpha and Epsilon should be siblings or cousins with Carolina.

Epsilon Church - After alphas accident, his twin brother Epsilon is transferred to his station. (to the surprise of everyone at the station because Alpha never mentioned a twin). If the group didn’t know any better they would almost swear that twins were the same person. Epsilon however isn’t as high strung as his brother was, and gets along better with the crew, and is a little better with patients. However he can’t hit a vein either.

Freelancers are Police. Something happens with county/state police (haven’t thought this through much). Freelance was contracted to the Blood Gulch crew, but something happens that requires them to pull out. They were all specially trained in basics for firefighting and are at least paramedic status.

Eventually Wash and Carolina take police work at Blood Gulch. They’re always on call since they’re the only two regularly scheduled police officers. Wash gets EMT training and takes shifts with EMS as well as his policing duties (the man never sleeps). Carolina gets hired on as Police/Fire Chief at some point, but also goes and gets EMT training in case it’s needed.

Vic (early days, but mysteriously leaves with no explanation), Sheila, and Fillis are 911 dispatch.

Doc is a “Safety Inspector” from County. He makes a bunch of suggestions and changes that were made either too late are so ridiculous no one listens.

Ok cut below is an explanation of things back from my home. I was raised in a firefighting family in a small town. I know things are probably a lot different now and that other cities and areas would be run differently. 

Feel free to send asks, suggestions, and what not.

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Summary: When Molly moved in with Sherlock, she demanded he let her keep the flat clear of clutter. To her surprise, cleaning 221B leads to discovering some personal treasures…

Rated: Teen and up

Type: One shot. Domestic fluff; no trigger warnings

Author’s note: all flaws and/or mess ups are my own. My gratitude goes out to Adi, who beta’d this and has been encouraging me to write Sherlolly fiction. Thank you!

When Sherlock asked Molly to move in with him, she said ‘yes’ with a happy heart. The prospect of living with him as his actual girlfriend made her heart flutter. On top of that she had always loved his Baker Street flat, because she found it had a very romantic charm to it. Molly adored 221B and felt right at home.

She had, however, made on solid demand: that he allowed her to clean on a regular basis.

221B was usually a messy place: books, magazines, used teacups, clothes – pretty much anything was scattered around, ready to be picked up when Sherlock had use for any of the items. It wasn’t this clutter that bothered Molly, for her own flat had not been very different. Her job at St. Bart’s took up a lot of time and energy and by the end of a long week; Molly had enough chores to get through. Every two weeks, Molly would spend an entire Saturday afternoon airing, dusting; vacuum cleaning and washing to make sure her home looked decent again. This, however, was the part in which Sherlock failed miserably: he could not be bothered by these sorts of activities in the least. Mrs. Hudson would sneak in some dusting here and there, but Sherlock would send her out as soon as she wanted to do something more drastic.

It would not do for Molly. She wanted her home to be a clean and healthy environment, so when they discussed what it would mean for her to live at 221B, she had told him this. After some protest Sherlock eventually agreed, if she promised not to move his things around too much. With a tight hug and a kiss their agreement was formalized and Molly Hooper moved in with Sherlock Holmes.


 Pretty soon cleaning their home went from being a necessary activity to nothing short of a treasure hunt. She’d find an unused pair of socks in a kitchen cupboard, an interesting magazine under a stack of books, unopened ‘thank you’ gifts from clients in a shoebox under the sofa. Molly started looking forward to what she’d come about next.

 On a morning during one of Molly’s few weeks off from work, she was busy cleaning their bedroom. She was lying beside the bed, hose of the vacuum cleaner in hand and moving it around underneath.She stopped when she spotted a package, and when she pulled the object out from under it turned out to be a rather large parcel. It was wrapped neatly in a brightly coloured paper. Molly was curious. She stood up and walked back to the living room, where Sherlock was seated on the sofa with a computer in his lap.

 “Sherlock?” He looked up. “Yes?” “What’s this?” Molly held up the package. Sherlock let out a sigh and looked back to his laptop. “I see you found that thing. It’s an old birthday gift from my mother.” Molly moved to sit beside him. ”Let me guess. You deduced what it was and concluded it didn’t need to be opened?” The package was in her lap and her eyes were set on it. Her hands held it securely. “Can I open it?” “Go ahead. I don’t care about it in the least. Not one bit.”

 Molly carefully removed the gift wrapping and was left with a large, leather bound book. “Sherlock… Is this-” She couldn’t keep down excitement as it became clear to her what she was holding. She opened the book and carefully removed the tin paper protecting the first page. On it a photo of a man and a woman smiling brightly and protectively holding a baby was placed.  Below it, in a slick handwriting, Sherlock’s name and date of birth were written. Molly sank back into the sofa while letting out a sigh of endearment. “My goodness, Sherlock!”

 He snorted loudly beside her, and Molly returned this with a firm poke of her elbow in his ribs. “Must you be so violent?!” “And must you always be so cynical? I think childhood photographs are very important to have. They’re memories, history, they reflect a part of who you once were.” She gave him a reassuring smile to make sure he knew she wasn’t ridiculing him. He turned his gaze back to the screen of his laptop. “You sound exactly like my mother. I would suggest you go through the photobook with her, but having one person drool over my younger self is unbearable enough.”

