So I gave myself the design challenge of making a new Horzon Zero Dawn machine. 

i landed on the megoladon an ancient form of great white, i took design elements of the Thunderjaw and the Scrapper from the game specificly the saw teath on the lower jaw, somethin ancient sharks actually had.

from a gameplay aspect you need to have big explodable parts to knock off but that seriosly messes with keeping the design sleek enough to glide throrugh water, so i compramised with the pods on the side.

the head section i imagine is one solid piece of armour for raming, but can be retracted upwards so the jaw can come forwards. seeing sharks do this in real life is pretty crazy.

Kracht / Horzon - "Hubbard" [2006].
  • SVEN: Ludwik! Das ist alles viel zu konventionell. Wir müssen lernen, abseits der ausgetretenen Pfade zu gehen. Zynisch, kritisch, orgiastisch bunte Farbeskapaden müssen wir schaffen, Pinselpiraterie, Gedankenorkane, Hurrikane der Experimentalfreude.
  • LUDWIK: Du meinst, wir müssen noch radikaler werden?