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@horus-soap: DO I EVEN WANT TO KNOW THE STORY BEHIND THAT PICTURE?! ... actually yes i do.

There is a portion of Griffiths’ book that talks about “Horus Sopdet, the Astral Warrior” (those are his exact words). And in my half awake state, I read it as “Horus Soap, the Astral Warrior” and I couldn’t help but draw him with soap as he gets ready to go into battle.

idfk. this is my brain.

Isis, Bast, Sehkmet,Hathor,Sobek,Set,Ra,Anubis,Horus,Neith,Thoth,Osirius,Nephthys,Ptah.

I guess Tumblr finds the pantheon pics too big to straight upload anymore. Thank the gods for DA Stash then.

And no Hades I wasn’t thanking you.. I was being funny.

Anyway, Draw a thing a day number #3, The next god in the pantheon is Ptah, the god of creation, and craftsman, forges, ect. It’s said that he though the world into existence, and with the Word, he made it real.

Ptah is also the only god to actually have a kid with Bast, but he also had a kid with Sehkmet.
Let’s just say, neither sister sees Ptah in a good light anymore, and it has been the point of many of their quarrels in Chaos for All.
In the Chaos for All world, Ptah puts his craftsman skills to work as a form of redemption for cheating on Bast with her sister, and as his half of the child support, when he crafts equipment and gear for Bast’s adoptive son Cyrus during his many missions for the Order. Ptah doesn’t necessarily like Cyrus, but he dislikes Bast’s anger even more.