Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 35 Spoiler Summary

- Kanae remembers Hori Chie’s word.

Hori Chie: For the sake of Tsukiyama-kun, are you willing to throw away the family?

- Mirumo talks to Kanae.

Mirumo: THE Kanae-kun.
Kanae: Huh?
Mirumo: Even if you take blood sake…

- Flashback of Kanae looking at the rain outside.

Mirumo: Go bring the umbrella outside.
Kanae: Yes!

- Kanae went to bring umbrella to Shuu, but ended up admiring how he looks soaking in the rain.

Kanae: (…Shuu-sama, you look beautiful even when you are playing in the rain.)
Kanae: Shuu-sama!

- When Kanae was about to call Shuu, he noticed Hori Chie’s presence.

Shuu: This rain feels good.
Hori Chie: Indeed.
Shuu: Use your camera and take a picture of me!
Shuu: C’mon! What are you waiting for?
Hori Chie: Eh? I’m not gonna take it.
Shuu: What!?
Shuu: Even though you hardly see me soak in rain!?
Hori Chie: Yup.
Shuu: Hahaha, you say interesting things, don’t you? Unique!!
Hori Chie: The one who says interesting things is you, Tsukiyama-kun.

<— The word used for “interesting” can also means funny in Japanese. I think in this case, Shuu and Hori Chie meant both.

- Seeing that, Kanae looked angry.

Kanae: (Shuu-sama has an open mind. Even if it’s lowly human, he’s still able to be so benevolent.)

- Back to present time, Shuu’s voice can be heard in the room.

Kanae: !?

- Kanae immediately goes to Shuu’s room.
- Other servants are gathering in the room.

Servant: Kanae!!
Servant: Shuu-sama…!!

- Shuu’s Kagune goes out of control and starts randomly attacking things.

Kanae: (His Kagune…)
Servant: Kanae-san, I already am—
Kanae: I’ll do it!! Get away from here!!

- Kanae attempts to stop him, but Shuu attacks him instead.

Shuu: Ma… Mama… <— Does the process of becoming Kakuja always make them scream for Mama? LOL
Kanae: Kagune, please forgive my rudeness.

- Sasaki goes to meet Uta (?)
- A panel showing Kanae injured.

Kanae: (Kaneki Ken… Sasaki Haise…)

Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 35 Spoilers

Kanae thinks back what Chie said last time
Chie: Can you give away your house for Tsukiyama’s sake?

Mirumo: …kun. THE•Kanae kun
Kanae: Haa!! Kanae flashback
On a rainy day, Kanae looks outside from the window
Mirumo: Please go and bring him an umbrella
Kanae: Yes!!
Kanae went out to give Tsukiyama an umbrella. Though soaked in the rain, Tsukiyama is still looking so elegant.
Kanae: (…Shuu sama. You still look so pretty even though you are playing in the rain..!)
Kanae: Shuu sama!

Just when Kanae calls out to Tsukiyama, Tsukiyama starts a conversation with Hori Chie
Tsukiyama: It really feels good in the rain
Chie: It sure does
Tsukiyama: So, how was it?! Take a good picture of me!!
Chie: Eh? But I dont want to
Tsukiyama: What!?
Tsukiyama: You are saying that you have no interest, even the slightest in seeing me soaked in rain water…!?
Chie: Un
Tsukiyama: Hahaha, you sure say some amusing things!! Unique!!
Chie: The one who say amusing words is you Tsukiyama kun
Kanae clenches his fists upon seeing them together like this
Kanae: (Shuu sama is a very generous master… giving sympathy to such low life humans….)

Screams can be heard from Tsukiyama’s room
Tsukiyama: Ugaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Kanae: !?
Kanae quickly rushes to Tsukiyama’s room
Kanae: Shuu sama!!
Male Servant: Kanae!!
Tsukiyama: Uuugyaaaaaaa!!
Female Servant 1: Shuu samaa…!!
Kanae: !?
Tsukiyama goes berserk in his bed. His kagune starting to go all wild.
Kanae: (His kagune are…)
Female Servant 1: Kanae san…!!
Female Servant 2: We did everything we could but..!!
Kanae: …I will do it!! Leave!! At that time, Tsukiyama’s kagune flies towards them
Female Servant: Kyaa!!
Kanae: !!
There is no other way, thats what Kanae’s expression say
Kanae: Shuu sama!!
Tsukiyama: Ma…mama…
Kanae: Kagune, pardon my rudeness..!!
But Kanae couldnt suppress Tsukiyama in that state
Kanae: (Kaneki Ken…Sasaki Haise…) *lies down bleeding*
Kanae stands up and leaps towards Tsukiyama
Tsukiyama: I have been thinkingggg!! Satisfy my tastebudsss!!
Tsukiyama loses his mind and goes berserk. And Kanae is trying to suppress Tsukiyama with his kagune.
Kanae: Powder…!!
The servants are going to force Tsukiyama to drink the powder
Tsukiyama: Gahhhhhh!!
Female Servant: Hold him down!!
The male servant holds Tsukiyama down
Female Servant: Open his mouth…!!
The servants successfully pour the powder into Tsukiyama’s mouth
Tsukiyama: Ouhh!!
Tsukiyama finally calms down and Kanae cries.

Kijima, Kuramoto, Ihei and Fura are battling with Matsumae’s group. Matsumae lets out her kagune.
Fura: (Detachment eh?)
Matsumae’s group: We are leaving then
Ihei: You are not going to leave

A group of Mask appears right before an investigator who was going home
???: …ood evening..!?

Sasaki’s side
Sasaki visits Uta’s mask shop Hysy

i feel like i genuinely never hear bad shit about trigger as people like every time we get trigger news its like. “hori loves steven universe and the crewniverse invited trigger to hang out with them because of it” “trigger included a plus sized character in lwa and confirmed she was plus sized for body representation” “trigger went to a con and did personalized drawings for a cosplayer they liked” “trigger gave out extremely expensive rare merch at a con panel” GENUINELY EVERY PIECE OF NEWS RE: TRIGGER AS PEOPLE IS SO GOOD THEYRE SO GOOD??