horween shell cordovan


Listening to Tom Waits and hand stitching these Port Wallets built from Horween Shell Cordovan in reversed burgundy. If you like it reversed, I can have these out the door within a couple of weeks but only in Burgundy and Black at this moment. Learn more at the link in profile. #portwallet (at Craft and Lore)

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Submitted by Chad Von Lind

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This makes up my current EDC. I’ve made upgrades to my Port Wallet with world famous Horween reversed Shell Cordovan leather, so that the Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp is visible from the outside. I also prefer the feel of the inside of this leather, over the glossy outer finish. I’ve also recently picked up a bronze Helberg CH6 watch that looks just fantastic with the patina and antiquing done with some Liver of Sulfer. I went straight to work building a Horween Shell Cordovan leather strap and dying it in a custom olive green oil dye that I mixed up. The green and bronze go together great. The Warby Parker sunnies are also a new addition, and were a great barter that I traded for my leather goods. Solid build on them, and I’m enjoying them.


Skye II

Introducing Crockett & Jones’ Skye II in Dark Brown Shell Cordovan. Named for the Isle of Skye off Scotland’s rugged north-west coast, the Skye II is a beautiful all-weather boot. It features a double leather sole and the unparalleled durability of shell cordovan uppers. Slightly sleeker than its cousin the Islay, it brings elegance to a casual outfit and lends a rugged edge when worn with a suit or jacket and trousers.

submitted by Chad Von Lind

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Different grades of leather (Natural Veg, Shell Cordovan, and Dublin), mixed with classic semi-precious metals like bronze, brass and copper make for the vibe I want in my everyday quality carry items.