This is my first fic so it won’t be the best and also it’s short. Sorry!


Hamilsquad x fem!reader

Every night was a struggle living with Lafayette, Hercules, John, and especially Alexander. Since you were the only girl in the apartment, they all tried their chances to get you.

It was probably something that all guys do, with the dominance of a man. If they’d ever get the chance, they’d try some new pick up lines they saw on the internet.

You thought it would stop with John when he came out. But nope, he still flirted with you so the other boys wouldn’t think he was lame.

Instead of flirting, Lafayette just asked you out. You could’ve said yes. You could’ve said no. But, you had thoughts on someone else at the time.


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Yes, I’m well aware that there is no law that compels Trump to accept members of the media that he’s terrified won’t brownnose him into his daily briefings.  It’s obvious that by banning the New York Times and the BBC, among many others, but including Fox News and Breitbart, Trump is simply choosing those who he knows will not be critical or even appropriately analytical to attend his briefings and will simply shout hosannas to His Imperial Highness, President Pussy Grabber I.  Those who might question some of his actions are being blocked at the door. It’s not only a shame you apparently approve of such an assault on freedom of the press, it’s potentially dangerous to all of our freedom.

"Si eres un cristiano que ha decidido agradar y adorar a Dios en espíritu y en verdad, debes acostumbrarte a ser odiado por aquellos que odian a Cristo. Y mas aún, acostúmbrate a amarles también".
“No se engañen: de Dios nadie se burla. Cada uno cosecha lo que siembra.”

Gálatas 6:7

Que el Espíritu Santo sea nuestra guía, y no actuemos por nuestra propia cuenta.

1 Corintios 14:12

  • “Así también vosotros; pues que anheláis dones espirituales, procurad abundar en ellos para edificación de la iglesia.”