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30 Days of Myu: Day 11

Again -> it’s part 11 xD

Part 11: favorite Outer Senshi actresses:

Haruka/Uranus (a funny thing that we always start with Uranus even though Saturn would be the first Outer Senshi whe you look at the order of planets haha xD) Takagi Nao. This is no surprise, I guess? Nao was so Uranus it’s even scary. Maybe the real Haruka was a bit more serious but it’s Nao portrayal of Haruka that everyone loves so much and this is because it has so much warmth in it! She Plays the role with passion and omg she sings so good! And she dances so good! She is always 100 %! 100% Uranus and no one can beat Nao x Yuhka (No, Shuu and Sayaka don’t beat them in ANY way-.-).

Michiru/Neptune: Tahara Hiroko. Ha -> now you are surprised, right? For sure, no one portrays the relationship of Haru/Michi as good as Nao and Yuhka but still Yuhka is a bit too sensitive and too less badass for me (with Tomoko it was just the other way roud). If you put Yuhka and Tomoko in a pot -> Hiroko would come out. She was both: she was a confident (at times bitchy) lady as well as a sensitive lover. I love the way she beat Yaten in Sailor Stars with that badass comment and yeah she is just a real lady to moi :D                                           Honorable mentions: Asami Yuhka, Inami Tomoko

Hotaru/Saturn: Mita Mao. It is a very hard decision but in the end Mao wins haha. She was able to play a childlike and sweet Hotaru, like she was in Season 5 and also the serious Girl who can destroy the world. It is kind of impressing how she can change the way of acting in seconds. She also has a nice voice and her To a brand New World is stunning… and scary and beautiful. I also loved her interaction with Ayano (Chibiusa). I really could believe that they were best friends :3                                                                                          Honorable Mentions: Tomioka Mario, Iizuka Yui, Takeda Keiko

Setsuna/Pluto: W.i.t.h.o.u.t  a.n.y.  d.o.u.b.t. Hosaka Yuuko! I have to mention that Pluto is my all favourite Senshi and that it is hard to make me happy but Yuuko was perfect! She was Pluto  just like Miyuki and Nao were Moon and Venus x3 Her singing, her acting, her dancing, her voice, herself  in the fankansha Events and backstage was just so much Setsuna.. Yuuko was a wonderful cast. Although I don’t really like the Black Lady Musicals I love her interaction with Noel… it’s so cute. Or when ChibiChibi steals her umbrella or garnet rod in Starlights Ryuusei and Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin. She always reacts like Setsuna would have.. great.                                                                     Honorable mention: Nakazawa Seiko

Adorable Myu Facts (mostly about Nao and Yuhka)

• Hikari Ono and Miyuki Kanbe called Yuhka and Nao “Onee-chan” and “Onii-chan”.

• Nao’s nickname for Yuhka was “Kappa” (river child).

• During the fankan of Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady [Kaiteban], Nao calls “Kappa” sexy.

• Nao and Yuhka still keep in touch.

• Nao (and possibly others) called Yuuko Hosaka “Oka-san”

• During the Kaguya Shima Densetsu [Kaiteban] omake, Nao and Yuhka kiss

• Nao has stated that she wouldn’t want to play Uranus if Yuhka wasn’t playing Neptune

• Yuhka appeared in the 2003 seramyu as Jadeite

• Nao was the longest running Uranus

• Yuhka was the longest running Neptune

• During the fankan for Mugen Gakuen, when asked a question, Yuhka stated that she would keep fighting as long as Uranus was by her side.  Nao replied saying that she was scared of “Kappa”

• Nao’s nickname for Marina Kuroki was “Hime”

• Before the last stage performance (Mugen Gakuen) for Nao and Yuhka, Nao let Marina carry around her Infinity High jacket.

• Yuhka stated that her favorite color is yellow because it is a bright color. The MC for the fankan joked that it would be nice if her curtains were yellow. Yuhka laughed, replying that her curtains are yellow

• Nao stated that she loves the ocean (wink, wink), so her favorite color is blue.

*** I can’t get enough Seramyu.

I found this drawing among some of my older ones when I was looking back at them earlier in the week. I showed my bestie and she convinced me to put it on here! Anyway here is my drawing of Yuuko Hosaka as Sailor Pluto. She is my favourite Pluto so lots of effort went into this XD