 Molly focused on the book again, intently scanning the photo. “How long has this been under your bed?” “My mother sent it to me on my first birthday here – it’s been there ever since.” “What a wonderful gift. Really Sherlock, this should be stored in a proper place.” “Under the bed was a perfect spot if you ask me.” Molly protectively held her hands over the photobook. “It’s definitely not going back there, I’m telling you.” Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Oh well, whatever suits you.”

 On the next page of the photobook, more pictures of new born baby Sherlock were placed. His mother hadn’t spared effort because every single one had written commentary. One read ‘William – 2 weeks’, while another had ‘William – 5 weeks – sweater knit by grandmother Holmes’ beside it. One photograph was of baby Sherlock, held up by an older boy. Molly smiled upon discovering it was no other than Mycroft – a teeny, tiny Mycroft. She had never given much thought to what the two men might have looked like as children, but seeing them like that made her feel giddy. There was something incredibly heart-warming about it.

 Molly and Sherlock sat next to each other without speaking for a good while. He typed away on his computer, sneaking glances at her whenever she let out an excited squeal. She made her way through the book; every photo making her heart beat faster in excitement. From pictures of a baby, she’d come to those of a toddler, and so on. Sherlock aged 6 or 7 was accompanied by a big dog in most of those photos.  Molly knew he’d had a dog as a child, but it was wonderful to see what it had looked like.

 What struck Molly most about all of these photos was how happy Sherlock looked in them. In all the years that she had known him, she had come to believe that in his life, he’d become disappointed in and frustrated with the world and had come to shut most of it out. The boy in these pictures predated that mindset: this was an uncorrupted Sherlock, a young boy curious about the world and constantly seeking out adventure. The thought saddened her.

 “You look so… young in these photos.” He let out a chuckle. “Well, these photos are over thirty years old.” “I don’t mean it like that. In all the years that I’ve known you…you always seemed rather unsatisfied with life – and sad and quite lonely. I look at these photographs and there’s just so much life to you. You’re glowing with it.” As Molly was speaking these words, Sherlock had put his laptop away. He was staring blankly at the object in her lap. “And it upsets me to know that, somewhere along the way, you lost that feeling.” She took his hands in hers, rubbing them reassuringly.

 Sherlock finally looked up to meet her gaze. “I think I’m going to kiss you now.” She nodded and he pressed his lips to hers. It was a tender, affectionate kiss. She knew it was meant as an acceptance of her words and sentiment and she was glad for it. Molly knew Sherlock would never be very romantic or emotional with her, that he’d always be a bit uncomfortable and clueless with displays of affection – but he had accepted was she had given him moments before, knew she didn’t think him pathetic and that was most important. He broke away and pointed at one of the photos: “That one should be much more recognizable to you I think.” Said photo had Sherlock posing behind a number of white and pink flowers, his right hand in his side while the other supported his chin. Judging from the expression on his face, he was not comfortable at all. “That was the exact moment I started hating posing for photographs.”

 Molly laughed at this; he smiled too. She gave one of his hands a squeeze. “I’m always happy to see you like this, with a grin and a twinkle in your eye.” “Of course I still smile. These days, I just reserve it for the occasions and people that are worth it – like you.” He stood up from the sofa and placed a kiss on her brown hair. “You must excuse me now; I have some work to do in the kitchen.” He quickly made his exit and spent the new minutes rummaging around in the kitchen cupboards. A sudden, loud burst of laughter made him step back into the living room. He found Molly still on the sofa with the photobook, a hand over her mouth as to stop laughter from escaping. Her eyes, however, betrayed that something was incredibly amusing to her.

“I was just – I wasn’t expecting – and you just look -” Another burst of laughter took hold of her. Sherlock made his way over to see what had her in such a good mood. “Well? I don’t see what’s so funny about any of these photographs.” “It’s this one.” In the particular picture, Sherlock sat on a shabby looking couch, his face turned to the camera with a smirk. His signature curly hair was almost completely cut off. “Your hair is nearly gone and it looks bizarre! I don’t think my parents would have let me get such a drastic haircut when I was twelve.” “Twelve?!” Sherlock’s jaw had dropped and his brown was furrowed; his expression made it clear to Molly that he was rather offended at her words. “That photograph was made when I was at University. I was nearly 21 years old there!” “Forgive me. Honestly though -” She examined the photo again. “- you have to admit you look incredibly baby faced here? Oh you look so cute and -”

Sherlock snatched the photobook from Molly’s hands, opened the door to their flat and made his way down the stairs. “I am reclaiming this book and I swear you are never going near it again. Do you hear me?!” he shouted in a dramatic manner. Molly quickly went after him. “Oh Sherlock, come back here!”

Molly caught up in time to save the photobook from destruction – but not from another period of gathering dust. Instead of under the bed, this time it was to be in a box, stored in the attic of 221 Baker Street.